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Nottingham Forest 1-2 Bouremouth Review | Reds fans back at the City Ground but lose to 10 men

oh hey hey what’s going on people it’s mr back again with the door review and yes foreign and two defeats on a bounce but i’ve got some special guests um i’m going to start with with lee how you doing lee i’m good mate despite the result i’m good yeah um very well nice day out just spoiled by the result but other than that it’s nice wasn’t it and he’s got the biggest grin on his face and everyone knows how you doing craig yeah very well thanks mr dawg thanks for having me on again mate i don’t know where to start um we’ll start of you craig um today’s win how you feeling about it i’m absolutely absolutely delighted um i think that we’ve had a very very changed side um there’s a lot of players out so stannis last danjuma uh both the cooks but so both steve and lewis um we’ve lerma is out for bite gate um to do a little bit of research on that as well against sheffield wednesday uh took eight months to soar and to be honest don’t agree with the efl’s decision at all um so i’m very pleased um we’ve got a lot of youngsters coming through as well and it’s not something that really bulma for being well known for is our academy um however we’re seeing you know players like ibsen rossi uh zamora jade and anthony kilkenny um even mark travers come through the ranks as well aaron ramsdale come through the ranks um so there’s a lot of players coming through now and there’s a lot of promise and getting results like we have done today and against west brom um last friday there’s so much promise and it’s an exciting time to be a bournemouth fan um and i think we’re going to be forced to be reckoned with you know once we get those players back well if we can keep hold of danjuma um rumors are that he’s on his way to liverpool um that’s the latest one um desperate not to lose him but yeah absolutely over the moon um fantastic result um it’s never easy going to city grounds i was having a look at some of the stats you had a good record against you as well yeah yeah you did um i don’t believe in the last five i don’t believe we’ve actually i think we’ve lost three drawn two if i’m right in thinking you’re all right yeah so it’s a you’ve had a very very good record against us um but these youngsters have got a point to prove and that’s what that’s why i’m so over the moon and so chuffed because we are doing what we’re doing at the moment with a bit of a well you could call it makeshift side but i think it’s going to be hard for some of these players to get back in um matt uh 2-1 defeat how are you feeling well lee shouldn’t be too uh sort of uh complacent because of course he might have bike gate we had slap games and when we face you again we’ll have mr bong left back probably you know be warned but uh no i thought i thought on the whole in the first half we we played fairly well it was 50 50 sort of thing uh i felt like our midfield was being overrun and they had more quality up front so you know one damn’s a little bit disappointing two-nil down was was worse wasn’t it so uh yeah well no 2-1 as it turned out to be the goal the goal coming back i thought we were going to build on that and we did exactly i thought i thought you know i thought i i i put it down as a one-on-one draw from the start so i did i did wrong i yeah yeah and and people i’ve seen people say things like oh samba i haven’t seen the second goal but i mean i can’t i don’t i don’t know unless it went through his trickle through his legs or something like i couldn’t see us on the other side of the pitch but he didn’t have much to do did he really on the whole you take on the whole you’d say you wouldn’t conceive two goals more often than not you you’d have one in the back of the the net on a day like that and you’d fancy yourself to score two with the amount of attacking we did so it wasn’t really as bad as it normally is it was a bit more like a normal forest performance so you’d have expected if you went 10 years back um you know it’s a bit more like a normal day out but the same problems bad substitutions i felt like in a way the second half the strikers came alive we scored and you thought who are you going to take off what brennan started playing lolly started playing you shouldn’t take them off you know and taylor i thought had his best game today not necessarily entertainment but he just looked right he looked like a proper player so and he hasn’t done he didn’t do last season he has done more this season so i felt in a way it was kind of like not typical but it was typical because to me there’s two big problems there’s two very popular people who aren’t very good at their jobs in short and if you took one of them out you’d probably be successful but with both of them in the team yeah well you know everyone could probably guess the two people i don’t like pulling people out and actually i’ll tell you the other person i felt kind of sorry for today was um i’ll write back um i thought everything was it but i mean it was summed up when he was sent a passover and it bounced over his head at the end and it was like it’s like you know people were proper knocking him and i don’t think he was that bad like he isn’t a terrible player he’s not he’s not well i wouldn’t say he’s terrible you’ve got to ex that the the opposition you’re facing a team like bournemouth they’re just even if they’re putting kids in yeah they’ve still got that remy ship x factor they’ve got that bit of lesson brooks of other than some of the challenges he’s a quality player you can’t you can’t do much about it no you’re not going to win everything are you football even when you’re a good team when you win the league there’s not that much in it it’s much smaller margins as they focus yeah it’s goals it’s goals if we scored one more and they took one less we’d all be everyone smiles it’ll be around the other way and stuff well it’s always one kick of the football the thing you know about to mention to craig about brooks like brooks he played like an old school winger he played like on the wide position every single time and the first like the first start off like i said to craig he’s gonna score and he did and the second off same time please as wide as as it can but great is that what he’s been doing like from last season on the season as well i think at times he did drift out of games um last season um however he’s he’s very very competent um the season that he broke through here um where we signed him from sheffield united um there was one game in particular when we played brighton in the premier league and he was outstanding he was cutting in um and the defense couldn’t deal with him um and i’m thinking you know from seeing what he’s done today you know it looks like he’s getting that form back you know he’s cutting inside he’s dude you know he is he’s a quality axe and yeah he’s a he’s a bit of an old-school