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[Music] but yeah it is a sunday a bit later in the afternoon so it’s not going to be open but i thought it’d be quite interesting to you know show what this place is i said it is a forensic center and it lasted directly across the road from the police station and then to be honest this is a place that should come during the daytime during the weekday but i thought it’d be an interesting thing to you know just cover and and show what it is do have a copper that’s coming over uh to basically be a bit nosy and what i’m doing walking behind me at the moment um so yes it’s an interesting thing i’m right good just filming so okay finishing off this what particular reason are you filming well i’ll tell you if you want to wait on i’m just finishing this what i’m doing and then i’ll talk to you if you want to speak to okay well i just said to you i was trying trying to be flat with you okay i’m saying i’m trying to film finish what i’m filming yeah and i’ll speak to you after but i’m doing this right now okay i need to reach you just because of where where you’re filming and stuff like that so i need to be aware you’re interrupting my film okay do not you don’t have any respect if you want to pause it or anything like that by obviously not have a comment i’m trying to do a voiceover at the moment and then you’re kind of into it to me so if you want to if you want to wait about five minutes yeah okay i’m not going to swear in five minutes if you don’t i just said i do mind okay if you want to come back in five minutes that’s not what i’m going to be doing okay and i need to establish i’m going to carry on doing this okay i’m not even going to speak to you because you’ve been quite very okay yeah i said nicely i would speak to him five minutes okay and i’ve said to you that’s not good enough for you police buildings over there yeah yeah this is a police building as well not police building it’s friends sentences okay two different things it’s a police building okay it’s building not free stations run with nottingham should be offered not a police station okay so what reason are you filming here i’ll tell you if you want to wait five put actually now i’m gonna make it six so if you want to come back that’s not going to happen and i’ll i’ll be waiting right here that’s fine you can stand a bit away you know i’m trying to do a talk you know i don’t want to have any radios being picked up there won’t be any they could be i just don’t want to take that risk there won’t be any oh yeah i don’t know that do i that’s what i’m saying to you you know colleen’s got the right idea she’s waiting over there so if you want to just hang on you know i know you might not like waiting but you know you have to live and learn you know it comes to a time and place where you have to learn to you know wait you don’t get your own way yeah i’ll go over here so you don’t hear what i’m saying so she’s not too happy now on the radio um do a little bit of a different approach because you know why should i speak to them yeah if they want to get what they want you know they have to wait so yeah this building is somewhere should come during the weekday because you know it’s an interesting building um they do all the like the dna and forensics and everything like that for um the nottingham area they’re still over there waiting but um but yeah we’ll see if they all finished and go from there apparently ah they’re just still hiding behind the bushes finish what i need to do for the time being what was up i just need to establish your purpose for being here obviously because of where you’re filming yeah it’s a present forensic center so yeah yeah i know exactly what it is it’s just the record into it really so it’s just really to record any particulars or anything it’s really just the document what building this is [Music] it’s a sunday it should be closed no because we park our police vehicles it’s a police building okay so we park our personal vehicles in there as well so all i’d ask you is obviously just not to film that kind of stuff i’m not i’m not trying to film people’s buildings i’m going to send the drone up in a minute anyway to get an overall off the building and everything right okay um but i’ll stay away from you again what purpose are you doing that for because the same reason could you just identify yourself because i know you’re speaking because you’ve got yeah do you want to turn around and identify yourself as well i’m asking you today okay 43.99 assistant and what police station is there any reason you got your your badge opposite way around it’s not my badge is that side oh it’s a bit worn out that is too good but yeah i appreciate it details to be honest i don’t really give details okay can’t donate wrong any particular reason for that because if i’ve done nothing they’re just gonna do the pre-flight checks and everything and we’ll get the drone up um we’ll see what the police what their approach is on this um like i said set up the camera on the controller to get myself ready for when i do some drone up oh it’s better than nothing i will be yeah can you bring it back down