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you guess uh I wouldn’t put it when this gentleman here hello there sir can I do a quick interview with you about uh what you’re doing yeah sure brilliant so what are you doing then P where where are you from oh sorry I’m from Nottingham online okay yeah so we’re here we’re uh socialist appeal the Nottingham branch of socialist appeal we’re here to find uh people interested in communism and communist ideas and educate them in those ideas and build a revolutionary Communist Party obviously you can see on our paper we’ve got uh our front issue is all about Gaza the situation the genocide that’s happening there we’re presenting a communist perspective on the way forward and we’re trying to educate people in these ideas uh so that we can offer a real solution to the crisis cuz right now there is no solution you know all they’re talking about is a ceasefire which the Israelis have already broken within the first you know hour a couple days sorry excuse me yeah who broke the ceasefire on the 7th of October that yeah Hamas but do you think it started on the 7th of October it’s been going for ask you something as the representative of Nottingham for socialist appeal yeah you are in a free Society but you’re advertizing for the ideology of Communism abis absolutely what are the benefits of socialism and communism freedom freedom for the individual freedom for workers to have an actual ownership over their own conditions to have a say in how their own life takes place I mean look around right now you can walk down the street you can find people at houses you can find workers who who they paying conditions are going down they’ve got no control over their own life communism is the way they have no control over their own life they that is a lie is it of course they have what control are do you is this your your main job do you what what do you have another job then that you work at or no no I don’t work okay have you have you worked in uh in other jobs before yes of course well what other jobs have you done I’ve done on SEO search engine optimization yeah and when you worked in that did you have a say over how your workplace functioned yes did you did did you have a vote over who your boss was oh yeah of course really wow that’s I don’t I can tell you I can tell you I don’t because obviously if I don’t want to work there I don’t work there anymore that’s the choice the choice is what okay either worko but then you have to find somewhere else you have to find somewhere else you know what choice is and the choice is me this question Cho is this inter work or Star do they have a well of course it’s work or star of course it is and you’re defending you think that’s a good system okay so in the communist country you don’t have to work no no no no you have ownership question I’m asking you a question do you have to work in a communist country yeah for for a certain amount of time what do you work for for yourself for your own conditions well not quite not quite because the proceeds of your labor goes to society not to yourself oh and I’m sorry where do the proceeds of my labor currently go to some capitalist who sits on them and does nothing he he he sits on one almost a billion excuse me EXC MEC and the rest of do not be jealous yet of success jealous of success George Bezos or Jeff Bezos okay unfortunately for you and me and everybody else that he was competing with worked a lot harder than you he worked a lot hard that he had a million pound loan from his dad harder than your dad oh yeah yeah really really my dad didn’t have a million pound to give me why not why not why not he made bad choices your dad must and my dad must have made bad choices for us not to be the sons of millionaires but for you to be in the middle of city center of Nottingham a free country and to advertise Comm M I believe that is a hypoc walk in hypocrisy because under your communist state under your socialist State there would be no opportunity for people to be against it would they absolutely not that’s complete fabrication mate do you do you have a choice who’s your choice at the moment Tor or or the St or sta they’re the exact same they do the exact same position you have no choice mate our choice is V vote for one politician that [ __ ] us over or another politician everyone has a choice you talk about choices but you have a choice to leave yeah where can I go where can I go complaining about a free country you’re a free country no one’s holding you here hostage all right anyway it’s been a pleasure man I’m asking you a question I’m not interested in why don’t you go and live in Cuba why don’t you go and live in Venezuela under an embargo that’s been under about why don’t you go there personally because I want to live in my own country and have it have freedom why is it your own country because of Communism no cuz I was born here because of capitalism is your own country mate no do you know who owns this country it’s Rupert Murdoch it’s Rupert Murdo owns England yeah he owns the media he owns uh you know he’s one of the media bar that owns media purchase papers own the media the people decide the people decide what’s popular the people decide every single day in Nottingham the people decide capitalism is better than socialism how dare you be in this free country promoting that you’re a hypocrite thank you well you’re a hypocrite thank you very much thank you very much thank you very much free Palestine into victory for socialist Federation mid League what does infat mean means revolution means fighting it’s a shaking off okay so it’s War do you think no it’s a re reu let me ask you a question then did hamus declare war yes they did yes they did yes they did they didama all my ham hamus hamus declared war no yes he did yes he did yes they did war or or no don’t know what get new no news from let me talk to you then let me talk to you you say that Hamas is a good thing for for Palestine yes not saying that okay so Hamas is a bad thing yeah abely we Hamas does not promot that’s not that’s not you a question what is vict question Victory I’m answering your question you know what an inter is an inter it’s the whole Palestinian people coming up and throwing off the oppression they’ve been living under for 75 years they haven’t yes they have Israel left in 2005 did he really okay question how many listen how many Jews how many Jews how many Jews are there in in Libya how many Jews are there in Syria how many Jews are there in Iraq how many Jews are there in Gaza I give me give me your answer I don’t know the statistics on that why not cuz well I know that I do know this Israel you know declared war in a Six Day War on all these other Arab Nations uh they they they attacked them they they bomb them they had this war they attack that were lined upon their borders to attack them and as a result all of the tanks were land upon the borders of Israel to attack and then Israel preemptively struck yeah and is there you go how did is begin so let me ask you a question let me ask you a question as a state are you against Israel we are against the aparti state of Israel as it currently exists absolutely a socialist Federation of the whole Middle East for Arabs for Jews for Christians for Muslim for everyone that exist what does from the river to the sea mean it means a free Palestine for I got no sympathy for have done what they done to the then they would not get that for peace look how many people are going to die Israel should not be boming innocent children Israel should not be doing that but but Hamas declared war Hamas declared war h deed War there no excuse there no excuse for raping innoc there no excuse Germany and everyone else you have to you have to move on move on Russia came they’ve tried peace with them they don’t want it they want Israel wiped off the face of the Earth they want freedom the IDF is is bombing Gaza he’s killed 140,000 people someone launch 5,000 flipping Rockets over your board you let me ask you a question let me ask you a question okay talking about um um Israel’s collateral damage that they they’ve impacted in search of their hostages that were taken by Hamas those hostages were taken by Hamas they have bombed their own hostages release the hostages release the hostages release the hostages release the hostages release the hostages release the his release the hostages release the hostages release the hostages release the Israeli children release the Israeli children thank you very much thank you very much seems to be a very passionate debate at the moment in Nottingham people often talking about their own personal perspectives and of course everybody’s welcome to their personal perspective but when it comes to right when it comes to um what’s right and wrong we can all agree that on both sides they’ve done things wrong you know I would a on the side of um saying that Hamas are the most brutal and uh ruthless terrorism organization has ever been and they should never be supported and anybody who’s supporting them should also not be supported that’s just my opinion anyway I just catch it as it happens

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