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nottingham let’s go and have a look [Music] [Music] nottingham train station if you do arrive by train in nottingham you’ll be heading north if you want to get into the old town wait get a bus nottingham castle the admission price for an adult is 14 pounds 30 and it’s on lenten road and i’m the only one here so far [Music] do [Music] so [Music] so the castle today is the home of a museum and art gallery it descends down you go through down several floors so this is where you access it through this curved area just here and that is very steep it’s straight down to the bottom that was nottingham castle totally awesome and now i’m going to go to the ye old trip to jerusalem pub founded in 1189 [Music] this originally came from further in the city the area down there was demolished in the 60s or 70s i think down this one didn’t and it was moved to this site outside the castle walls now just it’s empty nobody wants it [Music] okay here we are at the supposedly the oldest pub in england there’s no actual documentary evidence to say that it was open for business in 1189 it does claim that soldiers and knights on their way to the crusade stopped here for a drink before heading over to jerusalem so maybe it’s the oldest maybe it isn’t but the fact that it’s here in you know cave it’s tunneled into the rock that the castle sits on is incredible up into another one of the little rooms here in the pub and the floor is there’s a little bit of sand on it and the reason being is that the the walls here are sandstone and you can actually just i mean it comes off the sand on my on my hand now it just flakes off you can see the stones embedded in here from i don’t know how many you know hundreds of thousands millions of years ago this was but there’s older harder stones embedded within the sand and there’s a little bit of glass in the floor down there you can see through into the room below i can see some guy drinking [Music] the model of the galleon that you can see up there is apparently cursed it was presented by a sailor to the pub years ago for no known particular reason and the curse is that if anybody cleans it they die under mysterious circumstances okay [Music] [Music] and if you want to get a better look at the rock that the castle sits on come around the back onto peverell drive awesome view of the uh the rock wall continuing on now my next port of call is the city of caves and it’s a bit of a tricky place to find if you don’t know where it is it’s hidden under a road in a back area here’s some uh new construction what do we got opening times 10 a.m to 5 p.m monday to sunday so as a little clue just look for fletcher’s dining theater and events it’s uh near the entrance but anyway here we go welcome city of caves nottingham [Music] [Laughter] you can see the chisel marks and it’s the same sandstone that you find in the trip to jerusalem apartments built of the same material [Music] and just make sure when you come down here you don’t video because they’re really against that oh that was the city of caves nottingham about eight pounds 75 to get in it doesn’t take long to go through the whole circuit it’s um you do it in about 15-20 minutes really more if you’re doing the full audio tour so this is saint mary’s church and the thing about this area here this was the anglo-saxon borough before the normans arrived this was the english part of nottingham when the normans arrived after 1066 and they built the castle over that way that became the french burrow and so they had sort of like two different nottinghams if you’re visiting samaria’s church just keep in mind that the church art is open monday to friday until 3 pm and the church is open during the day on weekdays as well for a little look if you want to go inside which i’m about to do now so [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] this here is some nicholas’s hang on behind me is saint nicholas’s church it dates from the 11th to the 12th century however the current building here days from the 1600s the original church was destroyed during the english civil war this was the church for the norman french population here in nottingham the english hudson mary’s church which was further over that way but this was the french church [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] this here is old market square this was established as a neutral space between the saxon anglo-saxon communities on this side and the norman french who were over there and this line you see down here running through the middle was the boundary between the grain market and the and the animal market there was actually a wall or a fence going along here when this place was redeveloped around about 2000 the line was put back in the line of the wall and that’s it here this here is the ye old salutation in a days from the 13th century and apparently king charles the first himself used to hold secret meetings in the caves right underneath this pub and used to drink at the bar as well we’ve got the king charles snug there and over this side we’ve got the cromwell snook it’s a bit unsteady this is unbelievable you you’ve probably done this a thousand times haven’t you yeah you’re like i like all the effects yeah that’s halloween so you can see on the floor it used to be a fire pit so you don’t sit round and then and there was this little one just here okay yeah [Music] okay and don’t forget to take a walk along the nottingham canal the canal once brought coal and other goods from the hinterland down here into nottingham today of course it’s just a place for geese and ducks [Music] these days of course is more likely to be used for leisure [Music] the nottingham canal leads down here to the river trent g’day trent [Music] i wonder if they’ve got any red leicester or tilset brie camembert venezuelan beaver cheese [Music] today i’m off to sherwood forest and the best way to get to sherwood forest from nottingham is by bus so come here to the victoria bus station and the bus that you’ll need to get to sherwood forest leaves from day nine stagecoach bus service and they leave 20 parts so 8 20 am 9 20 am etc just arrived at the sherwood forest visitor center pretty easy bus ride it’s uh just under an hour quite possibly the most famous landmark in sherwood forest is the major oak it’s between 800 and 1000 years old and it’s only a few minutes walk from the visitor center which is just over that way there so when you get here come on down to the major oak and then from there you can follow other walking trails around the forest [Music] there we go so just a little word of advice if you do come across one of those little fences make sure it’s shut properly you really don’t want the cattle getting out and stampeding through the local village might be fun fun fact about parts of sherwood forest especially this bit on my left here this is ancient woodland now in this country they consider anything over about 400 years to be ancient woodland but i’ve read that um parts of sherwood forest they think date back to the end of the ice age when the trees were recolonizing the land after the ice and snow and glaciers have melted certainly something to think about [Applause] wow [Music] and just had lunch at a very nice cafe there at the visitor center um great experience at sherwood forest park what a wonderful place to be and they let you know about the wildlife there and the work that’s been done to conserve endangered species and the bus stop is the same one where i got off the bus at and if you’re heading back into nottingham generally the buses go at 18 past the hour all right thanks for watching my video about nottingham i hope you found it informative if you liked the video please consider liking and also subscribing to my channel i’ll see you again soon trying to work it out did i read that correct barbershop opened here soon opened here soon how does that work opened here soon

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