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Nottingham Vlog Audit Arrested by Police for flying Drone


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#Nottingham Police Arrested video crime censorship or harassment? Video Auditor Drone

okay but under the air traffic management and unmanned aircraft act of 2021 okay i believe that you are flying or have been flying a drone right um and i suspect that you haven’t got an operator so i can’t go over okay no so at the moment you’ll be entertained yeah yeah [Music] hi guys welcome back to the channel it’s all dating yorkshire we are at h p nottingham it’s closer than i thought you know it’s literally five minutes away from where we’re filming down at raffle play station i’ve got some interesting stuff to uh tell you about this place i’m just going to see if we can speak to somebody and uh get some permission you got all your uh all your prison warning signs you know the usual stuff big blue doors i’m assuming that’s where prison ban is going so let’s see if we can get some interactions here welcome to hmp nottingham changing lives by turning them around providing safe decent and secure environment which contributes to reducing reoffending by promoting hope and reform by effectively utilizing and developing the skills of our people we will provide a suitable regime for a resettlement and reception prison which will encourage those in our care to change their lives by turning them around a bad place so the uh if we can speak to somebody possibly one authorized articles list full so i’ve been i’ve been quoted by about five but nobody’s coming out to speak to me i’m just going to get rid of this cup and i’ll move it afterwards and i’m going to switch cameras right guys we’re back so h p not income is an adult male category b prison the capacity is 1060 and the population is excuse me 964 as of the 5th of january uh 2018. it opened in 1890 it’s managed by a majestic prison service and the governor is paul yates now paul years is a cbe um obe sorry so that’s where the vans and stuff going and i think i think the blue door is just one of the old entrances to the uh place the history of this place it stretches right back to 1890 when it first opened um as a city jail rebuilt in 1912 it’s become a closed training establishment for adult males a role it continued until 1997. uh since then it’s received prisoners from the courts of nottinghamshire and derbyshire as the cataract ruby prison in 1999 the home office announced that nottingham prison was to serve as a pilot project of potentially national plan to track paedophiles and high-risk offenders after their release from their sentences by providing them housing in flats on prison sites a dozen local residents staged protests in opposition in october 24 2004 a voluntary drug testing scheme established at nottingham prison was hailed as a success participants in the scheme underwent intensive drug therapy with prisoners who remain drug-free um offered the opportunity of early release from their sentences departure lounge so yeah if they stay drug free uh we’ll possibly get out of jail early um in july 2004 the independent monitoring board published a report which called for the worn out victorian wing of nottingham prison to be closed and urgently refurbished as it was becoming totally unsuitable for accommodating anybody especially in winter when temperatures in the building could be as cold as 10 degrees soon after the prison wing was closed in june 2008 it was announced that nottingham would undergo a major reconstruction that would double the size of the prison the 95 pound million facelift saw the condemned victorian wing demolished and new accommodation and facilities built in its place that’s crazy 95 million i’m not sure what that is now guys there’s no there’s no trespassing signs or anything it just says keep clear of the gates and no parking so i’m assuming we’re allowed to walk down here nottingham is a category b prison holding convicted and remanded adults a year we’ve gone through all that so resettlement services at nottingham offer advice on housing and debt management as well as assistance with employment there is also a samaritans listening scheme for prisoners who are considered to be at risk from suicide and self-harm the listeners scheme h p nottingham is supported by listening volunteers from nottingham samaritans further information on the samaritan listeners scheme can be found here that is online guys there is concern over large numbers of deaths among inmates notably five prisoners died over one month in autumn 2017 four believed to be by suicide um deborah calls of inquest said the fact these deaths occurred within days of arrival at the prison when prisoners are known to be the most vulnerable raises concerns about the processes for identifying and managing risks now we do know they are supposed to be watched and checked upon quite regularly when the first brought into prison guys i think it’s every hour or something like that when we’re on like a first night wing and that’s simply just prevents so well it don’t prevent suicide but it’s sort of just checking on them and making sure everything’s okay and they’re okay that sort of thing in january 2018 peter clark the chief inspector of prisons wrote an urgent notification letter to the justice sec secretary david gork advising that three consecutive inspections had found the prison to be fundamentally unsafe a warning that there will be further tragedies unless safety measures were put in place clark maintained three times in succession inspectors have found the prison fund the fundamentally unsafe so clark also brought uh inspections findings hmp nottingham tell a story of dramatic it declined since 2010 clark claimed irrefutable evidence exists that there has been no response to findings from previous inspections and it was extraordinary they had a failed to be more robust response clark claimed there were sufficient prison officers at nottingham prison but over half had less than a year’s experience he stated it appears like a problem at nottingham are intractable and the staff there are unable to improve safety despite the fact that this falling increases in vulnerability both of who are held in the prison and of those who work there there was yet again another death in october 2018 and the chief inspector of prisons described the prison as dangerous and disrespectful there have been eight suicides at nottingham since 2016. peter clark suspects suicide might have happened because prisoners could not face life at the drug-ridden jail any longer so there you are guys that’s all your information so i wonder if it’s i wonder if it’s improved in recent years since then obviously drugs is a major issue of whatever prison you go to you know some are worse than others but we’ll never keep drugs out don’t care what anyone says we will never ever keep drugs out of the prison it’s just it’s impossible i’ve tried and tried and tried and failed for years all right guys i’ve walked all the way round and this is a pistic can’t get any further um no it does go all the way around but for some reason the prison don’t want you