um we’ve got like a specialist drone team that’s coming in because i don’t know i don’t i’m not i don’t know about licensing and that kind of thing for it yeah so they’re just going to check all of that over with you first okay for flying a drone in a in a public area yeah oh well you can tell them that it’s allowed there’s no restrictions they can come and check that before oh yeah of course they can check that but that’s that but at least you’re more player than your colleague you know carly wanted to just try to jump into things i said i’ll talk to you after i’m finished woman you know what i mean and she just wanted to keep putting into me i’m just about to do it now yeah yeah if you could just hold on for the dream team to get here first yeah and then one obviously once you’ve spoken to them yeah well i i know i can do and what’s not but yeah full forces coming out but yeah it’s like they want to try to get the cars out off so we can’t they it’s like a little swarm i’m alright matey all right but yeah i said to her you know we’re just doing the video and everything if you want to just hang on five minutes and let me finish what i’m doing put the same touch in the video she comes out walking a bit older wanting me to do it there and then so i mean at the end of the day if i could get to the fence you know i don’t have to you know i said i’ll talk to you afterwards but just want to be a bit funny at the beginning i don’t know why full size for you to be honest yeah seem like a bit more of a happier person to be honest you’ve got your operator’s license oh does it matter right now yeah oh it doesn’t your operator well your drone squad’s coming over as your colleague just said speaking with him yeah okay so we’re happy that as long as you’ve got that operator’s license and i’ll check that and stuff like that but obviously you can go ahead and you can well at the moment the joe’s not up as you can see nothing up in the sky no no i don’t have to provide that unless i’m flying the drone i haven’t done that yet but you’ve told me that that’s what you’re going to be doing what i’m going to do but i haven’t done that yet you can clear those checks then we can leave you to get on with obviously what you need oh you could still leave me in the beginning but you didn’t want to you wanted to overtalk me and everything not really certain things and all i was trying to do to start off with is not wait five minutes that’s what it was it was established why you were here do the checks that i need to check and not wait five minutes okay and not wait five minutes in regards to the drone have you got the operator’s license for that i don’t know okay i don’t know what you’re on about what do you mean i don’t know what you’re about to be honest i ain’t got no drone up so i don’t have to provide or do anything at the moment obviously you’ve already told me yeah but i haven’t done that yet have i so therefore right now i don’t need it i don’t have to provide it or prove it or do it you to do is prior to putting your drone up okay we’ll just ask oh your colleagues already asked me one request which you did nicely which was hold off until the drone squad turned up or whatever and i said i’d do that but now you want to say it different they’re committed with an incident well then they can do that they’ve got something more important to do than remember you know going to fly a drone obviously dealing with police matter exactly and what they should be doing not you know turning up to someone just filming okay but i’ve got to make sure all that you’ve got all the right accreditation and stuff for what you’re telling me that you’re about to do which is all i’m asking you do you know anything about drones it’s prior yeah because i’ve just spoken but i mean well yeah you spoke to them but do you know about drones do you know about the legislation on drones do you know about and what you have to have for doing drones i don’t need to well you do because some drones you don’t need them okay we’re going around these circles all i’ve been told is to establish don’t they use pocket sergeant in nottingham you know i mean to be able to look at laws instead of just asking other people and not knowing half the story no i i don’t need to control the drone so well no it’s not about that pockets do you know what pocket sergeant is because of course you don’t use black stones anymore you know that’s not well not really police officers don’t carry it you don’t have one on you do you you don’t have a pocket one or black stones on you all officers nowadays use pocket sergeant what point are you trying to get what i’m saying to say is if you don’t know the legislation on something you should look at it and everything beforehand and get all the details and know what you’re meant to be looking at and you know searching for or whatever before you jump to a conclusion like just because it says about an operator id doesn’t mean anything for certain things who’s also a drone officer okay i thought you said they’re not coming down i thought you just said that they’re dealing with an incident the drone officer is dealing with an incident exactly so