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What is it like living in Nottingham?

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hello again it’s notts Dot online it’s a beautiful day outside [Music] follow me oh you’re not worried about that all right cool about filming graffiti in public tend to come and see me what are you talking for yeah no no i’m not your friend you’re trying to be associating with you when you’re out there so when i’m trying to film someone who’s doing something creative i’m a creative person i’ve made the website for nottingham and creative people no one cares oh no one cares yeah cool bro you don’t like me yeah none of these man here i want you here so [ __ ] off i will go i will go because i’m respectful when you see him i will do i mean it’s not even a big deal who cares about you man look at you fun look at you bro what are you doing right now drinking and skateboarding um the other week i was like um center market yeah there’s some graffiti eyes graffiti in the wall and i thought oh that’s nice i’ll come come and film them by these couples they try to start on there no they’re saying that i’m not welcome now in the market um why because i’m a blogger and you know um i’m not allowed to film what do you think about that um oh hello all right so how do i know he’s recording oh he says it there yeah there you go hello everybody welcome to one two three boom hello everybody oh battery exhausted oh i have some coffee i watched some i’ve got an xbox i watched some documentaries about conspiracy any like alien [ __ ] and then see who’s about say hi to people yeah hi there try and make some money laughs people for money you know because i do struggle with money i don’t have a lot of money so those people that are homeless all they got drug addiction oh they’ve got some depression like that so all the money most of it goes to feed their habits which is quite sad because they don’t even look after themselves for example i don’t look after myself i don’t eat i don’t i just just think about when am i gonna get the next one yeah last time i was sober that’s something like that it was not i’m sure like once a week every weekend you’re a bit sober in it you know you’re not every day this is my first car yeah yeah you seem quite all right that’s what i’m saying yeah it doesn’t seem like a real like yeah i mean before even when i when i came here my camera was still here so that this is my first one so so yeah um so what would you like to do and let’s let’s like pass into the future i want to get a van yes convert actual prices nowadays how are we going to run this one i don’t know by becoming a youtuber and with my benefits maybe make a store like um open the vine and have a store or something sell something [Music] it shouldn’t be like um like everybody should be entitled for food wow why because it’s not it’s not um a privilege actually i don’t think she’s not privileged anyway yeah yes yes so what i mean is that you believe you that everybody should just be able to eat and yeah i would yeah but you know like nowadays in shops like at least we get you know like it’s free to drink water for [ __ ] because some places you know you’re not even allowed you know they they charge you just to get a bit of water so when i was in my mom’s belly i was in egypt in egypt you know so yeah it’s like i’ve traveled a lot but it wasn’t like them you know people think oh you traveled a lot you must have an amazing night but you know my parents were not really they were in crisis i’m not you know my parents had a lot of money and then from not having money you know they started being depressed and then money started wearing off yeah um where did the money come from from [Music] okay where you been quick i’ve been in switzerland in cuba in um in argentina and argentina in spain in france in france portugal probably probably in justification yeah like these places actually lived in these three years wow wow you know education as well yeah yeah education so my life has been a big chaotic always like what was your plan for your life when you when you when you sort of grew up like 16 17 what did you want to do when i was 16 years old yeah what did you what did you be a hairdresser but now my dream is i mean i like to travel and become a youtuber as well why not take this little fella and i just travel and talk about um like you know like just cultures and you know like just maybe like psychedelics or aliens or pirates pyramids [Music] i’ve all the places you’ve been how do you rate england okay so i would make england really open-minded it’s like everybody is like you know everybody’s different in italy is they’re more close-minded dresses very perfectly yeah yeah and everybody’s like oh look at that yeah yeah yeah it’s like no one gives a [ __ ] everybody’s like you know if you want to dress like this or if you want to do that i really love that when i came to the yachting because it was you know very creative place people enjoy different alternative lifestyles different because obviously they had a lot of money so from having a lot of money from nothing my mom obviously she was really stressed out in a good place obviously now my parents are not