to so that’s a big massive lock so it begs to differ what we’ve got to hide what have they got to hide around here huh so i’m gonna have to turn around and go all the way back round front and i’ll come back here with that um inmate not a bullying mate store because there’s only one from what i can find right guys i’m background to the side when i walk down but i’m going to go this way now so i’ve just seen a me first drone sign it is illegal to fly all under uav drone over the prison wall and it’s illegal to use a drone to convey convey or drop any items into a prison you believe you can get two years for that so well what if you get what if you put a bungie right around your drum right and i don’t know what if you know someone in there and he just fancies a mcdonald’s or something like a mars bar do you reckon you get slammed for it welcome the community and visitors center so another drone sign this place has got to be like an overflow car park or something yeah his majesty’s prison this is the uh visit center i think it’s actually shut to be honest nice little bench outside no signs of any police yet guys no signs of any uh prison stuff no one’s come to speak to me see that’s quite interesting as well that is in the how next to that house where we’ve got some kind of police station or something or i don’t know some steps leading up to it so we’ll go find out i did notice some cameras as well outside the building none of which has a location on me or just facing another way despite walking past them forensic trap devices in use smart water what is that in case you need that what is this place it’s like uh front door do you think that’s where prisoners live might be a bit like style unless it’s uh governor’s office and stuff bike shed i’ll come back to you notable inmate guys right guys so the notable inmate what is in this place for he is in is in here for 15 years well he got sent down for 15 years and was later increased to 20 by the court of appeal in 2017 for wounding his patients with intent by performing unnecessary surgical procedures now this guy was a surgeon guys and he’s performing unnecessary uh procedures on his patients i don’t know what the hell has gone on there i have heard something about this previously i just didn’t know it was here so i’m going to come back to you see if we can get some information on the guy find out what it is exactly he’s done so his name is ian patterson guys he is a breast surgeon who worked at bupa hospitals in sully hall um and sutton coldfield which were run by spire healthcare he was convicted of 17 counts of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and three counts of unlawful wounding in respect of 10 patients 350 patients who have been treated privately aspire clinics are pursue pursuing civil action against him and the company wow 350 now that’s according to thompson’s solicitors speyer had allowed him to operate well after 2012 when he had been suspended by the general medical council so he got suspended yet this hospital still allowed him to work there and carry out surgeries that makes sense to it aspire’s statement was what mr patterson did in our hospitals in other private hospitals and in the nhs absolutely should not have happened and today justice had been done paterson was initially jailed for 15 years although the court of appeal later increased his sentence to 20 years and 37 million was allocated for compensation wow spyer initiated uh litigation in august 2017 against head of england nhs foundation trust claiming the trust failure to warn of concerns about paterson’s conduct was negligent and that the company relied on the nhs as the primary employer so yeah when something goes wrong shift for blame on someone else guys no don’t do that really i’m just joking but that’s what these have done um so yeah the company relied on the nhs as a primary employer to tell it whether doctors were competent or whether they were patient safety concerns well for obviously patient safety concerns and he obviously wasn’t competent so somebody there has made a massive boo-boo i can’t find any other information about notable inmates in miss bliss so what i’m going to do is i’m going to go jump to some drone footage now because we are on the main road and i’m going to make sure these guys in here can see me because they’ve shut the door i’ve tried to speak to them and i’ve just been blanked so let’s see what happens when we pull the judge out let’s see what the judge has to say about this place seeing this guy guys guys i have not even um set off with the drone yet i’m a police area just make sure we’re recording yeah i’ve uh i’m not in myself withdrawn yet guys you can you can clearly see and their prison office has come out now it comes out so what we’re going to do is we’re just going to we’re going to delay a flight we were scheduled for takeoff oh no he’s looks like he’s going home so we were scheduled for takeoff but we are gonna delay a flight to have spoken to the officer that is if they’ve come for me we’ll uh i’ll just keep keep the footage rolling for a minute because i’ve got a lot of them looking at me out at winder and that screw’s going over to police fun we’ll uh yeah keeps looking over [Music] that’s not coming over to me fair enough i mean you can clearly see anywhere but i’m not in the jails on so i’ve not even i’ve not even set off yet not slotting in prison all that red thing there but anyone who don’t know what geozone is so he with the software on the dji mini 2 it physically won’t let you fly over a prism won’t let you fly anywhere past the red outline of that building it’s a technique well i don’t even know if it’s let me fly where that prison van is it’s saying that’s not part of geozone but technically it’d still be on prison property wouldn’t ya so and they are still watching that windy guy so that copper’s definitely here for me but yeah i’m gonna um i’m gonna stay where i am and wait till it comes to speak to me guys hiya mate you’re right i’m sure you know what i’m here yeah can you identify yourself on camera pc have a 1705 1700 yeah that’s it i just thought i’d have a quick [ __ ] because uh i mean i saw you come yeah yeah oh literally um just before you came literally about to set off withdrawn and then obviously i’ve seen you come um so rather than sit off and then having to come back down because i’m talking to you yeah yeah i thought i’d just i’ve quite sick and worked that sound yeah and you know they’re always don’t you know rules about cracking so what was said to you they’ve just said uh because i tried speaking to them have you yeah they don’t want to talk to you uh they’re just they just should die with it well all right i will literally and i won’t recording at this point because i know you’re not allowed to record like even if i went in my reception area recording i know i can get into trouble for even because it’s still in the prison that’s it so i will record him but we’re facing that door there and i didn’t go in but i kept looking at them as you have to say look come out and speak to me so i can let you know what i’m doing yeah yeah yeah yeah but whatever did so i took a few pictures of them