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you’re listening to garibaldi red an ocean forest podcast brought to you by nottinghamshire live [Music] hello welcome to gary baldwin as we look forward to the agonizing but hopefully joyous end of the season there’s nothing for us to go into the playoffs where they’ll take on sheffield united after that one more draw with paul on saturday so to preview that big uh two-legged tie against the blades we’re joined first of all by red’s legend gary bertolt so gary you well yeah good morning fine thank you you yes good thank you not too bad at all and our second guest today is forest fan michael temple low time to you okay good morning matt good to see you yes you too good to see you both gents um so i must admit my heart sank when it wasn’t loosened and it was going to be sheffield united i’m absolutely traumatized by 2003 even now gary tell me i’ve got nothing to worry about and it’s all going to be okay you’ve got nothing to worry about it’s going to be okay we’re going to beat them good they don’t want to nobody wants to play us believe me yeah it’s looting we saw what happened at luton that tight little pitch that didn’t suit our you know style of play yeah we got done by refereeing mistakes again but uh they had a bad one themselves as well um the only thing was apparently they’ve got a load of injury problems looting so i’ve been told so it would have been maybe a good time to play them but with your weight leg first sheffield united know that they have got to go for it and they also know that if they go for it we could punish them massively with our pace and where the goals come from we’ve got so many players now who can chip in with goals and make a difference i don’t think we’ll go defensively i just think we’ll go as we normally play why shouldn’t we you know it’s worked perfectly well all the way through why change it now and i would think the trepidation will be with sheffield united more than more than us without a doubt what’s your take on it thames were you would you have wanted luton more deep down or does this feel like a tie for us so pretty well set up for yeah gary’s right it should be about us rather than the opposition if we we play as we have been we can we can beat anybody i think luton would would have been the easier tie just because their spoiling tactics with that tv audience that many people watching that much of an important game i think could have played into our hands we would have been looking to play football and they have that physical brand don’t they and try to try to rough teams up a bit so i think i think we could have dealt with that quite comfortably over two legs and chef united will be a tougher tie but we’re favorites for a reason and that’s because of the form we’ve showed since steve cooper arrived so no fear um but yeah to your point who would i have rather have played luton for sure me too me too right we’ll get into more about that time a bit we should reflect on the whole game the final game of the regular season finish a 1-1 draw um team section i’ll just we had a big debate me temps and greg on the last podcast about how we thought forrest would go in the end they went with this team sambert warrell figuerado a debut for young panzo lorea kafu ghana lolly zinkenegle myton and silva a lot of changes there gary i mean who can doubt steve cooper in terms of what he’s done this season but would you have gone a bit stronger or do you think he’s done the right thing there no i was delighted when i saw the team sheet um because we’re right the precipice with strikers aren’t we um and you don’t want to get your key players injured uh it’s no disrespect to the hall whatsoever i mean they got walloped the week before so they didn’t want that to happen so it’s going to be a difficult game i would have thought anyway for pride for them after the previous weekend so i think he got it spot on um you know we should have won it they equalized we scored an injury time they scored an injury time um but that’s the way it goes you know football’s a very unpredictable sport we know that and uh you just got to take what comes and at least now we’ve got you know a fit surge you know we’ve got brennan johnson we’ve got jet spence because middlesbrough gets in there they got battered by preston so yeah i think apart from the win it all went according to plan yeah i mean that’s my big worry was you play brennan or jed and they’re young athletes one of them pulls a hamstring in a sprint and that’s them done i felt cooper did the right thing what about you yeah he did the right thing he he did what he said he was going through didn’t he in his pre-match conference when he said some of these boys need rhythm want to carry on playing and there’s a few walking wounded who needed a weekend on the sidelines so i i think he got it right probably asked everybody if they wanted to play um took some insight from the the medical team um and where those that were perhaps on the cusp told him they fancied playing but they were you know managing a knock i’d probably include surge in that and that number um he made he made the sensible call so good to get a few minutes into the um that the players that had the opportunity but i think it did highlight how much stronger we are when he names his best 11 without any kind of fitness fitness issues because a few looked a bit undercooked i thought might have looked a bit undercooked silver we were a little bit blunt up front in the in the first half but then others panzo looked