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packets for my live audience with UFC Superstar Paddy the body on the 7th of January in Liverpool are now available on skiddle Paddy will be doing his first live audience and what a night we have planned we have a meet and greet and photo opportunity with party you also can get to ask Patty some questions we’ve also got special guests appearing this is going to be a night not to be missed and what a way to start off the new year see you all soon foreign platforms to find out who my latest guest will be and don’t forget to click the Subscribe button and the notifications Bell so you are notified for when my next podcast goes live I’ve got a lot locked up twice in one one Bruce no is it under like underlay got locked up twice there and the police said next day him again who got reported from Bruce a load of us frogmart onto the ferry spent two days in the in the Mr Game spent two days in a police police in Bruce you know what I mean so well I remember maybe meeting Bill Gardner when he came off the train one year about 50 60 of them RCF about 1982 Bill walked down the road uh I can remember the police saying we were all right near the train station and we was there should be a few problems at the same station that’s King genre at that time it was all in there I can’t remember the police coming in said you’re a lot better get off because the RCF are on the way I think the police have picked him up at Leicester you better get yourself homeless you ain’t gonna know much for these boys the first launch of the jury was the prosecution Barrister put my book up to the jury this man even writes about his adventures you know what I mean it does TV shows about his adventures that was the first line of the first day of the Crown Court a lot of people will never get it unless you’re involved in it a lot of people never get it to this day I’ll still get slagged off you know doing talks like this as you think is that you shouldn’t give him publicity you know I’ve just done the documentary for Italian identity you get comments people you know I read the comments so why are you giving these people the the time of day and you know you shouldn’t give him any air time you know what I mean but foreign and today’s guests we could former football Hill again Gary Clark pleased to be here how are you guys are not bad James yeah thank you first and foremost thanks for coming on the show no problem mate no problem you’re one here not on Forest is top boys used to be used to be used to be back in the day yeah well I won’t call it top boy but possibly in the top 10. oh you know everyone as well you know a few other boys that’s been on this show yeah yeah but before we get old enough to get ready I always go back to the start of my guests where you grew up and how it all began well I grew up in the in a city in Nottingham in slanton um an old Terrace house or cobbled streets um dads from Cambridge mum some slanton I think he met her on a night out in Nottingham uh eventually uh decided to move up this way from Cambridge um had me then he obviously wanted a better life and we moved to uh um out into the suburbs into a nice estate just to get out in the city and have his sister then uh went to a school in Clifton big castle estate south of the south of the city uh that was it really my dad was a lorry driver mum works at Port Farms local Factory long hours you know money money was tight struggling to bring two kids up on the you know as it was back in the 60s early 70s um obviously went to a primary school in Clifton straight in the football team and fell in love with football how about you at school Gary obviously you you had the violence later on yeah years but were you violent as a kid not really I think I think I got sort of went that way because uh went to the big school on the council estate up in Clifton and these colors of silver silver swing boys because we were from a private States down the road and uh they didn’t like it sort of thing um I always say you know we was good at football and uh I was never top of the class at school you know I was never bottom of the class but I was middle of the road but we love our Sport and uh we had a good football team at school and uh the bully boys in the bottom Forum didn’t like it you know what I mean just pick on us especially because we come from a private state so I end up bloody scrapping half the time after school in the woods used to be a big set of woods behind the school and the cooler you are you know and have to win the awards and have a fighting from the 400 school people you know what I mean so I think that’s why I sort of turn turn my life into I won’t say I was odd but I could handle myself you know and I stuck up for myself that’s like that’s the way it went yeah you know what I mean when did you love uh Forest come about I’ll be honest with you start off with I like my first first team was uh one of was Leisure United at school because you know Forrest in the Old Second Division uh struggling just got relegated 72 I think it were and the top teams at the time were leaves in Liverpool and Arsenal and I just like the lead skit they all white kits so uh sort of like leads at school a couple of his like leads at school there’s always a forest fan the first football match ever was Forest against Norwich my dad taught me it was difficult because with Adel from Cambridge and he liked the East Anglin teams and then the knowledge was top of the league in the Old Second Division just got relegated and he took me to a forest and Norwich uh I think it was about nine and uh nice pump for his 3-1 that day but I finally fell in love with with the game then you know I made the first football match ever and I was begging him to set me to a leads game and it took me to a couple of these games the Grandad took me to Knox County and he’s up leads League Cup and can’t he beat him one nil uh we’ll never never forget that I was 1975. uh went to a couple of Leeds games I went to Leeds in Derby at Derby I remember going to um Leeds and Ipswich in a cup replay caught fire not Leicester I think they played about four games so dad took me there dragged him managed to drag him there but he didn’t tell me too many Forest games and then Forrest got promoted in 76 and uh one of his dad’s mates uh he had a season ticket and uh he got sent to prison fighting and he’s not he went violent lad but he’s just got to end up with scuffling the poor man doing six months in prison and he said hey Gail had that season again this me a season ticket for the rest of the season there was a year we won the league back in the first division so I watched the first play Liverpool in front of 47 000 and play Everton a couple days later at Christmas in front of 44 000 sort of fell in love and then my dad took me all the League Cup finals 70 77 78 79 1980 Wembley yeah I got the book then you know what I mean was that much violence in their 70s worth yeah oh yeah yeah I noticed it you could tell you know there’s a lot of trouble at Forest uh mid to well probably early to mid late 70s they used to have a firm called the forest mad Squad and uh used to I used to stand on the cop and the away fans used to be in East and to Ryan’s side and nobody could see was everything everything going you know mean it was really riots everywhere if I started Andy film back in them days as well I remember going to The League Cup Final 9-8 so and uh we’re walking down Wembley way next to me is about 200 large and green flying jackets Come Running past chasing a lot of walls down Wembley way you know and I was only a kid you know I mean you think flipping yeah you know what’s going off here it’s even Forrester in the second division when did Brian Clough take over 1975 because he yeah 1975 was in the Old Second Division I think was about fifth sixth bottom one he took over I didn’t I didn’t think he won for the first eight games how does a man do that to come into a club who’s floating about the second division to then be then cotton finals Europe one of the European Cup toys like the Euro must have been a kid then yeah late 70s but was it any feeling that this man was going to be one of the greatest managers in Britain well he did well at Derby didn’t he I think he won the league at Derby and then he took him to the semi-final of the uh European Court I think the only ostrich Juventus I think that was um I think the ref rig of that game anyway so it was successful already and I think I don’t know if we went to Brighton but no he went to Leeds took over Don Rivier didn’t see and he got sacked for 44 days because the Leeds players they’re so much used I didn’t like him and cluffish told him how it was you know what I mean I think the first day for all the medals in the bins says that cancel nothing now so you know what I mean it was player power got rid of him I think he ended up bright and then and then the price took a Gamble and it comes forest and then that yeah I think first trophy one was the Anglo Scottish Cup in 1976 and then it showed the rest of his history in it you know what I mean see the violence between the second division first Division and see when you get promoted there’s a violence to become more extreme because obviously it’s bigger crowds bigger games there’s more to I think they lose it wasn’t them days it wasn’t them days bigger crowds and there was no cameras you know there was no segregation really you know it was mixed wanted in them days not like in the Premier League is now there’s more violence that happens in the lower leagues these days don’t it but then back in them days you get to the old first division bigger mobs you know big bigger firms and it was probably more more violence in them days and as a kid watching it you’re thinking what’s going on here you know what I mean so what made you join the Casual team hey well by accident really because I used to go to I still welcome to a couple of these games when I was at school 15 19 and uh 1981 and I remember going to a game in Knox County first game of the season and bumped into these Lads in town and uh they thought was from Leeds anyway they gave us a couple of slaps me and my mates I think was all from Nottingham at the time got a couple of slaps around the ear holding that and uh kicked up the ass and the police come and uh anyway so that’s first time I was discovered drinking so I was going out just left school then I was still at school then 15. so a few weeks later I just left school started going into Nottingham City Center and I kept bumping into the same Lads it gave me a slap and he’ll come over to me it says uh here’s that leads fan who fought you from Leeds that’s the name from Nottingham you know what I mean and anyway I kept bumping into me Nottingham every week then and there’s a little late ball at the time called Harvey’s more in West bridgford I used to go there on a Sunday night as a kid 16. and there was always in there anyway I got friendly with him and there’s always try and sway me to Come Away with his Forest you know come come with his lot you know what I mean and I must admit I went to a few of these games and uh all they did were wreck things smash things up you know there’s that many of them the forest the forest firm at the time was all in jail because the emitters were kid