and shut the door okay yeah not a problem um yeah as i say you know rules your mum taught the film here drone is a big no-no as i’m sure you’re aware i believe it’s about i can’t remember the exact perimeter because i used to do it but um it’s not gonna be anywhere along this road around the back of the estate no drones i can fly from here you can fly from here yeah you’ve got the map you’ve got the app yeah yeah yeah sure yeah yeah um [Music] yeah of course to come i’ll shut up yeah shall i be a bit of a pain in it and say no i’m not showing you it no i’m only joking um i’m not out for any provocation because i i literally do um i’ve done about i think this will be my 13th or no 11th or 12th prison oh okay you do auditing do you so i do um i am a journalist a journalist here here so i’ll go around to different prisons in uk and do like a mini documentary okay cool you like um you got a channel you like channel five yeah they went to style have you got a youtube channel um i’ll just do it for me i mean that’s um you know if people want me footage you can have me footage all right yeah yeah so i i operate in all kinds of different ways [Music] do you like them sometimes you’re funny who’s your favorite nobody’s poor nobody’s poor is he from round here uh i don’t know because they go all across the country don’t they go derby and everything yeah that’s what i’m going after yeah are you going derby i’m going to hq darby hq yeah to see a lot of fuel a lot of effort well i i need to see if if um if they have changed their attitudes and things towards members of public because they’re quite aggressive down there at david hq right okay so that’s that’s what i’m going down there for yeah yeah obviously it’s massive in it so get some drone footage as well it’ll look really good yeah obviously i’d advise against flying a drone over there but if you know if you know the rules and the regulations you’re checking off on that that’s all fine yeah well to be honest i’ve i’ve sort of like the way some police have spoken to me past it’s like well do you think i’m wet behind ears you know do you think i’ve just gone and bought a drone and decided to go to a prison and fly it yeah i know what i’m doing if i didn’t know what i would do i’d have been in trouble long before now uh what’s your name buddy pc abner hutler first name uh just r go on for me richard richard i’m kev nice to meet you nice to meet you um yeah so are you what drone have you got i haven’t got a drone no have you not no we’ve got dji what’s up maverick military military so this is the jail’s on right okay yeah yeah yeah yeah you’re not stupid are you literally just out of there so very good i am literally i mean technically even though it’d still be illegal technically this thing would let me set off from that car park right but it would be illegal yes you’re touching it there aren’t you i’m i’m just getting off an ice do it yeah yeah but all i do officer right is is i go um straight up yeah so i’ll go straight up to 400 feet yeah and i get some aerial shots at the prison okay take a few photos yeah and come back down so you can’t take photos of the actual inside the prison inside the prison yeah if you’re taking if you’re flying it over the prison and like taking photos no i can’t take it off from here and taking it across i’m not flying it over because it won’t let me you have a software in this yeah yeah in dji software it won’t let you fly over what let you go into this geo zone oh is it uh yeah it won’t let me it won’t let me so what i meant what is i’m gonna i’m gonna go 400 feet high yeah and steam this steam the position wherever i’m so sure if i set off here yeah i’ll stay in that position go right up there and that’s when i can do me filming and take the pictures okay and that and that’s for your documentary yeah yeah okay but you’re allowed to do that because as as you’re probably aware and i don’t want to tell you why i suck eggs now but obviously um you can take photos of anything you can see from a public place can’t you yeah true yeah that’s true if i if i zoomed in and took a picture of uh of two prisoners sat down having a [ __ ] [Music] technically i’m not doing not wrong what’s uh how long until you you’re off to derby uh it i’m it’s not gonna be long i’ve i’ve i’ve done my talk i’ve had a quick walk around yeah yeah round back but you can’t get any further because if we’ve got like a metal gate then it it’s like a dead end yeah that that would be private property that way so you can go further but there’s a big massive steel fence and it makes you wonder what they’ve got i didn’t behind there done it probably prisoners and cars so we’re going to find out right so i’m probably going to be about in all honesty about 10 minutes right okay and then i’m going to be going to derby sam you got a car are you driving are you no no you’re walking no no no trains no i’ve been missing pick yeah yeah he’s uh he’s just doing um central police station oh is he okay yeah well i went down there earlier but he had to go do something right okay so i’m like well because he’s already done hmp nottingham yeah uh because he doesn’t want me and says well i’ll come and do this and you’ll go down to central yeah yeah yeah i’m assuming you’re gonna refuse details uh of course yeah sound uh i don’t know why you have to watch why you feel the need to ask i’d just like to know i’m talking to you i’ve asked for my name i told you did you tell him i think he did yeah did we touch fists yeah we didn’t tell you kev kev sorry i missed that do you have a second name no you don’t know your second i don’t have a second though that’s fine yeah no sound you’re very uh you’re really fishy you are yeah yeah i surprised you i brought you tackle yeah no i’m quite cold is that why you’ve come out in vancouver oh you’re fishing here yeah yeah um what’s gonna say yeah don’t please don’t fly with drone i know i know you’re collecting straws but and you’re very close but if you could that would be amazing um i’m going to wait around for a half an hour or so and then our uh i’ll wait for you to head off for me too oh you’re gonna wait around yeah all right yeah just i need to monitor obviously if you’re going to be flying during how close you’re getting because then i can take any action if required slap the cuffs on if you need to no no no yeah well it’s just my demeanor i i only really get agitated in things if people um if people piss me off yeah you know if people don’t piss me off i’m a really nice job yeah that way yeah um treat people you wish to be treated more like yeah yeah i mean i went over the [ __ ] and obviously pulled my mask down a little bit but the only reason i wet ballet is because people people start getting twitchy and start taking pictures of you and stuff you’re right i don’t really want pictures of myself online and social media and that right um and i guess they could say but oh but you can take pictures of us it’s like then you’ve got to you’ve got to be you’ve got to beg to differ aren’t you yeah if you want um privacy in a public place and you’ve got to create it so that’s what i’ve done today and every time i go out i create it yeah which is