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Nottingham Signing Joe Aribo? #nffc


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Nottingham Forest Premiership Signing chances Joe Aribo #nffc

foreign my name is Max welcome back to my YouTube channel and another Nottingham Forest video yes we are back with some more tactics and transfers today discussing a rumored move for Nigerian International and Rangers midfielder Joe aribo the club are yet to agree any kind of deal and there’s not really any kind of figure attached to it but it’s believed we could get him for a fee in the region of 8 to 10 million pounds of course we will be talking about his background as a player and how he’s fitting this range’s side both for Stephen Gerald and Giovanni Von Broncos and of course how he would fit for Steve Cooper for Nottingham Forest in the Premier League this season and of course before we get into this don’t forget to drop a like on this video And subscribe to the channel ringing that notification Bell we are so close to 1 000 subscribers within about 50 Subs of reaching that Milestone so it would make my day if you would sub to the channel and help us reach a huge milestone and of course let me know in the comments what you want to see me do when we hit that Milestone of 25 year old Joe riba was born in camberwell in London and came through the Academy of Staines town from whom he would make around 22 League appearances before joining Charlton athletic at the age of 19 in 2015. he would sign an initial one-year deal before quickly putting Pence paper in nearly three-year extension which would see him make around 100 appearances in all competitions for the addicts being promoted to the championship through the playoffs in its final season following this he would move north of the Border joining the project with Steve and Gerard at ranges where he would make around 150 appearances scoring 26 goals in the process winning the league in 2021 and of course reaching the Europa League final last season and the Nigerian International would register nine goals and seven assists in 57 Club games last season making 70 appearances for club and Country over the course of the last season which by some reports is the most by a single player in Europe this season and of course with all these minutes it’s seen play a wide variety of positions for Rangers the likes of Striker Winger attacking midfielders Central midfielder and even briefly as a defensive midfielder however he’s seen the majority of minutes over this season and in general over the course of his Rangers career as either an attacking midfielder or as a Winger and that’s where really we’re going to be comparing him and contrasting him with his statistics his numbers are particularly solid especially when it comes to his chance creation registering in the top three percent of attacking midfielders and Wingers in Europe for the amount of expected assists generated per 90 minutes at 0.37 and even his actual assist numbers are pretty good 0.25 assists per 90 minutes four Rangers in the Europa League last season good enough for the top 30 of players in Europe for his position and he also creates around two chances per match for his teammates which is good enough for the fifth most in the Rangers Squad at the moment impressive considering the amount of positions he’s ended up playing this season however it says defensive numbers for me that really sort of caught the eye and I think these are a product of the amount of positions that you’ve been playing for Rangers he’s in the top one percent of European players for aerial Jewels one the top five percent for clearances at interceptions and the top 25 of players in Europe for his position for blocks tackles and pressures attempted suggesting that he is a very extremely busy midfielder who is able to do the Creative work but also chips in a fair amount defensively however in possession he isn’t really the strongest ranking in the bottom 20 of players for Progressive carries and the bottom half of progressive passes per 90 minutes completed now this could be a product of the Mad positions he’s played he’s obviously being asked to do quite a lot of different specific roles but I would suggest this is probably the weakest area of this game and if we were to sign him I certainly wouldn’t want him to be picking up the ball and try and spray it over the top because he hasn’t got the best range of passing overall Rebo is a player who offers quite a lot going forward and has extremely lanky frame and press resistance seems to come Implement that technical quality and creativity that he has pretty well that being said I do have some concerns particularly about his ability in possession of the ball but I do think these can be paved over or at least avoided or coached well by Steve Cooper I think he’s that good of a coach that he can avoid these issues with that being said let’s start talking about how he fits into this Ranger’s side we’re specifically going to be talking about Stephen Gerard and his Rangers side simply because that’s why he’s played the majority of his minutes for his Rangers career but we will briefly talk about the latter stages of last season as well at the end of this section so we’re back at the tactic Sport and as you can see in the blue we do have Rangers and when Stephen Jared first arrived he was focused on playing his team in a 4-3-3 shape quite similar actually to how Liverpool play Under Jurgen klopp using the ball in these wide areas to create these rotations between the full back so we’ve got maybe this sort of system with a triangle maybe the Ford comes inside the Midfield it goes wide and the left back particularly could go further forward essentially we’re creating these passing and positional triangles in wider areas which helps progress the ball it helps move the opposition around like chess pieces so that attacking opportunities can be created we see this most often at Liverpool obviously with Salah and Trent Alexander on over the right side of midfielder is they do often quite rotate in those positions and we