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[Applause] oh welcome people it’s mr dog back again i hope everyone’s fitting well and yes more podcasts no more topics for the main topic today nothing foreign deal lots to talk about lots to talk about if you’re new to the channel please do hit the like button subscribe if you’re new to the channel and comment below people how are you feeling about the new signing today right i’ve got a new panel usual new blue old and yeah new panel so first of all next to me i’ve got the white smile i don’t know why he’s smiling you’re the old panel so fix me everyone knows because glenn’s gone there before uh hello clem got joe how you doing joe i’m good thanks mate how are you i’m not too bad i’m not too bad um next one we’ve got um as you know he’s been on the show before we’ve got wedding fire i couldn’t get a bad minute fan because it doesn’t say much but he knows about our new signing man himself jacob how you doing jacob hello ben thank you for having me back on um you’re a much the better team than running out at the moment i’m glad to um provide a little bit of insight into who you’ve just snapped up i’m very very jealous very jealous um don’t get you you out took one of our plays okay don’t forget terry’s four no that’s true yeah thank you for that you’ve done as a massive favor he is currently only our second midfielder in the the whole squad at the moment so so cheers otherwise we’re going to have to play one of our goalkeepers in midfield so it’s unbelievable people in the comments man give show some love to talk to glenn joe and jacob please and i said um people as well are new signing as well as oh my riches from buying money um through the tweet today that it foreign signing um through twitter today um you’d like to give comments how you feeling about our new signing today um oh yeah that’s a new signing so people comments how are you feeling about our new player we’ll start with um glenn glenn hey everyone which is from brian munich how you feeling about uh goodbye yeah delighted that sounds like it’s uh it’s good for both clubs bearing in mind the the free deal that they got from reading a year ago is that right jacob only a year ago uh he certainly seems to be what we’re missing in terms of a call back low sort of replacement in that left back position i’ll be interested to find out from jacob whether he is a left back a left winger or a or a wing back or from what i’ve seen i’m not sure whether it’s the the stuff that youtubers tend to put out on video whether it’s just the the things that he does in in terms of attacking uh he certainly seems to be a a sort of a decent defender but i’m not sure how much of his strengths is in defense actually it may well be a a growing area for him but no delighted that we brought him in at this stage certainly is something we needed to do and i’m sure jacob will fill this in a little bit more about the player but yeah any any position in that i think it it now certainly what i’m seeing it certainly seems to be that we’ve now got a uh perhaps another keeper to come in but certainly our uh back six if you like certainly seems to be really strong now we’re looking for uh players further up the field joe how you feeling about the new left back i was glad don’t touched on it like i said that left back it’s been a nightmare for us for a long time really likes a bad low on levels of united but at last we’ve got permanent signing last a good play as well but i could take it to explain to us later on about that but joe how are you feeling about the new signing yeah i’m really happy with it i think probably one of the happiest people that you see um about that probably is gonna be jack colback knowing that he’s not gonna have to fill in in that position next season in the premier league so um i’m really happy with that and like glenn said i’m happy that we’ve pretty much filled out um our back six now um hopefully we’ll get some more news on the right back slot in the coming days but i think now we’ve built up a solid defense to try and keep us in games and then we can start focusing more on the midfield and the attack to then start getting his in position to stop winning himself um overall very happy right jacob i think you better get rid of because there’s some people in the comments if you don’t want to ask any questions to jake about our new sound like he knows he’s already bang you know there’s lots about him so people are coming okay i’ll answer away and as well make sure you answer questions if you could answer them um right jacob what kind of player are we getting well glenn kind of touched on it um because i know you know youtube highlight reels can always tell kind of their own story but when he came through our academy so first of all we poached him from fulham when he was 16. so he was coming over coming through their system before he linked up with us and before he moved to the left back spot he was always a midfielder or like a left winger and ready have had players like that in the past like jordan obita that start further up the pitch and then end up filling in at left back and and end up doing a good job there but um he got given his debut actually under yap stam stam absolutely loved him um and that was around the the it was it was the season after wheat we got to the um the playoff final and lost to huddersfield but we don’t talk about that we went on to the netherlands um richard started every single game over there and that was at a time when we had quite a few left-backs in the squad so you of course you guys know about one of them because at the time he was competing for left back alongside tyler blackett yeah right and at one point so we had three three left backs we had jordana beat it tyler blackett and omar richards and richards you know played a little bit um for us and and look by all accounts like fine up until he got injured and then all of a sudden one summer we lost blackit went to you guys and avita ended up going to getting released and ending up going to to wickham as well so all of a sudden he was the only left back in the whole squad and we were thinking oh god like we hope he kind of steps up here because up until then he’d been fine he hadn’t really pulled up any trees he was he was alright he scored like four games into his reading career like quite a tidy little finish i can’t remember who it was against but like he was steady i think people but i think the tiles then the reading blog put up a apollo on twitter um asking fans around that sort of time oh where do you reckon he’s gonna be playing in in like two or three years and everyone’s had the championship and then yeah and then like two years later he’s playing for bayern munich in in the bundesliga so he he really came alive in the season that we finished seventh he was brilliant like because for a while before that season he looked a little defensively suspect but that season he just became a different beast he had one of the highest tackle percentages in england i think it was only behind wambasaka as far as like tackle success goes uh he was really good one-on-one um really getting involved with the attacking play too playing further