which is why i go around looking like a a merseyside police officer said to me said this to me you go around looking like a budget version of spider-man but like we’re up at bootle i don’t know i don’t know liverpool very well yeah neil strong shopping center oh okay yeah right yeah yeah really nice chappy one yeah yeah we yeah we had a bit of a laughing but i took piss out of me and but it was you know we’re having a laugh tour good crack um and he he didn’t have some of the details right so yeah just sat there about 20 minutes or something i had a good laugh with him him and his mate no no body cameras no tactical gear no no just come out for a chat yeah good good old uh good old school policing but i think just chatting to people yeah it’s half a job sometimes i get you’ve um i get obviously miss day and age you’ve got to look how you look and wear what you wear for safety and things because obviously we all know it’s not like it was 23 years ago the world’s crazy now winner it’s different world isn’t it yeah things move forward don’t they and things have to change it is is it’s crazy um when it all has got beat up not so long ago what by police officer or just buying member republicans by a security um someone who won the security company down at reading festival all right yeah they damaged all his equipment yeah and uh i think he ended up in hospital and only we’re doing we’re walking around filming yeah it just gets people’s uh back up sometimes doesn’t it they don’t they don’t don’t like it do they being filmed it’s quite an old it’s quite a new thing being filmed isn’t it and i don’t think people like it i think police officers should be okay with being filmed because nine times that time we get filmed cameras and yeah it’s funny you should say that because it’s for police officers who have generally uh got somewhat tired who don’t like to be filled you know what i mean i wouldn’t say from my from my personal experience that’s yeah that’s fair enough in your experience yeah that’s fair enough um there’s a lot of west yorkshire who don’t like being filmed no but it’s one of most it’s one of most dropped police forces in the uk is west yorkshire what do you think well it’s what i know yeah it’s one of the most corrupt police forces just from your dealings or what you research online just just uh research and yeah my own dealings um are very incompetent as well when it comes to dealing with actual crimes as opposed to things not what what i wouldn’t consider a crime yeah so i mean i mean it’s like i’ll give you an example i know people have commented on the on a lot of my video one particular video i’ve done about do you have a youtube channel the bum being burgled right okay and it took two weeks for a pcs auto come out here a pcsr but when i went and filmed the police station in bradford week before last i had four pcs and a police sergeant all come out to see me [Music] yeah well i’d say i’ll hang around for a little bit and then uh i’ll go tell them what you’re up to yeah that’s fine and then yeah any issues give us a ring i mean i’ll i’ll say my goodbyes because obviously when i’m flying i can’t speak to you and then i’m just going to land it and go yeah is that all right are you satisfied but um let me let me fill up the map i’m performing illegal activity well let me put up my app and i’ll check my uh my thing will you fly it off yeah no problem [Music] and i don’t want to uh i mean all i ever try and do really is alleviate people’s suspicions but nine times out of ten it doesn’t work and the still got suspicious what is it what you use google pretty much yeah [Music] surfing is what’s on here you’re sorry so yeah we’ll do right here a little bit certain map what’s on here yeah exactly to be fair i’ll give them the jewels in here if you have the offsite like followed procedure yeah by not coming out and speaking to me is that their procedure well yes it’s for procedure yeah if you see any um people taking pictures and filming but if they have got um a genuine suspicion and a genuine concern obviously contact police they’re not supposed to come out and approach members of public they’re right yes it’s in their court of ethics but a lot of them do i’ve had so many prison officers come out and try not like billy big balls to me you know i mean it just doesn’t work and just trying to try and antagonise you almost you reckon well yeah i’d say so but i’ve been doing it too long to uh it just don’t work yeah i had the guy at wakefield prison saying that young they own the airspace the guy were crazy so please please came out right and uh so we’re flying before police come on i’d landed as the police came so i know what he was thinking he will think oh police are going to tell him he can’t do it and then he’s going to go but i didn’t i waited until someone’s police had stopped talking or went back up just to prove a point yeah but i can do it right yeah smart yeah um i’ll say i’ll go and have a conversation and then we’re going from there and uh thank you very much for your time it’s all right thank you take care that’s um my second interaction with nottinghamshire police so big up you’ve done really well very professional thank you thank you cheers paul right easily about now until i finish flying so i’m gonna make it quick guys because i need to get myself to derby take off the home point has been updated please check it on the map [Music] there we are guys we are out of the geo zone slightly um but we have an incredible view so the prisoners will go through that door there and going to yard [Music] where they will be processed the prison officer uh the police officer is actually down there and i believe he’s gonna hang about four well yes that one we’re gonna basically about 10 minutes so i think he’s going on about just to make sure i don’t break any rules a little bit further back [Music] it’s not so car park where we went down to maximum flight altitude reached so i walked down there and round that side there ah that’s when it blocked me off that’s where does it get [Applause] so i’ve recalibrated my camera on my drone and it’s not in sports mode so we don’t have to um possibly look at getting it repaired because the gimbal keeps doing that a bit of a football field goes all the way around well all the way around here that’s the main road uh so it’s uh it’s quite big in it it’s quite a big prism this so yeah we’ll uh we’ll just go a little bit further back signals breaking up a little bit there we go get a picture of that no we’ll take some pictures uh one way back down and then i’m assuming that’s out of the prison as well just not sure what that but yeah that’s uh hmp not income guys uh just on the outskirts of nottingham town uh in radford hey the judges back down i’m gonna have a word with this cocker good reflections as well in car windows and stuff that’s why i went bally as well you know like when you like on windows and stuff yeah that’s another reason why i do it uh but yeah do you know why um obviously you know why you can’t with drones and stuff with country abandonment uh yeah i’ve got a drone officer coming i’m just gonna go in there he’s just gonna come and check because