he’s not coming down right now as well okay so that might be the better person to come and speak to me about things like that and what you need and what you don’t need okay yeah so what i’m going to do is just actually not to lift the drone up until he arrives oh someone just turned up now that might be him it might be but all i’m going to ask you to do is not do that sadly that’s a request yes a request that i don’t have to follow she’s not really like me does she i don’t know if she’s been on the force longer and doesn’t like members of public but yourself you seem a bit more friendly i know it’s your colleague you know but it’s just how she approached me at the beginning you know i mean she didn’t need to be like that how she was she’s changed her attitude a lot since she first came out but still you know i mean you do go by the expression you know your behavior affects my behavior which affects yours and have you ever heard of that expression before i forget the person that said it but it’s an expression yeah so you know yeah yeah that’s one of those anyways your camera one it looks it’s not what is it d3 or d5 i’m not sure oh yeah they bought so many out they’ve got the new ones have you seen the new ones yeah they got them at the moment in london which are the k6s and k7s um it’s basically the new versions of these same one yeah yeah same company that makes them um and basically with the new one they have it’s a full touchscreen basis screen it’s got a longer battery longer life on the uh oh was it on the camera itself here it’s got resolution and stuff and they also got a feature which is a feature that haven’t got approved yet in the uk which is facebook condition so while you’re walking down the street with the camera on it will show you someone that’s like maybe wanted or something like that and it would just basically pick that up and come through saying this person just walked past this and he’s wanted for this this this because it comes under at the moment you know general data protections you know and right to privacy you know human rights act article eight therefore at the moment it’s not authorized but they got the cameras on but it’s a paid membership so that the police at the moment can’t use that feature until he basically gets you know authorized in the uk which i’m doubting will be anytime soon there’s something to look forward to hey you never know what i mean how old is it i don’t know but this isn’t mine yeah well that’s the problem they put all the money into or vehicles and stuff but you know they don’t want to put into you know equipment or a lot of time uniforms i’m guessing this is sergeant yes i think i recognize him as well it does look familiar i think it’s the guy i spoke to already yeah believe sir be a happy face oh no it might not be actually oh no it’s not i thought it’s someone else no no i thought it was someone else but it’s not hello matey your colleagues waiting in there for you if you thought another vehicle was you but it’s not sorry yeah we got a drone not yet no i’ve got no drone up yet have you got your operator id on it well i’m not flying the drone at the moment so i don’t have to provide anything when i might not yeah and it depends on the drone because this lady is going to put it on point well that was the plan but i might not it’s up to me you still need to show an operator i don’t you know well no because i haven’t put it up that’s yeah but i might not pay off i might do it in like half an hour i might do it that hour might do it now it’s up to me it is up to you and it depends of course it depends on what you know drone i have it could be a drone that’s you know class one but with no you know camera like that so therefore you want neato well we need to expect to see whether it’s got a camera on it exactly but of course i’m not doing that yet and i’m not planning on doing it yet so therefore i’m just gonna plan on recording and that’s that at the moment what’s the purpose of recording it well carly’s already asked me this colleague is a lot nicer than the other one you know she’s got more of a friendly face knows how to deal with members of probably a bit better than the other colleague other colleagues a bit rude i said to him recording just give me two minutes to basically record do what i’m doing because i’m recording and she didn’t want her and she just wanted to talk to me basically want me to do what she wants me to do now type thing and not wait and then talk to her okay yeah which i think is a bit you know disrespectful and a bit rude but yeah do you work for amazon amazon i don’t know this is the mastermind online yeah so it’s good for recording them well to be honest at the moment well it’s an interesting building you know it’s a friends at center so it’s interesting to you know record and be able to get some information about it you know there’s uh on the nottingham police website it’s got a list of you know police buildings and this is one of them which is absolutely you know police hub slash ambulance station so i find it quite interesting so i thought i’d come get a nice little recording i didn’t want to cause the issue so that’s