up almost like a wing back and we were absolutely gutted when he left because the next season we went from finishing seventh the season before to i think it was 20th the next year and we looked like a totally different defense even with just him missing because the rest of the defense was the same but once richards when our defense really went went downhill and it was especially getting that he went for for nothing as well because i think you’ve got a real even though you paid 10 million for him that’s what we wanted at the time from buying but they they ended up getting them on a free so i think 10 million pounds for a player you’ve still got plenty of time to develop and is young and hungry and a good character i think you’ve done well lads i’m very jealous i think i said i saw um on twitter today he scored his first goal against oscar forest didn’t he how could i forget yeah it’s good yeah so yeah so yeah oh i’m sorry if glennon don’t ask a question to jacob please do um he’s quick um and he’s quite technical with his feet um which surprised us because like you don’t reading don’t usually have left backs like that um but he’s um his his crossing’s all right i i haven’t really seen much of him once he’s been away in in munich i know that the coaching set up over there is great so if anything he would have improved past you know where where we were coaching him but let’s not forget that whilst he was in by and he was competing with alfonso davies for the left-back spot yeah exactly one of the best left-backs in europe i know he has his injury problems but i think you know richards they they’re clearly trusted in him as as well in immunity have given him the number three shirt you know that’s not something they do you know sort of on a casual basis so i don’t know he’s he’s useful in the attacking third because you know he’s g he’s fine technically with his feet and his passing um he basically plays like an auxiliary winger but he’s he’s also not too shabby in defense he’s good at tracking back so you know happy days really he’s a bit of an all-rounder and um i don’t know if if he’s if he gets minutes for you guys i’m sure he’ll be fine i mean we thought he would be value for a premier league move even before he went to germany which area do you think because i know from from being a i work in uh in london so i know the the kind of the fulham area where he’s been uh come from he’s actually grew up in lewiston where i teach so i know that he released from uh from fulham at 16. i think he then went to another sort of a a midfield ground academy club that then played to bring all lads in that were released and eventually then got him got him into to your to your place i think within about six months so between the age of 17 then and 23 when he was released from when he when he went to bayern what over those six years i know he scored a few goals one against us what where do you think he made the most progress in you may have touched upon it already in terms of him becoming a defensive player from the midfielder what do you think he made the most progress in probably is defending you know because i think there were times under because he played under so many different managers but that’s mainly because reading loves sacking a manager so i mean yeah yeah he played he played under stam he played and uh jose gomez he played under mark bowen he played under velcro pounder and with each subsequent like change of regard if you like he became like he went from being someone where we thought oh he probably looks like the shakiest member of that defense because he was young and raw and you know had the winger background to all of a sudden being like one of the better one-on-one defenders in the entire unit so i think positionally he became better over time and i think he just became more confident over time too because we like i said earlier we were worried how he would play when he’s like he was like the only player in his position and whether the lack of the lack of competition would him like would him hinder him but it didn’t and he he knew that the starting spot was his and he just got this real like confidence from it so yeah defensively by the time he left like we weren’t worried anymore um and we knew that he was one of the best assets we kind of had it like it’s it’s strange to think that looking back now he’s probably one of the best defenders at the reading academy he’s ever produced which is completely weird to say um and like you say i know he had his background like before coming to us and i guess came to our academy relatively late but but yeah no defensively i know the premier league’s a step up but i wouldn’t be worried if i were you he is you know a left back in the traditional sense now so that’s great to hear we always say as far as fans that if you’ve got a player that’s played for several managers it’s usually a good sign that they’re still riding the hs they still get stuck in and they can still get selected by these managers that’s really encouraging to see i mean defensively i’ve seen from the videos that i’ve been watching over the last couple of days that he certainly seems to be it may well have been the cut of it he said he seems to be a defender that’s not you know not bothered about getting him getting his body on it and gets stuck in equally is he’s adept at getting that little toe in and just releasing the ball from the opponent and using his pace to to get possession back which is always a good sign too i’m glad that he’s saying that on the point you’re saying about confidence uh certainly what i’ll say and hearing about an interview that he was doing just after he signed for bayern it was obvious that he was really disappointed when he obviously left fulham and really getting that kind of step up into reading and then building the confidence and obviously supporting his family while he was playing along the way as well but that confidence seems to be a big thing for him um how do you think you touched upon it a little bit how do you think he would move into premier league football from what he might have been playing at buying i think he’ll embrace it i think it would be a different proposition maybe if he was going directly from reading to another premier league english club like you guys now but the fact these like it goes back to kind of like the confidence in the fact that he’s got like a a good head on his shoulders for him at such a young age to move abroad and i know that more and more english players are going over to the bundesliga young and you know the english low league seems to be a league that they’re targeting but he really took it in his stride and reading fans were begging him on like seeing that he was winning trophies with bowen and whatnot but that experience now going coming back to england i’m sure he will have matured and he’ll be up for the challenge but also he’s you know he’s back in a more familiar environment too so i think he’ll just embrace it and get stuck in for you guys and also knowing that you’ve got a class manager he presumably is gonna he can like learn a load from keeper and so i i wouldn’t have anything to worry about um i i know as well that um i know