got killed at Bora so a lot of the main lives were locked up at the time and uh there weren’t that many of them but they were casual and I was I was casual I was casual last year at school and that’s what I liked about the football scene I was noticing a different different firms different areas different cities and we’re doing different stuff you know I like I like the way everyone dressed so I really got into it and um anyway they got me one one week so we’re going to Arsenal to fancy going to Arsenal with us how’s it going then I will answer so come on I’ll go Arsenal with you I went service train I think it’s 53 of us went on the service train back in the day the old Irish Stadium not many forests went away then in them days I think it was 1982 and uh used to have ticker tape in the middle of the year old clock end and to get to your end you had to walk for the Arsenal fans I think I had a pringle on faded jeans wedgie haircut and the old Bill escorted you in but we’ve just got everybody I was covered in saliva because managed to get to the forest section and just covered in spit you know I mean after the game we went back to King’s cross Arsenal landed at King’s cross and it’s brought him riots all over the shop you know it was back and forth anyway the police got fed up with it and uh said right you lost soppy on this corner I think it was about 35 the rest of the whole lot of US 35 of us put us in court and uh got so it’s not super old one police station they said right you’re in court today and I said well I can’t make it I’m ordering Court in Leicester that day so they put my foreign and they set a trial that’s elephant and Castle Ira Court two-day trial so we like to go down for a two-day two-day trial down at Old elephant and Castle uh spending I was more excited about a night out in London you know what I mean I think I’ve got 80 pound fine you know and the science center now main lights to prison but I think they’ve come away about 150 quid but back in 1982 it’s quite a bit a lot of money on it you know what I mean so I’ve got a lot of cats when I got the bug we’re going away with Forest casuals you know what I mean sort of by doing sentences then but La is oh yeah yeah there’s a lot of our locked up at the time uh one of our Lives got four and a half years at Windows bro a lot of that’s got lots open business with six months a lot of the ball has got locked up you know for a Fray so you know it was big big prison them days yeah because I thought it started in the name is when people started getting better you know one of my one of my good mates got four and a half years back in the day who was the the fight set up then back in the day early is it was spontaneous really though you know early eight but it’s really you did you’d say right we’re going away game there’s either service train or Vans and cars meet the nearest pop to the train station you know know and would and that was a crack which would mob up at the train station you know wherever he went he was gonna he was going to get in another city because everyone had him off didn’t they you know what was their their casual scene like then was it Fila was it yeah it started off with slashing his jumpers I mean Liverpool started it didn’t they late 70s no air jumpers in Europe coming back wheel then the sports gear come in you know and that was a size engine jumpers then Pringles came in slow Island Scots and it was feeder Lacoste you know Alexis you know what I mean and Forrest got back in Europe and we come back with a new wardrobe you know what I mean so because then they didn’t tell much money you know what I mean yeah all right so Stephen foreign everything then does it do you then become a Target there’s Forest fans become a Target because they are winning or is it just the case uh it’s all the same uh no because you’re a big Club one though because we’re winning stuff you know what I mean we’re a big team and you know we took it to uh always over six it’s you know foreign uh also were pretty good back in the day as well um a lot of Portsmouth you know a lot you know everybody had a little mob but the Middlesbrough were good Birmingham best probably the best in the Midlands forests were good you know what I mean they rolled their own the team in Leicester yeah they had a decent baby Squad I’ll get Derby you know Derby always have a fight you know what I mean everything that we’re gonna have had on they’ve always says yeah yeah it was a it was a dodgy place to go the old Easton Park yeah it was it gonna go in their night game it was it was every place to go you know they traveled everywhere as well they went everywhere you know what I mean dude oh tough tough tough City it’s more tough town in it you know never go away to Europe where Forest yeah yeah um I missed the European Cup Day sauce at school and I mean I never never taught me you know what I mean because he’s from Cambridge and no one to take me I went to a couple of their own games obviously but uh when we got back in the UEFA Corp 1983 started traveling morning then started going away with him you know what I mean so then so again a few scrapes and locked up abroad what was it like being locked up abroad I got a lot locked up twice in one one Bruges no is it under like underlay got locked up twice there and uh police said next day him again got reported from Bruges a load of us frogmart onto the ferry spent two days in the in the Mr gain spent two days in a police police in Bruce you know what I mean so but then then he didn’t really bothered you I mean he just saw part of the fun now again you go to places like Poland Ukraine that no MMA fighters did you ever see any professional fighters back then was it just the case of free throw no no I’m awesome here I mean I I I’ve traveled England from the mid 80s and uh they weren’t really anybody to touch it it’s probably the Germans the Germans always big Lads Germany ATA you know they’re they’re all their own sort of thing but notices polls or probably early 90s and uh I went to Poland away twice three times I missed missed one game because I got stuck in Germany but uh the polls you know you could tell you know the train you could tell those Fighters you know what I mean but to be honest with you back in the day England they give a to oops you know what I mean that you know it’s all like being like that you know I mean we can’t have it up there as well yeah why do you think England are always at the Forefront every World Cup Euros it’s always England causing it like it’s been actress ingrained into the football organisms I think it stems from the 60s and 70s you know what I mean I mean there’s nobody’s back in the 70s it’s gone full circle now and said England calls it you know and nowadays not bothered all that everyone’s packed in you know all grown up um it’s mainly fans that follow England now back in the day when I went in the early 80s you’d take four or 500 fans away and it will all be Lads am I coming the old Yugoslavia in 87 and it’s just all bought it’s they took four or five hundred we want for One Olympic scored 11 goals it was just pure voice no I’m scared you know what I mean you know dodgy places to go turkey you know what I mean what’s the difference thinking for England to fight for Forest is it the same or is it I think kind of different Buzz I I used to enjoy going to we England back in the day but when it was just pure Lads but nah I don’t like it I I don’t I’m into an England away game since Munich in 2001. um I don’t get I don’t like going away now with England because it’s so many cheer throwers and too many idiots of course trouble for no reason you know what I mean back in the day well boy is it you feel like have a drink and you know if it’s someone came and came it came you know what I mean but these days it’s a bit more Mindless you know mindless violence so I don’t like things like that yeah to be honest these days I don’t like violence anyway you know bloody 20 years since I got involved in truck foot water all night you know what I mean so what was it was late for years that was every week did you start forgetting about the football when just concentrating on their fighting I was at do you do both yeah event eventually yeah I think uh mid 80s sort of thing the football went out the window and it was you know earlier you know I was a football fan I’ve always been a football fan but once you got into the Casual scene and you started getting your mindset started going that way gang culture and that it was like you know are we going to get some at this Saturday you know you you plan your day all week you know what I mean and what we’re going to do where we’re going to meet how we’re getting there and uh it was a boss you know we’re going to meet like like-minded Lads that we’ll never go yeah you know what I mean and that took over the football then you know what I mean but like you say I’m a football fan I’ve always been a football fan and we know more about football and what people think you know what I mean yeah well the way they always high up were they respected in their 70s and 80s yeah yeah we’re out of that they’ve always been respected I think they got conveyor belt just keeps ruining them off they’re getting that many get lots in locked in prison get banned no I think they just got like a factory machine and just keeps getting them you know like rolling them off yeah I’ve never seen so many of them you know I mean and they all come from from the estate you know what I mean it’s a dodgy place to go yeah I mean who’s the tough who’s there like a tough man you’ve you had respect for like with the funds well I can remember me meeting Bill Gardner when they come for the train one year about 50 60 of them RCF about 1982 Bill walked down the road uh I can remember the police saying we were all right near the train station and we was there should be a few problems at the same Chase the king genre at that time it was all in there I couldn’t remember the police coming in said you look better get off because the RCF are on the way I think the police have picked them up at Leicester you better get yourself homeless you ain’t gonna know much for these boys anyway uh they come off the train and Bill come down the front we’re about 50 behind him he had this long duffel coat on curly Blondie and I was about 17 enough look at that though you know what I mean yeah did you get that a lot because we spoke about big bars earlier before we started and he’s at begun oh he’s massive kickboxing model Champion see me going forward towards people and you think I’m I’m and for it heal that well she’s got to get the head down yes back you up you know what I mean if you make stone back you up then you you’re in the shot aren’t you know what I mean who was big ball because I’ve had them on your podcast absolutely gentlemen to hear the backstory of being homeless as a kid and then look kinda bear knuckle fighting from a very young age that it’s sad to see his will but the respect he’s got from everybody all around the UK that is unbelievable that let’s see when you fought for England as well was everything put to the side uh not in the early days in the 80s I can remember West Ham used to work with man united quite a lot of away games you know what I mean West Ham kept themselves themselves you know but like