very assured the rear is an exciting prospect um in in possession um so yeah he got it he got it right and it was nice to have that that you know weekend where he had the luxury of making those decisions yeah i want to come back to panzer and lorraine i just want to come to you first gary about this lack of attacking depth i might suppose my concern now is if sam suraj isn’t having a good game as we saw at bournemouth perhaps second half there’s no keenan davis or lewis grabbing to bring on as it stands maybe davis gets back you never know with forrest injuries this season but does that worry you a bit against a team at sheffield united uh not particularly because i watch surge very very closely every time i i watch him and see what he does and it’s not just his finishing capabilities it’s his movement that causes problems for defenders as well uh and he’s his appetite to close things down and try and stop them playing out from the back that allows midfield to push up a couple of yards that allows the back three or five to push up even more and that makes it more comfortable and makes it more um problematic for the opposition so i’ve not got a problem with um whether he plays well or not strikers sometimes don’t the beholdens to support from elsewhere and if they’re not getting that support you can’t blame them but he’s he’s an honest lad he he won’t shirk the responsibility of doing the rest off the ball when he hasn’t got it or when he’s in a position to score maybe you know he’s uh he’s an honest lad uh he runs a line really well he doesn’t give defenders an opportunity to relax so you know as a striker i know sometimes you could not have the ball for 10 minutes or whatever but you know good strikers then react when it does come their way and he’s that sort of player for me i think since he got in the team and he got 90 minutes we’ve seen one of the best finishers in the championship you can say mitrovic but mitrovic is a different sort of striker some of the finishes you’ve seen from some surge have been absolutely sensational not just the ones in the roof of the net the little bits of movement you know for headers and things like that and little bits of adjustment in the box you know to maybe get an easier goal you know tapping maybe he’s not just a one-trick pony he’s got so many different facets to his game and i just love watching him play he’s the sort of player i love because i used to do that sort of thing i used to put you know all the hard work into trying to help others out and he’s exactly that he does exactly the same he’s a great team player and you know your teammates respect that when you can see a striker doing that when he’s not actually getting the chances coming his way um richard’s asking in the comments about keane and davis saying he’d try to fend away from brennan johnson any news when he could feature i think cooper’s doing press today uh monday as we record this so we might point out more but i think we’ve seen with forest on this season sometimes the player will appear on the bench from nowhere and that’d be welcome news if he is there on saturday in keenan’s case uh temps just going back to panzo an interesting player because he’s got this reputation have been a big big prospect who’s not really stuck anywhere it was his first appearance of forest after signing in january so quite a long wait i heard good things about many under 23s you said earlier you were quite impressed by what you saw yesterday’s very assured and he kind of fits that mold doesn’t he have a a defensive player who’s comfortable on the ball can find a pass isn’t just uh a hoof merchant because i think that the days of um forest being able to accommodate limited defenders have have gone we look to build from the back we like the ball into midfield uh often one on the center heart will stride out and try and create that overlap so it’s important that comes on the ball and i just thought he really was and i can see why he could fit into the the forest system if he was called upon uh more and more so yeah panzo looks a good prospect for me the fact he hasn’t had any minutes is just symptomatic of the fact that um cook warren mckenna have been bulletproof and in fairness as well figurido had a good game at the weekend and whenever he stepped up he looked very comfortable so i’m sure panzo’s knocked on the manager’s door but cooper’s had good reason to keep faith with the fellas that have got the shirts um but i think we’ll see more of him next season and i think it could hopefully be another one of those situations where it’s the right player at the right club of course so much depends on what league we’re operating i’m not sure he would knock on the manager’s door actually because if you can see people in your position doing nothing wrong and being absolutely brilliant then you’ve got no qualms you can’t think well i’m better than them well you can do if you want to but how can a manager change something that is probably the best in the championship you know how can you change that so i don’t think he’d probably be like that his agent may be telling him to do that um but i don’t think he’d want to do it off his own back because he can see it it’s stupid to say right you know i think i should be in the team when those three are doing so well um anyone else stand out for you thompson that doesn’t normally play uh not no i i thought martin and silva looked looked undercooked i think that was um to gary’s point earlier where uh the absence of davis uh grabber and suraj felt we are we are light