that jed spence who had such a brilliant season with you guys last year i know they’re you know not identical players but he should go some way to to addressing the loss of spence i imagine for you guys um yeah um there’s 176 people in fact thank everyone that’s taking part to watch um this vlogger as you know folks have signed um um people comments if anyone has asked any questions about this laptop please do um i’ve got super chat i’ll read that later on um dude any questions for jacob yeah so just one about his kind of positioning and um how he kind of sits in that left back wall would you say he’s more of a traditional left back in terms of playing more defensively in a back four or did he get much more used kind of playing in a more of a wing back role in a back fight with three centre-backs and pushing further up the pitch so the only time he played as like a wing back in a back like three or five for us under mark bowen um and he benefited from that actually because that was around us all the time that he started getting further up the pitch anyway and it kind of gave him a bit of a new lease of life but other than that under every single other manager he played in the flatback four um but saying that he was even in that back four he would get up the pitch yes so um i don’t know he he seems versatile and i know at buying as well who’s playing in the flatback full more often than not yeah um i’ve just seen a comment as well um in the sidebar about how and i’ve seen this as well a load of the buying fans seem to be like a bit absolutely yeah which is usually a good sign right because um i know he um he started a few cup games for him and you know got the occasion running i know like not necessarily the minutes i would have wanted but obviously a lot of competition but if for for buying to have kind of taken and a look at how he operated for us in that back four and thinking that they he he could work in their system i think he’s a versatile enough defender joe yeah so yeah i think from what i’ve seen definitely from the stats as well he definitely looks like he’s going to be solid playing as that more of a defensive role is part of the back five i think it’s then just whether we want to go down more route of using bien cone um on the right is that going to be a bit too flat is the five as opposed to what we had last year with jed bombing up the pitch and then kind of having the left back roll more sitting back um i mean if we do end up making some of the signings that we’ve been leaked with in terms of the right back that we might be getting um then that will definitely benefit us but i think if he uses it also adept to be able to get up and down the pitch so then we can not just attacking up the right if we can then use the left a bit more i think that would be beneficial this would remind people any questions for jacob please do um hit the like button as well people kind of helps my channel a lot and subscribe as well um jacob what’s with me like everyone has their bad downfalls what’s the weaknesses that um omar richardson has uh so even though i’ve said he’s mobile he’s quick and whatever there are a couple of times when i’ll be watching him at the modesty or the bloody select car leasing stadium where you could tell because he would be so far up the pitch he would really have to like work to get to get back like if they were bro yeah yeah i mean and to be honest like you can understand it because i know that’s a bit of a common thing with like especially if you’re like a young wing back you can get i don’t know a little carried away or whatnot but but other than that i mean i know he’s still like a little raw he’s not the finished product but he’s a he’s a good age um i don’t know i just i think he just needs a run of games because he’s looked best for us when he’s just had been in the side consistently like like when i was telling you how he was competing for the spot with blackit and abita and whatnot when he was all in and out the team he always like looked like he was second guessing himself a little so i know that’s just that’s not necessarily like a um a technique thing or a quality thing that’s just like how he is he’s maybe a bit of a confidence player so but he’s a good character i mean i know he’s really popular in the squad he still hangs out like um around london with the likes of michael elise another one we let go for way too cheap um and by all accounts i think he’s just like a good lad so um so yeah honestly i’d i’d feel really good if i know i’m biased and i’m you know thinking of times gone by but like we would love to have him back obviously but he’s way too good for us so you’re saying glenn no question um i think i think a lot of what we what i was hoping and i know i didn’t really need a lot of reassurance has been has been covered really um what do you think um i’ve got two possible questions i’m not sure which one come back to me in a minute okay okay uh i’ll quickly jump in there and fire one joke get jump in it’d be good um if he has a good run at games would you say he was more of a starting fallback viewers in part of a rotation because i think i think that might have been what the plan was with buying but then how um i mean alfonzo’s careers like blown up and he’s become probably one of the best pullbacks on the left side so was he out and out started for you guys or was he part of a rotation for us in his last season definitely he was one of the first names on the team sheet um we we didn’t we in the season on the pounder bridge when became seventh it was him who was like the out and out starter and we had a couple of academy lads who just weren’t up to the same level this lad called ethan brist over at the time was like 16 or 17 and was just like way too young and we’ve up we’ve released him this year and he just wasn’t really up to the level so he was an out and out starter for us um i’ve just seen a comment as well saying what was his injury record like he would there was one big injury he had where he was out for five months but that was early on that was maybe when within like a year of him breaking through um and then since then from memory i think he was he wasn’t we listened reading have had a ton of injury problems through the squad for like years but he was one of the like lesser offenders he was you know relatively right i guess some of that comes with with the youth but um but yeah in answer to your question joey was a definite starter for us definitely yeah um before getting one question for you and uh question jacob do you think steve cooper could be the right manager to help him develop in potential as we know cooper develops all good jobs to play i said we’ve got spence gone off a lot so what question is like is he is cooper the man to make him develop even better i know he’s that by winning by means of top club but he’s he’s in a premier league tough league what do you think cooper’s the man to develop even better 100 because i know keeper’s got the pedigree with working with youth you know when it was in england and you know what the accent joey did with swansea and um with you guys richard’s on paper fits the profile of the sort of player that you’ve already