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Will Nottingham Forest Survive the Premiership?

sit down subscribe sit down enjoy i’ve been listening to a lot of kendrick lamar how good was he in glastonbury very good hello everybody welcome back to the james martial channel and we’re going to talk about nottingham forest and how they could become spelt m a h o u s s s i v e mahusiv because nothing forest last year absolutely tore it up once steve cooper came through the door chris shooting was the original manager i think a lot of people myself included thought that they might make a bit of a charge for the players and then they might have the squad to do so but a lot of it was down to chris shuten he was disappointing steve cooper was not he was very very impressive and they became one of the most exciting teams to watch in the championship some really impressive loan signings that got them into the premier league but that leads to a sticking point because some of these loan signings will not return and so despite being a very strong team and probably one of the best pound-for-pound teams in the championship but the most watchable as well unless you’re a derby county fan your derby county fan you do not enjoy knocking forrest right now kick a mullet down not me i mean forrest but now with steve cooper looking like he’s going to sign a new deal that’s how recording hasn’t done so but that leads us to think that steve cooper will be backed in the transfer window and so far they’ve only signed muhammad dragger from fc luzerne in switzerland who’s probably his second choice right wing back and of course our knee who on this channel we said brighton should go and sign but they didn’t hurry up and get it done so instead knocking forrest went and got him he’s gonna be a really interesting asset that does affect the other assets and those loan signings that we’re speaking about last year let’s dive into this have a look at the money available the weaknesses and strengths of nottingham forest how they need to strengthen and some players that could do exactly that to allow them to become rehearsive [Music] let’s start off with money available now this is really interesting because the daily mirror and the daily mirror wouldn’t lie or guess they’re saying 50 million but i just wonder i think the fact that steve cooper is going to sign that contract has got to be music to the years of nottingham forest fans because that means that they are going to back him and steve cooper is very demanding and incredibly ambitious and i think he knows what he will need to keep this team in the premier league this season and then allow them to look to to make those strides as the seasons progress hopefully in the premier league he doesn’t want to bounce back down it’s not you can’t bounce down can you let me know in the comments below how if you can bounce down and if you can’t what what am i trying to say let me know in the comments below i’m incredibly tired so we’ll be music to the years of nottingham forest fans um so with that in mind there’s some people shouting 100 million i mean that feels like too much but i think upwards of 60 70 million because you’re gonna need those reinforcements and a few smart loan moves as well the first and most glaring weakness for nottingham forest is the gold contributions and the amount of departures that take with them those goal contributions from last season the departures of keenan davis james garner philip zinkernagel great name and jed spence all really really important in the attacking third these players have scored a total of 17 goals between them and assisted a total of 21 goals as well so that’s a lot of attacking influence that you are going to need to replace and i think the second problem that kind of jumps on the back of that piggybacks if you will is the fact that this isn’t just one player who scored 17 goals for you and provided 15 assists who’s moved on like a buendia who’s a you know it was a big loss for norwich last season but they didn’t truly kind of replace him or they tried to replace him with four different players this is four separate players and so it’s up to you guys i don’t know how you feel about it but i think that actually makes it harder to replace all four of them as a and make the step up to the premier league as opposed to just one player making way not only have they lost goal contributions they’ve also lost players that kind of make them tick a little bit you know think of james garner he registered two or more key passes per 90 when he played he was so important in terms of you know keeping the ball getting the ball as well in that perfect midfield with yates keenan davis as well in terms of his pivotal chance creation that he provided 1.7 key passes per 90 as well davis was also the best player when it came to progressive carries in central areas 2.5 successful dribbles per game at a success rate of 73 so it’s hard to uncover other weaknesses down to a few reasons so first of all you know the fact that is a step up and ultimately there will be players that kind of sink swim in that scenario the second thing is that it was about the collective a lot of the time but with those players that have gone that we’ve spoken about what that means is it leaves two problems with those players being so important it means you’ve got to replace those important players with players just as good if