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Alex Belfield ARRESTED


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so we’re here it’s the end of Alex belfield’s YouTube channel he’s decided to leave his subscribers 370 000 of them and go to his paid only platform don’t blame him um I know that the phones who are paying could blame him and I’ve not really looked into it um into the sort of cost of his court case but people are questioning about his 370 000 pound or whatever or 350 000 pounds or 300 000 pound that he’s apparently spent on legal fees over the last few years and stuff like that who knows what it is he hasn’t disclosed it nor does he have to they were donations surely um towards his legal fees and I mean towards his expenses maybe he’s been paying his mortgage why he’s not been getting paid so all of his expenses whilst fighting his his supposed [Music] um defense against his case or all these cases maybe he’s been paying his bills with it I don’t know I don’t know if he gets paid off YouTube I think that’s where it started when YouTube probably don’t give him ads or anything anymore so he’s probably received a strike so he doesn’t get out of Revenue anymore from his channel it’s just a bit of a sad um result really sort of uh been convicted of two got let off to I think or convicted of four and let off of four or found not guilty of four so I’ll make clear it’s just just a mad parade how much time and attention goes into people’s feelings nowadays is remarkable you know um it’s very subjective subject matter isn’t it you know but I do believe in it though I don’t think that you know people’s emotions don’t matter I don’t think that you know people’s perceptions of danger don’t matter I’m not saying that they don’t know I’m saying that of course they are at what point can we Implement an infrastructure that can identify the difference between I mean it’s just the way it is isn’t it you know you persuade a jury that you’re very upset about something they’d probably be inclined to to believe you if they’ve never seen you before never seen your Baseline reactions to anything else and you just turn up in court and go that was terrible that made me feel like I couldn’t breathe I couldn’t walk outside the house without thinking about cocoa pops or Smarties I just walked out of the house and ever since I tripped on that that tubeless surprise in that shop every time I go in the shop I feel terrorized by Smarties everywhere I go I see smiles anyway are they super focused on the problem or is the problem creating the problem who knows of course if you don’t speak to anyone then you never bother anyone but you know if somebody’s mentioning your name or someone’s talking about you then I believe you’re going to be right to respond and be as a I mean vivacious about it is is uh politely possible but I do think that Alex Belfort did go over the line here in some of the details and some of the the tone of the um the emails but you can you really interpret the tone I think he’s just obviously been you know they say sending emails at some strange times in the morning as well one in the morning and stuff like that two in the morning so maybe a bit drunk things like that I mean maybe he did just go over the top but he had opportunity to stop didn’t he so I do think it’s very unfortunate that he took it this far you know I think he’s commendable that him his opinion and his YouTube channel should not be taken down maybe just the videos that were offensive or that really were involved with the case should be taken down because the case was found with a conviction attached to it or whatever but it just feel a bit bad for for freedom of speech especially when people were publicly sharing emails about him and there’s quite a few people against him seems a bit strange that he’s the he’s the aggressor against all these people that then again these people do matter and these individuals got lies to lead and they’ve got families and stuff like that and if him with all of his followers shouting about it if the followers I mean not all the followers really like shared all of his views you know a lot of his followers just you know were ambivalent either way they just before yeah that’s what he thinks it’s just entertainment like when you hear I don’t know someone ranting on the morning news about something that they’ve got a pet peeve with with his Piers Morgan or you know what I mean someone like that they just have a little run it’s just their personal opinion doesn’t mean that he’s like spreading the heat spreading hate spreading hate it’s just his opinions just his thought you know seems that nowadays everybody’s into some sort of lockstep mentality where if you don’t fall into line then you’re the problem to the extreme you’re the source of you’re the beginning of other problems so they justify saying that he’s like a gateway to other things and stuff like I understand where they’re coming from people get you know carried away on the internet and become hyper focused on things that really don’t matter to their actual lives and they’re just some diffraction or whatever refracted a ction I mean bitterness or or whatever with their own lines and I understand all that and but sometimes it isn’t sometimes it’s genuinely something that everyone should be concerned about and uh just because people aren’t concerned about it doesn’t mean that um no one else should be and I think it’s ludicrous how they they like to Shuffle people straight onto the Crazy Train Street to the um you know the special camping arrangement if they uh disagree with anything with the mainstream media I think that’s terrible I think that’s where his problems started I think that you know that that’s that’s where all these problems started he was a I believe uh you know just seeing things on the radio that the the other radio present is always boss didn’t agree with in a political sense and so in a personal sense they’ve taken it to him and and controlled him and tried to aggravate him and and just generally just mock him and just pretend and act like he’s he’s an outsider to this uh