forest and that would mix we weren’t really bothered you know what I mean a lot of the lower teams and lower clubs that they all do all mix but there was a top firms that didn’t want to mix like West Ham you know what I mean they kept themselves and be honest with you they didn’t always turn out United didn’t always turn up when they did turn out they cut themselves to themselves but uh that Bill’s a legend you know who bill was you know when he was at school you know what I mean he’s he’s been out throughout the country you know what I mean it was an old man you know he’s a very hard man you know I mean not many people could touch him so you’ve got someone like that leading you well I won’t say he was a leader absolutely can lead he was just a an influence at West Ham you know what I mean yeah yeah and everyone looked up to him you know what I mean he’s a gentleman like you say he’s a lovely bloke I went to his first book launch and I think there’s only three or four of us that went on the old barking Road at West Ham Social Club he obviously got invited by a bus pass and and Cass and uh a couple of people told me not to go they said you know it’s a dodgy place to go like you know what I mean I’ll treat it like everyone treated me brilliant you know what I mean I think me and Andy went and of course uh we may Ari went and uh I think there’s three or four of us and it was four or 500 ICF old school RCF you know what I mean everyone was good as gold and you’re talking like to go and Justin yeah a lot of people told me don’t you know watch yourself don’t I won’t go down there you know you could get you you know you filled in whatever you know what I mean but honestly everyone with good is gold London Echoes he’s a funny bastard but yeah how would you end up follows me Andy he’s Avon oh yeah I met I met a lot of us met through the books you know because um first met Casper in the books he asked me to do Taurus Legends uh 2003 but I had a court case going on at the time and so I couldn’t do it so I’m Still Still you know I’ve got this court case going for stop doing it doing that book you know it could go against the court so I recommended one of my mates do it and he did it and then um he contacted me again he was doing the follow-up called top boys so I said you know I’d already done some prison for this thing I came out and that was me I thought no way I’m getting involved anymore that was me I I decided to pack it up you know so young ones came now anyway I was I think it was 39 at the time and I thought you know carry on doing what I’m doing I’ll learn with bigger prison sentences starting to turn my life around and that’s what so I said to Cass I’ll do top boys book and uh I’m not sure if Andy did my adult tourist Legends but obviously cascot was all on the book book scene and then we’d do book launches and I got to meet these guys at book launches and we’ll we’re all the same we just bought different clubs and we all got on with each other you know same interests and we all become friends yeah you know what I mean do you think you could have been friends with these other guys in your 20s now it would have been more difficult because a lot of lives didn’t like you bringing up with other Lads from other cities in into your into your like uh back back Garden you know what I mean and it’s very rare that happened in the 80s you know I had a couple of mates from Sheffield he’s come over and I used to go England matches with him and uh they become that was all right you know maybe if you brought someone in I don’t know he wants to happen back in the 80s because someone somebody would have got upset and it would have been you know what I mean so it and then the England scene got bigger in the 90s I think we’re more allowed to go in and become more friendly with each other and it and then back into the 90s early 2000s everyone’s sort of mixing more you know what I mean even the cameras and that started coming about did it become more harder to organize oh yeah of course you did I mean the camera the cameras killed it didn’t it you know what I mean I mean you know the police got all that you know how fast you started that didn’t she but then then the mobile cameras coming mobile phones come in um we want CCTV was all over it’s most police uh cameras countries in Europe in it you know what I mean you couldn’t do it you get knock on the door six months later you know it’s waste of time you know what I mean yeah all right seeing you start getting the jail and stuff to eat is it just want to come straight back out and straight back involved or at least not really evaluating things well I got I got um postal Detention Center in the early 80s 84. you know at um Nevada I never go back in but um they didn’t deter me to be honest with you I didn’t see me I got even more into it but when I got that prison sentence of 2004 you know because I was offered to do a book before that and I refused it right and I refuse it because I was still active and I thought once you do it you can’t get back involved you’re a mortgage if you do a book and then you get involved again you know and I got in trouble uh 2006 and then oh I was I was in the pub at the wrong time the pub went up and the object’s armed there three months later my door went in and I suppose to a week in Crown Court and uh I thought I got found guilty at the end of it I was looking at three years in prison and the first line in them days back in 2006 they could actually incriminate you and they’ve bought the first line to the jury was the prosecution Barrister put my book up to the jury this man even writes about his adventures you know what I mean it does TV shows about his adventures that was the first line of the first day of the Crown Court you know what I mean and luckily as a week went on the trial went on the mind of brilliant Barrister and a brilliant solicitor and uh you know the joy is so sense and got not guilty on the Friday you know and that you know and I packed up the been involved in that two or three years before but it was a bit of a setup you know what I mean what’s your longest sentence before only four months you know what I mean I mean four months is enough you know what I mean I mean a lot of inmates have done you know three four five years you know what I mean what was that for there’s a bigger bigger Fray against Everton 2000 no sorry uh 1985 A lot’s got I think they got 38 years between them yeah the one what two minutes got five and a half um and the Middlesbrough in 1980-81 uh one of my mates got four and off a lot of ads got you know but I remember the big Everton of Frey uh I think there’s there weren’t that many of them and they’ve got 38 38 years between him and made all the national press all over the national headlines newspapers you know I mean that’s a big deterrent isn’t it when you get prepared for that and often does even throw a punch you know what I mean what you’re thinking then if you you do a few months that do you think that’s that cleaned out like uh not that medal of owner but it’s like you’ve learned your stripes when you come back out you’ve got a bigger Swagger and yeah we’re back in the day when in the 80s when you were very young you know when you’re teens and early 20s yeah I would agree with that you know what I mean but when you’re getting on a bit like you say I got prison prison at 39. it’s a bit embarrassing it you know what you’re doing and what you’re doing in Jordan in jail or 39 you know well I should have been on a holiday for celebrating my birthday in Thailand you know so you think to yourself now starting that sell that’s when I decided to write me book when I sat in that cell you know what I mean what she had had this feet Birmingham was always a difficult one to go to remember the FA Cup at Birmingham I think it’s about 87 that was Mayhem that day that made the national press I think it was 93 arrested football Landing there at 11 o’clock in the morning from going home at six at night it was just non-stop all day you know you didn’t get a minute so so that was a difficult day who was there like the toughest who’s it what was the ground you like to go to the most I did like the most dangerous ones to be honest with you I’ll give him the biggest bus West Hamburg yeah West Ham Middlesbrough Birmingham Monday United you know I think the most difficult places to go go the bigger boss you know when he was at it you know what I mean I think he’d get you the bigger Adrenaline Rush how many was involved with Forest uh when it first started going because everyone was locked up for Middlesbrough it was it wasn’t a lot you know probably 50 to 100 but you know when we got it together in sort of 83 84 85 you know it Rose to three four hundred late eighties five so big on the England scene early 90s I I think in the mid 90s we came we rose right on top of the tree but I remember Arena police report we went to Chelsea the inspector that was police in the game says uh Forest number one in Britain you know at the time and we we take 400 places like Chelsea you know what I mean Chelsea was a tough place to go back in the day it wasn’t us yeah that was tough Place everything was tough you know everybody was tough everyone had a little had a little mob you know there’s no easy you know if you underestimated anymore that’s when you get turned over you know what I mean what about for the international scene without any obviously you mentioned Germany before but was an industry don’t you thought me they’re a tough a lot and started I won’t say they were tough there was there was dodgy places to go like turkey you know what I mean the you know you’d go there not not looking for it but the locals didn’t like you you know you know they didn’t like the way you behaved getting drunk you know what I mean and and then you you could upset him so he’s there next minute you’ve got all the locals on your back but the the becoming knives you know what I mean people getting caught up you know for the dodgy places you know what I mean Yugoslavia you know Robert Italy same in Italy they cover the knives they don’t fight you do a lot of stuff yeah they stab you you know what I mean that’s that’s a that’s a difference isn’t it you know what I mean yeah what about Cass and all your friends were cast as well yeah good mates with cash yeah I’ve been very good friends with cast on a lot of stuff with him over the years books um events and stuff you know what I mean I put a few events on early 2000s you know we cast um we had Danny Dyer and may had a problem where I lived about Howard Marks here uh Carlton Leach you know to put a few events on it was sold out you know so yeah it’s even films like football Factory Green Street is that in hands that’s what a reputation has been a football hall again they probably did yeah I would say it did yeah um so I’ve been in a couple of casters uh stuff in the films and stuff but then again it yeah he’s probably gives a wrong impression to young young Lads you know what I mean but then but then again it’s not it’s not these days it won’t uh it’s it’s a British subculture into it you know they’re always going to film stuff about about it everyone finds it interesting same with the mods and rockers and the and the Telly boys back in the 50s there’s always been people want to film make films about stuff