not better because you’re going into a better league and then after that you need to solve those other problem areas that you weren’t able to sort of paper over with low moves last season so three areas to strengthen we’ve been doing generally on this series but with nottingham forest there’s actually a few more so getting it down to three is one thing but let’s just go through all of the problems that not in forest currently have as they make the step up into the the big league first of all the left wing back spot is a problem area for nottingham forest coldback was good there last year kind of is he makeshift is that his level at the championship also is it the fact that he had jed spence on the other side that you could kind of utilize midfielder in that left wing back position all of the above i think are correct but is he able to step into the premier league i guess the question there is who do you replace on the right hand side but left wing back i think it would be smart to bring forward someone who’s premier league proven and who is a natural left wing back you’ve got max lowe who is a natural left wing back but i’m not convinced that he’s premier league standard as of yet and it’s a lot of pressure to put into someone who hasn’t been a starter last season another position that i alluded to was that right wing back position there and i think that is another area that you’re going to have to strengthen at the moment the sort of the numbers don’t fit totally with tottenham and nottingham forest in terms of estimations on him but i still think it’s something that will get done the interest hasn’t totally cooled and i think jed spence will get picked up sooner or later i do not expect him to sign or re-sign for nottingham forest this summer next position is center half it’s going to be so important that they’re defensively very sound this season knocking for us just to give themselves that opportunity and a lot of teams that do do well going up play that a little bit more direct maybe a bit of katana chow at the back looking to counter attack but also having a lot of big bodies that can get you goals from set pieces like at brentford last season so in terms of center backs i think we’re always good enough i think he obviously deserves that opportunity as well you know cook has that experience but two more center backs would be very useful to to turn this into a premier league back three if that is what steve cooper wants to do again i’d be surprised if he moved away from a back three the central midfield spot vacated by james garner is actually a bit of a chasm really for for nothing for stepping up because in all three thirds of the pitch as well as you know with the ball without the ball and technically as well james garner was just so so good for nottingham forest so that’s another area that they must must strengthen to get any kind of control over a football match and finally in that number 10 role a versatile striker forward attacking midfielder like zinkanagle is something that needs to be replaced as well as i said i think that time is not impressive we’ll inevitably be playing quite deep at times when they’re playing against opponents that are dominating the game so a dribbler that can get on the ball and affect the game will be really important to replace someone like zinc well let’s talk early summer links and some transfers as well starting off i guess with taiwo awa niyi now this is a cracking signing for me because i feel like this is an upgrade on kian and davis and kina davis was really really good in the championship he hasn’t really done it in the premier league as of yet kinder davis but i think it’s it’s all part of his development and i think he’ll he’ll make it back to the big leagues be it with aston villa or elsewhere but with our knee i just think this guy is really really perfect for what they want coming from a team that’s very counter-attacking in union berlin 15 goals last season in the bundesliga union berlin did brilliantly as well really smart with his pressing actually as well and his pressing lines as well able to drive with the ball hold up the ball really clever finisher as well i think this could be one of the signings of the season an early shout for that but i’m really really impressed with that we actually recommended our knee for brighton in the one transfer every premier league team needed back on the 22nd of december brighton didn’t get him over the line nottingham forest did and it could be huge for them literally i mean the guy’s massive elsewhere in terms of incomings joe rhoden seems like the preferred option to join as a central centre-back for their three at the back his performances for wales will definitely not have gone unnoticed by steve cooper could also join on loan which is something to watch out for musa niyakate left-footed centre-back and his captain of mainz would be a brilliant signing for their back three nico williams linked with forrest as an option to replace jed spence i can see why steve cooper likes him having worked at liverpool’s academy whilst williams was coming through the ranks of course there’s the wales link there as well and morgan gibbs white linked with a move for roughly around 20 million would be a clever signing to fill in that hole left by zinc canal who has returned from his loan to watford i like the morgan gibbs white one as well obviously there’s the link