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Nottingham rapper Shxdow – Stan Remix #notts #rap


Shxdow Nottingham Music Artist Hardcore and diverse catalogue of hits !

Another great addition in music from one of my favourite rappers from Nottingham .. the truly amazing and talented artist… Shxdow check him out

I never write reviews , im too busy tryna eat … write.

But this….. Wow.. what a great remix! the way it is filmed in side by side “rolling” style slowed down stoney vibed video as well…Excellent.

Admittedly I was doing errm similar things, in a similar mood when i listened to it. (this is the next day) still not landed..really did move me.

The Content delivery, concepts, quality of wordplay.. this is next next levels.. all around spritual and physical journey, great story telling with his unique mix of gritty realism and demented fantasy/ thriller with real and relative style of gory rapping.. distinct to these Nottingham streets.

Anyone who has spent time alone flying off their heads, battling demons, paranoid , angry or dealing with other complicated life drama….alone, can relate this genius portayal of real life moments, rarely shared or shown in the mainstream bullshit zone.

I am sure from reading the comments on his video.. I am not the only one who is touched by his genuine and sincere form of expression.

A Devilish talent, fiercely ferocious in his usual aggressive style Shxdow is a Highly Rated and well Respected Rapper who has grown as an artist in 2019 with his depictions, into a self reflecting soulful and gifted, sick – twisted insight, reaching, displaying, his mind/ reality.

Whatever anyone IS or WAS going through in life, without support..who will know.. if they/we are stable…ya get me ><

😉 … and thank god such talent gets expressed, it really helps to hear this track.. very theraputic.

Morbidly optimistic, dry and caustic, his words have a strong sense of wisdom engrained. Thanks for sharing !!

I would loudly say…any day anywhere.. this shit right. here.

— Track of the YEAR 2019

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