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Nottingham Stabbing UK Vlog April 22


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and uh not start online we are looking for a reporter in every single area of nottingham uh just to nip out your house take a video what’s going off maybe ask some people their opinion or their speculation about the matter but here we are in sneinton today on center boulevard all right and uh on the corner of trent road there has been an incident apparently somebody has been stabbed is the word on the street now we don’t know exactly what’s happened here but we can see that the police are here in numbers there was a uh left me right yes yes um there was a helicopter passing by as well and uh we don’t know whether the victim’s okay or whether the perpetrator has been apprehended but at least they’ve um been here and secured the area so i feel a lot safer to see nottingham police here to protect the public from this epidemic of knife crime so do need you to do the same thing that i did just then which is uh take out your camera have a walk around your local area especially if there’s something going off because we have to take the power back from the media and for people to get more involved in the things that are happening in their community

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