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Nottingham Panthers Highlights Manchester Storm


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welcome along to panthers tv live the nottingham panthers against the manchester storm on your sunday afternoon pre-match festivities he’s all finished the ukrainian national anthem ringing out before god save the queen as a mark of solidarity show that the nottingham panthers and everybody to a man inside this building standing with the ukrainian people we’ll run you through the starting sixes panthers go with kevin carr jc brassard kevin massey and then a front line of christophe jeremy welsh and massimo karatza whilst the storm have jason bakashahua in their net with medrick mercier and dallas erhart and jared van warmer scott simmons and finley ulrich simmons pass back here to lyndon springer shoots it and it’s gone in we saw him put two in there a few weeks ago but lyndon springer has opened the scoring yeah the blue line it’s a good shot it’s saved by carr critchlow and then on the spin here for thompson no good defensive work and then it’s turned over right in front to critchlow cass saves and madison now trying to get it away receives the pass back and comes to brady again off the post carves going the other way yeah great great play by earhart fake shot i think everybody thought he was going to shoot that brady back for earhart no doubt look to send it towards the net or give a pass and he does and it’s come up again a couple of goals last night and dallas earhart gets on the scoresheet once more and again yeah just just a great shot of the point 14th of the season for the ever impressive dallas earhart maybe a chance on the rebound to come straight back good save by bakashua again the panthers can wrap it around can they carrots and no can’t force it across the line i don’t know how that didn’t go in there with uh the puck was getting wrapped around karatza through the middle is norrish bravant just caught up in front there it’s picked up by the panthers down low nice move from welsh can he force a shot in it’s a good save by bakashua surely it is it’s massimo carrutzer and the panthers are back in the game with 36 seconds left to go in the first yeah and you know what that’s all jeremy welsh just that skill his size he drives the net pikachu makes the first big save on him and then obviously they uh the puck is laying there we’ll just see well sheer powers his way to the net and then karats are there the man on the spot to back that one then a big heavy one from springer nobody in the sights of kevin carr this time who does hold on we’ve got five seconds left to go we’ve got a bit of action as brady norrish knocks scott simmons to the ice welsh with a nice move to get away from one and two sends it back for tetler rebounds out there coming in the back door welsh trying to knick it in as well but karatza had the attempt coming in they’re not happy with the uh no call from the officials but some good work by jeremy welsh and josh tetlow carotsa will put the hitting on mercier there massimo karatsu more than up for it earhart across welsh trying to win it back again it does can he bring it inside yes panther stay in possession welsh pulls a move on brady and then misses on the shot towards net van warmer in off the right hand side he’s got wilson going through the middle and that’s turned over and back with the panthers now bravan got numbers one on two and then it’s shutting through the legs and he’s back in the goals brady nori great goal there and you see a little bit of a turnover by the storm they almost have a kind of a two on one going the other way misplay pass and over to norrish and like he said he’s on fire at the moment too and he fires through the wickers of the castro nice two on one goal there in this corner it’s up over the far side and sent all the way through brassard will give it back up here to carrazzo running front second attempt right across the line it’s not no it’s bakashu i got it in his glove he might did his bodies everywhere madison over this far side it’s right down in front of back ashore backhand and he saved it back ashore has done well and wilson has carrots are on the deck yeah i think we’re going to get a panthers power play here we’re just talking about crotch and he goes to the net hard get back all the way around brassard erhart going stride for stride domeng good pass back and then shot over the top by hedberg caught it all tusinon draws a penalty and kevin domengan dallas earhart going a bit erhart not happy yeah i think it’s going to be a panthers power play as you alluded to that karate net and into the net massimo karatsu gets what his performance has deserved and the panthers take the lead yeah krotz has been outstanding tonight and again just like we saw the storm do it just a shot from distance he gets that one over doesn’t dust it off take any time you see in here just head up shot great screen in front there and that’s in the back of the net karate has had a great game today fans not happy with that one on jordan kelso wilson and now it’s two on one panthers getting bodies back hamilton goes through the middle nourish excellent work by brady norrish to outweigh that betridge trying to get it out but it is former panther hazeldine who comes away with it norrish hamilton coming across doing what he’s done for 30 previous games yeah it’s a tough time to take a penalty i’m kind of surprised the ref called that one this late in the game but obviously that’s going to put them in a big hole here and now six out there for the storm who will try and force the overtime period caught underneath absolutely everybody betrayed in on it that will be good if it goes tonight does bounces on the line and ollie betridge has another empty netter this season it’s 4-2 yeah that’s gonna do it nice play by the pandas on the draw they manage just to tie simmons up and then betrick fires that one in in his own end panthers so they you know they’ll they’ll split the weekend games here you know obviously you want to get as many points you can two points at home is good move on to next week as we approach the final minute of this premier sports elite league game which has been brought to you live on panthers tv live melton nourish still battling to the last myers puts it in storm just trying to steal a march there and it’s another empty net uh matthew myers yeah matthew myers puts the nail in the coffin there he seals this one you know with the storm they might they might as well pull the net minder at the end there get the extra guy out doesn’t work but you know might as well go for it 5-2 just less than a minute to go cameron critchlow but aaron though will take control and bring us to the final horn on your sunday afternoon panthers hit five unanswered after lyndon springer and dallas earhart put the storm up two nothing okay massimo carrots brady norrish another one from carotsa and then a couple of empty netters towards the end ollie betridge and matthew myers you

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