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    Former Nottingham Forest #hooligan Gary Clarke

    packets for my live audience with UFC Superstar Paddy the body on the 7th of January in Liverpool are now available on skiddle Paddy will be doing his first live audience and what a night we have planned we have a meet and greet and photo opportunity with party you also can get to ask…


  • nottingham podcast  fez aka  raja  talks life MwvqySROI

    Nottingham Podcast #1 Fez Aka “Raja” talks life

    of the law as well no joke i got locked up from manslaughter i had about 15 charges welcome to not start online podcast you’re recording right now yeah we’re recording right now bro bastard i’ve seen my guy around the corner him and his brothers are thicker is a bit longer than that he’s…


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    UK Gangster Podcast Cartel Boss David Gunn

    [Music] i think for three years kate for four years so i’ve done every top security every special unit everyone in the country i’ve done absolutely every every one of them and you know violence on all of them robert moore’s laid down by kenny noye catwalk kev kevlame curtis warren all of them killed…


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    Nottingham Forest History Podcast Hodge #nffc

    steve hodge was a great midfielder for forest and for england he’ll tell you all about his nottingham forest career in part one next [Music] i wanted to talk to you about your forest career as well which was obviously in the big league uh at the time although obviously the first division um obviously…


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    Nottingham Forest Podcast Garibaldi Red

    [Applause] you’re listening to garibaldi red a nottingham forest podcast brought to you by nottinghamshire live hello welcome to garrett hold your red we’ve got a new music and a new intro video which we didn’t know about until about two seconds ago so those who are watching were almost as surprised as i was…


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    Nottingham Podcast – Garibaldi #136

    you’re listening to garibaldi red an ocean forest podcast brought to you by nottinghamshire live [Music] hello welcome to gary baldwin as we look forward to the agonizing but hopefully joyous end of the season there’s nothing for us to go into the playoffs where they’ll take on sheffield united after that one more draw…