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Nottingham Forest Vs Arsenal Highlights #nffc


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a big day out for the expect Nottingham Forest to allow Arsenal to have the ball at the back but they’re very well organized They Don’t Really break the shape too much the Gabrielle but lottie’s there [Applause] it’s another second flipped him

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[Applause] nine wins from 11 and that 10th win if it does come true gun Gunners of Arsenal vibrantine a mighty fine Stars [Applause] has asked something back upon their ninth game in this position just two stops away on the two a big day out for the expect Nottingham Forest to allow Arsenal to have the ball at the back but they’re very well organized They Don’t Really break the shape too much the Gabrielle but lottie’s there [Applause] it’s another second flipped him well what a what a Gabrielle Martinelli superb from Arsenal what a player this young guy is a brave header a perfect header an Arsenal make a Flying Star family here nice second one bad by Sackett Arsenal with their tails at and here’s Gabriel Jesus not far away at all bending but not quite enough another early goal for them today but here’s a first chance to net fly for Ramo for the Nottingham Forest but it was straight out around early guard on the move decent cut back ricocheting around here step back for party and lots Away by freuda [Applause] Corner Works short by Arsenal sacker with the ball across and it was attacked by tomayasu and he goes behind hackers on the Move now cross comes McKenna soccer beat him through it upset by Cooper not too far erdegar and he wins soccer’s corner in the way Martinelli the aim for arsenal when the campaign began but they might well go beyond that that’s the question back Stephen with Arsenal where do we place them are they real title contenders or still sucker as he found there by Lodi he’s hung away Jesus attempts deflected off Steve Cook party nice ball back for Shaka it’s turned off the line and then sucker with all the high of the top and a slight limp again there from soccer long there by party all around us giving that wonderful goal they scored here in the north London Derby looking for Shaka Martinelli Nelson’s arriving there back post have a handball there but nothing doing early guard in the mix again on by lingard he’s got support too lingard going on and it’s a waste of a decent opening there for Jesse lingard one of the few Jesus for Martinelli looking for Jesus behind him is Martinelli can he get past Arya not quite but he has won a corner he does well not the Arsenal football here Jesus [Applause] I’ve got the power but the accuracy was lacking from Gabriel Jesus but the Imaginext it’s the ball that way to party up to his Arsenal career those goals Yates for his best for the passing there by quite some way Yates still testing and that’s going to be a corner came off Jesus last comes from to be a very special goal early guards bought the cross Tate or trying accusing feather ball there for jacket it’s a good idea you can see what he’s trying he’s aurier square and there he is but he was very well watched by saviva thank you very much Society here for Arsenal gives white with the ball being there’s a header down and what he was there again and offside flag is up here guys freaky sensible headlines to coming up at half time Rebecca Lowe victim a fantastic CrossFit and the head over zombie castle on his weaker left foot at the sun ball in and what’s because [Applause] Nelson and Rhys Nelson and again his first Arsenal goal for two years it means the world to him it means the world to those fans as well Arsenal double their lead just after half time Zep overs so now early guard they’re enjoying themselves here he’s goal number three and Nelson scores again what a day he’s having two goals in the blink of an eye well there are the questions about fatigue and burnouts in his Arsenal team [Applause] set back for party oh yes oh yes oh yes Thomas party that’s what he does another Masterpiece of the golf in the garden because the reaction oh it’s a mistake again poor Ball Bear by Johnson to early guard and jitters Henderson makes the save to keep the scoreline at four but four for now before there [Music] Shack it Nelson the air is bat posed and coming in now may have just been put off there by the the presence of Gabriel in front of him datch that may have been surfacing being answered here now Cabrio Jesus the angle is very tight ultimately too tight Henderson makes the save again [Applause] foreign [Applause] towards Dennis he’s done well there Dennis against Gabrielle keep the support though now so to arrive passing Jesus only God find a way through at the time Arsenal’s fin another superb finish this time from the captain he hit that very hard and I’ll still really do mean business today don’t write off this

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