like that you know what I mean so it’s no difference is it it’s it’s been happening for 70 years in British school today you know what I mean why do you think it’s so popular why do you think people love these sort of chats as well like the football violence that why is it do you think it is popular I think because people find it interesting because Normal Joe blogs you know it’s they find it interesting because they haven’t been part of it and they want to have the bottles be part of it and it makes good TV and then you know because you’ll get people saying oh grown men they should join box in their MMA yeah I agree with that as well I totally agree with that you know how does that what has that buzz then like to be at the Forefront if there’s a hundred million 200 men all fighting that as a totally different buzz from people people can’t really understand it if they’ve never really done it have they no no you know a lot of people will never get it unless you’re involved in it a lot of people never get it to this day I’ll still get slagged off you know doing talks like this as you’re thinking you shouldn’t give them publicity you know I’ve just done the documentary for Italian and see you get comments people you know I read the comments so why are you giving these people the the time of day and you know you shouldn’t give them any air time you know what I mean but if you don’t do it you know I always preach to people we did it back in the day you know and I don’t but you know and we know you’re wrong we know we all know it was wrong but you know we did it so we ain’t gonna get out of it you know and people ask us what it was like and I always say to people it’s it wasn’t worth it but I you know I also met the people I met in these days fans had done it you know I mixed with nice people these days I’m I’m mixed with TV stars and you know and yeah I got a book out you know and second book’s going to come out and uh people know I’m all right you know I mean the company if they didn’t think I was all right you know what I mean we all make mistakes in life you know I mean everybody’s got too much to see it but these conversations that haven’t have you had Madras yeah bank robbers drug lords letting people love them because it’s that chat or not yeah just because it doesn’t I mean I agree with everything yeah that’s right it’s just an interesting story I hope people go down that path what’s wrong and why they do it and what they’ve done and we can all make changes we can all look behind what I shouldn’t have done that yeah but they makes mistakes but they’ve been a time in your life you’d have absolutely loved it thrived on it and been at Brotherhood sorta that’s what he says he had two sets a friend said the gangsters and he had the football casuals and he says it would go with the football casuals 100 of the time after New Year because there was always 100 of them and there’s a hundred of them but didn’t turn away which was all the gangsters would snatch on each other turn on each other yeah he’s anyway they’re going to kill you yeah you know what I mean these Lads will get over your back you know what I mean you can trust them there’s not many you can’t trust back in the day and over the years I’ve become good friends with different firms as well you know we’re really good friends I want to met them my fans gone down that path you know I guess who when I go to away games now you know like a Bristol City the Bristol large set me Hospitality say come up to Nottingham another night out at their Hospitality you know Middlesbrough same at Middlesbrough Uncle makes for the borough Lads now Newcastle you know London West Ham you know what I mean all good pals now you know what I mean we’ve got a story to tell and the last that did it can actually actually tell the people now it’s not worth it you know and we were role models to sell them you know it’s not worth it keep out of it you know what I mean that’s what we try and do these days I do a lot of talks you know I don’t like to encourage people to get involved in it you know I talk about the past yeah I mean but yeah it’s the future now yeah you know I will tell people it’s not worth it you know what I mean you’re not glorifying that it’s not if you’re speaking to it if I was speaking to you in your line yeah I love that life I do what I do like yeah but like you say people get people get older people make changes and at that time people have chosen that path because it’s all they know what was it like though to feel part of like a gang and people who would have your back no matter what was that empowering well yeah because at the time you know he’s talking earlier 1980s Britain when they want what like work about you know and the jobs you’ve got are mundane jobs you know and you have to listen to a lot of bollocks off some idiot I don’t have a clue you know what I mean you know some Jobs worth you know you think oh god I’ve got to put it with him all week you know what I mean and sadly you know it’s exciting you’re going to a football game another city you win you’re in nice clothes you’ve got your mates you can have a good laugh with you know what I mean you know it was an adrenaline rush you know it’s just the time the time of the times you know what I mean what’s it like if you get run from another phone whoa you know I must admit it’s happened now and again you’ll be able to tell a lie if if it didn’t you know but you know it can ruin you sad I mean it ruins your room I don’t know uh Street collector for a bit doesn’t it you know what I mean yeah all right I had that cockpot on a few weeks ago but he went undercover for mobile oh I’ve seen him on Italian aren’t you yeah he’s on the documentary yeah he doesn’t follow my ID about him like were you ever concerned that there could have been coppers and you’re fun yeah yeah everyone were paranoid and um early mid 80s when especially started infiltrating firms and you know the West Ham lot got done and Chelsea lot got done Steven I know he was a good friend of mine from England games you know and they all got done and chubby chick Chris Anderson uh tried to do him they I know Chris really well met him in England first England away game actually Spain uh I went on a bus with the Chelsea lot from uh from uh Chelsea on Sunday night what a trip that was eventually Uncle friends with Chris and he immigrated them like them on the morning they got off conversation they were emigrated to Thailand they bought bars and then buying the bar off him in in Thailand off Chris you know what I mean so how many people would fight for England well yeah it will come together didn’t we you know what I mean like I said I’ve said in Italian interview recently nobody could touch England in the uh 80s early 90s nobody could touch this you know what I mean so it’s only it’s only it’s all come full circle now it’s come back to Waters really aren’t it you know what I mean you know look at look at bloody Marseille with the Russians now you know what I mean so he’s coming back full circle on it how was it when you see it was it who was it was it Elite fans who get killed yeah you read things that aren’t as a possibility could have happened to yourself that’s right because I went to Turkey England and like I said earlier you know the carrying knives you upset the locals you know you’re probably not doing anything wrong the Leeds fans probably won’t do anything wrong it’s probably a bit boisterous in the pub singing lead songs locals don’t like it don’t like getting drunk you know what I mean somebody brought abusive to someone there an accident the knives are at you know what I mean that really doesn’t too much too much wrong and that’s what these countries used to visit that’s what happened yeah you know what I mean that’s the sad thing this is sad you know sad when the first family’s going to the game terminals are caught in a crossfire that’s right it’s probably you know like you say that’s probably happened because of because of the reputation of England fans in the 70s 80s you know you’re watching that I tell you 90 program over the last couple of weeks you know everyone’s afraid the England fans and the locals all turn out for you and then they don’t take no they don’t want to do on their doorstep but after time the England fan is just having a good time and they that that’s not the culture is it England fans like to just get drunk cover a bit of a sing-song and half the time they think he’s trying to cause trouble but with the aim you know what I mean who has that when it’s all over the news though that do you think the news glorify it a bit more well yeah the papers did glorify it you know I said this recently in that documentary I can remember going over to Germany ATA you know and uh the papers glorify it you know what I mean you know those paying people to cause trouble you know the Press were out there actually giving last money come on go and throw some glasses do this do that you know what I mean that’s what the Press were like back in the 80s why do you think there’s so much negative press when England playing World Cups and stuff well it’s it’s always been the same answer from the 70s when England ran right around Europe done it you know what I mean um I think Italy was the first tournament there was trouble 1980s you want to know where the Cs gas went up gas went up be on the ball to be honest behind the stand I think England is they want it you know and England’s always a bad reputation in tournaments since then the Spanish police were every 1982 there was trouble in Spain in H2 weren’t they uh even in Mexico 86 I think the argentinians caused more trouble than anybody a lot of England fans got attacked in Mexico by Argentinian fans you know what I mean um and then it was Euro 88 there was a lot of trouble out there you know England that was when England were really sort of going places um like Scotland used to come down in the 70s take over London didn’t they and then they were very early ages England fans had enough for that for like we’ll start going up to Glasgow and uh and I think I went to Glasgow 87 and 89 that’s when we first started traveling but it went to a previous one England first time ever went uh but England did for a while you know because Scottish Tech over London didn’t they you know what I mean but I think England fans had enough of it eventually Force audit we’re going to defend London you know what I mean do you miss that not not really not really now you know my life’s moved on it’s changed you know I don’t mind talking about the past it’s what I did you know I don’t like violence now I’ve got a 12 year old son that I take to football well you know you know you look back and think in them days not many families went to football you know they want a family orientated game it was just prior Lads or football fans and if you could dig into away games I said I repeat this used to get kicked as anyway if you want a flipping new league or he’s a normal fan and all the time the normal fans used to love it seeing us a lot because there’s walked back to the station where there’s no they’re being safe you know what I mean it’s completely changed now football it’s a family orientated game which is for the better you know what I mean I set my son there I don’t like I would hate him to see any violence