uh he’s gonna come and have a quick assessment of waves oh yeah yeah he’s on his way now what do you want me to work for him completely up to you if you want to head off oh i can’t stop you you want to head off or if you want to wait around oh yeah well i appreciate um i appreciate you saying that because i know a lot of policing passed like oh wait there wait there wait there and then but what tell you if you’re determining you do not mean yeah you’re clued up you aren’t you how long have you been a job really that’s probably why you’re clued up i get by well you seem like a good guy you see him you know like like you do your job well and stuff like that but yeah the um the main reason is because of uh of contraband being dropped into prisons you see i don’t know how that works to be honest because it’s like i’ll be honest with you i’ve seen all signs and stuff and it’s like well how can you drop drugs into a prison to someone if they’re locked up how how are you going to know if they’re out and surely like when without will exercise and stuff for being monitored by prison guards and stuff all right [Music] oh that’s interesting to know yeah because i i didn’t even think about i want to thought it was going to windows yeah yeah that’s true um yeah so anyway i went straight up and i actually took it back a little bit yeah i took it back over the mouses and the good thing about these as well is um you’ve got like um you know your data so every fly you do is trapped and it saves you it serves you a flight log that’s good yeah so if um if somebody says like a i work strange ways of a week in manchester yeah and it’s like what you’re doing flying a drone over a prison i’ve had a few people say it’s like well i’m flown over prison um but then what if they lie and say you have to police just to get you in [ __ ] yeah so then all we have to do is get our it’s get our flight logo and so you can see exactly where and it will move and it will shoot it’ll play like you’re watching the video and it’ll show you exactly where your drone is and where where it’s been yeah yeah yeah so if i can’t um there’s no way i like getting fitted up for it or all like that but yeah a very clever piece of kit bees yeah yeah i’ve seen police ones what they use they’re absolutely huge that pretty much covers a full car bonnet um listen i’m going to be honest with you right if this guy starts being a dick with me i’m going because because we we’ve had a nice chat yeah right obviously yeah yeah we’ve had a nice chat but if this guy starts playing them up it i’m going but all right cause i’ve had it before where there’s been like good cop back up in a car i’m not doing that i said i’ll then i will come and have a chat to you i’m just going to touch my colleague then i can have a chat too is that all right oh yeah what should we show them it’s pc price pc price yeah yeah i’ll just be with my colleague for one minute then i’ll tattoo is that okay yeah yeah number three all right cheers uh to be honest they’re often expecting something like um like a cargo at wakefield you know without copper and motorbike here we’re just a complete complete [ __ ] in it’s just drawn up for it at the same time to be fair i’ve not spoken to a drone officer before so first time for everything first thing then i’ll say is obviously it’s um one of our policies to let people know when we have our body one’s recording so absolutely no big respect for that big massive massive thumbs up for that one thing that people don’t do a lot is that essentially i don’t even know if you told me what were you recording no i wasn’t recording mate no there’s no need to you’re not calm oh where are you going yeah it’s one of our things you know when we come and engage with people in regards to kind of yeah i’m here for the drain part of it obviously i’m happy that this oh yeah yeah it’s one of the things that often like general police officers don’t have the knowledge of like the intricate drone stuff that you guys will know and we know so are you here for a documentary i could be i i’d make a really good drawing officer i think you could come and come and join the police then you’d have to do two years but you could come yeah what it is so i’ve got a dif got different prisons all right okay yeah and um what i do is i talk about the history of the place yeah uh talk about what it used to be like and what it’s like now yeah talk about any notable inmates what are in it what are anywhere so people like that doctors are nearing if for assaulting them women breast surgeon right for indecently um well performing things on a mission they’re done is that on google yeah he’s in here and we’ve got 20 years and i think we’ve set aside like 39 million for compensation to all to like 350 over 350 people have come forward making allegations so it’s a big one is that um and then take pictures so my pictures on dslr yeah film on my camera and then tech drawn up yeah that’s why that’s why i’ve got body cam yeah so if anyone comes to you please come or someone comes while i’m flying drone i’ll put camera on and say right let me just land it and i’ll speak to you think here so what happens in between but um and that’s pretty much it yeah i always i always do a pre-flight check before i set off yeah i always check geos on yeah i’ve got up on before yeah and i basically just go straight up to like 120 meters yeah um and sometimes on occasion and i don’t always do this but like today i’ve done it yeah i’ll take it back a little bit yeah because then generally it tends to make like the picture bigger right and you get better shots pictures and videos i’m happy i’ve spoken to you seeing where you’re from i’m happy flying is it a mini or did you watch that the officer did yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh cool um have you got your operator right down here uh i’ve got an operator right here yeah have you got it on yeah um well yeah i know it i’ve got it on me yeah because um can i just check that it’s valid essentially just because um if you’re flying a mini because it’s a uh drone yes it’s less than 250 grams but because it’s got the capability of recording you have to have an upgrade i know you’ve got it but i just have to check that it’s on the drone and that you’ve got it so i can check that it’s um the thing is i’m gonna uh they usually ask for flyer id so i’m quite surprised you don’t mention that as well but you’re flying under 250 obviously you know you know your stuff you’re drawing off now i have got a operator id yeah and i i feel really guilty saying this because you you both been so nice but uh genuinely i think you’re nice guys but i don’t really want to show you it just simply because um i don’t have to so because like i understand what you’re saying but essentially there’s not there’s nothing in law saying i have to show you with this one so i have to ensure you’ll find legally the fact that you’re going i don’t really want to show it you makes me suspect that you’ve potentially not got one right and and that’s an issue because obviously you have to have one when flying a mini two so you don’t have to have a flyer id so it’s a i know some people ask for