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that’s what it looks like it’s beautiful so one and he ended up buying stuff for 111 pounds what do you think about that i’m broken this before [Music] [Music] [Music] oh you’re not gonna take the big one you’re full guys we’re at derby right now and we’re waiting for our bus to nottingham yes we meant to get the train to nottingham basically but it’s got replaced by the bus so we’re gonna jump on the bus yeah and yeah we’re gonna get to nottingham um so it’s been quite a long delayed day today so it’s been a bit annoying we’ll soon get there soon come see a cup of tea and we need a coffee as well and a coffee and a strawberry yeah we’re looking forward to vlog not enough for you we never been as well so it’s gonna be brand new to be fresh and we’re gonna see all the best places and we went on like some like tourist travel tips to try to tick off every single thing that’s good and not and arriving and just go in there blindly so we’re looking forward to showing you that then so stay tuned for that we’re on our way to the nottingham castle we’re four minutes away we’re at this little nice little this little pub here nice little walk to be fair yeah we gotta walk up this hill then we should be getting a lot more closer so it looks like we’re finally here at the entrance probably need to show our booking references now that we’re about two hours late but we see how it goes looks like freebies right now freebies right now i think we’re gonna have a look up there in the main castle and then we’re gonna go to the caves so it’s going to be really fun but this is obviously the main vlog it’s just parts of the day that we’re showing you we just decided to check this place out because it’s one of the first one that’s here this is you can pretty much see the whole night and i’m not looks like that i’ll be able to see so very windy frozen we’re gonna see inside the palace now and then we’re gonna see the caves after the dungeons [Music] it’s amazing [Music] these are all the buildings historical buildings oh is it part of it that’s crazy that’s part of the niche you all that’s pretty unique that’s quite cool so yeah our main actual reason to go on nottingham castle was to visit this cave tour so right now we’re in a waiting room so quite so fast it’s got a bit of history the whole castle’s pretty much our gallery we just found out but right now we’re just waiting for some tour guide people i guess and they’re going to take us down to the nottingham caves hopefully there’s meant to be stairs and all that sort of stuff as well unless it’s just this yeah i’m really excited for the cave like we went into the museum a bit we’ve seen bits and bobs but we wanted to come here first that was a priority of course no one’s here but we’re about 20 minutes early so we set our goals oh what show you there and people and underneath priests amongst our private space to keep you know religious treasures artwork have a private place to pray and it’s also where bodies would be prepared for burial we think the entrance would have been a tunnel that comes in behind that brick guys this is what nottingham looks like in the night it’s beautiful kai’s enjoying it the weather’s a bit shitty big dilemma right now i know so we never we don’t know but we’re thinking of doing buff but maybe taking it in because first of all nando’s has like 15 25 minutes wait and taco bell is just a bit talk about we went in there and it gave us like some boujee vibes like people are actually a bit vacant there so we might get that on delivery so we might get to do we might also might get nano some delivery right now we’re in the queue but it’s like we might just eff it off and just get it under in the delivery again yeah we might get two types of routes but yeah but it’s just because we we’re really home buddies like we really like staying in to be fair like not our wild wild ones exactly we got certain books but we don’t really have enough books right now so no the plans will be all over the place so yeah that’s what it looks like it’s beautiful so guys taco bell came watching geordie shore and yeah we’re going to show you the food when we unwrap it so excited to munch hopefully it’s good so guys this is what we bought we got churros fries tacos crunch tacos soft tacos and a burrito so i got this burrito it’s like a bean brie oh i think it’s called is it this is the layer one yeah the the seven layer burrito with the beans in it and then we’ve got chips with nacho cheese and then yeah all our tacos so we’re going to munch beautiful i’ll let you guys know bean burger’s beautiful so far we’re going to munch and we’re going to let you know how it is so we’re sorry guys it was meant to actually block us eating but as you can see we were starving so finally she yammed up that burrito it was perfect it was i feel like it was about i’ll give it like an 8.5 out of 10 or maybe even a nine like it was it was paying but the soft taco and i don’t know i feel like it was quite basic it was missing south you think salsa yeah it’s missing south side yeah we always make classic salsa and it was it did taste pretty basic so i’ll give that like five out of ten or something or whatever i’d still give it higher because it just missing one ingredient i’ll give it about five four would you give it i wrote seven you’ll get guys do you need to try the fries the fries that were mad that bro if if you’re not used to if you’re not used to loads of like what is it period period i don’t know it doesn’t that used to loads of periscope it was so like that though you’re probably gonna have you’re probably gonna think it’s an overload because it is a lot we’re used to that and we couldn’t it still was quite it still was quite a lot what do you think you know