why i come on the weekend because i don’t want people you know yeah you know how some people are when it comes to recording so i thought i’ll wait questions i can understand questions but you know there’s a way of doing it like yourself and yourself right but the other you know other lady she’s just a bit too barky and demanding and expects everything to be done there and then and that’s that so well the only concern is what the purpose that people use to record police buildings and what what the thought process but that’s more about paranoia really well that’s your opinion on it what’s up what’s the camera going to do what’s what’s the difference between a camera and google for example the the questions are being asked because you wonder what the purpose of the footage is for why would you film a police building why would you want to put a bloke a drone please yeah he’s building another lady of saints police station i said it’s not but yeah police building no i’m over at the police station or i’m not recording there come over here to record this interesting building doesn’t that doesn’t negate the questions that have been asked around what the purpose of the footage is i don’t know if you already asked already you know i don’t know if you want to ask your colleague that’s been speaking to her i’ve just asked you yeah i know you asked me but you know i don’t want to keep repeating myself yeah but already i told someone but then that’s like me telling you and then an inspector come in and then they want to know or the chief constable might come and then they want me to tell them the same thing you know i mean i just keep repeating myself i haven’t repeated to you but i’ve told a colleague already she’s now gone let’s say let’s have a civilization i know i’m just saying about what it is i don’t need to keep repeating myself i already told her yeah i told her twice as long as it’s perfectly legal what i’m doing with it that’s almost yeah but we don’t know that do we should we have to ask yeah but you know that’s like you’ve refused to provide any details you won’t tell me the purpose of your footage which just suspicious i already told your colleague and i don’t have to keep repeating myself you know i’m not i’m being questioned you know i don’t have to stay here i can walk off if i want you’re not detaining me are you no exactly so you know what i mean it’s what you want to do but that’s what i’m saying is i don’t have to answer questions i said to the colleague that i’ll answer the questions if she gave me five minutes she didn’t want to understand but then i still told her but that’s what i’m saying i don’t have to repeat myself to her or to you or to with a colleague i can understand you know and there’s a way of doing it and you yourself and this lady done it politely you know what i mean but i don’t have to tell anyone so i mean as long as it’s lawful that’s all it matters it is yeah and that’s what i’m doing so the purpose of standing there talking to you and is to wait and see what you’re gonna do and if you’re to put the drone up i’ll have to see the operator well your point of the drone is to drag it in using the operator id to get you know identification from that we’ve got power to ask for the operator if you’re going to fly a drone exactly it depends on the zone like i said if you don’t have a camera then there’s another operator id for example yeah quite taken yeah but i suspect if you’re going to fly a dragon if you want to take images of police buildings and your drone’s going to have a camera on it isn’t it it might not well if you haven’t got a camera there isn’t a problem is that i might want to just fly around because it’s a you know public place i might want to just fly a non-camera drone it’s entirely up to me but that’s what the purpose of isn’t it if you are going to fly a drone i’d like to see the drone i’d like to see the operator yeah but like i said if i’m not flying it you don’t have any right to do it it’s right now i’m not i haven’t got it yeah i know i’m just saying you know all it’s about is trying to find out who i am and that’s that’s all this is you know it’s not about you know what’s the footage being used for but it’s just you guys want to know who i am and that’s it and the reasons why is what i’ve explained to you yeah that’s what i’m saying that i don’t have to people and you know all sorts of reasons don’t they and some of them are legitimately some of them yeah so until we’re coming but it’s like you know the expression the reason we ask these questions because we don’t know what your intentions are or who you are or what your background is when you don’t tell us who you are even though we haven’t got no power to ask you and you’ve got no reason to want to give us those details we have to stay here and have these conversations to try and establish what you’re doing it’s more paranoia though it’s like curiosity killed the cat i mean the job we’re not living in there’s a law enforcement not you know we’re not living in a car too no we’re living in it’s not in germany or like you know i mean in real world where there’s terrorism that never happens there yeah i