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#Nottingham Rugby Man of the Match vs Coventry SH4

Nottingham Rugby News – Coventry – Man Of the Match

scotty mate man on the match on friday how was the game bud uh yeah well first of all absolutely delighted to get the win um i think it’s been a long time coming for us um the past few weeks obviously we’ve been a good performance but not quite got the result so uh yeah just hugely proud to get the win yeah we’ve been battling against the big boys haven’t we took a couple of tough games against jersey and uh eating at our place i think we’ve really turned the bay into a bit of a jungle as we like to call it aren’t we yeah i think uh when you look at the rest of the season we’ve got three games at home ideally we’re looking at three wins there um i think it’s massive for us moving forward and it sort of sets the tone for what we want to move into with these final sort of five games and then this week we’re off on the road to scottish looking for our first win away we still haven’t gotten yet have we no no uh it’s a huge area for us we want to get that away win so uh yeah we’ve targeted this as an opportunity to go and get that win um and yeah hopefully we can back up our performance from friday and uh i’m going to get another five points happy with the madam match show on friday yeah i’ll take it um you know there’s a few boys out there that have been running around scoring a lot of tries uh it was nice to see that some well whoever picked them under the match uh can appreciate the dark arts see what the big boys are up to yeah exactly cheers buddy have a good day

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