up top because of that those those circumstances with injury so um no didn’t see enough from them to think they’re going to be uh you know decent prospects to improve the side in the in the playoffs la rea first start again wait a long time for it clearly he’s got some some pace he’s coming from the ball but he didn’t have the impact that jed spence has been having understandably so he’s more understand that players in the championship championship this season um so panzo was the one for me matt at the weekend the problem is when when you come into a situation like that where the team’s been pretty nailed on for quite a bit now but other than injuries it’s difficult then to expect too much from the players who come in because they’re not up to speed they’re not a spit you can do as much training as you like you can play for the under 23s as much as you like but you’re not up to spec for the championship you know because you’re just not you know even though you know everything’s better for players now they get more help more you know vitamins they get fitness trainers get everything you know there’s so many things going on to help players now it’s that 90 minutes on a saturday afternoon that you need on a regular basis if you don’t get that you can probably put it in for about an hour but there are going to be moments where you don’t look particularly good and you don’t look fit and that’s not their fault they can only come and play when they’re picked and when they’re told to go on and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t so i i’ve got a problem with with that because i saw mike come on the other week and score that gold the tenacity showed when he you know he went through there to get that there are moments that he can do that again because he’s got that ability and they’ve all got that ability these players are coming in and every what 15 20 minutes to get and the game you know would help but there’s not much time left now obviously but i think you steve will be happy with what he saw at the weekend in certain areas from certain players who he thinks right okay that’s not bad that’s what i wanted to see in case you know we do get injury problems and we we need somebody to step in if you are making a change now gary with like 15 minutes to go and you need a goal is myton higher up the pecking order than lolly now because he’s got that bit of explosiveness that he can do yes without a doubt um that’s nothing against joe lolly because we know what joe lolly’s capable of you know when he’s at his best but you know when you want somebody with pace to upset somebody and you you might you might get a penalty you know that half yard that he goes past somebody just gets a topo you get bought down um you know i did a game um at i did wolves fee uh who did wolves be bright the other week and they had two penalties and one it was just because um the boy he played for liverpool up front what’s his name uh forget his name now he got bored down he was just looked an accident um come on tell me who it is at brighton lalana no striker did it was it what no it was it welbeck oh arsenal yeah yeah yeah yeah you know that that sort of you know incident his pace just took him away and there’s a collision it was definitely penalty and that’s what he could do because he has that ability just to be able to maybe go away half a yard quicker than somebody else and you know late in games you know that can that can turn a game on its head and um yeah he would be the top of my pack in order to to come on if needed we saw that on saturday in a different way didn’t we attempt with suraj to win that penalty i thought it was definitely a penalty i’ve only seen it on my phone and you saw the game in full really clever striker play wasn’t it to get ahead of huddleston and get his body in the way yeah i think he knew what he was doing um you know striker’s trick but it was it wasn’t a con he put his he’s put his uh foot in the right pla in the right place to grab it he’ll just straight away he’s giving it the old two fans in the air didn’t touch him boss but it looked to me on the um on the replay certainly that um suraj earned that earned that penalty but surge can’t be an impact player now we need that quality up top and we’ll learn a bit more as you say about the fitness of of keenan davis but he is going to be key in this playoff run if he’s not 100 or or can’t um you know give us give us 60 minutes and i think you’ve got to find a way to accommodate brennan johnson centrally and then that selection point around lolly and and mightin becomes really really key because i don’t think there’s any other shuffle in which forest can um maintain that the level of quality and have that quality finisher that they’re going to need in these in these games so i hope and pray that surges is fit and ready to start these games because that’s plan a um but you won’t see silver or mightn up top uh in these three games we’ve got remaining this season i i thought the interesting thing was a lot of foreign supporters were more excited that keenan davis was on the coach at bournemouth i think wasn’t he he went did he go down on the coach with the team to bournemouth yeah he might well have done i know i thought keenan davis was on the coach or whether it was hull i don’t know but uh yeah so hopefully that indicates there might be an opportunity you know to get him in there and uh his fitness levels are good you know he’s been out but he’s built up his fitness level so that won’t be a concern you can’t leave storage