winger um in a way but there you know he’s a very very good player um you know i think if if he wasn’t didn’t get as much or wasn’t as injury-prone as he is i think you know somebody would have already taken him off our hands um there was mentions a couple of seasons ago about man united um and to be fair with the money that man united spend there is absolutely no shadow of a doubt that you know we would have lost him but i think he’s an injury-prone player um you know he wears his heart on his sleeve i think some of the challenges he was making was a bit reckless um and i’m sure we’re gonna discuss that as well um you know i wouldn’t say they were malicious so to speak but i would say that it was a little bit of a totting up procedure where you know he’d been given a chance and i think i think the one the second yellow card was a bit soft never yeah that’s the thing isn’t it you know i think he’s i think he was a totting up yeah i think you know he was probably giving his last warning he did it again yeah and you know i can’t have no complaints about it i think you know that second yellow card was harsh but like you say you know he could have gone for the one just beforehand i mean to be fair mckenna had one didn’t he where he chopped someone in the second half yeah and the referee several times played on and then forgot about the original fouls and actually there were a couple of you know strangulation attempts in midfield by some of the bournemouth players in the first half and nothing happened which they should definitely be a yellow card there’s about four occasions and you know fair enough but yeah they weren’t like dangerous but they were practical ones like colback did one at the end and just got straight but no problem yeah but i think he didn’t i think that he didn’t look like that booking man i think he did that for the team because of course he did it that that was a fernandinho kind of one where you’ve just got to do it and he’s like yeah you take them but he’ll get slagged off of that and that’s you know but that’s his job when he fight i went for and it happens look it’s part of the game isn’t it i mean you can’t complain and time wasting and all that stuff but we weren’t smart we had 30 minutes didn’t we against 10 men what you’ve got to make decisions and make chances the question you just mentioned like when rock got sent off and it took that cavallo came in was it that 80 seconds about what a point he had three touches but he’s and one of them nearly made a goal didn’t it but yeah but that’s the thing going back to brooks all this inconsistency thing you say about amiobi and those guys if they were consistent they’d be messy wouldn’t they if they were good consistent they’d be messy and like you say they’d be off the man united if they were fit and they were that good all the time they’re not going to be any player we have isn’t going to be that’s why you have eight of them and you switch them around you play the good ones and you hope the manager knows the one that’s on fire this week and he picks him and he doesn’t have to watch it for 80 minutes and then figure it out that’s what being a good manager is about isn’t it you think oh they’re all good and they’re not really yeah i mean that’s that’s the problem with flare players isn’t it you know it’s always been that way the headache we’ve got now is of course now brooks is suspended um for the one match uh that match will be against birmingham city on i believe it’s tuesday night the issue with that is because we’ve got so many injuries um do we rush back somebody like stanislas is stanislas gonna be ready um because at times brooks did play second fiddle to stannis last last year yeah did that yeah i say though honestly to mr dawe’s audience we couldn’t give him monkeys about any of that we do but yeah we don’t care about next tuesday performance it’s done we’re on to the next game well you’re absolutely balanced [Laughter] right i’m going to talk about let me talk about managers and i’m going to start with you um lee i know you talk about hooton hootin this hootin that do you do do you think he’s out of denver forest not necessarily uh def i think he needs to uh change his outlook a little bit i mean they go down to ten men with what half an hour to go so he waits for ten minutes eight minutes to go plus injury time to put corvallia on why why not take the gamble you two one down why not go for it what you got to lose you’re losing anyway it’s just i hate the negativity like it’s got a proven track record how he must have done something positive at some point you know but you’re losing as well it’s not it’s not nil nil or anything you’re losing it’s not rocket science you need to score a goal you know if you can see another one who cares doesn’t matter goal difference yeah you put three at the back you take gabriel off he’s having a not the best game ever you stick probably you stick the other full back who’s very good on his favorite side and you don’t have your least creative midfield player left on the pitch delivering all the passes and making runs into the box you have someone receiving them and you have someone like lolly or someone like that passing them that’s what you try and do you don’t i don’t get the mentality i really don’t like no you either want to win you can’t keep going to every game to try and either get a one-nil winner hold on to the lead or just try and see a gay mark you two wonder go for broke i could swear i don’t want to swear but like well what it’s not rocket science there’s no tactics is that before the game you might have sort of weighing things up but he’s always trying to steal the game who cares we know what we’re gonna play football we’re kicked off that’s that’s one thing we already know right look right let’s let me ask quick right right like that’s born with fun right yeah like you you you just hide um chris um scott parker yeah that’s probably fun like do you think forrest needs to give hoot in time because as you know man just go round and round so as a bombing fan what do you think foster needs to do because he should give him time or if he loses black burns get rid of woodhaven what do you think personally i i watched your video with kevin campbell and that was really really good um and one thing that kevin did mention on there is that hewn is under pressure right now he has to get results the forest team personally i think you under achieved last season um of course she started the season with liamochi um and then brought hewton on board hewton had to work with what he was giving us the start this is his team now this is his team um and [Music] i think the signings he’s made uh practical um i think they’ve been sensible simons however he has to he has to start picking up results i watched your game against coventry and for 70 minutes of that game you was much the better side he was much the better side he was a goal and the problem was was i think he just sat on