leftist uh Goliath of uh media management you know and in most Industries nowadays they have the dominant roles in HR departments all around the world now if you’re not singing along to the tune they’ll put out the feelers in the interview they’ll just they’ll read you to just to to decide what your political um you know affiliation or your particular political um thoughts are in terms of the job and and that is the real issue that I think a lot of British people that follow Alex Belford and people like that can really clean from this whole experience that if you have got different opinions to people at work and it’s it’s even worse for him because he was actually paid to be controversial that’s how it must be really Grand in him because he was paid to to cavort attention and you know it must be really really had had it must really mess with his head because he’s meant to be a flamboyant bombacious bombastic sort of guy that’s his role he’s entertainment he’s theatrical he’s panto he’s comedy he’s news he’s journalism he’s Twisted sarcasm satire I mean look at like Julian Cleary whatever his name is all these people out there that said horrible Mass nasty things because it’s just a joke we’ve all got that side of us it’s it’s the human nature to have balance of opinion and thoughts the same way that people who don’t agree with Alex Belford have got no problem at all calling him a spying this and a cowardice that and this and that and this and that and this con man this and that and this and that bit Alex Belford saying that about somebody he’s a he’s a cold heartless bully he’s this he’s a wretched horrible you know judgmental Guy where it always barely nothing but hate but they say about him as well that’s fair isn’t it isn’t it anyway I’m I’m just like losing the world to live just even even reading about these ridiculous charges coming out nowadays in in the UK in the Free World supposedly it seems like everybody wants to start sort of live in China or something or or some other communist state like Russia or or I don’t know um North Korea or something because people in Britain seem to people in I don’t know Empower it seems in most of the um keep levers of power in most places like councils and police departments and you know like social media everywhere you look they are proudly giving preferential treatment to their political allies and they’re caught and and they um cultivating a climate of war the quality of in comrades and allies and this and that and everyone’s going on like it’s some big war against all the things that are wrong in the world and if you’re not in that in the gang that’s trying to save the world then you’re the problem and it’s just blatant 101 Marxism manipulation social social engineering on a mass scale and people are just hop down and think it’s nothing wrong with being a good person there’s nothing wrong with what it’s out of the world there’s nothing wrong with trying to save the planet there’s definitely evidence of definite things that are going wrong but the solutions they’re putting forward are only more control and less Financial Freedom for everyone everything will cost more so in reality all these people who don’t know trying to save the world they’re just going to end their own world so they’re going to sacrifice themselves for the for the future Generations without asking anyone they’ve all agreed to to destroy everyone’s economy for the for the uh for the green New Deal or whatever else it is it’s sort of going ahead all around the world and as a result everyday people are [ __ ] starving and they can’t get to work and this and that and they can’t pay the mortgage or they can’t do this or they can’t do that because of their day-to-day bread and butter Staples of Economics are going up through the roof milk’s going up everything’s going up and there is only one reason why it’s not covered it’s not the pandemic it’s not Logistics it’s not new threats of anything else it’s not the war in Russia it’s the climate attacks it’s the pomposity of the of the green movement there is no doubt a lot of pollution that has occurred in the last 100 years that has done horrendous things to Nature killed Richard God knows how many wildlife and creatures that never come back and stuff like that but England is not really a huge contributor to that problem okay it’s actually the heroes of these socialite socialists China North Korea and places like that in Africa and all these mad places out there India you know what I mean they are just churning out massive amounts and America but that’s that’s the number one improving country obviously South America as well every other country but England and Northern Europe or whatever is churning out massive amounts of CO2 gases and stuff but they want us to All Die poor to save who the population is going to catch up anyway all these people they think they’re saving is going to be destroyed by the needs of others anyway that’s what happens in the world people die I just don’t understand like how how we’re supposed to do anything about it I feel very grateful for for where I was born and who I was born to and all these things I’m very grateful and I don’t disrespect this country and I don’t litter and I don’t waste water and I don’t waste electricity and stuff like that I don’t burn things in the atmosphere and I mean I don’t like to buy things that are covered in plastic I was born born in the 90s but I am not going to see somebody destroyed financially whether it be a farmer or or people who drive cars every day to work commuters or whatever it is that relies on this economy to be destroyed for the sake of any animal on this planet because I really do care about humans people talk about be kind out of one side of the mouth and the other side of the mouth is like animals are more important than humans and it’s like okay that’s fair enough if you if you believe that then you know go jump in a lion’s cage and that meet you know it’s just very strange psychological game that one’s playing now and I don’t like it at all anyway thanks for listening

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