out for me you just cannot leave him out because of what he gives the team um the you know capacity to finish how he does is just uh you know absolutely staggering at times the quality he finds and when you’re a striker confidence is a major thing and when you’re a confident striker you know you back yourself so often and he was unlucky at bournemouth at the bar a lot of people said to me why did he use his right foot the same as the previous game it looked like the exactly replica of where he was the pace of the ball that came to him i thought he’s gonna hit this with his right foot and he didn’t hit it with his left and you know people were talking about that for quite a bit but uh you know he puts himself in the positions to do that he’s not frightened of missing and that that is major for a striker that you’re not frightened to miss if you’re trying to admit you don’t get the positions to to miss simple as i was guilty that a little bit when i was at man united um you know you’re thinking i don’t want to miss one and not very often but i can remember one against man city you know the worst game you could you know bottle it a little bit and uh you know i have my hands at once i think it was only the ones but i know how strikers feel when you know it’s not going their way and but he’s not like that he just keeps getting in there how can you tell it’s not going their way then from experience is it like you know you don’t go that extra yard to get into space is that kind of that you take an extra touch you know just try and make sure instead of having two touches or one touch you take another one to think right i’ve got to get this right and then the defender closes you down that’s why in training you play one touch two touch three touch because three touch that gives a defender time to close you down no problem at all then you go to two touch gets more difficult for a defender and then obviously one touch you take it straight away but the two touch is the important thing cliffy always said never make a good chance better but when you’re not playing particularly well it’s not going your way you try to do that you probably subconsciously you’re not trying to but you do and that extra touch gives the defender time to close you down so that’s why i love what surge does he you know he’s his confidence has grown dramatically and i just love watching him um quick word on the penalty that brennan took temps because i guess he’s on penalties now if it comes to in the in the playoffs good penalties run up makes me a little nervous this bit straight and then he jumps to the side but i think he’s giving himself enough options to put it anywhere in the goal now i’m confident he’s going to score yeah it’s coming he was going to score we spoke about this before but someone’s had a word with him about um that the penalty he chooses to take so whatever the runner do what he comes for with but side foot with power is the way to consistently score penalties and these penenkas or even lacing it uh make for good clips but if you want to be trusted to take five to ten penalties a year it’s got to be cipher with power and be able to pick your spot so there’s been a word in his ear no doubt he’s old man if not steve cooper telling him no more chips down the middle please because he has a mindset a calmness a maturity and you know technique he can strike a football um to be a very accomplished penalty taker now he’s got that silly chip down the middle out of his mind so yeah i i had confidence in brennan um and who knows how important penalty is going to be in the next few weeks oh god you’ve tempted it now oh he’s waiting he’s fainted best penalty for you gary like temp says low in the corner well i played with probably the second best penalty taker of all time leticia i think was probably the best but john robertson was magnificent um you know both corners both feet and he he just went for corners you know he didn’t miss a great deal and you just always had the confidence that he was going to score and the majority of the time he did so and it’s going to be heart and mouth stuff because we’re talking about the biggest couple of games in football you know the money that you get going to the premier league i mean that decision at bournemouth was an absolute disgrace what about var in the playoffs uh we haven’t i wasn’t on our questions for the show can i just can i just i i don’t get this this var right three games the um west brom games we’ll start with that the referee and the assistant gave the throw to west brom the fourth official gets involved and said no it was it was a forest it was west brom through yeah forest throw sorry yeah so that gets overturned swansea game the ball goes over the line the boy claws it back gets a red card then they say because it blah blah blah it was rescinded to a yellow so how can they look at that and the other one and then not look at the one at bournemouth i i don’t get how they can look at one incident and two incidents and change the mind and not look at another one when it’s clearly a massive decision it just baffles me my understanding of the goal and the reverse of the red card was that the um the goal review system the golan technology which is at the city ground did go off but the refs watch didn’t so the fourth official rightly said a goal had been scored at which point the ref rescinded it um because the handball was therefore out of play so i think they they got there on the end on that but for anybody you know casually watching and not having looked into