mean to a point yeah to a point to police buildings there’s never been a tackle set for you know back in northern ireland and that was it that’s the last time really and nothing through terrorism the people that might be you know pissed off at the police or whatever they have done stuff but it’s never you know to do with terrorism what’s your opinion you don’t know what the torah what i’m saying to you oh it should be the same you don’t know what the national terror threat level is you don’t know what the threats are what the post yeah but then that’s what mi5 is there for yeah you know what i mean where do you think their information comes from it comes from interactions like this yeah but it doesn’t matter to a point but a lot of it comes from online and it comes from police officers being vigilant and talking to people who are filming police stations and who are filming public buildings and the reasons behind that but because then you have to comment together information the same as anybody else would like to get an information yeah but what i’m saying is these conversations we can’t establish everything i can see here i can see on google you know google maps and then google earth i can see satellite footage if i wanted it so that’s what i’m saying for someone to be at this time of the day you know it’s not like it’s darker like you know i’m not hiding you know i mean i’m in plain sight i mean it’s i’m not doing like anything you know bad i’m just recording it’s quite simple but that’s what i’m saying to you is you know i know where you’re coming from but i have the right to privacy you know human rights act article eight and right surprisingly in a family life so i mean that’s why i wear masks is because of course you guys record so for me it’s about protecting my identity you know because i don’t want my face or my name or things like going on to a police system as intelligence because the same as anything pss that’s their main job is to you know give intelligence and that goes on the system and stuff but can you not understand why your your lack of cooperation in that regard in terms of giving your name and the reason why you’re filming and stuff will only suspicious is just a hobbyist who likes to use the footage for his own purposes and he happily engages with people and he likes police vehicles so he films police vehicles he kills police officers he does it openly exactly like you were doing now but he doesn’t hide his identity so when we see him we have a very different conversation with him to what we have yeah but everyone’s delaying into it everyone’s an individual you know i mean like i said like you said yourself i’m not detained i’m this is a you know a mutual conversation that’s freely between both parties but that’s what i’m saying is i don’t want to give out any details your colleagues already asked me and i said no and really you guys just come up to try to get here as you said operator id to try to identify me identify me but i’m not wanting to be identified you know and i’ve said i have that right of privacy i mean so it changes if you’re going to put the joy out doesn’t it but you see what i’m saying like like why should it affect my rights because you only have that power if you suspect that i don’t have a fl operator id and that’s anytime you have that power if i’m flying the drone and you don’t think i have operate id then you have the rights to you know yeah ground it and then be able to check to make sure it’s you know a lawful drone and everything is registered we’ll be asking you to see that don’t say if you’re going to put the drone up then that’s what we’ll be asking but that’s what i’m saying it’s not really nice is it no like you said we live in a you’ve chosen you’ve chosen to buy a drone and use the drone and fly the drone so you have to comply with the regulations that come with which i don’t you can say it’s not very nice or what you like but that’s what i’m saying about 5c but you have to give that i mean what is this i said for you guys it’s paranoia you think it’s going to be something you know you can call it wherever you live negative or hostile or whatever if you want to fly a drone then you have to comply with the regulations that come with it and you can say it’s not very nice or you like but if you’ve got a power if you’ve got a requirement where you have to give it the operator id then we’re going to ask you for the operator yeah but what i’m saying is if if there wasn’t this building for example if it was just flying on an open ground you still have the powers and everything but you’re not going to come to me and say oh i want to see operator id unless there’s something else going on when you’re flying it over a crowd of people or whatever else it may be or you’re endangering something you know you know the rules probably better than i do in relation to drugs but what it comes down to is just because i’m recording you know before i said he even had a journal like it wasn’t playing about that so therefore should come over because i’m standing here recording and that’s all that you know she mattered about you know it was because i’m recording and i