together and obviously she’s going out with someone else she’s found real love about 50 years old wow fantastic so bless her i didn’t really talk to my mum at the moment because i don’t know what makes her sad so someone wanted to do about this video then guess what my dad is dressing as a woman in spain two sisters are lesbians right and my dad has always been super homophobic wow always really close-minded even if they travel around the world you know they were both italians and they’re really close-minded very conservative open their minds my sisters it’s both lesbians my mom is like changing them uh i started since i was a kid you know from all these like chaos there was always like we have five brothers and sisters yeah so what’s your day-to-day life like at the moment i don’t know i feel like i’m lost like somewhere because you’ve got your house now you’ve got you’ve got your babies no it’s not my house it’s a temporary it’s a temporary house today doing a vlog as usual we’re doing a nighttime vlog tonight with my good friend it’s nine o’clock on the dock it’s been a stabbing in town um i hope the victim’s alright it seems all right but it’s a very concerning event which is being more and more frequent in nottingham you can see that there’s more people carrying eyes there’s more people using knives we’ve got to ask ourselves why why is an individual carrying a knife why would anybody want to put a knife in somebody else i myself have been stunned quite a few times um or not whether but it’s a very dangerous thing to carry and it might be you next okay so if you’re carrying a knife that might be you on the floor next you see that you see that person over there carrying nice always leads to more knife crime please do not carry a knife and do not hurt people in town not in city center do not do that it’s not fun it’s not clever that person there could be could be could be looking at his life on the line for an altercation or it could be innocent party for whatever the reason might be don’t carry a knife it’s not worth it it’s not worth it for you to go prison for end of the day you’ll be very careful these sharp objects but best to not carry them and if you’re scared about being stuffed buy a stab proof vest that’s what i did you know that’s what a smart person would do if you’re really worried about you know getting stabbed buy some defenses for it you know and don’t be in the places where you could get stabbed i could get stuck tonight and i’m not wearing my best for once that could be the irony of this video who knows you know but the youth today are carrying knives something that has happened and uh it’s not hello hi kid is he okay is he okay what stabbed me is he okay though i’ve got a way to please hello excuse me yeah yeah yeah what what blog is it nice new meme yeah nice meeting you dude you know what you’re saying man and basically um am i here tonight i do a vlog called not online number one on google so put it into google not even vlog my website number one oh yeah i’m not really like a talent involved because i’m a dj yeah of course yes i want to ask your opinion first of all about um um stabbings in nottingham we’ve come here tonight and someone’s been stopped someone’s just been stubbed do you feel safe in nottingham i do yes you do i like your camera as well it’s pretty sick which we’re going to tell you about yeah so uh i basically lived in a framework flat because i was homeless and my mum obviously she had to move me on i was okay with that yeah so i moved into a framework flat and i started getting death threats from this lab that i was quite know well known to yeah um he sent someone to knock on the door and then all i see when i look down the peephole is a spyro yeah a spiral bro i’m not even joking yeah it was a shot it was a double one on the double it was going to go through the wooden split that was very scary for yours all i did was duck and stuff and i called my dad i was like you need to get up here right away years ago i was the guy that was like um i i think i think you walked up to me and i was like you were like where do you see yourself in two years maybe yeah i think i said something ridiculous like in marbella snorting cocaine off some random birds ass crack yeah that was one day i was in uh doing my mate playing football and these kids just come on and i noticed a guy from my school my college [Music] that was [Music] uh [Music] saying that i’m not welcome here we’ve got one can from that guy there we’ve got another can from that guy there we’ve got spilt beer everywhere we’ve got graffiti we’ve got litter everything look at the state that these guys have left it in all right paul you think i’m not welcome here okay look at how you treat the place huh look at how you treat the place you want to talk to me about how i’m bringing negativity you’ve left your alcoholic bottles in public and you spilt them and you’ve not put them in the bin and the bin is just there just near and who am i speaking to that guy there won’t even shake and talking to you and this little guy here talking to you in fact i’ll do my [ __ ] self because hypocrites [Music] one [Music] hey [Music]

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