that and thought right i’m just going to sit on this one they’ll lead well being a bournemouth fan um and how we actually managed to get our way out this league under eddie howe was anyhow as you probably saw just went for the juggler all the time now there was times you know in the premier league where we would get hammered mostly you know man city always used to have the beat and i’ve said okay yeah they had to beat them most teams but you know some of the results you know it could have been you know even worse than what it was but we always was going for it that’s how we got the results against liverpool arsenal man united in there um we didn’t sit back on those results we just kept going and you know that was my criticism of him from that coventry game um with regards to today you know personally you would have thought going when we went down to 10 men that he would have mixed it up gone with a bit more attacking impetus but there wasn’t really because i was he was two one down at that point you know brooks got sent off a couple of minutes after billing put it in the back of the net you would have thought right okay they’re down to ten men let’s get some more attacking options and really go for this you know if you get beat three one you know then it’s fair enough but at least you’ve given i mean you know at that point we controlled the game without actually doing anything we had a lot of possession and that was no end result again that’s the story of it really well i’ll tell you what i think they should be happy yeah we did yeah you did you didn’t have that many shots did you no we didn’t no not at all from what i’ve seen three on target we only have five on target but we had 15 shots and i think it was 56 percent possession to your boy 44 yeah everyone yeah you know right um so ma i must say you might like what played this deposit like for me personally i think johnson he wasn’t up to his game today gabriel yeah i don’t forget was as well but what place does this point you well i had gabriel in front of me in the first half and i felt sorry for the guy because he was getting the ball he’s not you know he’s not not top draw but he’s a decent player and he’s he was a really good right back at one point i think he had a big injury and it affected him and he’s probably more of a centre-half now to be honest i think but anyway he’s playing right back yates wasn’t helping him at all i don’t think he’s hiding if you watch it he’ll always be in the wrong place to receive the ball and he’s pointing somewhere else and he was just pumping it up the line most of the time and he was getting it back and he was having to shield it and he was you know it was a mess really he wasn’t doing anything and we were being bombed down his side and you went down there all the time i know you scored the first goal on the other side of the field but it was a massive weakness and uh yeah i felt sorry for him in a way i mean i’d go and play if they pick me if you didn’t pick me i’ll go and play but don’t kick me the second time you know what i mean and i just felt you know he was he was left to hang out to dry and at the end i’d put on the fauna myself yeah you know i’m a massive i’ll pick jack callback first every every week no no but i’m just saying put that to one side yeah i would have put on fauna for this because he was the best man for the job today he would have spelled it around the poor game i thought and i’m not trying to hold the front page [Laughter] you know again fair play to him i think he knows his own limitations he does not want the ball he takes a long time and he’ll always pass it backwards it’s great to play against you know and i think there’s a bit like you ask like a bournemouth fan oh do you like chris oh you know lee was very fair like i’m not sure sort of thing but a lot of people say yeah great you keep him you keep him we’re playing you next week brilliant you know we’ll just get a goal and we won’t we can sit back and nick another one sort of thing it’s it’s great for everyone else but it’s not particularly great for us you know i’d like a manager that actually you know like billy davis you don’t want to play against the billy davis team now i’m not i’m not putting aside all this stuff off the field to be fair we haven’t had one since belay the rest no but the rest no carbon copies he went completely mental you know during the lockdown he just went he’s like and we should have been in the top two we were on that we were look at what’s happened with leigh who was the point where he needed at that point we were digging trenches and stuff and putting up barbed wire to try and keep out the other teams it was absolutely ridiculous it was like you know keep the ball keep the ball we don’t know what to do with it just keep it it was so negative i’ve never seen such negative football and to be honest students virtually continue that legacy yes taylor came to the city ground and scored um well everywhere a lot of people didn’t uh i’m saying i’m going to bring in a question because there’s a dobby fan called lisa howard coming in um stop murder you you want to have this club i have a minute to be fair we should have won today first have some good players you’ll be fine um if no one knows darby got done over today bye bro and when peop and when people score the second goal the concourse went mad i was watching it on on sky sports and i thought how did they score you know i was forwarding through it’s like he can’t score he can’t score the ball is going right to his feet he sits on it he falls on his ass he passes it to them he stick it in the corners i thought it was it’s funny as hell but we’ll talk about dobby next time because i got time no offense lisa um the point is what are we trying to do i would say put promotion out the window like last season we weren’t going to get promoted but at least develop might at least play some of the other kids you know arrive at this season with some kind of a vision something you can believe in i don’t know what i don’t know what he’s trying to do i don’t know what he’s trying to do i can’t see him because i can only see my table i can’t see anything else i can’t see but i can’t see any evolution in any direction nope i can’t see some kids that have started to hold their own that’s all i see and fair play to them they’ve got no fear anyway other than that in terms of the club going forward at the minute i don’t see it no a bit more by luck than judgment i mean look at the captaincy look at the captaincy how can you not pick mckenna or wall to be captain it’s so easy you know how can’t you you can’t give it to a young you can’t give it to a young kid you know if if jason was the best player in the team he’s a lovely bloke i think and he’s a great character but he’s a guy that should be playing five or ten games a season and a few sub appearances when people get suspended he shouldn’t be the guy the main guy the captain the league one it’s upside