won’t give my you know details so yeah but like i said the only reason you came is because i got the drone and you want to try using that to get identity and that’s what i’m saying is i don’t have to i’m not hiding that i’m not hiding that fact that that’s the reason i’ve come down and that’s the reason i’m having this conversation with you yeah but i’m saying it’s and you’re quite right if you don’t want to fly the drain you can walk off now and go wherever you want well i could stand here for half an hour and you know kind of looking at the building or you know you could do anything but that’s what i’m saying it’s a waste of taxpayers money i understand you’ve got a job to do but you know you have to respect people’s rights to a point what does that mean it’s like what’s his name that president in america the old one um lincoln he was saying about you know if you want to have you know security you have to you know sacrifice no privacy and that’s what it comes down to it’s like with you know um in america with the snowden forget where his first name is but yeah the the um intel person basically not the one that leads loads of um sensitive details or you know information but the other one he basically found out that government was spying on people using you know cell phones listening to phone calls and all that and you know he exposed it to the public so i mean that’s what i’m saying is people do it yeah but what i’m saying is we shouldn’t have to give up our rights and our privacy you know for other people for safety or security and that’s what i’m saying is for security yeah you can be paranoid or whatever but you know if someone’s not committed offense or you know don’t expect them of committing the fence or you know expect them to be a terrorist or anything like that like you’re saying about the fret level so that shouldn’t be your first you know um call what should be a first point well it’s just engagement remember public you know speaking to them and everything like that like what are you trying to do not what your quality is just let’s flip it around slightly and let’s say that we came to your house and start to fly in the jordan with your house would you wonder what was going on and why that was being done as long as it’s lawful and then it’s lawful wouldn’t it no really well no because it’s not my place like you now so somebody that’s different from a police station and a fire at home into it where you feel comfortable and you feel so if i was at a pub for example i don’t care if someone’s flying a drone i’m asking you how’s that to a question about your home address if somebody came to your home address with a hood or a mascot it couldn’t be identified but you don’t live there do you film it doesn’t matter but at the end of the day as long as it’s lawful whatever they’re doing is lawful you know so you wouldn’t be bothered and you wouldn’t ask any questions you just stand there and watch somebody messed up flying a drone with your house and filming your property with you oh no i think oh they’ve got a mask on because they you know they want to protect their identity they’re flying a drone i’m guessing they have a unless you suspect them of committing an offence or of course respect them or not have an operator id or a flyer id that would be your that would be your thought process because i try not to be paranoid about every situation i know it’s in a point to a your job to a degree but you know you’ve just hit the nail exactly really what you should be doing is sitting in the car over there and then if we took the drone up then come over and speak if you expect the person not having it because that’s all it is is if you suspect that person i’m not having an operator id had you had a different conversation with the first officer that was here i want to even come yeah be standing here now the only reason here is because i said i got a drone and that’s that so that was like oh bingo you know this is the opportunity to to basically hit the last nail in the cabin in the coffin you know basically to be able to identify someone that doesn’t want to be identified and that’s as simple as that it’s like yourself you’ve got your body cam on if you haven’t informed me you’ve got your body camera well i didn’t see it until now i didn’t i could be partly deaf i could be partly blind i mean so that’s why it’s part of your policy you know to inform members of public when you turn it on my my camera is overt it’s pointing at you the red light’s flashing it’s looking at you right now you heard me turn it on so turn it on right here and it beeps but if i didn’t hear it but i didn’t actually hear it i only saw it just a minute ago but what i’m saying is if i wanted to you know do a you know freedom of information well subject access requests say on that camera how would i do it if i didn’t know it was recording so that’s why boss you’re meant to inform that member of the public there you’re recording you’re in a public uniform and you haven’t got any reasonable expectation to prove it to where you’re in the production and that’s why i wear masks but that’s what i’m saying for gdpr and it’s a breach of gdpr