saw that quite a lot in the early stages of his Rangers career however this formation does create problems when teams decide to sit deep so for example the team in the red here is going to go sit back in a defensive mid and low block obviously when you’re playing so wide it kind of limits the amount of times you’re gonna get the ball in this sort of zone so it kind of frequented the issue that they weren’t going to get a lot of chances they struggle to break down the oppositions when they were playing in this way so some tweaks were made by Stephen Gerrard and the way he tweaked this was by moving these forwards inside to play almost like wide number tens drop in the Midfield back a little bit to sort of draw the opposition out to create more vertical space between the lines for the opposition and this enabled the opportunity for these wide number tens to find pockets of space to pick all up and create opportunities from obviously Morelos as well as a Ford as someone who likes to come deep and receive the ball to feed to help create problems for the opposition and obviously the kind of forwards that you deployed in the front line were players like the ball to feet who can create opportunities and operate Within These pockets of space and drop the Midfield back so that then you’ve got more space to play Within Suare Mana Reba would predominantly play on the right hand side of this attack he’s a left foot he’ll cut inside on this left hand side and his main role in this team was as a really good sort of press resistant extra midfielder extra attack obviously he’s a really good Creator but his main asset is his ability to receive the ball under pressure and deal with it quite effectively predominantly on this right hand side he could also do it in a deeper position say we’re going for something more resembling maybe like a four two three one here he could play a little bit in a deeper position where he’s receiving the ball spreading out a little bit not too adventurously shuttling the ball more often than not but receive it under pressure and be able to resist the press that was his main asset however since van Broncos became the manager of Rangers after obviously Steven Gerard went to Aston Villa the shape has been a little less rigid there’s less Reliance on the system and a little bit more Alliance on individual quality of players and since this change ranges have played about five they’ve played more defensive and attacking systems as they try to implement a more man-oriented press and this has enabled someone like Joe Rebo to play in more deeper positions he’s for example played as the Midfield 10 in something like a four two three one as we can see here he’s also played in deeper positions in something like a four three one two he’s maybe played off the right or the left of this system again in a slightly more reserved position and I have a feeling that’s probably why his defensive numbers compared to other players of that attacking Midfield position are pretty super charged so in terms of this Forest side I can definitely see a Reba’s versatility being a pretty big asset for the side being able to play fairly effectively in a deeper position as a number 10 or as a wider player but that being said I don’t know if I would want to necessarily play him in that Midfield too with Brian Yates I think they’re both too Limited in terms of progressing the ball in terms of getting the ball forward that I would maybe be a bit worried that we’d maybe get a bit stagnant in that area his press resistance is fantastic and he obviously offers quite a lot defensively but I’m not sure he’s adventurous enough for that position when it goes to number 10 I think I would prefer gives white in that position or at least he would be the priority signing for me in that position and in terms of the front line he’s not really going to get a main shouting over the likes of Brennan and I want to eat obviously when the season kicks off so I do think he’s more a squad option than somebody to come in and make an immediate impact in the squad however as a squad I think he’s an absolutely viable option for this team against more aggressive pressing sides like Brian Leeds or Southampton I think he could do a really good job playing any slightly more advanced position where he can receive the ball shruggle off the pressure in the opposition and help us transition quickly on the attack I think that’s probably where he’s going to be his best I think it’s creativity as well as a huge asset for us if we need a goal someone to come off the bench who we know can create chances again it’s a huge asset to have so yeah overall I like the prospect of signing Joe Rebo I wouldn’t make him a priority getting the likes of Gibbs white and Williams over the line getting a left wing back in because that’s something we desperately need and we’re not really linked to too many players for that position I would then say let’s maybe look at him as a squad option after the fact and beyond that I don’t think it’s a particularly bad signing I think he offers a lot creatively I think he offers a decent amount defensively and I think it’s a pressure resistant attacking midfielder he’d be a really good swell option for Nottingham Forest and for a fee in the region of 10 million pounds I think that offers really good value for money but of course let me know in that comment section down below what you think of the potential signing of Joe arrivo here’s a player who has been linked to the club quite heavily as he has been to Aston Villa obviously link it up with former Rangers manager Stephen Gerard and I think he would be a tidy piece of business but obviously isn’t the priority and I’m sure a lot of you will agree with me when I say that and whilst you’re down there don’t forget to drop a like on this video And subscribe to the channel turning on the notification Bell so you don’t miss any more of these tactics and transfers videos and with that being said thank you so much for watching enjoy the rest of your day res I will catch you later

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