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Nottingham Bridges Documentary #notts


The Bridges of Nottingham. Many bridges extend across the River Trent in the city of Nottingham. Each one is vastly different. Come along for the ride as I take a Wind E-scooter me for a documentary vlog adventure to explore them and their history. Follow the Our Curious World PODCAST on your favourite podcast, search “Our Curious World” and click Subscribe.

This Documentary about Nottingham’s Bridges is an informative video, which gives insight into the history of Nottingham’s key access points throughout history, presented and produced by Kristian Lander, who gently grips your attention, to the magnificent, royally appointed opening of Clifton bridge by Princess Alexandria. Delivering an interesting factual journey into Nottingham’s Bridge Building History and highlighting the Clifton Bridge Cracks, including the traffic routes.

The presenter wished to give us an aerial view, but shows restraint with his drone and obeys the laws with power lines in close proximity.

Wilford Toll Bridge, we hear, also to my surprise.. WAS , an ACTUAL TOLL BRIDGE! I never thought of it in a practical, profitable sense, of its name.. silly me.. ,I learnt this info, and lots more detailed historic local stories more than i mentioned here.. give him a watch and thanks for reading!

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