I don’t want him going down that path you know what I mean yeah what happens if the Wee Man 17 18 no one says to look bad I mean they found that yeah well yeah she’ll get a bit of a slap right now I mean so you know yeah that’s one thing to do is put my appearance through a lot of crap over the years you know what I mean in the police knocking on the door the time you know I mean mum and Dad’s you know putting them for a lot of sleepless nights you know that’s one I do regret that you know what I mean did they know then that what you were doing yeah the uh yeah eventually got got cautious of it yeah did you ever get banned from any grounds yeah I’ve got first Banning orders 89 ordersfield in the cup away got six month done uh then I got banned again at Birmingham early 90s I think that was almost six month fan and then the then when the Civil battles come out 2000 they put me on one let me down as a major leader England games and uh we had some trouble in Greece in Athens um because of that the uh the British police decided to put civil Banning order on there they couldn’t tell you they couldn’t actually arrest you for what happened in Greece but there was a new law come out civil law and every I think every police officer that followed England they had a trial in Nottingham civil court magistrates court it’s kangaroo court and every police officer used to follow England come to witness against me and they’re gonna be a three-year civil Banning order and then uh and up to England turkey enough just off the Leeds thing at sunderland’s Grand and uh they’re basically telling me they wrote me a letter saying I want at the time you you you you you could go through that’s when England started changing from Wembley when the new Wembley was being done and you should travel around the country doing games um there’s no Lord cycle drink in that City but they reckon they sent me a letter saying I want allowed it in Sunderland that day but I never got a letter you know I mean I actually end up getting in some trouble with her Sunderland fans after the game I got arrested and uh obviously went to Crown Court in Newcastle you know and that’s when I got eventually uh prison in Durham so but then then obviously that I mean civil money order was coming to an end and then one because he went to prison the court was maximum six-year Banning order on you so I eventually got banned for nine years I didn’t see Forrest for nine years so yeah so when does it become Thai or something like that that would difficult Tyson then because uh I got really friendly with the Newcastle boys and uh obviously at the time they didn’t really know the law the selling band from England and Forest games so I thought I’m about I’ll go to a Newcastle in Europe the Newcastle in Europe because we’re under Robbie Robson started going a few Newcastle away came in Europe anyway Newcastle cop has stopped me in Rotterdam that’s what we’re doing here guys shouldn’t be here so we’ll never saw me I can’t go Newcastle so anyway Nottingham police had a word back with me when I got back and uh then I got a a letter from the uh British police say no and you passport in for Newcastle games when they’re playing Europe and there was in Europe in them group Champions League games I was at the bloody police station in on whatever every other week only possible in then for about another six years I got tiresome you know what I mean so yeah and then you got to apply to analogy somewhere and they wouldn’t give you you couldn’t go on holiday because you’ve got on your passport in you know things like that you know what I mean as their that the that happens after doing all that you don’t realize the extent there and then it’s obviously it can affect family it can affect yeah like you see a family or holidays and everything you know you get stressed you know and then I met my second wife uh just as a Banning order coming to an end in 2010 and uh I’ve been sawn in 2009 and the first game back I thought August of Forrest and Lee’s first game back ever was forced in leads couldn’t get a bigger game uh anyway the local police I went with my second wife and uh and then I’ve got friends with Forest captain at the time for a mutual friend and he started inviting me in the player’s lounge and at the security at Forrest come up to me in the players lands what you’re doing in here I sudden I’ve been invited in you know he couldn’t he couldn’t do anything about he didn’t want me in he said I want a meeting down and invite me down the ground to have a meeting there’s gonna put me on another civil Banning order who’s going to try and put me on the Civil Banning order to buy me from forest you know what I mean but I refuse to go to the meeting I didn’t go to the meeting yeah I bet they couldn’t do anything about it if I didn’t turn up on the meeting they couldn’t do nothing about it what was it like going back to our game after being banned filmed it was very weird very strange very weird feeling yeah I was nervous I’m not telling lies I was nervous you know I thought the eyes of whatever everyone’s eyes was on me you know what I mean it it was weird for a while how were you treated in prison very good actually they weren’t too bad because uh all the screws were Newcastle Lads and I know all the Newcastle boys and they they told them I’m all coming I’m coming in and they looked after me actually you know what I mean so I got looked after look there because it was a prison there’s murderers on me wing and everything you know what I mean and you’re there for football I mean just football well they told you on the door what are you doing the Geezer Ops me said life I ain’t got a clue what he’s doing he was he wasn’t very nice actually I didn’t really speak to him on my door it says four months and all he wanted to do was cause Avid so I’d do my full four months you know what I mean so he’s not bothered he’s doing life in there you know what I mean that’s that yeah but if you’re doing late for somebody’s doing four months you’re going to be angry at him yeah I mean yeah what was it daily routine like I kept myself to myself I mean they put me with somebody that was a in for fraud uh you’ve defaulted a company you worked for and he was a family man um and he was terrified you know I looked after him and put me in with him um and then eventually they moved me to a an open prison and he didn’t want me to go you know what I mean so I just stayed in it was 25 23 hour bangle he could go out for exercise but I’ll just stay in there we’re me I was in there with him keep your head down you know what I mean no confrontation then is he you know what I mean yeah how hard does it when Forest lose their reputation I’ve been a team in Europe won in trophies to then getting relegated like does that feel were you more anger going into the games or uh yeah or they got relegated to the third League while I was on one abandoning order actually and um so I didn’t see all the crap you know what I mean going to bloody Chester away on a Tuesday night but sir because we were the big fish in the third league and at the time a lot of allies were on Banning orders about 100 of us so that’s when the firm started spanning and when it didn’t really go and a lot of the little clubs took advantage of that you know what I mean but uh and then once I got the 16 share bunny in order to put me on a radius so I want allowed to go within 10 miles and knock your voice playing but on when I was on the Civil Banning order I used to get a car different way and just sit in the city center and have a night out and a drink you know what I mean but I want the light to go anywhere near it after that you know what I mean you clearly just love football you’d have probably been with any team that was playing if you could just go and watch something like that well that’s what I did I did sort of go into other games I went to a few Newport County games I got mates in Wales and I just should go for your Newport nobody bothered you down there the police didn’t know where you were and I I’m to be honest with you I used to do a few different games you know let me ask you a Newcastle I went up to Glasgow did a couple of ranges games you know um I went out the way I still wanted to watch football but I went offside you know what I mean so I still got me for football boys did you feed for other films no no no no no I just went for a drink in a day out I was just watching pure football then you know what I mean because I know some boys have went and I think it’s Tottenham and Aberdeen they’ve got a good connection yeah yeah that’s right yeah I thought it was weird I never knew that until last year did you grew a connection with any other films by you you were active yeah yeah yeah um we we couldn’t go friends with FC cologne in Germany um well I got I went over there for watched Newcastle at Leverkusen uh because I said earlier the police got me in Rotterdam and I shouldn’t really had gone but I got paranoid and I stayed in Cologne we were basis I was in Cologne and whenever cruises up the road like Nottingham to Mansfield I’ve got paranoid sending a clone on my own and do I watched the game in this Irish bar let’s play this ladke looking at me anyway I got it I went over to what we’re looking at you know what I mean because no no no no I said he said uh your Newcastle yeah I’m Newcastle because I’m FC cologne so okay mate I saw a beer shook his hand and I saw him Forest up from Nottingham because um do you know Gary Clark from Nottingham that’s I’m Gary Clark he won’t believe me I’d be passport oh man because I’m Gary Clark he said I remember watching BBC Hooligans Panorama and Gary Clark’s on there you know what I mean we say mates they invite me over to a clone game a few months later so I went over and I thought he knew everybody anyway after the game played Hanover four of us went over after the game he took us to their Pub walked in their Pub light and they didn’t really know anybody there’s about 50 lumps in there and then I thought okay what’s going on here filled in here you know what I mean anyway introduced me to one lad lovely lad he looked after us had a few drinks you know whatever else you do and the truck is around Cologne all night end up in some late night club stay mates forever and then they started coming over to Nottingham and it just grew and grew and now there’s probably 50 60 clone come over once or twice a year for first game there’s a lot go over there there’s different friendships now so we formed a really good friendship with FC cologne that’s mad I don’t know it’s mad yeah yeah it makes forever there’s a couple of them coming over with coins of Valencia uh December the 15th for a couple of them fly out to Valencia to meet us for a drink seeing you are doing like Panorama and your face is getting seen everywhere design enhance your reputation do you become more of a target for other firms yeah yeah that’s yeah yeah you did yeah yeah yeah yeah you do because you you know you’re on the national TV Panorama you know what I mean you’re a Target I mean I won’t wear any lights at Mill for a bit because obviously we’re playing me all that day it’s on the other police followed us and everyone yeah the meal a lot of going I’m on the phone undercover Cameron or the middle guys who think is you know what I mean so if