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hello every irish guy and nottingham forest are diabolical i’m sorry but what a massive club like foreign back in the premier league this summer i think everyone was rooting for them right aussie those fans being so starved of top flight football that i’m guessing last summer most of them would have gladly bitten off their own toes of a guaranteed promotion right i’m in christ well for the last 20 years every single time they’ve heard the match of the day theme shoe to them it must have been like listening to anything saying about connie minogue only just sends a shiver down your spine but obviously forrest what are you doing 22 players bought and you come up with this i mean they say too many cooks spoil the broth yeah no this isn’t just a case of oh i don’t know nine chefs standing on each other’s toes in the kitchen no this is the equivalent of them all choosing to spit in the soup with one of them in the corner just pissing on the steak i mean it’s embarrassing i mean this is not lying on forest from last season continuing the excellent run of four no because that team does not exist this this is just a new football team that we’ve never seen before i mean there is the identity god i mean clearly rotting at the bottom of a toilet somewhere i’m sorry but you just had your new forest project schooled by william william he’s about 53 years old and actually look he was barely able to run i mean stick him on the treadmill and he probably just melt it into ice cream right well lads let’s let’s just wake up this is supposed to be forest big break and they are ruining it oh it’s just sad to watch it’s been like having that one idiot brother you know someone with less intelligence than a traffic code and someone spent the last 20 years playing crash bandicoot on the couch whilst eating pizza and banana skins but it’s like his aunt pulling some strings to get an actual job interview at morrisons and then he just chooses to spend the chat just weighing in his seats and flinging poo at the walls i mean come on forrest do better five minutes if you’re new here try with 150 000 subscribers as soon as possible it would mean the world to me is if you want to subscribe and join us on this journey slap a big fat red button you absolute legends anyway back into the video i’ve kept pretty quiet about the transfer business this summer but i’m sorry who buys 22 players on the go oh you don’t need 22. that that’s two teams two teams of football just what i mean it’s like going down the shops and coming home with 16 pints of milk and as you’re planning and pouring them in the bath or suddenly deciding to eat nine balls of cocoa buffer tea then that’s just money down the drain i mean nine the flowers were brilliant last season 23 wins for the final 39 championship games and knocking both arsenal and leicester out of the fa cup you know the two clubs who won the most recent fa cups they were outstanding but that team is dead it doesn’t exist it’s stuffed in a shoebox and sitting in the foot of a big forest just lost a little fulham right yeah do you know how many of the players who started that match are also starting their glorious championship playoff final win in may four steve cook scott mckenna ryan yates and brennan johnson everyone else is new no this cannot work i mean there’s been so many initiation songs in the canteen this summer but i’m guessing the place just resembles auditions for a school choir honestly after the seventh rendition of stand by me i’m guessing the canteen dinner ladies are probably tempted to go outside and walk into traffic i mean their owner is evangelist marinakis someone who yeah looks like the greek tony soprano i mean let’s just forget about the fact he was involved in a greek match fixing scandal shall we yes he might look like someone who probably eats about seven cheeseburgers for lunch but he also like the type of scary businessman who probably has about seven corpses in his fridge i mean he’s like if you unmask the melting off game of thrones but lads yes you’re a very wealthy businessman but what is it with the popular facts of billionaires deciding that one football club is not enough we saw how messy things got when the puzzle owners tried to balance euthanasia and watford i mean clearly two sister clubs who got their shopping list messed up one summer when the italians tried to buy matty longstaff yeah sega minnie ron weasley with the footballing cd you have a toothbrush that smells like we see him try to replace rodrigo de paul are you sure clearly he was a wannabe signing for watford and similarly with both olympiakas and forrest marinakis this summer has signed a combined footballers 24 olympiakos and 22 for forest this man is out of control we don’t compulsive shopaholics go to rehab somewhere where they probably have to shred their credit cards and