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Nffc vs liverpool post match interview Cooper


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Steve Cooper Post Match Interview Forest Vs Liverpool Victory Premier League Football Highlights

Stevie must be absolutely proud of that performance they are extremely proud of the performance we needed we needed a win obviously we’ve not been on a good run so um you know there’s a couple important factors to the result today one is I’ve desperate we were for for a win um uh also you know there is a lot of nostalgia and history to this fixture and it was an important day for the football club like we said before the game getting back to the Premier League what was for today’s like today I sort of think that it’s gone the way it has I know pleases many generations of supporters and that pleases me as well but um uh you know brilliant effort from the lads um we needed good moments at both ends of the the Box uh the pitch today both boxes to to be a team like Liverpool that needs to happen and um we scored a you know well worked set piece should have could have scored maybe one or two two more Allison’s made the save of the game and I know Dean’s made some big ones as well and um and in the end you know the game was probably always going to go the way it looked in terms of Liverpool having most of the ball in territory but um defensively I thought we were excellent and and we look more of a threat today than we have done in in previous games so it’s it’s progress but that’s all it is it’s a win it’s a little bit of progress mentality now to get back into work and work even harder big bit of progress though in terms of belief and and the confidence in the school but yeah it does I understand that and winning is the best way to get that but in the run that we’ve been on um never once have I looked at the guys and thought that they’re hiding they shine away Sulkin and training has been has only got better and that reassured me so um yeah you know like I said we we were hard done by Wolves last last Saturday it could have been uh it was a kicking in the teeth how we are we didn’t win the game or didn’t get something out of the game so certain things went against us and then we go to Brighton and and I guess something there which is a good point and then obviously that’s gives a bit of confidence going into today and playing in front of these supporters is always a help as you know what role they gave you a half time as well encouragement just that’s just for hanging out for that foot at first yeah but it’s um it’s been like that every single game honestly and last year as well so uh is that they played a massive part today and I’m just really glad that the the players give them a day to remember really like I said internally no one’s getting carried away it’s three points one that we were desperate for um but I know how important this will be to the supporters and uh things like that always mean a lot to me great decision to start iwani let me go well um like I said before the game we needed a fresh team today and uh at the end of a three-game week in two away games with travel and a late arrival back to Nottingham after after Brighton um you can’t constantly monitoring the um the physical state is the guys with fatigue and things like that and it was just we have options and to change the team and we felt tea could be a real handful today for the center-backs in the way that Liverpool play and um and he proved to to be that and then we can make the changes that we did and that’s why you know we nearly get a second uh Yeti does amazing with Morgan and um managed to see the game up I feel like a turning point of the Season perhaps well we’ve got to make it that and that’s what we’ve just said in the in the dressing room you know it’s uh a winning mentality is when you win it’s about doing better the next time you know and we’ve been fortunate to feel that last year and me personally in in some of the experiences I’ve had over the years um you know winners keep winning and um it’s not about getting complacent it’s a one like I said the only thing is today is one win you know when we’ve been on a poor run but but it’s a great win and it’s um you know I just want to see the boys even hungrier now when we return to the training ground because um that’s what it’s going to take you know we’re still not in the league position we want to be in we still haven’t got the points tally we would hope to have had by now so um yeah it’s a it’s a hopefully a start of a turn but we’re in control of that thanks Steve congratulations she does thanks mate

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