it does done it you know what I mean you’re a Target aren’t you know what I mean see if mobile will ever get to the Premiership do you think the the Kingda fighting will become more Rife you could call it the Premier League now they came up for a couple of years and the old Den went down here a couple of times that was a bit hectic you know what I mean so very eerie place to go yeah it could be funny to see them in the Premier League to see you well I I yeah I don’t think it changed me honestly I don’t think that like I said earlier there’s conveyor belt of them you know what I mean I don’t think they’ve probably got the oldest shooting confirm in the world you know I think they’ve been in the 1670s are still at it aren’t they you know what I mean was it hard to see for us slapping down the legs yeah it was it was heartbreaking really you know the big club like Forest you know European Champions and I think we’re the first team ever to get relegated in Europe to get relegated to the 30th of the foot of the league you know what I mean so it was odd you know what happened it usually it was a ownership uh managed managers spending money wrong money you know and nobody took care of the club you know what I mean and there was people taking money out of the club that come in to take over started taking money out of the club you know what I mean so it’s a diamond spiral you know what I mean so they just went it just started UK in didn’t it you know what I mean the same news I’ve got a top fun he’s a winning trophies here for then you’re buying some games did you was it sad to see that fighting smaller clubs is wearing there’s not many as strong in the fun because you should all get Banning or does that is that hard to see yeah a lot of little firms took them okay you know what I mean and Forrest gonna come on stuck at a few places you know what I mean because you know and uh obviously there was less tickets in them leagues for smaller grants so he’s only getting a thousand way tickets so less fans went and and you were like the Manchester United in the third division so you’re the big fish everybody wants to the fryer you know what I mean uh who’s their Top Farms in these small divisions well you know you know you look at like teams like Portsmouth now that down there you know what I mean I mean Derby are in third division they’ve got to be a big fish now aren’t they you know what I mean but back in the Lincoln City were good Lincoln City were always good always tasty for him all as well representative England games uh Plymouth Argyle they’ve always had a top top mob in the lower leagues you know what I mean um there’s there’s one or two like I’ve said earlier you don’t want to respect anybody everyone’s got a little mob you know what I mean so but uh Lincoln were always good I always rated Link in the lower leagues over the years what about the Rival between forest and Derby how how bad is that yeah it stands sense probably from the early early 70s from the cloth cloth days really uh yeah it’s it’s a nasty rivalry you know what I mean it’s gone on for a long time you know uh we used to meet each other Rich skegness for a bank holiday punch up you know we meet each other offside they’d come on night start down here you know when they want no football you know what I mean so any excuse to have a tear up with them they’re just vice versa they’d come offside you know what I mean did cloth get any sticks or jumping from Derby Forest he still worships at both clubs to be honest with you he’s a god at Derby he’s a god at Forest you know Derby loves technically Mickey about us because one of his most favorite famous sayings when he I think when he uh came to Forest and he said oh nothing was never a football City so they always give cover that but I think I was just trying to wind everybody up you know what I mean one of his tactics yeah how was it right in your book uh yeah I quite enjoyed it it took about 12 months uh Martin King wrote it this Chelsea fan uh yeah you know book company at the time he did quite a few books that you know around the country and spent a lot of time on the south coast doing it with him he’d come up Nottingham a lot quite yeah it’s enjoyable doing it enjoyable experience you know what I mean we nervous releasing it not really because I got permission off all the lads you know I told everyone up front we’re doing it I said you want to be in it you can be in it if you don’t want to be in it I respected everyone’s like you know I suppose everyone’s you know like you say one should once you write the book as a case or anything not really no no regret because I did it to get out of it you know what I mean there was other people could have wrote books rather than me you know there’s a there’s two or three top boys I could have wrote a book they could still write a book you know I was never at the Forefront to write a book I did it for my own personal sacrifice really I wanted to get out of it I thought once you put pen to paper it’s it’s job done you know what I mean it was a football was a drug on it it’s hard to get out of it once you’re in it and I knew it was my time it’s gone you know I needed to move on I needed to settle down I needed to get out of children and you know there’s no that’s no life for family life is it you know what I mean so that’s why I put Pen’s paper and stuff you get in prison sentences you’re getting Banning or does you’re looking the older people did anybody ever say it what you’re doing is you’re just wasting your life like get your together obviously just in case I just keep doing what you’re doing it’s everything’s fine no yeah you know it was going to be embarrassing you know you’re getting nearly 40 you know what I mean and I I thought to myself you know I don’t want to be seen as a somebody in the 40s wearing Stone Island going down a match and still looking for trouble you know it’s not a dumb thing it’s a young young you know let the young ones get on weight these days you know back in the day you know what I mean and you know I know a lot of people I’d still like it you know what I mean but that’s a that’s her choice in it you know they do what they want to do you know what I mean what do you think about the young kids know who that I think it’s all changed it has changed I mean a lot a lot of Our Lives go down the gym you know they do train and you know there are Lads you know what I mean the game you know what I mean but it’s different ball game now I feel sorry for him because of doing anything wrong they’ll go straight to prison there’s cameras everywhere you know I tell them it’s not worth it but it’s their choice isn’t it you know I would like to see people getting involved in it now to be honest with you because the way throw your life away you start getting in trouble you know that some of them are in the 20s and 30s you don’t you know they’ve got good jobs it’s got mortgages you know they don’t want to throw all that away do you know what I mean what’s the biggest sentences you’ve seen getting through oh the biggest forest was that Everton Everton Phoenix um yeah there’s a couple of other mates uh from Stockport he got six years once you know what I mean and he’s been on more Banning orders than I’ve ever known in my life you know they come up for a drink with me the other week when I played Liverpool at home I mean he’s out of it now but I’ve never known anyone but it’s a band from football in my life I think he spent half his life in jail thought well you know what I mean all right let’s have that much though it is it’s too you know it’s too much and we laugh about it like but I said you know we laugh about it now but he’s turned his life around as well you know what I mean who’s the top boys at Forest well the older the the the the older generation from the 70s you know the the probably five years older than me um one of my good mates he’s always been our top boy we’re calling one punch you know he he went to him and he was a child at Middlesbrough I always respect him and I’d love him to and he’s one of the oldest man I’ve ever seen at football you know what I mean so but it will move on he’s moved on but there were several as of above me I was second generation there was a 70s generation I was the early age I was a casual generation you know what I mean a lot of lads around me back me up they’re ordering me you know I come to the north and stuff I did without them backing me up you know what I mean what’s that like going running towards people and you’ve got people backing up like and you know they’re not turning away like of course it is adrenaline Russian it’s a buzz you know what I mean you know you’re not going anywhere you know what I mean vice versa they’re probably the opposition they won’t go anywhere so a big tear up you know what I mean until the until everyone will worn themselves out or the police came in we’ll sit back his head to Hedges of Kenworth up with the funds how many people niche flipping I’ll come over man united at the Kilburn they had about 500 they did that daily Cup Final was like the start of the London marathon when he looked down that road you know I mean that was frightening I mean we actually stood we stood his ground for a while but we just got turned over the pub got turned over but he couldn’t you know there’s just too many of them people swamped as you know what I mean but uh we had some tasty raspberry Middlesbrough over the years Toe to Toe some good ones with Borough Birmingham you know what I mean the man united we’ve had a few in man united over the years could he FA Cup quarter final Old Trafford that was a Mayhem day as well you know it’s been there’s been several you know even the little ones I used to enjoy it when they want so many well there’s 50 of us yeah I’ve got a bigger boss when they want so many of us you know what I mean we had the more tight knit group you know what I mean but there were so many games and I went no those games every day yeah I think there are people coping in Champions League now yeah obviously Chapman mates for last week and uh they’re in Europe they went to Marseille last week and they’re in Europe they’re going AC mil AC Milan soon and he’s been to AC Milan twice last few years it’s morning and time off work in it it’s that much football now yeah you know but we’d love it if Forrest got back in Europe because we all go again we haven’t been for years you know what I mean so I bought Valencia we’ve got pre-season friendly why not preseason pre-World court and I’m taking me lad and it’s a wonderful celebration of Valencia’s Grand theft’s been invited over it’s fights with their first European team to play in Valencia in 1961 so we’re we’re the guests to celebrate 100 Years of their stadium so I bought books before I taught me boys for Christmas is that excited you know what I mean did you ever walk up out like without the football walk about the streets and see rival funds and did anybody ever put it on you yeah I’ve been in the wrong place at the wrong time a few times you know what I mean you’ve been down in London you know and uh you know you you know you knew you want from you know you could tell by the clothes you wore and the Swagger you had do you want the you want from the city and then put it on you you know what I mean there’s times in London they’re