it because that’s the one that people know about into um yeah yeah well some people do yeah yeah we have to check that it’s on your trade and we have to check that you’ve got one it’s valid and stuff like that just so like the caa can manage who’s flying what drones and what they’re used for does that make sense yeah yeah it does make sense it it’s it’s not an intrusive thing we don’t we don’t learn new details from it essentially they say i’ve got a website where i’ll put your operator id in it we’ll take some details i’ll i’ll learn it’s a valid kind of operator and then it is valid it is valid you can take my word for it i just need to check it i don’t remember it’s in there thinking i’m giving you information but inside there well you can go somewhere else if it’s better for you i don’t really want it to be honest i mean i feel a bit uncomfortable like having to justify it because like i’m i’m an honest guy yeah no i’ve got no doubt that i mean before i’m like i’ve been sound with with richard you know yeah your man over here my man whatever richard is mrs his man um but but yeah i mean i’m i’ve been i’ve been open and transparent with him so yeah i’ve got no doubt that it’s just something when it’s a bit like if you’re driving a car you have to have a driving license we need to check that under the road traffic actually we’ve got power to check that it’s the same with what we’re doing what active what acts like the drama so like if you called me driving a car yeah and i refused to show him the license yeah is that an array that’s an arrestable offense yeah but like with the drone i i don’t believe there there is um i don’t believe there is a section of law says i have to provide an operator id i don’t believe there is so join me to get some paperwork to show you that it is that’s why would that help that’s why i don’t want to can you show can you i mean i don’t know what do you mean sorry like i don’t think yeah but there’s a section of the law which says i have to and i know i know i’m not being funny but police can be very tricky if they can be joining me to get my laptop because we’ve got um i’ve been licking sometimes like you know police inspector’s telling me oh you can’t take pictures of a police station and i called him a muppet and i got arrested so i mean yeah it’s people like him yeah you have to thank you which makes me act a bit twitchy completely get that because i think often in times where people um drones are a thing that a new thing and people start questioning things yeah people get comfortable out and things get heated but essentially it would just be putting your operator idea i need to check it because i need to check that you’re flying lawfully but i am and to be honest with you i didn’t even have to i mean when i landed i could have just walked off 100 yeah and you would have been here like five minutes later yeah i probably would to be fair so that is true yeah but part of um and i can get this specific wording for the legislation for it but that comes of power to stop search people yeah to check um well i don’t i don’t want to be stopping search because uh no i understand that but what i’m saying too is i need to i don’t like stuff like that completely yeah that’s understood anyway because i need to oh i need to obtain your operator yes make sure that you’re you’re flying legitimately yeah i know you’ve and you’ve said you’ve got one but i have to check it just to make sure that it is all legitimate enough yeah but it doesn’t take off the the caa state that if we need to make sure all right well they haven’t told me what the yeah cia i kind of can’t i mean because i i it’s like i’ve done it i’ve done my online testing stuff and it didn’t say on there um oh if play stopper you have to show them your operator’s id so but you have to essentially be able to present it and have it on your drone does that make sense and actually well yeah i know that we could because i i can have a suspicion i have got a suspicion that you may not have an operator id we don’t you don’t need to have a suspicion um listen boss man um what’s your name again it’s pc price pc price yeah you know i’ve i’m just telling your money but i’m on my way to derby right and then i’ve got to i’ve got another location to go to and to be honest with you i’m i’m sort of here half an hour longer than i should have been so i’m i’m gonna have to go no i understand that but i’m gonna ask you to stay here yeah whilst i sort out this operator id issue because i’m asking you for it it should be on your drone what you need to shoot me on your drone okay because there is a power to stop certain people if you suspect that they are um off or if they believe that they’re flying in a drone and they suspect um or have flown a drone and they suspect i’m gonna have a commission of of an offence does that make sense yeah but which i suspect technically it’s not a um suspicion of offense if i’d have just chipped when i landed my drone was just disappeared yeah because you want to be in here would you serve that would have been not suspicious i wouldn’t be able to can we just pretend that like you wouldn’t get here let me go should we speed up the process no no i don’t wanna you know no i just want to go do you stay here i’ve just started to feel a little bit uncomfortable yeah we just need to just need to carry out his checks i’ve got on the i’m on anxiety tablets and stuff so yeah i can just take them yeah i like one of their one a day is it yeah but listen you big up man you’ve been really nice it’s been really nice but i’m right i’m going yeah at the moment obviously he said he’s explained to you that he needs to check your uh your details if you’ve got it on you you’ll be a quick little thing i don’t know like my battery is going to die as well so on your uh what i don’t like talking to police like when i’m on the camera so you don’t know i need to stay here i’m gonna go no no no no no you need to you need to stay here please because essentially under the air traffic management and unmanned aircraft after 2021 okay we’ve got the power to to stop search people if i yeah but see yeah told me that so i’m panicking now no i understand that but essentially what i’m saying to you is that i’m recording i’ve identified myself yeah yeah yeah i know you’re watching it too big up to that man four headquarters i can show you my id if you want to see my idea yeah i’m okay but under the air traffic management and unmanned aircraft act of 2021 okay i believe that you are flying or have been flying a drone right and i suspect that you haven’t got an operator so i can’t go over okay no so at the moment you’re being detained for the purpose of search to um to see if you’ve got a drone on you so that we can deter that disorder so what do you mean i’m being determined because i’ve never been determined that makes sense yeah so essentially i’m requiring you to stay here so what what section is that it just explained it’s the air traffic management and unmanned aircraft also you’re detaining me for that super intersection for determinant itself it comes under that it comes under that yeah so the stop search power comes under that correct and