what i mean by that but we like for me it was like quite it’s overpowering but it still tastes really nice but it tastes like really like unhealthy it tastes like really like flavored like like seasoned like to the map i guess obviously taco bell is sort of american so maybe that’s obvious that’s how they do it there they don’t really care about the house but i don’t really care about these extra things normally in america there’s care and the taste so i feel like that’s what it’s like it that’s how it is here in taco bell but we loved it you just had a soft all of them want us to enjoy it though yeah it is really nice i know what the hype’s about yeah i know what the height is about as well it it does make you feel bougie as well i know why there’s boujee in the store it doesn’t make people share his burrito with me so i’m a bit angry with that because i did want to try the burrito but greedy quite ate it all to himself of course i didn’t share it but i was really really hungry walking the whole day you haven’t saw the vlog how much we’ve been walking it’s been a crazy mad one but yeah this is how they’re stuck this is what i had a soft tackle which i rated a five out of ten we just have the more vegetarian ones really so that might be the reason as well but yeah but it’s very makeup very basic well we got this as well and then there’s like kind of like nutella chocolate in here so we’re gonna try these as well and see how it is so we’re still eating that chorizo whatever it’s called that chorizo terrazzo i don’t know that dessert that with the chocolate that’s a 10 out of 10. that is a that made up for all of the food that is that made up for all of the food tomorrow i’m getting more i’m getting away more and it’s expensive as well though it’s like three pounds i think it’s like two pounds or something you know i mean it should just get two she’s like one pound each i swear it’s like that but it’s worth it though it’s actually worth it it’s worth it to at least try it once or a couple of times and guys we’ve got some snacks right wow we’ve only got we don’t really have that much snack i bought like four things it’s just it’s just like for a little bedtime bedtime snacks some vinegar [Applause] [Applause] and then obviously we got we’ve been having a bit of pop so we switched it off we got a little bit of water strawberry water water just uh you know we’re probably gonna stay in now basically our hotel are we probably gonna just it’s too cold it’s been raining it’s been raining it’s been terrible ever to be fair there was nothing for the 18 pluses we got cider borderline cider got a few carrots we’ve got id’d standard there’s loads of young people in them so maybe we’ve got some geordie shore we’ve been catching up with it we are really tired though to be fair because we’re walking all day you you guys ever still in the vlog you just store like little tiny snippets we haven’t caught an ubra or boat or taxi or bus or tram once we literally been walking around all over the place we are hurting tomorrow we’re going to go shopping and then we’re going to do a little excursion as well so we’re going and we’re going to do what what is it the city of caves so it was recommended as well so we’re gonna try it out i think there’s only cheap like five pounds or just something to do to break the day up a bit but yeah and we was gonna show you the caves in the castle but we still got what footage of that yeah we didn’t vlog too much because it was quite rude because the girl was talking it was very informative she’s just talking about the caves she’s talking about like the history behind the caves stuff like that so it just looked a little bit inside that you probably guys already saw it already but yeah it wasn’t too much just wanted to do little clips of it just to show you kind of what we’re doing sort of throughout the day yeah we didn’t want to make it too boring so we’re definitely looking forward to do the shopping and like 100 more food maybe nando’s maybe five guys maybe something else we’re gonna have to see yeah you guys want to see that so we’ll catch up with you soon guys we’re gonna finish off our geordie shore yep we’re on season 14 episode yeah it looks beautiful guys there’s like a fire there but there’s people sitting there so i can’t really show you and stuff but it looks beautiful so we’re gonna go out for breakfast which i know whatever we want taco bell again we don’t know what we want because i want the dessert he’s saying it’s too early for the dessert and then we’re going to there see your face yeah see okay we might look at that we might love the caves but we’re not sure because sometimes it’s a bit quiet so yeah we might like do a little clip of it but it goes obviously we didn’t you know we didn’t get to stay as well so we don’t really need to really play but it’s probably going to be the same sort of people it should be without and then after that we’re thinking of going to the tourist square and then see where it is [Music] so we walked long and hard about 10 minute walks we’re very exhausted we’re tired but i hope you guys can see that now yeah now i just want the chips as [Music] yeah and then trying to get the grits chorizo i’m gonna get this so one yeah and then just a drink what drink chicken i don’t know this is the drinks oh tango apple yeah ah tango apple uh large or should i get a medium actually you sure yeah pop you up in the morning it’s weird because it looks like you press cookie yeah yeah that’s it this is our order yeah two of them one of them one of these and these [Music] that tells you a bit about the history when you go down here and if you look down there as well like you have a look down there it’s crazy it looks amazing though this is the stairs it’s like indiana jones vibes right now but