the circumstances you would be completely baffled um by that reversible decision but they were using the technology correctly there apart from the fact that the ref watch failed but yeah look there’s there’s incidents and we always dwell on the ones which would have been in forest’s favor and that that bournemouth game being the extreme i mean exactly that guy at luton got sent off you know and that was wrong as well you know the the ref standard of refereeing i think is a disgrace at the moment i really do i’ve never seen it support so many talking points we’re talking more about refereeing points and assistant referees points than we are the football at the moment again i mean i think in the premier league the referees don’t ref it because var refs it now you know it’s it’s and you know i speak to you know nigel club and you know he said that some of the standards are refereeing you know it’s it’s not you know brilliant why don’t they have refresher courses or something like that and then the two of them go apologize to steve cooper after that’s the last thing i’d have wanted i wanted to punch him you know don’t come and knock on my door apologizing for goodness sake you know yes you’ve made a mistake i don’t want to hear it fine you know you could have cost us 150 million quid there you know simple as and it’s always we always get this the premier league referees come down and they always make the mistakes it’s it’s just ah overwhelmingly bad i think the reason i like it in these playoffs is just because of brennan johnson i really hope that if he gets pulled down in the box that they have the bottle to actually reverse the decision and give him a penalty because he’s really he should have had four three or four more and these had this easily easily so that’s certainly why i would welcome it and hopefully it does help forest uh like you say gary’s right about the standard refereeing it’s been appalling so hopefully there’s no no escape for them this time when it comes to getting decisions wrong just finishing off the whole game temps forest concedes literally from the kickoff freak goal is there anything i can do about that really you see that three or four times a season don’t you where a whipped cross meanders slowly at the speak and nobody touches it but the keeper can’t react because he he’s expecting contact the striker to have some kind of contact on that on that ball so um just right off the freak occurrence i don’t think anybody was really at fault but frustrating that we didn’t have the resilience to see the game out having taken her taking a late lead so um no i don’t think we could have done too much about about that if somebody had gone early and the striker touched it to the middle of the goal or the other post then that that’s uh that that’s a a bad mistake he he did what he needed to do and um yeah it procrastinated everybody no touch and it goes so disappointing but unavoidable uh question for you you can answer this one gary a question from greg uh how much of an impact will conceding a late game like they have on the mindset of the players going into the the playoffs does it make any difference at all during one one with hulk can see and then changes into sheffield not on iota it’s gone you can do nothing about it it’s finished you know we drew one or we would like to have won it you know we’re in a position to win it three goal comes along he can do nothing about it players don’t rest on things like that they’re just interested in what to do in the next game you know you can’t do anything defensively to do anything about that um if it’s a mistake defensively yes you can but it’s a flute goal and you know we’re in the playoffs anyway we rested a load of players and i think it just tells you how confident you know steve cooper and uh the players are about playing anybody you know nobody it’s just everybody’s been saying you know nobody wants the players if we just scored that first goal at bournemouth you know might have missed a penalty given but if we just scored that i think bournemouth would have gone i think their heads would have gone the confidence would have gone and we could have gone on to win that game you know by more but that situation that lifted them and you know the second half performance was very good from them so now i’ve got no qualms about going into the next game um you know people all people are talking about is previous playoffs well we’ve never got through to the final um we haven’t but that’s with different managers that’s with different players you know this group of players there’s a mixture of you know massive experience and you know inspirational youth sort of thing the mixture of the team at the moment is so good um and everybody you know trusts each other in that that squad to what they can do for their maximum at their peak and yeah there’s going to be mistakes made chad spence will go forward and he might lose it but you know the knowledge from him doing that is there’s always going to be somebody there to cover for him when he does that that’s why he does get forward as much as he does because he knows there’s always going to be help behind if he loses it and you know that that gives oppositions an awful headache and i just hope it gives them a headache again at the weekend yeah so first game saturday at bramall lane three o’clock and the return at the city ground tuesday night 7 45. how do you want them to go about it gary don’t play for a draw primal lane do you no i said that earlier i just don’t think there’s any point in