down it’s upside down i love this debate i actually apologize quick i’ve never seen russian league talk so much normally you ben says nothing but i’m waiting for ben to give us an opinion this is my opinion right and people are comments you can disagree right i just feel right like we know like we brought 14 forests brought 14 in plays in the literature he like everyone goes on about we need a left back we need a striker we’re not he’s remember we’re good we’re going to get players on loan we’re not going to get a strike for five million we’ve if we if we buy a player who’s we cost like five million we’ve got to sell we’ve got we’ve got something anyway we have to sell anyways to pay for the loans yeah like like with like players that have been linked away as joe warrell brenda johnson i don’t think martin will go i don’t think michael will go i think he’s out of them too like joe what was that for two weeks now and when does traffic window close ended up doing it soonish yeah i think i just can’t quite see i don’t know right i don’t even think about it let me create would you take one of the first place to bournemouth it’s like we’ve got wow harry arter how are you good at this time to be honest harry is the absolute legend of this club take it however 5 million however um i i think we’ve moved on from that now um how old is harry he’s probably about 33 34 hasn’t he he’s not he’s not he’s the greatest passport that’ll work the thing with harry arter and um he when he went off the boil the second season in the premier league he was fantastic in that promotion season he was he was imperative to that um and when he went on loan to fulham it looked like he was really enjoying his football he was doing well and i think that prompted forrest to come in for him i just don’t understand why what’s gone wrong um again for him you know is he is he falling out with people um it’s it’s a real shame he’s not even got a squad number there so that says it all your players come to us well yeah i’ve heard that yeah but to be fair to him i know i’ve kind of joking taken back it’s only because we haven’t we can’t i haven’t got any use for him but you get people like him jacob migosovich benaluan uh they’re good players they’re characters they’re potentially world stars they’re some of our potentially best players top jaw not for forest not for forest we throw out the rubbish and we throw out the diamonds with the rubbish um and we buy the rubbish back you know what i mean it’s it’s insane you can’t make it up you get someone like yakov i think he hardly put a foot wrong and he plays forward yeah i didn’t like him at all when we signed himself why we don’t need him he was a great character strong guy he stepped up he played center half milosevic what did he do wrong would do wrong you sign ayano and he plays like four or five games he’s brilliant he’s a bit average for one and then he gets sent off you loan him out for the next two years and you haven’t even got a left back you know if you’ve got a left back you’ve sent it off to some god’s position this is a problem like we as you know people we’ve got i don’t know if um you know this craig we’ve been we’ve testified left back as much as mentioned we got rid of aiolu we get rid of ribeiro homesick and then that’s an easy excuse isn’t it that’s when they don’t want to offer you a contract or you don’t want to sign homesick covers everything doesn’t it exactly and then then we get rid of blackhead he’s going to america and now this is a problem we have we’ve not got a left back and this is a problem with um today’s game like brock’s yeah absolutely hammered the nuke the new guy who first stand on the left really well it was good i thought he was very good but i think he’s got a left back exactly with brooks that brooks was still immense i thought he was really good yeah that’s the point of brooks he played as wide as he can yeah and and he stretched him so much and i thought but that was good that was a good fight wasn’t it it was two warriors going at it wasn’t it it was good he looked quality to be fair to him yeah well they both was two quality players pushing each other it was those contests yeah it was entertaining it was a little bit of the picture it was quite entertaining wasn’t it but he was doing some wonderful stuff i mean like you say he brooks did some good stuff for you but we he got him sent off in the end didn’t he running around yes you know so one one what he’s a he launched a quality player i’ve got to say um so um great let me talk about scott paul scott parker um like you quite from fulham um do you think he’s the man to get you what just going back to last season um personally i thought jonathan woodgate did a good job uh no jason yeah i think he i think he said remember the competition had last season [Laughter] i don’t think the board ever had that much faith in him um the thing was was he he come in a couple of days before um jason tindall was sacked and jason tindall um he he’d been part of the eddie howe regime for years um he started off really well um some fantastic performances and it tailed off and i think it was when he had to start making the changes to the squad himself um he also had a very unhappy josh king josh king was throwing all his toys out the pram um by lots of things and um in the end he went off to everton and there was a couple of games um in succession so we got b by darby um we got b by redding to be honest the reading game was embarrassing but nicely um we was three nil down if reading had shown that same impetus through the whole 90 minutes it could have been six seven eight nil it was embarrassing put nicely um and then we went to play sheffield wednesday which was his last game um went one nil down got it back to one all and then conceded right at the end but in those two games he made three substitutions and he just completely lost the plot so woodgas steadied the ship he’s steady the ship um you know he didn’t pull up any trees he wasn’t you know he wouldn’t say yeah you know who he’s a fantastic manager to go forwards with i think with scott parker um he did a very very good job of getting fulham back up to the premier league um last season he had a lot of players on loan um they were quite some way behind um the line so you know there is those nagging doubts that if we do get out of the league you know is he the right man once we get in there um you would hope that he wouldn’t have to rely on loans here um even though fulham do you regret getting rid of howl though because i think he’s a good manager how um i think eddie needed time out from the game so if he was what if you watch towards the end of that and after project restart so before project restart we were doing really well we went one new up against liverpool um eventually getting beat by them it wasn’t it wasn’t a big defeat it was 2-1 defeat we also drew against chelsea and then bang project restart comes in and i think he struggled