essentially it gives us the power because i i just i i genuinely don’t think there’s a law what says what i have to provide so you can suspect you’re flying without an operator id okay i believe that you have been flying because you’ve been witness flying okay so that’s what yeah yeah because your mum if you haven’t got one that’s obviously an offense and we can deal with that and that’s okay we can deal with that one and i’ll go through the process with you but what will i get arrested no unless you know right if you don’t i don’t want your details then you can get arrested for it because obviously for us to process the investigation we have to have people’s details that make sense right can you get my name and stuff off this the operation so i’ll show you the website and which is the ca website we’ve put your operator id we put your name in and they essentially go it’s valid and then it’s sorted so can you get your drone at your back probably right so i’m being determined yeah right um but i’ll show you my drone but uh i’ll prove to you i mean i didn’t really want to because that like i’m i’m not being i’m a bit um forgive me you know what’s the word um pig headed too much to toss testosterone i don’t like to back down but if i’m being determined and i ain’t allowed to you know walk away beyond free will i’ll then i’ll show you my drone yeah but i do have an operator id but i’m just exploring i’m just giving you my reasons as to why i didn’t want to show you no i i understand that and i imagine you’ve probably had my experiences with the policemen i have yeah probably don’t really talk about it it’s a regular occasion and that’s why essentially often we’ll come as kind of the training department just to to help and ease that if that makes sense yeah yeah right oh yeah obviously you are recording aren’t you oh yeah yeah my body worn video has been recording the whole time it’s going to know if you’re down in my [ __ ] night but right oh i’m taking it off i don’t need to take i’m surprised you didn’t see it boss man when you mustered over there okay i’m not a scooby i literally have my drone sat on ball like that yeah i’m scooby with drones mate yeah yeah surprised you didn’t see it i know i know about flying zones but i don’t know about flying ids and all that jazz yeah well i’ve got one of them at all as well yeah you don’t you don’t need one no you don’t i’ve got one but it’s helpful for you because it um yeah yeah it’s a free artwork and it expands your knowledge isn’t there yeah and it lasts five years and obviously if i’m going out flying uh i’m a bit of a bit of a semi-pro on this now so i know what i’m doing with it i’ve only ever i’ve only crashed it about five times i’m on it i’m joking i’m joking i’ve never crushed it thank you i’m just going to um get the ca website up i’m going to just check it to make sure that it’s a valid um operator id and then um so can you just for the record can anybody do this well check flyer ids so if i went up to ceo website and put this flyer up this operative id it tells me about it’s valid yeah yes does that mean people could get my personal information no because no one else has got access to your operator id that’s apart from you what if to do the check and i’ll show you the check that we did all right um i’d appreciate that yeah no that’s okay and essentially they have to have those details so you’ll see you’re chased me at all won’t you who me yeah what would you the only for the run would you chase me well every time you were being being detained weren’t you so probably yeah no i won’t be interned at the time we were about to get to that point yeah you weren’t so i’ll show you so this is just so this is the ca website so you can check someone’s registration status on it all right i’ll let you do that so this is something you would be able to do because it’s something we do to check that your own um stuff is valid so sometimes if people question kind of when they’re ready or if they need to renew it and stuff like that yeah how long have you been doing this um not long actually you know about two months drone flying or auditing what documentary making yeah i don’t order that you don’t want i don’t even know what name is it on the operator id is that like when you go to like like test score some more when we get an order and we’ve got to make sure everything’s okay from he’s just asking for your name what um name is so essentially the step two is the name of this oh i never said i’ll give you min so you’re not willing to provide your name at all no or an address no i’m not going that far i never give personal details obviously i showed you my operator id because you said you were determining me but i can’t i proved to you i’ve got one so that’s as far as i’m going i can’t validate your operator id unless i’ve got your first name and just learning it’s not like i’m asking for your address i’m not asking for that or contact number anything like that it’s just your first i’m not doing it because how do i know that this number’s legitimate well you don’t do it but no and so that’s why it’s only drawn and i’ve showed you what but it could be any number couldn’t it yeah that’s why essentially the ca usual is your name on the drone then what is your name on the drone is that what you’re trying to say is you’ve showed us the drone it’s your first name on the drone well i’m physically on it yeah no see so you told me your name is kevin no i said my name was kev okay because you said your name was richard yeah so your first name kevin then no it’s kev okay sean for kevin no no but i have given you my details so my i need to record all my interactions because obviously um just just in case this goes anywhere because i end it there i mean if you put um we don’t we don’t always give you details divided please if you you know body cam footage and stuff like that they don’t what do you mean sorry what when you request it after yeah yeah well we don’t always we don’t always give you it man that’s what i got told anywhere there’s nothing in law that we actually need to uh declare ourselves as a police officer and if we’re in uniform no that’s [ __ ] that but yeah it’s the same with um not no soldier but the same recording there’s a lot of people who believe that we to uh tell you when you’re recording you don’t definitely love is something in guidelines gdpr walmart and it’s and it’s in your coda practice so gdpr law and it’s in your police code of practice is but you could still be disciplined if you didn’t this is what i’m saying i told you yeah to be fair mate you’re being all right you thank you did you know that you didn’t did you honestly not know that you had to give your your uh opera id no no do you think i’m winding you up so that that is news to you then yeah yeah no no i didn’t know when living dormer genuinely didn’t know i mean i won’t um i won’t just wind you up for no reason no of course should i be genuinely didn’t know because it’s like there’s no one um civil aviation website what says you have to provide your details i think it’s all uh it’s all coming to fruition though isn’t sorry i just wanted to make sure that um obviously everything was