doing that uh because you put yourself under pressure when you do that you just sit back and um you know we did that under chris hooton a little bit you know we’re one nil up you know would you go deep go deep you know defend defend the striker get isolated you never get out your own half and that that coventry game um this season early in the season when we’ll wander upward and they scored two in the last was it five minutes to beat us 2-1 and you know that was because we you know we defended you’ve lost your sound gary do you get called you’re back yeah from yeah nigel club phoned me sorry you punched him in pass him in yeah dropped him in yeah he’s just yeah i’m sorry it’s okay that’s okay um i’ll come back to you in a sec guys just wanted to go we’ll go to temps quickly forest abram or lane played very well didn’t win the game you know brennan missed that pounce which we discussed earlier then billy sharp scored how does that play into the psychology of either team do you think that forest played well there it was a good game and they showed attacking intent as well because i think i became a bit frustrated when we were coming up against the park in the bus or trying to spoil it a bit like luton so that chef united game a bit like the black bowing game with two teams wanting to play so no we won’t go up looking to part the bus um of course we’ll we’ll take a balanced approach it’s no bad thing to bring a draw back to the city ground but we’ll we’ll try to play um i i lived in sheffield last time we played that those um semi-finals there so i’m still haunted from uh from from that day but so much water under the bridge these boys won’t be aware of that game let alone um scarred by it so let’s just do our thing like make our own plan don’t worry about the opposition and do ourselves justice but you know i feel good about this there’s a good point in the comments actually matt about better to play chef united over two legs into faceman and one off in the final which i think’s um good analysis really if we were to face huddersfield or um luton at wembley we we’d really fancy that so this this may well be our final in a sense if we can get past chef united it opens up a bit and will be will be you know short price favorites so i like that logic um we’ve got the advantage of um finishing the tie at the at the city ground so let’s get ourselves through the weekend unscathed and then turn it on at home attempts makes a good point there gary i think about the way chef and i go about it they’re not going to part the bus like luton might have done to try and sneak a one-nil do you think that favors forest that chef united are going to come out and play and maybe leave space it’s got to i mean the looting game that that’s a one-off that’s a league game you know it’s not a two-legged affair so you can afford to do that in a league match but in a playoff semi-final two legs you’re at home first the onus is massively on you to to go out and be positive and sheffield united will know that if they’re over positive they could get absolutely taken apart at times it just depends on the quality we produce when we’ve got the opportunity to do that um so people are saying i wish it wasn’t home first you know if it was home first you know we could get a good lead you’re not guaranteed at home to get a good lead um i’d rather play the la weight leg first every day of the week um and i was in the playoffs with knotts county many years ago when i was there and we got knocked out by warsaw it’s one of the worst moments of a career because i think we were favourites to do it we’ve been in the top two all all season and we we blew it automatic and we had a very experienced side and uh you know being knocked out in that way is is not particularly good and um look steve will be he’s been so positive in everything he’s done since he’s come in everything that he’s done and i don’t think that’s going to change on saturday against sheffield united he’ll back that group of players to the hilt he’ll say right we’re better than them respect them that we always used to do with brian clough respect your opposition but don’t be scared of them and that’s the mantra he’ll give those players what’s the point in telling him to go out you know we’ll be careful in the first 20 minutes or whatever yes players know that automatically you know they’ve got to be they’ve got to start a game well the start the first 15 20 minutes to me is very important you know in any game but in a playoff game first leg you’ve got to do the basics well you’ve got to if you get the opportunity to do the other stuff which we’re excellent at them fine you do it and it comes natural to that group of players you know it it does it’s it’s staggering in the short space of time that you know the grass the nettle and they do that and it’s you know a lot of the things in football are instinctive you know people used to say to me well how did you do that on the pitch and i said i’ve got no idea you don’t as a player because it comes to you and you make your mind up in a split second what you’re going to do and we’ve got so many good players who do good things in split seconds we’ve got gone we’ve got zinc and argo we’ve got surreys we’ve got johnson you know we’ve got ryan yates you know they all make the decisions at the right moment and there’s no reason to see why that’ll stop in in that game and then if you you know you do go and get a decent result there then nobody wants to come to the city ground you know it’s the it’s just staggering you know how we’ve