always getting London big sister you go to a match you go offside for a bit of a few beers and you’re back to train some pain because she’s always bump into some mob you know what I mean yeah I’ll get put on and put on you or you know yeah have you ever heard of any close calls where you’re thinking my life right and digital loads of times loads of times yeah I’d be lying if I didn’t you know what I mean so how do you get through it then like how do you get let’s see if you’ve had a good tear out if you believe in the past that is it hard to sleep with the adrenaline or do you sleep okay no no you’d be thinking about it all night half the time you know I mean buzzing so yeah it’s good for your dreams you know for your nightmares all dreams you know what I mean yeah no so assuming it started to become entire some you started to get into prison like was it 39 decided enough yeah that’s right I think obviously enough you know I mean I think it’s getting to that big 4-0 and I thought you know I can remember police officers come up to me once I was up court for something and he goes you’re far too old for this guy he’s you know by the time you were got out of it it did home actually when he said that too man I actually said to him I don’t think I am you know what I mean but I thought of his words run true actually and I thought he’s right he’s right you know what I mean what am I doing messing about at that age you know you know what I mean yeah so Stephen you you come out then if you’ve been involved for 20 years that how hard is that to tell people how do you just step away without telling anybody like how does it work it was odd it was odd it was hard to get out of it you know what I mean I told a few close PALS like but I still you know people look up to you and then people you know what we’re doing next week or I deliberately went out the way offside I didn’t want to go around in groups anymore you know I know a little four or five makes I won’t go around I tried to avoid the pubs because you can be in the wrong place at some time at the wrong time sorry you know if I go to the pools where I know the lads were drinking something happened I’m in that Pub you know I was still at the bar something might happen and you know and because of my reputation or whatever I could get into together so I would deliberately avoided them pups for a long for a few years you know what I mean Association basically just yeah he’s guilt about Association yeah and then again you’re Banning order if you’re seeing in a portfolio of 200 boys for a game I actually could be I was told when I’ve sort of going back to Forest by the security in fact we see you down here in a group of more than 10 people we’re having you we’ll ban you from forest I was actually told by him when soccer went back in 2010 and actually warmer so how hard was it this thought that like you knew they say to write an officer enough and so you know there was a good Farm down the road and it was going to kick off that is it like an addiction we are totally fainting against it or did it become easier because you know they’re just becoming a waste of time it was easier because because obviously I got that banning all the way I want a lad for uh for a few years from 2003 2004 and I won’t lie back until 2010 so I didn’t go anywhere near it for a while and then when I just started going back down I first met my second wife and I started going to the message with her so you know I got out and gradually took a few years I’ve got I want allowed to go so I went cold turkey anyway you know what I mean was it late coming off drugs like yeah yeah yeah it was difficult yeah yeah yeah it was difficult could you speak to other people who had done the same who stepped back from it yeah like rehab in it yeah it’s like rehab yeah it’s like a cocaine addiction isn’t it you know what I mean you have to go cold turkey it takes a while to get off it you know what I mean did anybody from your phone Goa he’s losing the enemy of any negative comments I think one or two but uh there’s one or two said behind me back sort of thing I know I know that for a fact because people tell me you know I mean one or two had ammonia what I mean but not a lot of main mates and the main Lads yeah they put them right you know what I mean they stuck up for me you know what I mean so yeah that is that a difficult thing when you if people start turning against you because you think you’ve turned against them by walking away not really because the the people that did it probably I know they want really front line anyway you know what I mean it’s just a Hangers On You know what I mean so I won’t really but I won’t really bothered that’s it you know I decided to move on it’s my choice I’m not listening to other people anyway you know what I mean that’s how you know is that Italian anything you’ve done there yeah what was that a three-part Series yeah three-part series um uh it’s called Italian Icee oh the game changed forever because uh I’ve I saw 85 they wanted a documentary highlighted from 85 The Bad Times Gone up to 1990 how to change the British game because it didn’t want England go in and then I don’t think if we haven’t done so well when the the fans would have got kicked out Italian I said I don’t think they really would have been a bird for the Premier League a couple of years later so they wanted me all that money coming in people want to put money into British football so I did change change you know football forever really you know and England get into the semi-final got the field goal facts about didn’t it you know I mean Brit for the British game yeah who has that seen England but semi-finals finals and does that meet you mess up when you’re seeing such big events in partly you wish you were well bang involved or is it just being good now being a family man and enjoying it more well yeah I didn’t I didn’t go to England I think you can watch England from 2001 um so Milad wanted to go obviously he started like in England watch it on telly and I took him to a nation’s game uh two three years ago and then obviously the Euros last last year uh yeah I sort of got the buzz because England started doing well I managed to get a couple of Germany tickets last minute the night before so I said to him we’re going to England Germany buzzing and then uh we’ve got the book again for you know Wembley it was a bit like 96 won it you know they feel good facts and I went to the semi-final I think I came to the semi-final I took him to the final match to get a couple of final tickets so to watch England in the final wheel at you know that gave me you know that was good I enjoyed that did you not go to the England game specifically because you were scared to get back involved again yeah yeah it’s too many idiots go now I don’t want to go anywhere near it you know what I mean plus oh I am you know there’s always a chance someone who might have a puppet here you know what I mean I don’t I don’t want to I want bothered about it you know what I mean because reputations proceed themselves you know I didn’t want to get back into that sort of thing and there’s always somebody willing to have a go because I’m quite high profile media now as well do a lot of books documentaries and stuff there’s always someone has one ever pop in there so I could have a little bit of caps either way of it as well the problem is England you know what I mean it starts to enjoy it and knowing whose dad’s reputation is as well yeah he don’t really you don’t really know yeah he and you know you don’t really he ain’t grasped it yet you know what I mean but one day he’s gonna but he was obviously going to find out but obviously we’ll talk I’ll have a talk one day you know what I mean does that become a body for you in case a little bit a little bit a little bit Yeah but um he’s level-headed he will know you know you know he’ll know it’s all back in the past you know what I mean but there’s always people going to tell him in there you know what I mean yeah it’s muscle things you know what I mean people wouldn’t leave that yeah so how old is he now 12 12 yeah yeah it’s basically at schools in that if you’re on TV and reading books and this is the age now yeah yeah a lot of with the internet as well we’re just handy in it online YouTube whatever so where do you go now for the future Gaza uh I follow Cricket a lot I follow England abroad at Cricket I’m going to Pakistan a week on Monday for the first test so I’ve been since I’ve been packed up the football I’ve been going a lot a lot of cricket games away I’ve been Barbados four times and on four India at all Sri Lanka South Africa Australia I’m following England cricket it’s different type of people like you can have a drink the police don’t bother you you know the nice people like football I’d start going to Cricket as well you know behave themselves nowadays but like myself getting on a bit starts a bit Sunshine watch a bit of cricket on my booze you know you visit tropical countries you never dream of going so I follow Cricket around the world now do you think you just like being in that sort of environment just yeah yeah I like sport you know in our lives have I kicked off with a can I get fans very I’ve I’ve seen some trouble in Sri Lanka once uh very rare it’s very rare again if in you know everyone like you know everyone has a bit of a laugh and talk about the old days you get a lot of football as you get Cricket but everyone 99 everyone’s well behaved you know I mean uh just have a laugh together you know I mean even he’s a lot of Derby if that’s good to the cricket you know what I mean give yourself some cells you know what I mean we don’t really mix with them but you’ll say hello but there’s never no trouble you know what I mean seeing you’re sitting in a cricket watching a cricket got a paint do you have a look around and think me man that yeah I’m either getting older than me that just try to live a safe life but you have a question you used to be Frontline man you used to be bang involved I know you’re certainly a crack at having that paint do you ever get paranoid as well the Corpus are still looking at you oh that’s so fast because I used to do shoplifting back in the day even now when I walk through yeah the alarms I still think this is going to go off here but do you see you’re sitting in a crowd do you feel as if the Corpus may be still watching you or is that paranoia going no you do you do think that way you do you’re still in your head you know what I mean I mean a login police officer come to me at Brighton every week night game and uh he comes chatting to me but I’ve been told I’ve been told now because I’ve got a couple of mates who are in the force they’re used to go football and decided to join the police force on a later date and uh they’ve actually told me they’re not bothered about me anymore I’m not I’m not on their radar anymore which is good to hear in it yeah I mean because it’s you’re always worried didn’t it but yeah you see Association bang for you know you’re locked up you’re banned on football for leaflet yeah how do you think you’d have handled that if you’ve got a life ban but some people well yeah because it affect me some money you know what I mean I won’t be able to take into an England any more Forest game you know what I mean it would it would