um all in order yeah yeah turn my camera back on just so you know um i appreciate you’ve got your drain out you’re showing us um and you’ve provided operator id and essentially we will we can’t do it without your name um at the moment we’ll do it slow time we’ll contact them the caa so they can provide us those details so that makes sense all right yeah um so at the moment i’m happy for you to go all right um in regards to the stop search did you want a copy of that yeah can you write one out i can’t write one at the moment so i can email it yeah um or you can collect it from the police station um what police station you can go to any police station obviously i need to um don’t go straight away because i need to go and tap it off and then sometimes that makes sense don’t um he i mean he knows i ain’t committed an offense because he was watching me yeah no no no you’re flying and the way you’re flying i’m happy with that yeah what’s your email address please so it’s kv eevee no that’s fine that’s why that’s why i told you in the first term um okay essentially um that’s all we require for you today i’m happy to go you’re no longer changed thank you i’ve got your email address you’ll receive a copy of that on from the stop search record that provides kind of my details where we are the time has happened the circumstances and like the grounds which we’ve started today right um when shall i look out for the email then so as soon as practicable so essentially i shall go in my car and do it now right however if an immediate job comes in yeah yeah yeah then it can be delayed no problem it’s just no problem it’s just for my record that’s all that’s okay i really appreciate your cooperation today um yeah i mean i didn’t like it i just said to you your colleague when you were over there i said i genuinely didn’t know um but i had to give my operator idea because like i said there’s nothing on my ceo website what says if stopped by the police you must show your operator id or you must show your fly rider yeah i genuinely genuinely didn’t know no that’s okay so it’s an education so i’m not taking piss out yeah no don’t worry about it it’s an educational thing whereby it just leads us onto suspect so if someone um because there’s no other way if we’ve got no details we can’t check it no i’ll get what you say i mean it’s it we registered in regards to that is a bit delayed in behind of like driving license the driving license we can check on a name however you can’t check and operate your id on just a name yeah no that’s why i’m happy for you to go i know you said you were going to derby for another location yeah so don’t tell him will you i don’t want to get dropped off are you getting anywhere interesting just at hq just to get some aerial shots yeah android armband oh cool brilliant it’s been a very productive day just back up north not far i’ll let you work it out with me accent well i was going to say i have a guest i went to somewhere in yorkshire yeah yeah yeah west yorkshire you’ve come all the way from west yorkshire to nottingham i obviously it’s not the prettiest place isn’t it no no but um there are a couple of police stations i did down here in operation prison yeah um because my my my my goal is to do every single prison at uk that’s england scotland wales and i haven’t so far i’ve done about i think about 11 or 12 so far i’ve only been going a couple of months so it’s not a bad game you know we’ll see how old i am when i’ve when i crash ball but if i can’t even be asked by that i might just give up you know i mean i might get to like 50. it’s a very long documentary if you do everything it will be you know people are always saying um because i use tick tock they’re always saying why’d you always put bits of clips up and where’s these documentaries what you keep talking about and it right place and you’ll find them i never give too much away do you know what i mean is it unlike a is it a youtube documentary or oh you’re not producing a documentary yet obviously because you’re still filming for it but not well it’ll be out on youtube channel five have not sent me funding through for it yet so all right still waiting but yeah dry itv that might help we might do well we’re filming itv a couple of weeks ago uh we’re up at um coronation street yeah you know they media sitter oh flight flew right over set and watched him off filming obviously i didn’t interfere what we were doing because as you saw me drawn when it’s that high you can’t you can’t hear it you can’t see it unless you’re looking for it with a mini so if you have no idea or watching security did because they asked me not to do it says but i said they ain’t going to win the field but what even though it’s fair mate so yeah you know don’t worry about it and it will sound so wicked thank you very much kev obviously i’ll send you an email and with that stop search record cheers there you go chap said all having crack with prison officers now uh well it life full of surprises i mean you know it’s it’s true when it you learn something new every day that kind of thing oh dear or do you or do you just get told something you already know i don’t know guys i will leave it for you guys to work out but i have been at h p nottingham far longer than i was supposed to be um mean i don’t really know what you guys are going to think about them two police officers personally uh i i don’t know richard for example he would okay to begin with i mean his face looked like it was dropping a little bit towards back in the combat back end of the incident it looked like well not incident interaction it looked like he was getting pissed off with her i’m gonna be honest with you um but i did not want to show them my operator’s id and as far as i’m aware there’s nothing in english law which says i have to so they determined me under you know the drones act or whatever it was he did say it so i got detained under that and he obtained my operator id which is on my job and when he wanted my name which again i refuse to give him if he had really reasonable suspicion that i’m committing a crime to obtain my details it’d probably be a different section i imagine section one a person maybe something like that or you know abuse that power or abuse the anti-social order act and the anti-social behavior act but nevertheless guys it is what it is and um i’m now done and dusted um certain actions probably will be taken against a result of what they’ve done to me and detaining me and things like that but i just want to know what you guys think about it i want your opinions on it if you let me know in the comments guys i really appreciate the feedback so we didn’t actually get this part at prison so i’ll just show you very quickly another drawn side there i mean it sort of like goes goes around onto and i was in a stir oh boy so i mean i won’t say it for a good interaction with police but it was an interruption and i’m now going to move on to my next location guys so if you enjoyed this video as always like comment and subscribe hit that notification bell for future and upcoming videos and i will see you in the next one [Music]

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