been and the atmosphere at the city ground sometimes it lifts but if we get you know any sort of victory they then have to come to us and and then go for it again which again will suit us so yeah first goal possibly important but first 20 minutes for me important do the basics well um an interesting point here for me and temps and the comments about the fa cup i mean obviously all the afa cup games are at home so it’s not really relevant to brahmalane but do you think the experience of those big games will help forest in the playoffs yeah it does because those games have been instilled and reinforced the fearlessness that steve cooper tried to coach into the team and now it’s become endemic within the team they went into those games not trying to avoid failure but trying to achieve success i think that’s a change of mindset amongst you know bottom room championship sides and those that are aspiring to be promoted you can’t die wondering you can’t go in there with any kind of negative mindset you’ve got to want to push push push take every free quick free kick quickly take that risk beat that man have that shot and that’s the mindset we’re all in forrester going into games now expecting to to win um being set up to be rapid on the counter attack to exploit pace to almost trick teams into thinking that there they can commit more men forward so we can get in down the sides it’s like so exciting to see and it’s a result of everybody buying into the the same plan and i think when you have a plan that succeeds against leicester city against arsenal against fulham it just reinforces the um the entire process so so yeah we’re a better side for those experiences matt for sure attempts even liverpool you have to include the liverpool game in that in that respect because they you know they were struggling against us they they brought four players on to make a difference because they were afraid of maybe getting beat so the you know that positive answer was still there in that game yeah it’s liverpool we respect you but you know we’re going to give it a go here and uh nobody i don’t think many people would have expected to be arsenal or liverpool but we got close to it against liverpool less than maybe would have been a better opportunity because our season has not been as good as you know normal um although that you know they did well in europe but yeah i just think the mindset he’s put into these players minds is just you know absolutely fantastic you know there seems no fear about doing or trying to make the right decision in the right area where these ties can be settled then gary in terms of mentality over quality key moments going your way what’s it going to come down to against sheffield united it can come down to little bits so look it matt can come down to anything in these sort of games you know it could be a fluke goal like we saw you know hulk hopefully it won’t be excuse me um it’s about you know taking your opportunities when they come your way making the right decisions in the final third you know the worry for me it’s not a worry for me the good thing about it for me is we’ve got probably three of the best defenders in the championship at the moment and uh you know the experience they give you you know is he’s going to be key i think um and just say to the you know the the creative players further up just going do your stuff you know just go on take it to the opposition do what you do best i’ll mute myself um temps just looking ahead uh in fact do you want to say any more words about the playoffs before we move on there’s anything else you want to add no we’ve said it let’s uh let’s move on and come back next week and talk about wembley i think the other thing i want to write just quickly um the fa youth cup final is this week i believe i’m just frantically checking my phone there so yes it is it’s on wednesday um gary that’s something that’s gonna it’s a great occasion for the club crazy amount of tickets sold over 50 000. great occasion for forrest and great occasion for those young men isn’t it it couldn’t be better could it i mean it just shows you the fantastic work that goes on behind the scenes that the training ground you know the academy uh you know it’s phenomenal the players that have been brought through that are still being produced and to get through to the final to play old trafford against manchester united that’s some feat maybe manchester united should play that team in the premier league actually it might be a little bit more beneficial to them but yeah i’ve got every admiration for the people who do everything that doesn’t always get noticed so much as it should do um but when they get when you get to a final you know they should get the accolades because you know they work on a daily basis with these young players and they’re instrumental in bringing them through difficult periods in their life um you know because of that when they come in they’ve been at the academy a long time then they get to an age where am i gonna make it am i not and you know it’s it’s not the easiest job in the world to get all that right and again you have to applaud what steve cooper has done regarding that about keep using that word embracing but that’s what he’s done he’s not it’s not just about the first team it’s about the whole football club you know he wants a whole football club to be successful he wants it to be successful for the fans for everybody you know it’s not he’s never been about him it’s about you know the history of the club um you know he wants to move it forward