had like in your squad over time really in terms of like the youth prospects so yeah i i think it i would be very very surprised if if cooper doesn’t get a cheat out of him um and you’ll be having me on like this time in a year when you finish 20 and saying jacob what went wrong why didn’t but no i i hope i haven’t put the kiss of death on him but i think keeper definitely i’m sure that’s one of the reasons why richards will have said yes to me because i know you don’t leave me in it lightly but knowing that he probably gets to to work under a manager with such a good pedigree just makes sense i think yeah glenn are you going questioning glenn i have i’ve got two i’m going to do one first following weirdly on what you were just saying about cooper really i know they’ve been doing a lot of character assessments of players before they’ve or during the process of signing them what his what are his sort of on or off field characteristics of of character i wouldn’t say he’s he’s he’s quiet but he’s like he’s not overstated like he um he he kind of as as far as his social media presence and and whatever he very much sort of like had screwed on kept his head down and just i mean he um we i think he had like an instagram page where like you know post them in like you can’t really make character judgments off someone’s social media profile otherwise people will be making judgments about mine all the time so but but um no he we never like there was never any stories about like there being any problems with him or anything and um but paulovich the um manager who probably played the best and absolutely loved them like almost like uh father-son thing so um so yeah just a good egg i think and i know that’s an important thing like with recruitment nowadays is getting in the right characters and then not being disruptive but i don’t think he’s a disruptive influence at all he’s not into his bling or anything so that’s good then i think that’s the best thing it is we’ve certainly got a history of of turning around people that might not necessarily be that as well and and shaping them into players that are now worth you know tens of millions as well which is great on that note actually disciplinary-wise when i first started watching a couple of videos this morning like i was saying he was going into your tackling and i was thinking he’s gonna be the first player sent off this year what was he uh what was it like for you i’ll tell you what i’m gonna quickly giggle it i know that like he would there would be the odd like cynical yellow it was kind of what i was um saying to you earlier as well when like if there were times when he’d have to like track back um like he he’s not afraid of like a cynical yellow i know that but i’m trying to think did it were there any like inconspicuous red cards he got for us like back in time was having a little look the honest answer is i can’t remember but like i never thought to myself oh richard’s is a is a walking red card um right i can see i’m looking down on his stats actually for last season with with brian and he got but one time in the time he’s played for him and um actually weirdly enough his final appearance he got booked but he only played nine minutes as well so um yeah i don’t know like he’s he he um he can crunch someone but like you know plays any defender can do that so i don’t know um there’s hundreds of people there’s 196 people in thank you everyone for taking the time and watching this if you please do hit hit the like button please if you can subscribe if you’re new and comment below if you don’t got 26 minutes you’ve got any questions if you can please do um jacob i said good place like 24 years old and um what’s wrong we said is he like what’s his relationship with fans does he interact with fans or actually is he a quiet person yeah he he didn’t as far as i can remember he wasn’t one of the main like people in the squad who would who would like engage the fans but to be honest that was kind of a problem we’ve had with the squad for a while now there’s a bit of disconnect in that i mean there’s there are players who would who would do like more talking on on social media you know the likes of before he he left this season like josh lauren was already popular with the fans and would be quite vocal and a year them just been given the club captaincy and he’s always been one of more vocal ones but i wouldn’t say richards is the the same as as that um we’re all gutted when he left um he left a very short it’s funny there was a tweet going around on reading twitter today about um his like leaving message for the reading fans would say like maybe that that long and the leaving message for the by munich fans was like like double delay but like you can’t read too much into that you might have just got better pr people over in germany i don’t know but yeah like i was saying to glenn just kind of kept his head down just got on with it and um you know and you don’t necessarily mind that um easy sense i think is just asked do reading receive a sell-on percentage which was actually something i was gonna mention before i forgot um and yeah the the answer is yes so i don’t think it’s loads but i think as like some sort of compensation thing because we went on a free to to germany i think we get 300k which is so it’s for us at this point in time that’s actually like useful we could do it in trouble you’re not in trouble last year yeah like this season i won’t get into it i don’t want to mention i don’t want to mention that that result that we gave you didn’t we don’t like please i’m still in therapy but you know you’re nothing special because everyone beat us last season but um yeah no we can’t spend any money this season because we’re still like for about the like the 30th year in a row under some embargo but like it will go some way to balance in the the finances so thanks lads we appreciate it as well that question from um how are you doing since as you know people tyson has joined reading and yeah he’s a player that he’s got high hopes supporters and how how excited are you like he’s coming to reading because i know that’s you you’re not been in big trouble like i said um personally i think you’ve got the wrong manager um maintain well what what time do you think you do well for your club yeah i mean we needed midfielders um and i think i mentioned it earlier like hilariously he um up until he signed we had one senior midfielder at the club and he’s like 21. um dejan tata because we we’ve lost andy rynham hotter to cardiff we’ve lost josh laurent on the free to stoke and john swift’s the big one john swift’s gone to west brom so our midfield’s been decimated but what we like about fauna is that he seems like there was this viral quote of his going around saying like how he’s not there to make friends and he’s he wants he’s there to like take people’s shirts off him it like meant in like a competitive way in that moment he wants to like fight for the the shirt and whatnot but he um he’s it’s it’s interesting in a way because he came through our youth system or like he did yes he did he did yeah he was very briefly at reading so he was saying in his welcome interview how um a couple of players