spend a week dressed in a windbag whilst eating weedy mixed with a fork instead you’re allowing this greek hagrid to buy nearly 50 players in one summer no that’s not healthy it’s like choosing to go on 20 tinder dates a week am i honestly evangelist he needs help i mean sima vlashko is a 30 year old creation defender who just left atletico madrid for olympiakus wouldn’t you be more used this season in the premier league for forest instead of you know trying to mark android gray in greece i mean lads how many rodriguez now plays for olympiacos ah next week he’s going to be forced to take apart a team coached by alan pardew which again is like being told to play chess against a dog ozzy marinakis why didn’t you stop him on force shopping list and you know put him in the money league instead of throwing nearly 50 million pounds down the drain to buy morgan gives white from wolves someone who so far has had the creative impact of a damn cauliflower ozzy jesse lingard has the appetite of the melted toblerone someone who’s clearly just giving up on the game instead far too interested in becoming the next bryce hall aussie give it a few years and he’ll probably be involved in youtube boxing too just choosing to fight allison gibbs policy he he should be the one banished to the greek super league last he’s a blatant mercer on a well 200 thousand pound a week deal and uh he can’t even get in the forest team and the fact he’s willing to sign just a one-year contract how was that allowed to happen he’s blatantly just here to collect the bag before leaving for another fat contract in 2023 imagine imagine if brian clough was the manager and you tried to get away with that no he’d probably run you down with his car i’m going to make a prediction remember how lasagna diarrhea for arsenal in the summer 2007 i’ll need to get impatient and quit for portsmouth in january 2008. i think forrest are going to sell lingard in january after running on the sidelines for about four or five months then yeah they won’t get much for him as they’ll only have six months left in his deal i can see a mid-season switch to the ship task for a transfer fee of what 300 000 pounds i mean why not you can go hang out with nathan redmond and delhi l.a i mean the three of them can go bowling and maybe tattoos spongebob squarepants on their bellies you know right proper lads okay to be fair it is a bit harsh to just look redmond with those two egomaniacs i mean he seems like a fairly decent chap although i can’t believe this was ever a headline birmingham boss chris hewton has urged start at nathan ribbon to stay and not go to mad city manchester city to play with david silva redmond he’s always at the end product of a burnt sand castle but as the signing us have made embarrassing i’m sorry but how could you keep 22 new players happy half of them have just been bought to run on the bench no it’s like puppy cece having like 17 wives ah sounds like a bigger headache than listening to a baby cry on a plane sitting down towards peter pan and you’ve got all your wives fighting over your popcorn on the couch ah no thanks listen i don’t want to throw steve cooper under a bus yes he might look like someone who didn’t get his first kiss until he was 24. i mean yes throw a wig on him and he might look like he’s the sister of cinderella but he’s one of the few former swansea coaches who i actually raped but he’s getting close to the sack i mean earlier this week i said he would be the next liverpool boss at the jurgen klopp but at the rate he’s going he’s gonna be psyched before the world cup i mean just look at marinakis is sacrificed in greece i mean carlos corporate is his 18th coach since 2010. i mean he is sacked obvious coaching telling like ernesto valverde leonardo jardim marco silva and peter pereira jarvie went on to win monaco the french league and nearly reached a champions league final and he wasn’t deemed good enough for marinakis so what chance does cooper have i mean he’ll soon be gone and in his place it’ll be someone weirdly hipster like roberto de zerby remember him someone who clearly makes chris hamill weaker than these my lord he’s so excruciatingly hipster and you need the right attitude dean henderson he could use the ego of some love island meathead you can tell a lot about the company people keep you just now he’s out to nightclubs with tommy fury i mean henderson he’s a bit like joe hart without the achievements i mean joe hearts brushed bravado and conor mcgregor swagger came after he won the premier league not only even that birmingham on loan i mean there he just kept his head down was pretty meek and honestly just looked like he had the self-confidence of peter dinklage at disneyland yeah after about five hours being rejected for every draw on a coaster by six o’clock he’s probably just crying in the teacups but at heart he helped birmingham city go