to get the team going i think he felt let down by certain players ryan fraser the snake um decided he wasn’t gonna play for the club at all so yeah oh honestly mate you know it was nine games it was nine games you know would he have kept us up i think probably would have um because we were in a good position at that time what was the first play that um what was the problem with that first one to the side we went to watford that was uh gosling yeah yes yes sorry gosling yeah that’s where artists came in this way how you are to come in yeah yeah that was a weird one that was a weird one because i think no honestly i would have preferred to keep gosling i think gosling towards the back end of the season but to be fair mr dawe you know what going back to um woodgate towards the end of the season we got beat by wickham we got b by stoke um you know we didn’t show any impetus now if we had won those games or won one of those games we only needed to win one you know and let’s be honest you know we can we should you know with the quality we have should have beat them yeah um you know we would have been playing instead of brentford who were easily the best team i i personally i think they were better than the top two you know they were the team that you know when they come down here and when we went there they were the team that stood out to me um we would have avoided them we would have played over swansea barnsley instead and you know i think anything could have happened at wembley um so i think yeah wood gay probably created the rod for his own back um with those games at the end of the season yeah we went one new up in the playoff semi-final um went two-nil up early in the second leg and then metham just had a mental moment um and panicked but i think scott parker is the right man i think he’s the right man to you know get us back up we have to do it this season could we can’t fail to do it this season you’ll be in the mix you’ll be able to make it i think you’ll be i think bournemouth will be at me but i think um well this question for you matt and lee like as everyone knows like forest two defeats in a row um blackburn on wednesday and if if we lose that houston’s in big trouble um what plays what manages would you want and people in the comments who would you want if sucks i’ll stick i’ll stay with you let me sit with you late go only you stop first wilder or how anyhow i like the way he plays football but he might suit the championship more than the premiership i don’t know but at the minute we just need to get out of the championship it’s not going to happen this season let’s not know what it is i hear you know what everyone says about the championship it’s the best second best league it’s not it’s a horrible don’t worry about the premier league get there again it’s horribly whenever we’re getting good players out the door they go because of ffb and then we sign the [ __ ] let’s be honest it’s great fun isn’t it you don’t mind having a relegation battle if you’re going to get promotion the next season that’s a ideal scenario i’d rather that than be mid-table premier league or something um can i answer that one as well yeah yes yes craig you can’t do it i think you should go for how if hewton goes i don’t think you should go for help but this is my opinion i don’t know if people want whether we can afford him the thing about how right i personally think like he he was born for so long i just don’t think he is a forest man i think he what he would do for forrest though is i think and you know whether or not the uh faithful there will you know how give him the time is another thing but what he will do is he’ll pluck players from league one and league two the show promise um look at our squad that got us up you had charlie daniels who you know was at leyton orient you had harriata who was awoken you had steve cook that was in the midst of nowhere um you had mark pugh who was a very poor hereford site yeah um he will pluck players like that um you know personally i think if eddie howe had was here you know this season i think we would have probably gone in for somebody like scott twine who was at swindon who’s on loan at newport because of not throw them straight in but you know a player that he can build up so there would be that time there would be that transition period but i think he would get you moving in the right direction he would get you competing at the very top and enough time i think he probably would get you out of this division um um right next question and this is for you ma and um lee um as you know like carvalho got 10 minutes um would you start me as blackburn because in the 2010 everyone kept saying kavali your bloody blood but who really quickly quick thing if i could before you do that all these project restarts and all this kind of stuff we’re talking about managers have when did foreign i personally think that got the biggest mistake we ever made was the karanka thing because i think everything was right it was his players they were happy it was a family and it was all because someone else thought yeah we can we should dabble and we should get to pick the players and things like this he wasn’t going to stand for it and that was the biggest mistake and since then it’s all out was firing that noise game killed me that literally killed me and yes cranky fantastic what were the playoffs what we said yeah we were right there near enough we were in the top six just around sort of thing yeah that that that knowledge game killed me i think that was what but but that was all pressure to to play diaz but it was just a freak but look 3-3 at knowledge i’ll take that this season are you dreaming that kind of result five five or whatever villa and stuff those are results to only dream of we’re not like we’re not a team like that now and that was those are the things we have nightmares right so let me have some glasses right right listen to you craig right if you’re three nil up 15 minutes to go and you drawn free free would you tick that would you tell that craig no that’s my point man no no no but you’ve got to just look at the result god do you prefer a quick death or a slow death it’s still a death you know what i mean if you’re gonna lose i would rather go out on my shield and you win in the end of the day it’s a campaign it’s not one result but we were we were having nightmares about drawing away at the best team in the league give or take you know how crazy is that how crazy is that school with three yeah but at least you can say oh we’re going to score three goals next week every week away from home we’re going to win most games i’ll take your drawers from nowhere but it was all but it was all because diaz they wanted to give diaz time you know and that’s what what it all came from science flying at them so he’s time for best oh yeah they’re all good players they’re all cool that were no good for us a flying man aside nobody was above us so what’s up just going