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Nottingham Forest vs Notts County #doreontour


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Notts County vs Nottingham Forest 2 – 2 Draw Dore on Tour Sports Vlog

what’s going on people it’s mr back

again with another matchday vlog at this

time looking forward all the way to knox

county it’s a mixed sight today ryan nix

is back as well so that’s good news some

storage i keep getting saying sit wrong

wrong standing he’s playing kathryn’s

playing luray is playing

smith’s in goal um

so yes


first team quite a lot of youngsters as

well so yes it’s second to last game
for the premier league to start


i can’t wait for this uh last time i

went to berlin it was about three or

four years ago so

many lanes got a good grant i like i

like their ground to be fair so i can’t


before i head to middle lane one thing i

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league season starts so all i’ll do is

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are looking forward to premier league

right back up there and i’ll see you at

middle lane

23 years can’t believe it yep

that’s what it is where do you think you

finish it

i want to say 17. yeah right anything

above that is a bonus you know 3 17


know it’s kind of t-shirt on

let’s not lose the forest

stay off the pies

we’re here uh i got this guy

you know you

the crowd fuller the crowd puller the

viewers the viewers are going up and up

and up by the way




come on

yeah we look very very comfortable at

the moment and that’s how we should be

you know even the players we’ve got the

big shift probably above the opposition

so we wouldn’t expect it to do that

it really is

wake up

very impressive very impressive

go away

this is my vlog

finish lovely measured beautiful it’s

good to see sam back good calm

forest one little

it’s our time

now it’s time to nail first one



we go from

big sound i’m calling a big sound

yeah not too bad first off

it’s half time



kill this game off early

one one

what’s up




is the toys

don’t believe me

unless they come forward

too scary

good boys

fans a bit

blah blah

you go away are you going

now they call it oh for freaks say go


do you want to live are you sneaking out

all right still two times again

girls toilets

so let’s go back from middle lane two


three result uh when i was second i’ve


moved to my youngsters but that cafe

called what a goal water gold from cafe


but another good call from sam as well

and um yeah favors all knowledge kind of

fans a bit rowdy

but fair play toward um good luck


in the national conference i think it’s

called and i hope they get promoted


i don’t hate them they’ve got problem

with us but i’m not probably with them

to prefer i always want the local team

like not smacksmile to do well but

likely not to count first good luck to

the season and hopefully you can promote

to league two right

last friendly on saturday against let’s

you’re at middle lane so people

love friendly before you head to the

premier league if you enjoy this vlog

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subscribe if you’re new i’m trying to

get this eight point

yeah eight point uh something before the

season starts and like a comment below


are you excited for premier league


thank you for watching people and i’ll

see you saturday but the reds

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