on a club record 12 match a beat and run in the premier league where um they set a record for feeling the exact same starting eleven nine matches in a row you see what i’m getting at the manager needs a settled team but doesn’t even really trust cooper to know his best 11 like henderson joe hart was on loan from a manchester giant at newly promoted birmingham city this this is henderson’s birmingham harp kept 12 clean sheets that season fittingly two of them were against nottingham bars in the fa cup and at last hart conceded just 19 goals in his first 20 games in goal four burning ha 19 goals to see the end of january henderson has conceded 17 in a month i mean he really thought he did something with that penalty save against harry kane right no 17 i mean you’ve had two home games against two teams who were in the championship last season and you’ve picked the ball out of your debt six times hard was keeping clean sheets against the legs of chelsea there are levels to this oh yeah and heart while alone was not telling the press how it was criminal that he’d lost his place to shake given now he got his head down impressed and the following summer luckily had arsenal queuing up to sign i mean if man city didn’t want him anymore he would have gotta move to the emirates that’s what henderson needs a brilliant season to impress but dean has to be careful because how many goalkeepers get rescued after relegation i mean aaron ramsdale was lucky most of the hyderabad goldie’s once they go down well look what happens to them sam johnstone and jack butland were once linked with moves to chelsea and manchester united one relegation later and they’re currently number two and three at crystal palace relegation usually destroys a golden’s career with a sledgehammer if ours do go down i reckon henderson might get a weird move abroad you know there’s some foreign club who likes british goalies i mean niece just bought casper schmeichel and weirdly try to buy ben foster too i mean don’t don’t get me started on ben he said this summer he turned on approaches from atlanta united nice and newcastle spend more time with his family i’m sorry what no no it’s newcastle united what are you doing ben but yeah next summer casper will be 36 so maybe henderson might get a 10 million pound switch to niece bob what’s more likely he’s probably just a cut price move to rangers hard versus henderson in the glasgow derby oh it’s all just a bit sad but he loves that they bought renault a 24 year old left back from political madrid but i’m gonna say this we’ve already seen brazilian left backs from atletico madrid in the premier league um anyone remember philip luiz what a chaosy yeah the impact of lasagna are up in toilet paper i’m just saying newcastle united chose to pass on lodi to sign maggie target instead someone about as exciting as a penguin’s foot i mean their best summer they’ve made their signing has been nico williams from liverpool as right-wing back but even he’s a downgrade on jet spence so really you should have just begged tottenham to give you on loan i’ve been like how full them should have asked for ryan sessenyon back in 2019 because clearly spurs weren’t using him much i mean willie balling has just sold his way out of wolves clearly he’s a high maintenance prima donna and don’t even get me started on the problems swirling around search aurier who is an ivorian headache i often compare new devoted clubs to the refreshing exciting blackpool team of 2010 an exciting bunch of ambitious ballers despite you know the club having a way to feel smarter than a local sandwich shop but i’m gonna compare bars to another ian holloway team crystal palace when they came up in 2013 anime lee signed a record 17 players in one summer i know it ended well when tony pulis came in and somehow kept them up finishing in 11th but lads under holloway that was a complete mess he completely took apart the team with one promotion and instead was rewarded with one win in their first 10 games i mean doesn’t that look similar to forrest right down a lot here’s a spooky stash that would probably force steve cooper to vomit up last night’s freddy’s halloween resigned after a home defeat to fulham where palace like forest threw away a lead under the floodlights on an autumn night well that game was mostly remembered for that absolute wonder goal that insane body score by pastor and kasami who is a former nottingham forest boy who is about to join olympiacos and become the 43rd signing of the summer for evangelist marinakis oh that’s all of it spooky right forest you spend 150 million pounds and this this is what you’ve got to show for it really forest really honestly not in a forest or an absolute mess anyways for watching let me know what do you think all right let me know if you enjoyed the video as always in a while

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