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Vintage Record Shops In Nottingham Vlog


vintage record shops in nottingham vlog zZWWhYAuto
Vintage Record Shops in Nottingham City British English Vlog

okay, folks, this is part two of our record shopping trip in Nottingham this is hertz yard and we’re going to one of the best record shops in Nottingham his open which is rob’s record mart which is just down here and it’s one of those places where if you’ve never been you’ve got to go in looks a bit of a mess at times but bob’s a lovely bloke and you know where everything is he’s happy to have a chat with you nothing as always I’m not going to like a record inside [Music] so anything that we get will be put on a later video feels he really looks like he needs 50p so here we are robs [Music] so we need the video here and the only thing we will get we’ll put on a later video because i don’t want to record inside in case we’ll get offended

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