who were still at the club tom holmes and tom mcintyre he was playing with in the youth rights before he got released the first time around so he knows the area he knows a couple of our players seems like a good character and also we just need midfielders and it makes sense for both parties because you guys want him to get games he’s definitely going to get games with his 100 um and we could just do with with him at the moment because he seems like a fairly like tidy player so so yeah thanks we appreciate it right this is the fitness there’s one more question any more questions for jake or joe how do you how do you think reading’s gonna just a general reading question really how do you think you’re gonna get on this year oh may it’s uh it’s gonna i don’t read paul is i’m gonna like yeah no it’s we we weren’t necessarily surprised seeing get given the job because it always had the feeling of as soon as he was appointed as caretaker and catches up we’re like the club’s going to go the cheap option here and keep him around but it’s going to be tough because frankly we don’t have the bodies we’ve got so few players in still says he wants to make like six or seven more signings but we just don’t know whether we they’re going to get him in you can take harry arch if you want i’m a free transfer well if you want if you want to send me a text after this let me take voice now text him now yeah yeah thank you i’ll try and set that up um but um yeah it’s honestly the nice thing in a way is that the majority of fans are under no illusion so it’s going to be a hellish year and we just need to stay up so if we come 21st it will probably be seen as a success do you think you’ll survive do we think uh what reading or foreign well i can answer both if you guys take 17 you’ll probably be pleasing if we get 21st i’ll be delighted i think it’s going to be touch and go but we just basically need to do what derby did last year and just try and get this siege mentality in place and like us against the world and we’ll see what happens but um i wish you guys well because um i think it’s been so long since you’re in the top flight i think the majority of neutrals are hoping you have a fair crack at it so um i’m not gonna lie because now i’m coming league i’m so happy we’re not going to wedding because we’d never win away at reading because because there was always one of the clubs like if you wanted a club at that wedding and um it always i think would beat him who was there do you remember yeah i’m trying to remember the um yeah but when i was born scored like that goal ben i was born friat and someone else but after that sorry jacob i’m not gonna lie i’m happy i’m not going to wedding again for what for almost four more seasons i remember though yeah that my my memory of you lot coming to our place was that time when you thought you nicked the last minute winner offers recently oh dude sorry sorry to bring it up but um that was oh dude people saw that vlog people go and watch it it was horrible actually yeah um it’s a pleasure thank you very much thank you for letting me back on it’s been good hopefully i won’t see you for quite a while um you never know i mean we might be in league one you might you might not see it for a while so you might get promoted you never know pauline might do something special oh that’ll be up there with like less to win in the premier league one more thing look after terry’s corner for us oh we will yeah we’ll wrap them in bubble wrap don’t worry like jake people how you feeling about a new sign fantastic left back um but yeah we’ve got another you know what another half an hour um loads of stuff and i forgot to talk about the man himself there’s the older he did a vlog for me he went to spain banking des for doing this there’s a great vlog paint he also edit though because all his videos were left right centerboard people after make sure after the stream go and check dad like it was his first time it’s on a matchday vlogging and i said gotta get quite upstairs like i said he’s done one for his channel as well the extra version so if you do want to watch my version or test version please go watch them both um people there’s 298 people please do hit the like button on 70 likes give me 200 likes before we do um i’m asking glenn i said voice loss 3-1 but did you watch the game i haven’t watched the game in its entirety you know i was uh i was like i said i was late back on friday night um but i’ve watched enough of it to see that the first half seemed to be a little bit more straightforward and a lot perhaps like you know they made some changes in the second half and it wasn’t quite the same i’m not i’ll speak to a mate of mine on saturday morning actually while i was out uh in the park with disappointing that we lost not overly surprised that coventry really put up a fight against us and and uh great to see tyler score um yeah but equally it was a little early wasn’t it for a couple of the players that they were still trying out and uh it’s quite quite important that quite key that uh cooper was saying in the post match that there’s a number of players there that were playing perhaps for the last time for forrest whether they were out on loan or whether they were being sold so it may well be a a very different situation uh this week when they play burton right yeah but virtually not use it i am going to gain people interesting to see how they how they change the starting eleven and how the eleven changes over the course of the game and uh and how we uh how we get on there but uh i think that might have got a moth flying around in there sorry that might be the uh might be the last time that we see a couple of those players perhaps we’ll talk about who we think might be going out in the next yeah that’s just about that’s the thing i want to ask people in the comments man before i do it i’ve got super chat i’m sorry saw i’m at this youtube channel i just want to because you’re talking about the player omar williams uh hi i’m uh hi ben how about members meeting before the forest knox game we are premier league baby i am going to bertrand on tuesday with barnsley on saturday i’m going to hopefully berlin next tuesday or the may one as well i’m going to yoda berlin as well people i’m excited to call that way to go to world point so if you do want to see all the vlogs please do hit hit the like button as well subscribe man make sure you do subscribe people i said i’m trying to get to 10k before the season finishes people so if if any of the 180 people have not subscribed please do hit subscribe button as well if you want to be a member as well like glenn i’m sure that’s why i got people like joe on he’s a member to the channel and i’m trying to i’m trying to get all the members as well before the season finishes get all the members on who hasn’t been on the channel come on right then touched on it and i said there’s too much so many players like joe and people get involved as well quite a lot players like said uh and cooper said players believe in blah blah blah i will ask them afterwards what joe what players would do you think no do you would you like to leave got to go foreign who would you like to leave well i think