with steve cooper and england back in the day the under 17s i think it was with steve cooper and of course i think in terms of that that number 10 role but also someone maybe that little bit more physicality bit more built like a midfielder for a team that’s going to play in transition and might have to defend that little bit more i like morgan gibbs white as a good option here and then a couple of outgoings for nottingham forest aside from those lone moves brennan johnson with the forward basically being the championship and bappe last season it’s obvious he’d have interest in him by virtually every premier league club however it still isn’t clear if he’ll leave now that forrester in the premier league and bryce samba the news that bryce samba wanted out of forest game is a big surprise to the fans as he’s a cult hero at forrest and cemented his status with his performance between the sticks in the penalty shootout versus sheffield united brandon johnson in particular is a really interesting one here because the guy is really special but the contract situation for him means that i wonder if the smart thing for him to do is go look you’re in the premier league get some clauses in place we’ll put two years on it so that you’re going to get some money out of it as well of course he’s come through the ranks at nottingham forest and that way everybody wins if you get relegated you can move on and the club can still get a little bit of cash but you yourself will get that experience of playing week in week out with a world cup on the horizon in the premier league so having looked at those early links it feels like the center-back position they’re being pretty aggressive in what they want to do there i like the options as well and nico williams is a right wing back they seem in hot pursuit of him as well so if that can get done i’d be interested to see if fulham is still looking at him and want to get him over lying after him doing so brilliantly at fulham last year but if they can get him then those are two areas that you don’t have to worry about as much it does feel like a lot of welsh players are looking to make their way to work under steve cooper but let’s put forward then a left wing back a center midfielder and a number 10 as different options for nottingham forest okay let’s start off with the left wing back options owen weindahl 22 years old is still somehow at alkamar i think a couple of years ago we put forward him to go to leeds united as a obviously a left back left wing back option that was when he was only 20. now 22 he’s a really really talented player and i’m really amazed that no one’s picked him up as of yet because i think people were actually quite enticed by the dutch if you know what i mean sounds weird isn’t it everything’s like wanting to bring in those players because they are generally well-educated players and have that understanding of the game and i think he would be brilliant in this steve cooper set up as a wing back because he’d have that little bit more freedom last season he did brilliantly again for outmar 10 assists in 31 matches excellent output i think he would just really really kill it for steve cooper if they were able to get him cost 15 million 20 million maybe a push so that is a chunky bit of your budget but i think i think it would really really help the balance of this team and and give them more threats than having that elbow and just going down one side and being a bit more narrow on the other side actually i’ll give you that option to to go down either side with two exciting wing backs second option in the left wing back position andrea cambiasso 20 years old from genoa now this is a bit more of a gamble it’s a 20 year old of course as well and hasn’t got the same amount of games as as someone like wine weindale but he’s a talent and he’s going under the radar and i think that’s what sometimes the teams that get promoted all the teams in the bottom half of the premier league have got to do to kind of compete really when it comes to the premier league defensively there’s some concerns there in terms of balls over the top with him on that left-hand side and so that addition new addition as a centre-back maybe scott mckenna is up to it but that left-sided center-back is gonna have to cover for him at times but in terms of progressive carries 6.99 progressive carries per 90 in serie last season that’s the top 11 in europe’s top five leagues so it’s an aspect of jed spence’s makeup that you’re most likely going to lose of course and so you might be able to kind of transfer and have it over on that left-hand side to have someone who can drive with the ball like he can as i say bit of a gamble but steve cooper working with young potential i think that’s always a really really smart move and probably should be the the idea going into this season to see yes it might be one of those where they they go down and come back up but if you’ve got 20 year olds and 21 year olds you’re giving them that experience and steve cooper is doing what steve cooper does which makes them brilliant you’re going to buy asset like this for 8 to 10 million i would say which is kind of pretty cheap these days isn’t it and you’re going to get someone who you’re going to sell for a higher value down the line right let’s talk about center midfield reinforcements and replacing ghana in particular this first shout is such a great shout