and uh he wants to bring young players through and that’s what’s happening at the moment and we sure will be very very happy and uh grateful that you know we’ve got somebody like him in charge yeah a good point from richard in the comments again uh five years ago i’m gonna believe this is right richard and not fat jackie on the spot i’m sure you’re very reliable five years ago six england internationals played in the youth cup final fosun sancho mount gerhy and hudson ledoy so it’s a forest have got a tough task but hopefully a couple of our own lads end up playing with that level and obviously dale taylor is already a full international and also good luck to the under-23s i should say they play their playoff final on first like friday second leg sunday the 23rd of may against stoke city no that’s wrong they play it on sunday the 15th of may and read this on my phone should be about prepared but good luck to them and another example of how things are going for the club um last things reese james also played in that cup final as well richard said last thing i want to talk about forest um linked with joe rothwell at blackburn good player uh free agent 27 bit of a ghana type player maybe that’s a bit of an indication like gary says ghana would probably walk into the man you team at the moment but temps i mean sensible kind of recruitment ghana is a very good championship player isn’t the anna free agent at 27. yeah i’d love that signing manu trainee played age groups for england which will probably attest his kind of technical ability um but yeah the the blackburn fans very much into him because of his box to box work rate and all-round all-round game um he’s already and that’s the fact that he he won’t be signing a new contract with uh with blackburn so seemingly it was against west brom for his signature at this moment in time but yeah i mean they have half an eye on on ghana potentially not being with us this year and it’s the type of signing that you feel could um work regardless of the league that we’re operating in but i think more importantly um evidence of having a positive transfer strategy for a 27 year old fella who’s proven at this level and has aspirations to play in the premier league um arriving on a free transfer potentially again just just seems to have um dane and steve cooper’s um hands all over it and this this kind of um recent uh flurry of transfers that whilst we may have questioned at the at the time have borne out to be really positive changes so yeah delighted by the individual and delighted that it shows uh further um progress in a transfer policy which has been really progressive and successful this season right uh before we leave it there gary before you go call nigel clark anything you want to add before we let you go any other business no just to reiterate what temps have just said you know preparation is paramount and you can guarantee that preparation has been made by steve and his his team uh and everybody at the club involved in uh you know recruitment for either scenario um you know whether it is premier league or whether we stay in the championship and that has always been one of the most important things to get right at any level that your preparation is right for the following season and uh you know i’ve got no worries about that either way but uh you know we’re going premier league right we will leave it there um thanks to everyone who watch along as ever and drop comments in as we stream live on facebook uh if you catch us on youtube do you like to subscribe and the same on itunes or any other platform i’m not sure what the plans are for the rest of the week whether we do one of these on friday saturday maybe after game or otherwise just come back monday so do uh keep tabs on the podcast feed gary thank you very much an absolute pleasure yes we’ll let you go and call nigel club thank you for just following nigel cluff off to speak to us and not disappear we do appreciate that temps no one famous called you did they join the game during the podcast no i was just going to mention that i scored yesterday my first for wooleton over 35 of the season so yeah nice to outscore gary bertolt’s for one weekend in the history of football at least thank you sir oh just yeah talking about nigel clough all the best of mansfield as well in the playoffs they play saturday as well in the playoffs their first leg they’ve got north america yeah they have well they must be broken after that bristol rovers scoring seven goals relegated i mean yeah but where mansfield were as well early in the season you know bottom three looking really grim you know the job nigel’s done has been you know fantastic to get them in there and uh you know breaking season records and things like that so let’s just hope he can pull it off as well yeah that’s football isn’t it i’ve shown through my phone yesterday one of my facebook friends used to work for forrest is a big northampton fan he was gutted the post below was bristol rovers goalkeeper i know from another job and he was celebrating the highs and lows of football and what it can do to you in the space of two facebook posts but yeah we shall leave it there thanks very much everyone and we shall catch you soon thank you for listening to garibaldi red and nottingham forest podcast if you enjoyed today’s episode then please let us know we love hearing your feedback we’ll be back soon with another episode thanks for listening [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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