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Nottingham Craft Beer Festival 2022 #beer


#beer #festival #draught #nottingham #craft 2022

jagman shane liam somewhere around who is it and i’m behind the camera navigation brewery craig chief brewer mr craft beer basic pomona island siren craft look at their beers blue [Music] [Music] let’s miss distillery [Music] yeah black irish brewery [Music] [Applause] good morning sam sorry hi spoon [Music] back to emperor’s brewery again a bunch of beers here linear brewing company still going strong mrs over there just there [Music] basically there it is it’s a clone it’s everywhere and here he is mr crummy beard hey live live fruit the craft beer festival here he is a number of the nottingham legends there’s two together jackman’s here again with that liam’s back castle rock brewery look at these legends amity brew company north brewing and look at that barley wine it’s our [Music] are you steaming no mate not steaming no oxton liqueur company he’s brewing here’s all the music and whatnot so look at it absolutely brimming with people good evening christopher [Music] [Applause] obviously brew york again very stunning jesus liquid lines oh i walked into a cooking camp [Music] wildcard brewery [Music] [Music] soda craft beer basics in here again yeah it’s got lots of clones around neon raptor in the background and uh if i can spin the camera and here we are we’re at the cafe festival me liam jackman maggie how are we doing brother hey we’re here we’re rocking it losing since eleven this morning we’re all good we’re not steaming else yes it’s not normal spin it around today hey all you people you should be coming in next year we’ll have a great day cheers as you can see glasshouse came in at the last minute but they’ve done a [ __ ] good job see you soon everyone cheers

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