uh as we touched on um earlier about fauna going to read it and i think that was one of the key ones that we had to really get out and make sure that he was getting game time elsewhere um i think you could pretty much nail on about six or seven of the players that played in the second half of the um coventry game because it was literally a game of two halves where he was just given like the youth and reserves have run out in the second half just getting a match fit and um just giving him a nice run around in that in a game position so you could probably get rid of a decent chunk of those players that were playing in that half there um and just yeah get them into more clubs like reading playing in the championship and just get them uh match fit just like it was against coventry um i think i’ll say my bible what what plays i said i know you claimed a massive fan and they’d actually teach our taylor we didn’t know we know that that didn’t get much chance on the second half of the season but then did you drink diving times up with lao taylor or do you think you should give a little chance uh forrest i’d love to him for him to stay at forest i you know like you were saying i i am i really do hope that this year is is a really good year for for for lyle and forrest in terms of this the last year of his contract isn’t it so i do hope that that’s something that hope and hope from realism though is very different isn’t it i do think that yeah and there may will be a a option for him to to go somewhere else whether it’s permanently or on loan i think the loan option is more likely while he’s still on contract with us uh where i don’t know birmingham had an option earlier on didn’t they but i don’t think he’s going to go and it was going i don’t think i don’t want to talk to him birmingham after what we’ve we’ve seen before um yeah so where he goes uh i know he still lives in nottingham i’m not sure where he would let anything’s still flying around i’m not sure where he will where he will end up but um i know he will come with an enormous amount of experience and he’ll do a real good job obviously as we go forward towards the end of the transfer window we may all see where he goes to answer your question though unfortunately i don’t think he will he’ll feature too much in cooper’s plans this year um as as with mike and and obviously been reading a few things about i think yeah i feel for him but whether he’s whether he’s been given the opportunities to make that progress or make that steps up obviously he scored up swat against swansea didn’t he and i thought that might be a real kick on for him um in that doesn’t seem to have featured much beyond there and um i think he’s the the obvious uh loney i i really do hope we keep hold of him i’m not sure whether it’s gonna be a a championship or a league one option but i can see i can see it at lincoln actually i can see that sort of relatively close just like johnson yeah absolutely relatively close to home relatively um high level but obviously not not championship or premier league and i would see him making real good strides whether he’s there for a year or not you know more or not you know that that will certainly give him an opportunity to to have some game time and hopefully will come back into a championship or a premier league forest uh and be a better player for it before okay i’ve got a new member uh to k murray thank you for being a member to the channel king can you email me or if you’re if you’re on instagram or twitter so i can say thank you very much for being a member so kerry kane thank you for being in the bar and actually if you want to be a member please it’s 2.99 a month his support for channel because i know as if if you don’t know in the premier league so i’m trying i’m going to get to all of the games as much as possible like i said there’s all the friendly games um like i said i’m going to all the way games home games if you do want to see any more content as well please do hit the subscribe button like some people i’m trying to get to 10k before the end of the year um joel i said we mentioned taylor any players that you don’t think think he played he played all right the first off but plays like i got him he had um it was who was played he was like a precosta as well he played i think i think he i think he’d be gone like taylor as well i thought i feel for taylor but i just don’t think he’s he went game time um what players do you think joe that like it’s not good enough for for as simple as that i mean probably jordan smith i think if we do end up getting in like a a hennessy like we’re rumored to as a backup i think that’s someone that we could probably um be away with and then yeah i agree lyle taylor um it looks like uh grabbing’s not going to be sticking around so i think that’s i think mightin is probably someone that we might have to try and keep around um [Music] so yeah i think probably go around that that said uh people look at this 177 people please do hit the like button and subscribe if you’re new and you’ve got any questions i’ve gone to any fast questions like i said and i’ve been here for four days i feel like i said i’ve got so much to talk about um glenn you know it’s soon to be announced nikki williams uh from liverpool yeah he had a spell we pulled him as well and said that tomorrow people that i’m doing the show tomorrow as well if it’s announced tomorrow i am doing a show so glenn i said you know we know your guy spent he’s soon to go to spurs um well nicki williams let me get safety glenn do you think he’s better than spence i know your answer actually if you look back through the comments there has been a rumor about spence and tottenham i’ve seen it he’s going back i personally think you could spurs what spurs are playing boogers to get the bid as low as they can so i think you go spurs but not they’re just stolen yes because we know that what what i see would be close i said i forgot to mention richardson if we do sell him by a minute get 50 percent i think and spurs stalling and he spends expensive great club i like i wish we had him but we’ve got to move forward now like i said we are going to announce nikki williams go to fire sport then answer the question who would you prefer people comments as well get involved i don’t want kendall to say could we give him another element to this question now who would you prefer spence or nikki williams get involved let’s have fun go on glen i would prefer a 24 year old english international jed spence but he’s not that yet he’s a 21 year old under 21 international that’s all in that goal last time he played so nico williams seems to be the best option we’ve got at that position is he better i don’t think so is he more experienced having played in the premier league is he international that we would really benefit from having behind his right wing mate in terms of jono and perhaps potentially in front of his keeper mate and hennessy yeah he’s a perfect fit for us isn’t he he would be an absolutely brilliant option we’ve got on that right wing back role um delighted to hear that he’s been having nearly having soon to be released whatever soon to be announced whatever um yeah delighted that