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Explore Abandoned Urban City School Building Bramcote Nottingham vlog

[Music] hello everybody welcome to forgotten explore today we are at um a secondary school which is in nottingham somewhere i’m with bearded reality did you explain with gem or gem exploring gerry explored even and m’s world over there as well so yeah let’s get to it let’s see what we find and sorry about the light because my lights just died so i’ll be using the torch all right let’s see what we get oh yeah it’s a kitchen now there is lots of stuff left behind here so it’s definitely a so decent the kitchen there’s a nice palm dress up here got the old safe it’s almost burnt out so i thought we had somebody [Music] [Music] dress [Music] there’s some stainless steel left we had you can tell people [Music] we climbed in yeah no there’s a door open no it’s not like that there we go no it’s locked [Music] and as yep we always stay together for safety that’s it these are nice coverage [Music] no that is human i’ve done one’s bigger [Music] [Music] didn’t pass this inspection i’m guessing this is where you’re waiting for your food that’s why they’re changing the fingerprint oh prepaid food this is how you pay for your food i smell oh my god oh oh this is backstage is it yeah these are the fly drops or fly curtains so we’re backstage at the moment and let me tell you it absolutely reaps the weed back here [Music] that smells getting stronger [Music] one [Music] over here safety curtain uh the black one i’ll let you pull it yep backstage is [Music] oh [Music] people [Music] that’s my little friend [Music] take me listen okay everything the opposite side of the safety camera the main hall smoking weed [Music] robin hood costume you can tell where these costumes are okay i just look at them again guys i really apologize for the straight the light but i’ve only got a touch on me at the moment so go backstage yeah you have to put on one of these dresses oh thank oh maybe about this one try that one like smell comes back [Music] oh yeah there’s the opposite side the safety curtain that we’re looking at what the is that no that’s projector of some sort microscope that’s some extreme microscopes yeah that’s been disabled kids have put with us through as you can see yeah but look at they’ve took some damage then yeah it’s not just one or two bricks being thrown it’s just continuous but they’re cleaned up inside so it’s been done for a while okay i’ve got a sticky floor around here yeah true [Music] oh [Music] is [Music] what we want to find we’ve got to say [Music] very little [Music] straight into a classroom [Music] all the training david [Music] that busy schedule it’s all messed up [Music] [Music] take so drama and all that sort of box around there gcse english i think it’s to track your footprints as well it’s that stuff that you can trace your footprints funds terms that’s actually no i don’t say a good mother oh it’s like a ruler to the ball [Music] oh wow just look at it light bulbs [Music] i’m going to pause it then we’ll get back onto it ah there we go that’s the name of the school sorry all right burn down [Music] [Music] it’s just the cable store it’s where the ripping tables [Music] oh this is where it started looks like this is bad [Music] yeah massive fire broke out in here [Music] let’s see if we can see where he started you could hardly work out what these rooms were [Music] they went open flames at this place whatever was in there i’ve met all the sheets and on it [Music] [Music] what can we salvage to make food yeah [Music] the plastic and that’s even this side of the school is absolutely being updated um the fire must have a rich career like melbourne’s business oh yeah it’s not been i remember them lockers yeah yes oh it’s a lift yeah [Music] should we chill for the moment [ __ ] oh there’s nobody in here oh we found cooking class i just call it cooking class sure you shouldn’t just keep blue rock like that by itself oh so yeah this is the uh sciencey um store cupboard yeah it looks like crystal man there’s some blue rocks in one of the drawers actually i want to see if it lights up luminous let’s go show you keep going to the left here [Music] oh that one’s a luminous okay what’s up breaking bad if i watch breaking bad look at that some crystal there let’s go [Music] so it’s back here still somewhere what oh the video hello [Music] [Music] lots of science rooms in this place yeah these are definitely the better ones though look you just got left as well [Music] [Music] what you got i’ll just shove it [Music] everybody remembers these from school all right bits of it anyway yeah see never been used well i wonder why they just packed up and went because they’ve left loads of stuff behind but they haven’t it’s not like the practice goes from over [Music] is jason needs to go have a look let’s have a look over there [Music] that’s cool right so we found the uh let’s try it that way we found the gym and we’re gonna have a quick look and then i’m probably gonna end the video and then i’m gonna end with some photos at the end of what i’ve been taking all the way through so um if you like the video please like subscribe hit that notification bell and i’ll see you next time all the best see you next time bye [Music] [Music] [Music] you

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