it needs to happen he would be perfect for nottingham forest and brings a lot of what ghana you know offered last season 23 years old louis o’brien from huddersfield he has to be playing in the premier league now he needs to be making that step up he has relentless energy he’s a shuttle runner has a little bit of everything in terms of the you know the the sort of swagger to come come and get on the ball but also wants to drive with the ball wants to get beyond like he’s just makes tackles like he’s been linked with west ham and that would be such a west ham signing that he would go there might take him a year to come acclimatise to the premier league but then absolutely thrive the year after i just really really rate him also played in a double pivot with jonathan hogg so would come into this team and play alongside ryan yates and would be in a double pivot and would be incredibly comfortable doing it so not too dissimilar tactically as well really really smart signing go and get it done 12 million let’s say i just feel town fans i’m sure there’s a few watching let me know how much would louis o’brien cost for you guys to let him go and you go okay fair enough second option this is we’re going to utilize what steve cooper does which is to develop players really really well and go and get someone from a big team but someone who has already impressed in the championship but needs to make that step up now into premier league football is tommy doyle 20 years old and cardiff city fans will attest to this wendy had a six-month loan with cardiff last season and was fantastic 10 big chances created in 17 games and this is from a guy who doesn’t play in a number 10 role he’s more like an eight or six which is exactly what needs replacing for nottingham forest key thing to say here this would have to be a lone move you’re not going to be able to buy this guy outright but you know that’s not a bad thing look at crystal palace last year conor gallagher going there on loan you’re still getting everything you need you’re staying in the division you’re bringing in all that money comes with it by any means necessary has to be the mo for nottingham forest this year now for the zincanago replacement that number 10 lovro maya is the first option we’re putting forward 24 years old current club is stad renee and this is a guy who’s football hipsters kind of know about him at the moment but he will be on people’s radar pretty pretty soon because statistically he’s i mean he’s really really impressive super impressive for a number 10. look you want output you want him to be ticking all those boxes but again at the same time you’ve got to have someone who you’re able to get right so this guy would cost about 20 million maya but look at shock creating actions 4.27 shot creating actions per 90. 4.27 i mean that’s really strong and then when you add to that progressive carries 8.33 progressive carries per 90 having that in your locker and having that as an option to relieve pressure to create chances to take a player out of the game and then to start a counter-attack with the other players that are going to come through the door i’m going into a premier league season where again you’re going to be one of the teams down the bottom half it’s about space versus possession and you need to be able to take a player out of the game and then to utilize all that space that will be in front of them and if you’ve got brendan johnson and the fantastic little movements and runs that he makes and the pace that he has if you’ve got someone like maya through the door he would cost the same amount as gibbs white quite possibly and they’re both similar players and both good options so if you can’t get gibbs white maybe someone like maya would be a great option in that number 10 role second option ellif l mass 22 from napoli now i don’t know some people might be thinking why would a player go from napoli to nottingham forest not me and nor should chadel mass as well because he’s not really had the fair crack of the whip at napoli so far only 12 starts last season and most of his appearances actually came from the bench what’s really great about he’s got a little berbatov vibe about him and if you’ve seen him from macedonia you can see he’s just got great elegance physicality good on the ball able to dribble with the ball as well they bought him for 40 million in 2019 so they’d want to kind of get their money back so it probably cost about 15 16 between 14 and 20 million a push but i think for el mas first of all him going from napoli where he’s not starting to going to notting forest you know what spotlight being on you being in the premier league i think would be a great move for him from notting forest point of views okay yes you’re buying a player from a team that dominates most of its games and that can be a dangerous thing but because he plays for north macedonia there have been games where they aren’t as dominant i know they’ve qualified for tournaments but he will know what it’s like to be that other team and i think that’s actually quite a useful element of experience that he will have that some players might not have especially a number 10 a mercurial number 10. so i think he would be a really really good option as well but either way for that number 10 you’re gonna have to spend a little bit of money this summer [Music] you

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