he’s that he’s putting forrest in his sphere in terms of options that he has from finishing at fulham i don’t think going back to liverpool was necessarily a long-term thing for him and for him thinking this year anyway short term getting a role in a team which is going to give him regular football giving him regular football uh before the world cup is obviously really important to him and where better where better than playing at forrest right now in terms of where he’s going to play with jonno um that relationship that he’s going to develop with him so yeah i think it fits all parties liverpool’s going to get a decent sum out of it um forest is going to get a really fantastic young welsh international player right back right wing back and uh jono is going to get a great mate to no doubt pour water over the head of in opening photographs and yeah they’re delighted delighted news i don’t think they asked the question people people comment before gay comments joe who do you refer spencer or nicole williams my head would say nico but i think everybody here would say probably their heart would tell them dead wants spence but everybody in our true heart of hearts would want spence back even if it’s just to have i want his mum back i want his mum forget ben bring his mom back yeah i think um i think i have to agree pretty much with what glenn said there where you are getting pr almost a light for like but i think the age and experience that you get with niko williams as well as already having that international um uh kind of friendship and development through with um with brennan down that side of the pitch i think we’d all love to have spence back but i don’t think anyone’s gonna be upset with getting nico williams instead and i think a lot of people will say that we have got probably a better player at the moment especially going into our first season up in the premier league where we’re going to be needing everyone that we can to be performing to the top of their ability to keep us up i think is definitely the better player to have right in this current moment well i’m looking for comments and people are halfway up the 50 50 about it like somebody was sitting on the fence then though i’ll justify it defensively nico’s better going forward comparable but i’d still have spence because i want jed spence in a foreign shirt again working with him and all that i want to continue with that relationship you know seeing his mum at the back of the full of them standing oh mr hancock’s here mr angox here to his dad highlight my year highlight my year i know it’s gonna not gonna happen again i am delighted that we’ve got uh nico williams and right now he’s probably like i said the better player i think we should have him williams kev says nico johnny says nico all day uh adam says williams all day since 5050. martin said williams the locals shopkeeper says fence as well me personally right i don’t think i’m gonna be like glenn going forward spence defense is like spent let’s get real spence was was was still good defensively i think he’s still he’s still good defensively he can’t keep it like he was well worried he’s personally too many times for me back there really ah mr warrell was still covering a lot more than i would like him to be when when jed was going up so i don’t think nico would necessarily i’m sure he will but i don’t think he’ll necessarily need that that reassuring person behind the experience that nico will bring will hopefully mean that warrell can move over a little bit more and uncover again uh our man omar will probably as we were saying give another option on the left and we may not be that one-sided very obvious um perhaps team that we became towards the end of the season with uh me personally like what spence did was like today was like it was unbelievable what they did and they’re like a great player i bought as well one of them i’m not saying we’re good for both but because we’re spending big it’s unbelievable i could spend if respect if we get niko williams tomorrow it’s gonna be 60 million miles per hour spent 60 million on players so far it’s like there’s a lot of people i said when we get tomorrow and people in the comments as well who thinks the best sound we have we’ve done so far you can i’m going to ask glenn and joe uh we’ve got over 9 minutes people comment who’s the best player that people sang so far um so let me ask you joe who’s who’s what are you happy with brought in i’d say probably my favorite sign that we’ve made so far is nukate i think um i think all the signings seem to have something similar to them and they’re all seem to be of the um same age range and a younger bracket where they’ve got a lot of talent but they’re still pretty rough at the moment they’ve got a lot that they can learn and i think being under steve cooper is probably the best manager to be um in at the moment so that they can develop but i think miyakate um especially just because the fact that he was captain for mines so we know that we’ve got someone at the back there who’s a leader he’s going to be able to hold his own he’s going to be able to work with everyone in that back line and keep us pretty much sturdy i think like that is one of the key signings that we had to make before it gets planned i said blue challenge as i mentioned cleveland there’s quite a lot of people who i’ve i’ve gone a bit different than this one um people say brandon johnson and you can’t forget about jonathan that’s a major signing of really impressive and like john as i said massive talent i think he he’s ready for criminal league he’s not ready for the championship he’s not made for thompsonville he’s ready for premier league um as well with the local shopping of the contract as well um luke says dean henson lexington is a good low signing if if one spends better than somebody my eyes uh kevin says big t mr t if no one knows you that’s taiwanese that’s a big t that’s if that’s his name uh daft said brennan and i could just quite like random people um as well um right last but not least uh going to say it right we’re how many how many days are we now left to get newcastle away is it four weeks is it four yeah four weeks yeah four weeks now people right i don’t think i just learned this yet so because like it hasn’t been on for a while people in the comments i said was like i know forget all the friendlies like one is i’ve never lost confidence people in the comments where do you think forest will finish now with the signs that we brought i’m going to change mine because this is 14th i’m going to change i’m going to change it i’m allowed to it’s my show so i’m allowed to so um people where do you think players will finish before likes before i get glenn and joe’s as well people there let’s have 18 likes get me to 100 181 people in if you can people please do hit the like button as well get me to 100 likes as well and as well get me subscribe as well if you get me to be kind if you are if you haven’t subscribed please do hit the subscribe button um right before i do like it let me know you got your answers yeah right i have so before we do it before we look through the comments as well so uh mccain says 15. uh nick says 16 uh gamer says 14 uh stretch says 12 uh lucas for two uh hammond attempt uh robert robertson says six robert if that happens i’ll die my head ginger i thought if that happens click this people click this the two vests is thirty uh sean says twenty if i don’t think your first time so i don’t think your price are you a five one sean i don’t think you all you’ve been you’ve been on there before in the comments uh paul’s top ten okay okay that’d be after that um i can see mine last i didn’t see my last let me let me see we’ll get with you uh joe we i’ve asked you week joe do i think so well okay all right joe right now where does it fall to finish 15th i think as we are at the moment if we don’t make any of the signings apart from uh nico i think if we if that’s the last sign that we’re going to make i’d say 15th okay so joe says 15. i don’t know yeah characters 15th as well the paul says 12 to 16 as well um okay so zero says glenn where do you think this right now 14. 