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Public disputes Stalking experience Alex Belfield

hello everybody we have just cleared out of the court I decided to not not wait for the uh full full proceedings today I did get the opportunity to speak to Alex briefly outside Court to see how he was he seemed in good spirits um asking for a comment but he very politely declined and he said that he would if I emailed him you know give me an interview or something on the channel which is very nice of him you know I was very surprised it wasn’t more um people involved in the chase because the chase was highly publicized on YouTube and a lot of people have been like myself I’ve been uh nicking some hits off Alex and his army of followers and army of haters it seems Seems that every time somebody says anything positive about Alex then people automatically have to you know set the record straight and tell everyone how much of a bad person he is and he’s this and he’s that and haven’t heard the evidence myself my personal opinion it’s a bit of sixes and sevens we have a lovely narrow boat going by but yeah it’s an interesting thing interesting thing from what I hear about it is somebody’s been arguing with somebody at an old job and at this whole job um they’ve got they’ve got each of his email so when one of them’s left the job my mate okay if my meets with that job and he’s uh had a little little tip for somebody and that person that’s somebody who’s gone to somebody else and uh told a little tale about my mate and then uh mommy is uh read this this email on Twitter the guys published bits of it you gotta received the email from the guy they had a tiff with and so then my mate or whoever he is has been uh you know it’s been thoroughly pursuing them via any communication possible for them to cease and desist and not you know spread life about the him and in the industry and trying to prevent him getting further work and stuff because of a personal matter or A Private Matter for that matter but um for some reason somebody documenting their life and their opinions on YouTube is no longer allowed and so oh I don’t know if he’s allowed or not but you know Alex Belfield has suffered quite a lot of um suspensions and stuff like that and trolls and stuff like that but that comes with the territory I don’t think you know he shouldn’t receive any criticism I don’t think he shouldn’t let me see if any push back for his opinions everyone should um it just seems that because of his opinions don’t align with you know the majority then the majority you want to shut him up and not allow him to have a channel not allowed to speak and not allow him to work and just wanting to go away and starve and die and I just think that’s atrocious so I think that he’s done very very well to stand against you know the crowd to stand against you know the woke mob and uh continue regardless in a true English spirit and if there’s anything wrong with that you can disagree with anyone you want doesn’t mean you have to eradicate them from their employment or or their credibility or or try and slander them because you disagree that doesn’t make any sense and even though I have heard bits and bombs on both sides it just seem a bit just a personal tit for tap that’s that’s coming to the public eye but because they are both or most of people involved are public figures you know their reputation is something that they want to pretend and protect and why not so I don’t really hold any sort of judgment on anyone involved in any case but it just seemed rather ironic because one person who’s taking the other person to call the chase both ways in mine but yeah I’m gonna go home I’m hungry tired as I said I’ve been off since three in the morning how do you think I’m about to make you have fun to sleep in the courtrooms quite embarrassing but listening to the details you you would be bored as well I didn’t hear many um many things that weren’t subjectively explained I don’t have many things that weren’t creatively you know described the maximum effect I think that you know has somebody received something is how they chose to receive it you know and that’s my opinion you know communication should never and this is directly threatening someone physically or you know heinous a bit of uh you know just disagreement via email or a bit of disagreement via Twitter I should never leave lead to anyone being in court um unless of course somebody is slandering somebody else or in writing and libel then of course that is the way we should do it it’s gonna be quite noisy here anyway now so I won’t talk too much that’s a lovely building isn’t it lovely building like this right on London Road yeah the Virgin gym on the forest ground over there nice County ground over there we’ve got Hooters over there train station over there jury’s in over here very nice hotel good standard it’s noisy I’m in the wrong place so I’m gonna put it off

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