uh yeah it’s really enjoying it so far yeah and then that ordeal box tanner’s history so she plays it just short breaks take the dinner tells you about it gives you like a time stamp like playing you guys can see that but yeah literally just in the cave that’s what sure we’re doing right now with some history we walk through here this part’s pretty low but uh if you walk through here you’ll see more potholes where they would have made stuff i don’t know so guys were at the airaid shelter i’m just chilling these are the little toilets they’ve got all this here and they have the helmets please do not touch love oh what did it say oh the gas mask that helmets like put that on to make sure they’re okay that’s my helmet i think oh is that the radius oh and then you got some papers from the from back but this is that she’s stuck on back in the day that’s quite that’s what it says don’t touch it but it’s like yeah right look at their little like toys toys and like that’s what kids used to play with back in the day it’s crazy though this is amazing this part is great and this is how to put your gas mask on now like this part is probably my favorite part so far in the caves yes same bit more history do you think this is worth to come to i think it’s i think i think it was only like seven pounds five to five to ten pounds somewhere around that each i think it was like seven or six so if you come nothing going definitely give the city up but it’s hard to find yeah it is it’s it’s by um it’s like a yellow greenish building it’s like a cafe it’s kind of off as well you gotta go downstairs all the way down all the way down all the way down the stairs you turn a right and then you’ll see it it will say seat of caves but it’s really hard to find you’re trying to find it probably ask around some of them some people that’s what we’ve done it was really hard to find so this is the fire alarm so would that be the fire alarm or would that be like when the when there’s going to be like bombing so to let let people know like it’s coming it’s coming it’s coming like you know i mean hurry up go on christopher history go on come on boy now we gotta put the tights up at this part yep 24. this is just the cave part so all of you like you can see everything this looks quite cool bit scared if i drop the camera try to let them guys go for the bus like because they keep like stuff in the start yeah so we want them to like walk far ahead of us so then we can like walk around spend as long as we want but i don’t think there’s much people behind us [Music] so we’re just doing primark because she needs some makeup wipes and her socks are coming down so she needs some thicker socks so looking in the shoe section try to search for these socks which look like they’re here so guys i’ve got these sassy socks some kappa socks and then just the oval cosmetic pack what about oh and my thermal velvet plush guys if you felt the inside of this you would love it you would actually love it i’m gonna go down to the tool now so we’re in for i’m broken great stuff so we did cash out a lot as you can see but right now we’re in starbucks because we’re just idiots so we just like spending that money so this is starbucks right now she’s gonna get green [Music] tea um something like that i’m gonna try it out so fingers crossed that’s nice but yeah we’ve been cashing out those on this day but it is our valentine’s period so we want to treat ourselves we’re inviting them obviously we’re gonna leave the next few hours so we didn’t get to go to the square shopping center because we spent all our time in starbucks so that’s great we wanted to try that out but this could be the last sort of clips we still might get talked about we might board it to our hotel area um lobby and we’re here in our lobby because our love is really close to the train station and then get our train for yeah but keep you informed of how this green machiato tastes and we’ll probably show you what we got as well later in the video so now we got it she recommended what did you say with the matcha green so i’m gonna try this it tastes very healthy not much kick to it it was at this moment that she knew she up a bit more a bit more what’s this what is it what is it though [Music] yeah so guys we’re back at home kyle is tired he doesn’t know what to do he doesn’t know what to say we’re both exhausted go home though so yeah and kyle went on a splurge guys in primark i thought i was the only one buying stuff but i guess not he ended up buying stuff for 111 pounds what do you think about that i’m broke your so just to show you brief what we bought in prima we bought a few socks cardboard few boxes and socks he bought few gym tops few short bought a bag um makeup wipes which we’ve seen and basically that’s pretty much it my boyfriend is exhausted a good valentine it was great we loved it we want to stay there more we want to live in nottingham basically talk about it was just something magical you loved it didn’t you yeah talk about three times three times three guys so that’s three different parts per day we had it for breakfast lunch and dinner literally over two days but now we’re back we bought loads of stuff and we’re gonna enjoy the rest of our valentine’s day we’re gonna have a look we’re gonna have a soda yeah we’re gonna have a few ciders we’re literally probably not gonna do much now i know i’m just tired tired but maybe like order something maybe watch some netflix and let’s just chill yeah i want jordan sure like so we’re gonna sign off here hope you enjoyed the vlog but if you enjoyed it make sure you like make sure you comment down below make sure you smash the subscribe button and make sure you turn your post notifications on like always peace [Music]

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