14. it’s with before you said 14th i hadn’t really considered it and i i said i said to myself 14. why what have you changed from 14 what’s changed your mind because because i i i’m like like i was on a show with kevin campbell and i think when was talking about dean hanson and blah blah blah we were working from the back i never reported taiwan to arnie from new berlin but we started all our all our new signs with defense so if we start if we bend them in quick like we’ve already spread laser by blur like i know nikki williams and richard will be playing against burton as well um i think if when these players quick i think we’ll get further than 14. so right now i hit 12. i say 12. that’s that’s what i’m thinking because i know it’s gonna be tough listen to me i know it’s it’s it forest finds all positive all the sounds that remember it’s nice and nearly spent in there 60 million that’s that’s plus with williams um but i think i think we can do well i think there’s some clubs who are poor like i mentioned bournemouth i know fulham abroad in a few good players as well these i think they’ll struggle i think they should struggle as well because there’s a few teams as well but before before the season starts i am going to do a vlog of where all the top teams will finish so people watch out for that as well um so yeah i feel like personally people finish 12th well i’ll be happy i’ll be happy 14th but do you disagree with me if you do comment below in the comment section um as well um people will ask one more um question before we go and this is from another foreign we’re considering where you finish can you name a team or finish above okay um glenn leeds everton fulham bournemouth palace did you a bad season i like personality uh the nearest club they’re about three miles from me um i can’t wait to see voice play there but i yeah although i’ve got a couple of boys that for uh in the in the under 21s at um palace so i hope they get a bit okay i like parts away i think i went there what would be to um there’s a three-nil with the billy davis um yeah that’s a good game um i think it was funny right if you don’t see this i saw an interview i don’t know if you saw the marinakis interview after um at wembley it was really good and you could tell he’s really emotional like all guess well come on watch out foreign as well he’s my [ __ ] voice and his interviews there as well um i definitely think on fiscal fulham bournemouth leeds brentford um let’s start yeah you know what i think we’re faithful ballista but i think we did we think we’ll finish with palestine i’d be happy with that so yeah that’s moved on all right it’s been a pleasure uh as you know boys i’ve signed emma which is people if you watch me what we watching this point in the comments how are you feeling if there’s any five-minute finds as well that gutted that is gone please in the comment section as well um before you go that’s it glenn joe thank you but thank you very much for taking the time for me to know and as well before you go glad to help me a lot uh and people never praise glenn because he helped me a lot i hate going to london by myself i mean i had to phone glenn and glenn help me out help me out so people comments so glenn tell it to everyone what did you do like don’t tell me where i went what did you do when i got to london uh you what’s that videoed me and i directed you onto a tube you went down hit well before you i’ve i i’ve been worked in london for 23 years and i forgot that the the wi-fi wouldn’t work very well in the tube station and on the escalator down it it it’s so nervous when your first time in london i remember my first day i was carrying all my worldly belongings to to go off to do a teaching practice for the first time in 98 and i i need a load of help from someone actually someone was a trainee doctor going to guys hospital around the corner from where and they literally took me to where i was staying from then i had to learn my way for you to get around london and back again uh early this week and i hear later on this week too props to you mate it’s uh it’s an amazing place to live but uh yeah it does take a little bit of getting used to it but i’m glad you didn’t look too much like a tourist as well oh dude there’s my buttons are people i’m not gonna say what i wasn’t looking for i have no vlog for it so you people watch out for the vlog as well because there’s something special and some of that i’ve always said like i said i know i’m not going to budget this now faster in the premier league i see there’s so many fast youtubers out there now it’s it’s good for yeah watch out this first vlog this this is a big massive achievement for me i started five years ago because five years ago but this is a massive tick big tick and then we’ll know glenn what there’s a reason why i was there dude knows why they’re talking before as well but people watch out for their vlog that be out when would that be out what day is today kick them monday that be out next sunday next sunday that vlog will be out so i’m not going to give i’ll give you a hint on there’s two yeah there are two vlogs next sunday they’ll be the barsy one and the one on them yeah right people thank you very much for watching the time as well 265 people uh if you like if you’re new to channel please do hit the subscribe button i’m trying to get like i said trunk it’s 10k for the season before the end of the year but i’m trying to get to 9k before the season starts hit the like button as well people who can’t get to let’s see if you get 250 likes you can and comment below if there’s any five-minute fans as well uh who what player how to be do you think you’ll um approvers in the competition please do right glenn joe thank you for taking your time and getting a little fantastic i’m back again hopefully around nine o’clock tomorrow to get the the more interest about nicki williams i’ve got a loophole fan i’ve got a fulham fan as well like i said when i said the loop will fan give him too much hate because i i hate liverpool i can’t stand them so people please come on to the show to be a great show and yeah thanks very much everyone see you tomorrow 9pm peace and love of the forest

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