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Located in Nottinghamshire, Nottingham is a charming city that boasts a range of attractions. Its cultural scene is lively and the city hosts a number of festivals throughout the year. The city also has a number of interesting historical sites that can be visited.


Nottingham is home to one of the most famous legends of all time, the tale of Robin Hood. The city has several attractions that include a statue of the legendary outlaw, the famous Robin Hood’s Well and Sherwood Forest. The area around the well was a popular location for young people to enjoy recreations. The well was also a very important part of civic life in Nottingham.

Nottingham is a city that is home to many historic sites and architectural wonders. Visitors can take a tour of the old Papplewick Pumping Station, which is home to a range of exhibition spaces and art studios. Other attractions include the Nottingham Craft Museum, which features a range of historic workshops and cottages. A museum dedicated to the life of Lawrence of Arabia is also located in the city. The Museum houses a range of mementos and displays about Lawrence’s life, including personal items.

Visitors to the city can also take a tour of the National Justice Museum. This museum is located in the former courthouse and jailhouse of the city. Visitors can explore displays highlighting various crimes and a cell where Robin Hood was incarcerated.

Visitors can also visit the Arboretum, which was created in 1857 by Sir Joseph Paxton. The park features three lakes and is perfect for water activities. It is also a great place for a picnic. A number of rare plants from around the world can also be found at the Arboretum. There are also a number of gardens that can be visited.

Visitors to Nottingham can also enjoy a trip on the Great Central Railway. This scenic route is located just north of the city. The railway runs over 10 miles and takes visitors to many attractions in Nottinghamshire. It is a fun excursion for the whole family. It has a cafe and vintage buses that can be ridden onboard.

Visitors can also explore the City of Caves, a popular tourist attraction. The caves are located beneath the city and can be accessed from Garner’s Hill. There are several tours that are available, including a family-friendly tour. Some of the tours are free, while others cost.

Nottingham’s theatres are excellent. The Nottingham Playhouse is the city’s RIBA Award-winning theatre, which hosts a range of shows. The theatre is also home to an outdoor seating area, as well as a bar. The Playhouse also has a range of shows that are free to attend. The Royal Concert Hall is also available for hire for private events.

The Museum of Nottingham Life is also located in the city. The museum features a range of historic cottages that illustrate Nottingham’s history. The museum also includes Nottingham’s oldest pipe organ.

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