back like to your kevin cowboys we’ve all seen that interview i think the most important thing is team spirit yeah and i personally if i could pick the manager i would pick clough and i know it’s the most of stupid thing to say no i don’t know yes yeah he’s a forest person he’s going to do a competent job he understands the club more than anyone i know it’s a cliche no yes but i wouldn’t i don’t think it matters like like pierre said you know a rabbit could have got us promoted with harry bassett i loved how he passed it but that’s what that’s what uh campbell was talking about the changing room was happy yeah and that’s the most important thing you can’t honestly say the changing movement forest now is happy and i don’t blame the players it’s the way half of them are sent off to the bomb squad the other half their mates are in the bomb squad you’ve got harry arter telling his mate not to come it’s because it’s a toxic dysfunctional environment you want them to all be in there to fight for each other yeah you’ve got and the manager just has to be someone that appreciates that and all the players buy into it he’s a nice guy he’s a nice guy i guarantee you i guarantee you half the player i guarantee you three-quarters of the players don’t believe in what he’s doing at all these two are like this all the time argument though as well um hewitt has got promoted from this division on two occasions but you’ve got to look at the size that he got promoted with so the first one was with newcastle a newcastle site that had a lot of quality coming down from the premier league um you know going back to what you mentioned there you know i think anybody you know could have got that newcastle team back up um with regards to brighton i think that was a longer term project um but uh that’s the problem see the thing is if eddie howe come to forest you know i don’t think he’d have the time which he did here because um going back and this is going back a long time ago so of course eddie went to burnley we was in league one uh lee bradbury took over got us into the playoffs we got beat by huddersfield the following season bradbury left and paul groves come in and with that exact same squad anyhow didn’t really add that many players to it when he come back we was fighting we looked like we were going to be fighting relegation well we was in the relegation zone at one point paul groves managed to pull us out a little bit um eddie howell he was fired eddie hal come back because um i believe his wife wasn’t very happy up at burnley i’m not really surprised you oh we love burnley we do can’t stand them but um the only thing about bernie is ian woon that’s it nothing else there’s nothing really else to say about the laser you know actually i had on my show a guy called andy hodgson actually he’s quite laughing he’s um the big tv or price drop tv um well alan partridge i tell you what he was so funny you know getting him to actually sell burnley to me in 30 seconds you know it’s like an impossible task isn’t it yeah well yeah exactly dobby’s not an easy sell is it really you know i don’t think anybody would run a mile from derby at the moment oh this is a good package but can i say also though it’s not listen i’m slagging off putin a little bit but he’s a nice guy it’s all about the fit isn’t it i mean it you know he’s been successful elsewhere no one can take that away from him but equally no one’s saying he’s doing a great job just look at it you can see it they’re all saying oh do we give him time is it suddenly going to come up he’s going to pull it right out of his ass because they’re not there’s no sign of it he’s not going to like david chipperfield to sort of levitate and they’ll be like whoa you know it just seems that’s what people are waiting for they’re literally saying he could be the next club because that’s what clough did and it’s like he’s not gonna be is he i’d like to see just steady progression i’d like to see harmony i’d like to see a plan and all the rest because there’s no sign up for us it’s all negative what did he say when he took the job you know when you go for a job you’ve got to go in there say here’s my plan bosh you know i’m going to do this i’m going to get in young players we need pace we need he’s got to have some kind of thing that someone buys into to give him the job what was it i still don’t know i honestly don’t think it could be five year project i still won’t know what he’s trying to do because there’s no sign there’s no evidence yeah well listen to about like i spoke like i spoke to kevin campbell when i spoke to kevin the other day right i said to him i don’t i don’t believe in projects i don’t believe in um transition i don’t believe in that like come on we’ve been in we’ve been in this sleep for 24 years now like there’s no what are but what are we trying to get promoted how the hell are we trying to do it by def hardly touching the ball and just defending you okay you won’t get you’re not going to get promoted you’ve got to be kidding as the team ever got promoted this way it’s never got to be honest you know you under achieved last season and this season looks like a continuation of that so you know there’s it’s not a poor squad you’ve got you’ve got some real quality there you haven’t got some real quality but for some reason he’s not pulling it together now he’s safer it’s bigger than it has been though to be fair it’s quite fit there now before we had like three good teams numbers wise yeah yeah right the thing about bike last season we’re with a big squad this season we wake up we’re weekend yeah we’ve got no fallbacks basically no four bucks we haven’t got like loads of goalies as usual exactly like we’ve got um was it last season we’re about four strikers no we’re free well but then i’ve got but taylor like i feel sorry for taylor because he hasn’t got that um the person that kind of says like do you know for me i i think he was awful wasn’t wasn’t great we were set pieces yet again um i i don’t know like i’m struggling to i don’t know be passionate about forest but was good today he was good yeah it’s a good place he’s not out for me wait and see what he’d be like in three months time or something when he’s you know when his mates had been executed or something like that it’s not a healthy environment is it you know that’s why they don’t perform you know what is it a bit of attacking fear and positivity i know i’ll wait till there’s eight minutes left stick carvalho on see if he can have more than three touches and if he does something you can’t expect a bloke to get into a game i think the truth i think the honest truth is those footballers love playing football they’re professional footballers okay there’s the money there’s the fame there’s the career there’s transfers there’s agents but basically they want to go on a football pitch play football and enjoy it you know the money comes anyway yeah they want to win they don’t want to be losers they don’t