because if i don’t know it’s recording then i can’t do a subject expressive question because we don’t know who you are anyway but i could do it but all i have to do is provide details for the subject access request what details would you provide well of course it would be your name your address so how would you and where you were at the time of the innocent right so how would you attribute that to this company well that’s the same thing it is exact same don’t mean it so what you’re trying to say you have to have someone’s identity to be able to do a subject or be able to see their faces of course there’s cameras everywhere there’s cameras there’s cameras there you know i mean there’s cameras everywhere and that’s what i’m saying and that’s why i put mask on just to protect my identity because of course people record you know what i mean i don’t mind it’s fine but like i said because you’re a police officer you know you work for a corporation and that’s what it’s classed as a corporation it is it’s cluster the corporation because you right now you’re the data handler by having that camera you’re the data handler and of course you can’t delete that footage you have to put on a docking station and of course that gets uploaded onto the system but it starts with 28 days unless it’s being believed to be in a situation and it can be applied for a longer up to five years that’s what i’m saying yeah but that’s in case it’s like a murder or something like that or you know um just pushes in some way or whatever you know i mean if it’s deemed to be you know needed to be kept the next kept that’s what i’m saying is you know by the being the data handler of that camera if you haven’t informed someone that you’re recording that person won’t be able to know to do a subject access request right for that footage okay and that’s that so yeah good yeah that’s why you meant to inform me that’s why you have a you know policy in four members in any case so we’re talking around in circles but that’s that’s different that’s a facility i mean we’re just talking around in circles aren’t we well not really and there’s that copper that wasn’t too friendly but it’s not going around in circles really it’s you know i have my rights to privacy i want to keep that if you want to sit in your car you don’t have any reasonable expectations when you’re at the side of the road in a public place oh no and that’s why i’m wearing a mask that’s why my face is on display that’s why i’m not giving details because i’m not lawfully have to correct that’s what i’m saying if i wanted to put a sticker on my top saying this is who i am this is where i dress of course i can because it’s you know no expectation of privacy but you know because i want to respect my privacy that’s why i haven’t got my face on display of course that’s why with your the new cameras you know the k5 k6s and k7s you know that’s why with them you don’t have to you know it’s got face recognition on it but it’s not authorized in the uk that’s what i mean the new no no that’s either d3 or d5 probably a d5 series uh well it’s the d series anyway but on the new series is the k series and basically those they have it where you can do face recognition but it’s not authorized in the uk because of you know gdpr recognition because it comes down to that it’s privacy well no but what i’m saying is by being a data handler by recording and not informing them of public it’s the same as being you know clover if you had it where and they do have the setting where you can have it so you can either live stream it without the screen being on or just recorded without the screen being on so i mean but that comes and uh what is it um some of that forget what it is but it’s recording you know you know uncle yeah that’s the word i’m looking for basically recording without people knowing you’ve important recorded yeah ripper i think it’s glasses gripper depends on that but that’s what i’m saying is you know i’m not informing it’s that yeah recording it’s not not the sort of thing i i get involved all right i’ve been asked to come out and speak to just some um part of the not police drone team um so i might be able to assist him in what he’s obviously dealing with here uh where is your drone now oh it’s not flying it’s not flowing yet where where is it then i’ve got it okay would you mind showing me your flyer idea and upgrading an idea well as i speak to this colleague you know it could be a camera a drone without a camera it could be anything like that i’m not flying the drone okay so i don’t have to provide anything else what’s the purpose i did say this to you didn’t i send it to one i’ll say it to you and another person you haven’t tried yes just to speak to you oh no i appreciate it he understands like i said he’s been fine you you’ve been found so far and your other officer just that first person as long as you do it legally and yeah safely i don’t control the airspace over here yeah so as long as it’s not um protected airspace you can fly a drone anywhere as long as you do that safely and lawfully and of course do my checks beforehand sure that that happens yeah are you familiar with the drone