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Nottingham Forest v Liverpool Highlights


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flipped forward long Carvalho controls beautifully a dropping ball and then stabs it towards goal and it’s blocked by Henderson tackle and it’s freed up Morgan gives white this time to have a run against Van Dyke little ball into the penalty area for a one year a warn you stabs it back for coyote issues a one year left wing taking on Joe Gomez running towards the penalty area into the penalty area looking for a shooting opportunity I won you won against one for a second he’s got hand guard to his left he gives it lingard who hits it straight at the goalkeeper takes it back post Steve Cook brings it down brilliantly foreign [Applause] Gomez out wide to the right hand side for Milner Cuts infield Liverpool into Harvey Elliott inside right channel hits the shot could save Henderson kids white sends it Forward again for koiations on side inside Left Channel Johnson getting up alongside him gives it to Johnson six Awards goal first time and Alison saves Jones down the line for Robertson Robertson hits the byline and Crosses towards the back post good save as Alexander Arnold arrived quite safe from Henderson mangala from uh and then Yates winning it and now here’s Gibbs white towards the edge of the Box gives it Yates here’s the corner from the left-hand side Van Dyke’s header oh that’s a brother save from Anderson here’s the long throw from Gomez from the right hand side towards the near post it’s going to come back post to be headed towards goal by Salah and chips over the crossbar by Henderson Robertson sends it back in warrell heads it away the goalkeeper’s still out Gibbs like gives it Johnson Johnson has an open goal to shoot at can he find the angle he’s inside [Applause]

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