have that would have hurt me more than anything because obviously Lads Bang into football loves football I won’t be able to take into Valencia in a couple of weeks whatever and we’ll stick into England Euro final last year yeah you know that it’s a long-term effect isn’t it thank God you know the right time out of it a fly out to a week on Tuesday to um Pakistan I have to change planes planes in dollar guitar fine with guitar Airways and actually changed planes today England played Wales in that City you know what I mean so I figure we’re saying could imagine if we get stops in Doha they’re turning around I’m going to Pakistan for the cricket you know what I mean Lads yeah I know you know what I mean yeah yeah yeah it’s receiving it let people assuming you get a Banning order see if you go to a game and get caught what happens well you you’d probably get a prison sentence or you’d be a big FD fine and put another Banning order wouldn’t you yeah so yeah yeah what’s it like for the games you do get Leaf bands I was wondering makes on life bands banned from fries for life you know I think they’re eating it now you know what I mean so they can’t go and what’s not in forest and they’re my age and got a bit older they’re on lifespans they’ve got Congress alone game you know you know back in the Premier League now you know they couldn’t go to Wembley last year you missed it out now aren’t they you know what I mean what was it like then obviously trying to change your life become more calmer watching Cricket Forest getting into the playoffs that was all Dodges coming back enjoying the atmosphere and the emotion of getting in the playoffs and go to Wembley and taking him to Wembley because he’s on a shooting tickets hit you with four he’s never seen any success and we’re going to Wembley when we beat Huddersfield he’s actually he was raw in it a full-time whistle you know that was one of the best days of my life watching watching Forest if you forget all the Cup finals and everything after 23 years about I’ve been at the Premier League and going when you saw me watching Forrest win at Wembley getting back to the promised land and seeing him the raw emotion coming out of it out of him it gave me so much so much joy you know what I mean all right well aspect that was better that beats all the football hooliganism back in the day watching your son was celebrating that Forest back in the Premier League that beats anything yeah most important most important yeah yeah it’s fantastic so assuming you get get to the Premier League what you’re thinking then like 20 odd years and your brand new Uprising you’ve Banning orders and then this moment comes where he’s at listeners best league in the world yeah I mean like yeah the names know the managers that’s a great league but yeah what you’re thinking when you get are you just happy that you can enjoy those moments with your son yeah you think me you mind like we’re going into big big leagues again no I don’t think that way anymore I’ll be honest that would never answer my mind I’m I’m just enjoying the fact I’m taking him to Old Trafford uh actually uh the Emirates Tottenham I’m enjoying taking him you know what I mean it’s about him now you know I’m just enjoying watching him enjoy it you know what I mean you know and hopefully Forrest will stay up this season and the bigger things as bigger things are going to come we’ve got great manager great great Club a great owner great back room great chairman you know what I mean great board so yeah so what do you think for us this chances are staying up this year uh I I thought the beginning season would finish at least off way but obviously we had that wobble and we had a lot of players come in to gel at the same time and things went backward a bit but Steve Cooper was that good a manager and the board kept face the fans kept Faith they don’t just become a bad manager overnight he’s had a hard job to bring all these players together you know and we’re just in a bit of form now and I think I think we’ll stay up I do believe we’ll stay up you’re too good a manager uh we’ve got good players you know and we’re just starting to jail now we’ve got that five week break more time for him to jail together get to know each other more and I think we’ll stay on whose fault is this greatest ever player well uh John Robertson John Robertson and Ian story Moore voted the best two ever I would say John Robertson in my day I didn’t really see him story more even though he’s a good friend a friend of mine now and Robbo is as well uh Stan collie more great sense forward I’ve ever seen down there to be honest with you and we’ve had two years of Stan you know I enjoyed watching Stan but the European Cup team they’re all good players you know we have some great players over the years Roy Keane was brilliant Nigel Clough you know Martin he was good morning oh yeah great great player you know what I mean two Champions League’s man yeah so yeah you can’t you know you can’t see he won two yeah yeah that’s right you know I become good friends without you they’ll be outside now you know through me mate um who made a film about about that I believe in miracles I’ve got to know them all last few years so I have them down at Carlton town as guest speakers now and they all come down here for nothing you know give up the time on Saturday afternoon in the clubhouse do a quick q a and none of them want anything you know I mean they’re good as gold all of them John O’Hare brilliant people you know what I mean uh who is that looking back in your life so far I’ve enjoyed it you know it’s been a roller coaster don’t get me wrong it’s been a roller car I don’t I don’t regret anything you know I’ve lived life to the full you know I’ve had a good time I’ve seen a lot of countries met a lot of good people you know and for the football I wouldn’t know all these people if you want for the football you know what I mean I’ll visit people in different places you know it’s been the roller coaster but it’s been more ups and downs you know what I mean yeah what about your second book is coming out yeah we’ve started work on the second book I’m doing it with a co-author he was he had a checkered past back in the day in Nottingham different he’s a forest fan as well but he runs a global World charity now called World game changers I’m a patron for them we do a lot of good stuff in the community um so I’ve been helping them out last couple of years I’ve got to know them during covid I did a couple of uh books chapters for him in in their books and we decided to write a code book uh we saw it on it last week we’re doing another chapter tonight after we’ve finished it’s called the angels with dirty faces you know I can turn your life around you know what I mean you know it’s not all doom and gloom even though what we did in the past but now we do a lot of good stuff in the community you know I work down here for this club you know I work for that charity as well so we try and put a bit back you know what I mean yeah that’s what we’re talking about here that’s having a positive impact because you do a lot for this club let’s talk about this club and give that a shout out so what does it you do here have a marketing commercial manager commercial manager I’ve got to know last few years I used to come up with a few fundraisers at Christmas got another chairman enjoying covert we won’t answer we’ll watch Premier first division football but normally football we could still come and watch it so I started coming down to a few games really enjoyed it kind of a drink outside of the pitch and uh unfortunately uh the commercial manager had passed away through covid so there was a void at the club we left it uh of course is you know to the family and everything we left it at one and she even asked me to do a fancy doing the job and I thought oh yeah it’s a privilege yeah yeah I’ll come on board you know he knows I know a lot of people I can bring a lot of funds into the club got a lot of good mates at willing to help out you know and I get contacts and I’m enjoying it and I believe in putting something back into football and taking it out like I did in the 80s you know what I mean yeah so this is Carlton Town Football Club yeah how was it when you first came was the only raised eyebrows because yeah I think there was something the chairman told me recently you know he said you know I’m not going to lie to you he said there was one or two people questioning the decision you know why why are you taking Gary on you know with checkered past but the chairman said you know he’s complete change guy you know what I mean we’ve got a total faith in him and he backed me to the hill you know and um which is great in it you know somebody’s having a bit of faith in you because not everybody has faith in you because they look at their past all the time they think you don’t change you know what I mean yeah no but fair play your man like for anybody that’s watching because you’ve been a man who’s been under involved in it today and changing his life for anybody that’s maybe an ally if I claimer being Dodger or maybe struggling in life what advice would you have for them I’ll say that you know you can turn it round you know there is life after after it you know what I mean I’ve done it myself you know I was in the doldrums you know and like all the people you interviewed you know what I mean you can move on if you you know if you put your heart to it you can set your mind to it it’s a mindset you can move on I know a lot of people who make uh runs a boxing club in Nottingham and he was in gang culture back in the day and uh he’s done exactly the same he helps out in the community you can turn it around you know what I mean so you know don’t give up yeah what about yeah yeah where can people buy your book your first book Amazon my first book’s still on Amazon um the second one will be out in all back in February that’ll be available on Amazon it’ll be available in good book shops as well we’ll do a launch down here we don’t I think we’re doing a launch in Murphy tan Murphy Town football clubs we’ve got a relationship with Murphy town there as well we play each other uh preseason Friendly’s we went to merthyr this summer they came up to us last year but they turned to come up here next year that’s from a good friend that works at Forest The Collection there you know what I mean so watch our social medias and that Galley just in case people want to get in contact I’m on Facebook Gary boatsie Clark uh on Twitter Gary boatsie um and then Instagram is Gary boastie Clark as well who’s the boss I mean that’s my nickname back in the day I I had some trainers in the early 80s when I was about 16. I’ve always had big feet when the Puma G Villas come in and we should wear tight faded jeans and that I’ll come in the pub one day with his new blue trainers on one of the lads when they look like boats I mean I was only 16. he just stopped everyone caught my boat sir you know what I mean so it’s just stuck ever since Gary brother that’s not funny I enjoyed that no problem would you like to finish up on anything no thanks for coming down to SEMA you know I’ve enjoyed it yeah thanks again mate and once you get your second book man we’ll get it back one again foreign

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