code and this is you have to take yes regardless flying distances yes okay that’s why i haven’t done the checks yet because i got my drone up perfect other officers are all coming out and stuff right but it’s entirely up to me when i want to fly if you fly your drone illegally or unsafely that commits an offense yeah of course i have power to seize your drone in any equipment though yeah you’re using to fly that oh i didn’t know i just wanted to especially if you ain’t got opera ideas level two fine i already know it all yeah yeah obviously if the at that stage if an offence was committed and you’re failing to give us your name and address as you have done now i believe that makes it arrestable as well well it’s investable to be able to get the the name for the necessity but if you’ve got the details then it’s not it’s becomes a level i can’t progress any offense any other way or than to arrest you i already know it all so don’t you worry that’s fine then so yeah that’s what i’m saying i’m not playing the game that your drone’s not actually in the air because one of the officers thought that it might already be in the air you’re willing to show me that it’s not do you see any drone off in the air no but it could have landed somewhere couldn’t it run out of battery and just i’ll just keep my phone on charge because i don’t know if you know this controllers do charge so you’re not willing to show me your drone up this time i’m back and i’m not flying it okay screen recording yeah you can’t do commute defense i will come in here with it yeah okay and unless if you reasonably believe that person hasn’t got a operator id or flyer id no if you commit to an offense i’ll see you what what offense do you think i’m going to i i don’t know that’s what i’m saying i’m going to leave you in peace so i’m going to leave you in peace and if you don’t worry i’m not i’m not planning on flying into the building why here then i will deal with that at the moment as you say if your drone’s in your bag if it’s no friends i’ve got no exactly any longer yeah okay i’ll just do it to speak to you like i said i appreciate all you guys do you know i’ve said first woman spoke to me yeah it wasn’t really nice you know you don’t know how to do it remember so if you do fly so we’ll come and check your operator id and your flyer id because of course if it doesn’t have a camera on and then of course and every drone needs well no if if it doesn’t have a fla if you don’t have a camera on it it’s classed as a toy if it’s class of the toy you have a look on there yeah as fast as a toy for example you don’t have to have a fly id or operator if you decide to fly drone from here then if i think there’s an offense you want to just identify yourself just so i know who you are uh pc walker 3214 and what police station at the moment i’m from kp kirby yeah i’ve traveled a bit aren’t you to get here well this is my area would you the officer that was dealing with another case that it was on about it’s irrelevance isn’t it i’m just wondering just because i’m part of i didn’t want to waste your time you know i don’t want to waste his colleague’s time on duty i’m here anyway all i’m going to say cheers if you’re flying legal in and lawfully absolutely no issue no problem if you’re not obviously then i’ll come back and speak to you yeah okay so if you do like i’m saying to this colleague all this is about it’s trying to get identity and that’s all it is that’s fine you know it’s not about you know just trying to see if it’s safe and illegal it’s just about identity okay but i will come and check for your operator id and your flyer id if it’s a drone that requires it okay thank you appreciate it i have a good one you’re off as well oh yeah i’m gonna go will you enjoy yourselves seeing a bit sergeant i think they like me too much why didn’t you get we’ll get the microphone in i might be able to pick up the sound a bit better stop it and plug this in grab a little talk with him i was going to say why here you could teach these guys about you know law on the drones different weight drain weights on the drones exactly so it’s best to inform them just so they know for the future in case anyone does fly a drone they know how to handle with it and maybe explain to that one about how to speak to members of public like you and her did yeah yeah really well it would be a bit easier without your face much more i’m struggling to get some what you’re saying oh it’s fine i’ve got to drive my dry mouth as well so it doesn’t help but yeah i said you guys are all good except for the one in the middle attitude at the beginning all i was trying to do was establish what you were here to do that was all yeah it’s just how you handled it okay all i was trying to do was establish just take it as a learning curve you know i mean i don’t need to learn anything thank you oh see it’s that attitude and that ego really i want to just take on the chin and just you know and then i have a good one guys but yeah like i said you guys know what you’re doing it’s just how she did it and hopefully she’ll learn for the future [Music]

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