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  • QoT spg

    GooseFair Nottingham vlog

    you’re watching theme park worldwide where tonight we’re here in Nottingham for goose Fair 2022. I’ve never actually been to Nottingham Goose Fair before I can’t believe it all these years you’ve never been no I’ve not been but this event’s going to be running until Sunday the 9th of October so if you want […]


  • XldARGsYYvI

    HMP Nottingham Prison #audit

    yes then guys so pttp is in nottingham for a couple of days and uh the first stop on the agenda is hmp in nottingham so of there we there so this is a publicly run prison it’s not one of the few that are privately run here in the uk this is uh public […]


  • nottingham abandoned buildings vlog bNvZlgDtgC

    #Nottingham Abandoned Building Vlog

    [Music] hello everybody welcome to forgotten explore today we are at um a secondary school which is in nottingham somewhere i’m with bearded reality did you explain with gem or gem exploring gerry explored even and m’s world over there as well so yeah let’s get to it let’s see what we find and sorry […]


  • JIQwGK

    #Nottingham #Student #ntu #uon #Vlog

    Nottingham University Students Night Out #uon #ntu okay don’t look at my boobs wait my hand’s really cold for a reason that’s fine you can go over the cold hands it kind of counteracts the like heat from the spot i don’t know oh no i didn’t even [ __ ] like get to it […]


  • czeIuWSKU

    Nottingham Vlog Talking with Francis about Graffiti

    Graffiti and Public Property In this video I was discussing the nuances of the public spaces, whether we all should support the street art movement or maybe side with the preservation of original buildings and metropolis ambience. Enjoy the video!