want it no one enjoys being close when you’d rather be the one that everyone’s chanting his name you know what i mean yeah oh no and who thought that carvalho is a a soccer nerd he’s a he’s not like people think he cares passionately he cares as much as anyone else in the team but he looks like a marty little chick doesn’t he he looks like a mardi little you know that’s how he displays on the pitch but he’s got more talent in his little finger then then and the problem is yeah the problem is if he’s in the team joe lolly becomes a better player you know nuno de costa suddenly starts scoring goals i saw i saw him walking through bridal smith gate yesterday and he i think he said he’s fit for wednesday so that’s hot off the press but but that’s what it’s all about though it’s about getting bringing things to boiling point then all these average players become good players but you can’t have a load of portuguese guys that are in a half a french guy that no one knows uh three people that never even spoken to the manager yet but their family had moved to the other side of the country because they’d rather be somewhere else it’s not going to work is it no no it’s not going to work it’s not working you’re not going to you’re not going to be a happy ambitious uh bournemouth team or anyone else like that you’re not going to finish in those top spaces in the league so i think delegation because no honestly i tell you what in my whole life i’m i’m less sort of engaged with forest at the moment like now i can when the season started i said i said i’m like craig i said i’m passionate pushing it in the forest fan like this season i’m not because my expectations everyone’s gonna say i want chopsticks i’m not we’re not good enough top six we’ll get mid table no no i said um i did a preview show with a west brom fan and even though i think west brom will win the league you know we was discussing as well the dark horses you know this season and i said forrest straight away i thought you guys you know would really pick up the pace this season you know there were signs last season that you you know you’ve got a quality team you’re underachieved you’re still under achieving and to be honest going back to your question before if you can’t beat blackberry if you get b by blackburn i think he’s under immense pressure and you know i would not be surprised to see your board make that change at that point because new ceo is going to do something it’s his job isn’t it he’s got to come in to do something i heard today he sat like 25 people straight off the bat on the first day insignificant people that don’t really kind of matter in inverted commerce um so it’s his job so he should be doing something i hope you know from what i hear he’s a capable guy and he’s he’s he’s a man of action so um i would be trying to look like i’m doing something apparently it’s a give or take you know i mean there might be a bit of artistic license it might be 15 but but you know apparently it came in and a few a lot more people left pretty quick so but but to me throughout the club it’s the wrong people i think you know i saw stan collymore last night and he was talking about foreign embracing the past and how sad it was when around the billy davis era and stuff we took away all the history um and he was saying i wanted to be a voice player because of all that and that’s the it’s the draw and they all say it when they sign it’s the history and all this stuff you know it’s all the tick the boxes sort of thing but it’s so special forest is so special however crap we are it’s one of the most special teams in the country and colin what was saying you know all due respect to our border friend who’s just whipped to us you know it’s like you’ve got the northern teams the manchester’s and all this and and you know the london teams and forests should be one of the two or three premier leagues no we’re becoming it it’s expectation management and you know houston made going from 7th to 17th or wherever it was a success god help us if we’re really successful we’ll be down in league two i don’t know what’s going on no hopefully not [Laughter] yeah we bumped into each other in the street sometimes you know him in the middle of the night and it’s like he’s asking the carvalho question many times so no going back to the carvalho question yeah you should pick him you should be using him shouldn’t you he should be playing like brennan today didn’t play so well but he played brilliantly in the first game you have two players that can do it you pick the one that’s going to do it on the day you leave the other one to have a rest it’s simple isn’t it you know and you might get it wrong but if you’re a good manager you pick the right one don’t you carvalho needs to be playing constantly even if he has a bad game don’t drop him keep him in it then he’ll do more yeah he’ll do more effective things at the end of the season i mean look alex mightin i think it’s a great talent but really his actual output is negative everyone’s getting more and more excited about him you think he was really really doing something and i don’t again i don’t blame him it’s all like you were just saying about these young players you’ve got to nurture them you bring them in just enough at the right times like today against 10 men would have been the perfect time to give fauna a governor he could have he would have had all his bravery taken the ball spread it about he could have really put on a display and become you know even better player just by playing even if we still lost but instead we just went with plan a boring old planner you know for the left foot is just you know what was the point yeah right mike finished yeah finish matt [Laughter] right people time has been ticking um right anything any questions i want to ask about today’s game um but because time is taken watching more minutes um i think matt’s covered it all um right last one um craig where do you finish second i think west brom will win it i think west brom will win it um i think we’ll finish just above fulham at the moment but it’s early days um do you think so we’ve got a lot of players to come back you know the the youngsters that we’ve got so you’ve got jade nancy kilkenny zamora rossi um travis in goal who i think you know really we need to strengthen maybe you know have somebody who will challenge him in the goalkeeping department uh somebody we we lost beckovich we had to sell big of it well we had to let begovich go because of the wages to kind of balance the books but those are all young players we’ve still got the likes of danjuma stanislas um steve cook um lewis cook to come back lewis cook fantastic player quality player um stacy stacy’s phenomenal right back right left back he’s right back right back he’s right back um but he’s he’s been fantastic and you know he’s his link-up players absolute quality um he can to be honest play on the left as well um lloyd kelly played there a lot of the time