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[Music] they know about for Ireland what we mr. dog bad for me [Music] [Music] it’s match day nothing boys at the city garden under the light Oscar paws got a kick off off the red so this is mark what’s probably today I think price to win three Nell today popular comfortable absolutely confident yeah really poor at their place yep and I’ve got a feeling that will will turn them over nearly goal and the comfortable victory for a change at home sir so playoffs do people get maximum playoffs I want us to finish stared because I think that both Fulham and Bradford or before–the and v I think they’re difficult games I think it would can be a lot of finishes six yep yep come on you so like I said it’s a tough game I hope to more we already paid up their granules to to what today’s and the different and it’s not the easy games we’ve beat had ever lost on beat them so hopefully a big performance today I got my pitching when the teams [Music] stop abusing marketing and watch your mouth Paige so this is Raymond and John for Nova Islands your places today today I think we’ll do three more three more it was cool hopefully had value yeah I think the evil that okay go for it let’s go give me four mil playoffs for two so how long till you came here from no violence we had some wearing it here we arrested him at deflated played me yep named a pencil then we had it played the area near ok Leary never [ __ ] small parts to get here okay okay Oh I’m sorry mrs. Jewish where the job is tonight tonight we preach your baby [Applause] policy overall you’ve got a look at complaints of these sunglasses we’re in a lot better position you know we started to season up a little bit with the under Neal Paris carrier Alex coming that’s given us a lose energy and the positive outlook we’re trying to play more football and we look up we look at Ben aside so as we’re giving them no one likes blow me you know we’re a tough team to play no even today you look at here tomorrow both teams are out for both teams have not picked up the wins that you want you know one winning five o’clock waiting while digging a new environment or intend them obviously you’re in the cloud positions at the moment but you could quite easily see the end of the season both parties would switch positions you know what I like about obviously your boys is that you’ve got you’ve got goal scorers in Bradford and you’ve got at me OB players that score against us nearly every time that Blair gets there so obviously prepping he’s not very well liked and barely spent I mean it’s really the starter that’s a husband you know you’ve got players that can score goals and antelope and that’s what we’re not doing – no we look at the lad cooldowns today it could be it could be the freedom to you freedom to us or if you only hear it’s a check the magical championship I just love the fact it’s a grant like this you know proper football participate on proper stadiums you know when you look at that lead one of you people eat for a few years my team’s yeah complaint seems like Doncaster example and Locust Street incident but this is a proper based on a Friday night championship and I’m offense your chances of get honestly we could get Carrie Brownstein I never predict the score I’m not going to predict it now because it could be anything you know trying to predict the score in a championship this is an absolute monks game you have to be foolish to try princes are one predicted that the score I would say they say we’re going to be a forest win a meal we Lord Roy collective that what do I think do I think we could make it yes yes later on we definitely could make the class we’ve got an easier running this up but the problem for us is we seem to do better against the top teams a little bit like yourself now you’ve got anybody who’s ultimate elites on Twitter on we’ve got the best score one little score chuggy still one loose pre-plan big fist yeah [Music] [Music] so lineups out Kamali’s back in much poison that should be after cooling off against mizrahi well sir I think it deserves come on team I’m going for it I’m a [ __ ] and I’m going forth to one forest Dooku’s cause for the thing to go sweet which stop what it’s meant for great kitchen the ring is gonna be tight I think the game on this summer south if it never physical you masamune I think yep is not is not enough nope the forest typical do you want milk I don’t see is getting much more than that next and there’s running me one deals picking up the odd point try not to lose many games on his ten it was what 600 sheets I never see the dropping point but is always this tempest 10-game to go but always one team that comes on the charge so we can keep that six point cushion in the next poisonous after break see Craig’s dad just coming pictures below mention cheeky the creek just was called micro forest [Applause] there’s no 100 and crate ones get right next look right next to my seat that I paid for this also I notice you go to stop reverse support nope [Applause] Oh Oh Shiva better soon and his life their life I earn this money when he goes over there another new feature is that movie fridge here wish you luck didn’t Smith the ball went under Sanders body never met now removal 20 million this is embarrassing [Music] Morrison the county Malcolm’s already overturned bridge we believe him [Music] Malka Malka Malka never leaves and that’s halftime absolutely shocking long time chuckling quite a few chances about inaudible Ariana second for second I’m playing it but okay the play for free for free for it [Music] hopefully for so long I’m gonna take my staff there as it really how many challenges for each book three those are male penis Stoke twice and QPR give you all that ten men sorry like for three points of the red let’s be positive another plate chips me though it’s gone off a box come on whoo food school at least not summer so does it matter nothing [Music] I’m wrong this never been lucky to be wrong that’s more fun just been new doing the caissons hit laughs yeah that’s more faster spin the world history for those few minutes [Music] you two Rascals Tabasco is not really happening this but quite wise way to bring it out yeah was very smaller than the concerto well I would say when camellias went off the ferrino dad to me out of took what and Leon helped strikers [Music] for vinegar now took off and quickly orbit he’s been begging to go for the last 20 minutes I was told him not to oh wait a second off the shameless to wait till for your guard to play and out so yeah swim enjoy the video and they’re more fun there what the Georgia’s video like it see my she was there way next [Music]

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