last season um but there’s a lot to a lot of promise uh to be honest you can’t look past zamora at the moment for the left back position keep kelly in the center with um chris metham so i personally think you know we should be able to we’ve got enough in the tank to get out of this division now whether or not we do is another thing because of course as we found last season we went off the ball around christmas time and that’s what killed us no it wasn’t it wasn’t i think it was tyndall and i think jason had to make the you know and i’ve met jason on number of occasions and he’s an absolutely lovely guy really nice guy um he he’s ingrained into the football club you know he was eddie howe’s number two when he had to make those decisions i don’t think he made the right ones which is a real shame you know should he have got a little bit longer well at the time my heart was speaking and i thought well you know because of what he’s done here you know i wanted him to have a little bit longer but in you know looking back we we couldn’t carry on we could have missed out on the plate to be honest reading blew it um you know after we we played them and should have got absolutely thrashed and annihilated by them they kind of went off the boil um so it was a good run that would get put together uh combined with reading completely tailing off that actually got us back into the playoffs we should have finished higher we should have beaten wickham um should have beaten stoke um but i think would get just put the impetus off um but we’ve got enough in the tank we’ve just got to go you know 44 more games you know if we can play like we have done in the first two you know i’m very confident because we played well against west brom right i’m gonna get going um but lee and matt thank you for coming on craig thank you very much for coming on and before we do put a plug on your channel yep so i run a channel called up the cherries in all departments um it’s abbreviated utc iad um you are going to be coming on as well mr dora aren’t you to do our first raw reaction video um to today’s game um i don’t wanna know why is it more in the news or something like that that sounds i’ve seen some videos like raw that’s mainly what it is um but literally it will be a case of covering our game and then ripping into some of the other results as well um yes which one will be the derby game as well so yeah i’m sure you’re looking forward to that but um yeah we had some great guests on um do a lot of opposition previews i used to be part of a team called back of the net which is another bournemouth channel but went off on my own um but i’ve interviewed the likes of professor brian cox nick owen monty panasar so um natalie sawyer twice um you know i love doing this and love you know engaging with opposition fans um i’ve never met a bad fan you couldn’t do the wages come down to the south coast look you know i’ll give you a drawing from the south i should have gone to i should have started with bournemouth years ago when you and crap exactly well i moved i moved down believe it or not in the minor 17 season from reading believe it or not in all places oh yeah yeah my family for i was absolutely bloody bunkers following this [ __ ] you know to be fair look like you know if you know if we hadn’t survived that season wouldn’t exist so it could have been the shortest um i’m from surrey so i could have come down to bournemouth just as easy but i was in florida i came back from florida to nottingham to come home to watch the football four years ago so how crazy is that that was remind you that was when it was karanga so i believe i’d be going to somewhere like a belarus or somewhere like iran now if instead of coming back here i’ll tell you what one thing that will please you i did you i did go to university in nottingham and i did go to city ground a couple of times i know that um all going back there was a gay i went to an fa cup game i believe it was against spurs yes i believe it was i believe it was it was about two thousand between 2004 2006. between 2004 and 2006 i reckon probably 2005. when i remember it was it elite cup was it yeah it was league cup yeah we lost we lost three nil what was your thing what’s that called it was one of the cops i was thinking it was the fa cup it was everyone it was freezing it was bloody freezing is that when it was a little misty and no one could see no yes he bought a misty night that was no that was no that was no that that was no in the 90s we were drawn 2-2 when ian wayne scored a wonderful goal dinner but in the 2000s we lost we lost three nil yeah in the fa cup i think it was yeah i think it was i’m sure it was the fa cup but yeah so yeah i used to come down to the city ground every now and again you know to watch the local side you know when i was up there and you know honestly got so much time for forrest you shouldn’t be you should do yeah you did you didn’t switch it it wasn’t that good i should have changed supporting us now he’s saying how great we are i thought yeah great you stayed in the top six oh i i was a bit of a bit negative karma really because uh didn’t you get relegated to league one oh yeah that was about that well just a vicious rumor supported derby and offered to take me down to pride park and i refused on every single occasion [Laughter] yeah to be honest i went to derby on a night out once and i thought it was [ __ ] [Laughter] no before i go i think that the thing is today the biggest thing from dave we lost the game of football but what you should remember going back to the club for the first time for sunderland what a great club it is and the same with bournemouth the same with every other club and forest should be more forest forest should remember it’s a great club and everyone the owners the everyone that works there the manager every one of the players don’t worry about winning and losing football games behave like you need to a great club and will become a great club again at the moment there’s a lot well below that you know in the terms of the ambition on the pitch the behavior the way things are done the way people are treated it should be a place where everyone wants to go everyone feels welcome and players want to sign play for us and when they go they’re happy they were there and they wished they were still there and that applies to every club but it’s not true of forest at the moment and it should be and when it is we’ll be successful right we’ll end up that um uh my vlog will be out tomorrow morning 10 a.m i am doing it now i’m at 10. um afterwards so it’s a long night for me if you did enjoy this please [Laughter] i thought you said a few swear words but i don’t think you did yeah people thank you very much for everyone watching and i’ll don’t forget my vlog until 10 o’clock today i’m in the morning peace love everyone up the forest go quick set it crate put the forest [Laughter] cheers

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