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Nottingham Murder Stabbing and Public Safety Reality Check.


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A general look at the way the media is covering the recent murder in Nottingham. #knifecrime #stabbing #crime

Police officers at the Maid Marian Way junction of Upper Parliament Street in Nottingham, as police have put in place multiple road closures in Nottingham as officers deal with an ongoing serious incident. The Nottingham Express Transit (NET) tram network said it has suspended all services due to “major police incidents around the city and suburbs”. Picture date: Tuesday June 13, 2023. (Photo by Jacob King/PA Images via Getty Images)

The recent tragic reminder of the price of living with no laws to protect yourself in the UK!

The most recent event in which Ian Coates, Grace Kumar and her fellow student Barnaby Webber were all fatally stabbed multiple times “from head to toe” in the streets of Nottingham, by an armed and determined killer, only time will tell….and a judge or jury…what the ramifications to british life this case will be.

The alleged killer’s actions destroyed other people’s lives and have taken loved ones from their family, for no apparent reason, other than the fact they were the first people who he allegedly encountered….that …i imagine… fitted the bill for his campaign…..unsuspecting and unaware of the the present danger.

To say a man is unwell mentally, is not for me or anyone to decide outside a court of law, and as this case has just begun in the investigative stages, I assume that my speculations will be READ as an abstract general birdseye view in hindsight at societal level trends and perceptions, at a glance, looking toward Nottingham’s future.

The obvious effects on the residents within Nottingham may be apparent, and the unsafe environment we all have experienced is definitely now confirmed as not paranoia …now it is in FACT a REALITY in Nottingham…We have seen a similar cowardice act in the news after the disgusting and hate filled murder of the poor Clifton family and her children.. this is the latest shocking event in Nottingham relating to multiple death incidents.

It is no surprise that people are becoming more and more afraid of the unknown stranger/neighbour who approaches you in the street….wisely so…it feels.

This type of cold and calculated, seemingly random attack, which is already being spun in the media as an isolated occurrence of the “mentally unwell man”, who just so happened to then allegedly be described in local newspapers by his neighbours, as intelligent and polite.

I read somewhere that an investigation into the police will be occurring for having been behind him for 30-60 seconds and…get ready!!……… that MAY has CAUSED>> him >> to >>run OVER PEOPLE?? WHAT is wrong with the world??

The Propaganda Machine covering the Open borders and Be Kind Crew are out in full force, protecting themselves from the Backlash of their nonsensical rhetoric coming home to roost.

This is a psychologically maddening premise, giving the opportunity to praise and sway the court case, which is on them….. in MY opinion from what I have garnered absorbing the media’s coverage, it is one single harmonic chorus of nothing burgers and be kind sauce.

Most of the reports will have you thinking that these situations, although ‘rare’ ……is something which is completely part of life and we should all accept it and move on,….and especially we all need to be mindful not to offend anyone by being upset or angry…at all…whilst we imagine what would be the case if the circumstances were of a different…polar opposite scenario…..would it be “let’s be kinder to each other” …..

We are being ordered as a result, to remain silent and subdued.. not vigilant…not heard… not vocalised… not angry…, but if you were to browse twitter for the brother of a victim,you might discover that not all the victim’s family members feel the same…

We are being mass coerced to say nothing resembling resolving these kind of issues with society, just joyful of the opportunity to spread love and life with the lovely potentially next armed immigrant and non armed residents of Nottingham.

Maybe a thorough investigation will determine that the main contributing factors were being in the unfortunate situation of needing more hugs as a child or accidentally fell during a hug, blacked out and woke up in the driver’s seat? The news stealthily mentioning how the police kept him on the floor beneath officers for 11 minutes… as if that fact was relevant.

I believe that being overly assumptive in this situation is stupid in the first place!…that would be evil and terrible!!

You cannot upset this Trial either by speculating on the outcomes..

This already cloudy and distorted story has all the signs of a Government Managed Media Containment situation…in a sick plot of reality-check-cover-ups and virtue signalling-silence, ……”SSHHH BE KIND!

We are witnessing the blood of the innocent, begin to spill over the hands of the “refugees welcome” and “open Borders” collective and they now play emperor’s new clothes with a straight face…invalidating any anger anyone feels about this horrific reminder of the dangers of living in “any big city”….with the emotional trauma…People Do not Feel Safe…, it is forgiving of any person living in the community that took the loss…to feel a sense of anger at another human beings actions.. to feel concerned for everyone’s sense of safety….but SHHH we must stay quiet and be at peace.. no protests.. no shouting for justice… just silent subjects being shamed by left wing lambs….for the crime of pointing at the wolf.

I believe that if the media are already suggesting that the alleged murderer only ran those people over as a result of the police being behind him, they are already suggesting his feelings of being profiled somehow contributes to an inevitable mitigation expelling his crimes!

Maybe they will delve into the very first time someone may have dropped somebodies’ ice cream as a child and how that could contribute significantly to somebodies’ out of character….”episode”.

I hope their idealistic self deluding labour voting hands stain red from the victim’s blood.

R.I.P the victims and my sincerest condolences to their Families and Friends.

My message to you all is be safe, and don’t be a fool and think this incident will be the last of this kind of attack!

Finally, Police Catch Him/Her/They/Them/

So my feelings of frustration, anger and resentment lie within my thoughts and emotions connected to the victims themselves, and their friends and family…the local community and how dangerous and intimidating the streets have become in Nottingham, for all!

…ahem….Notice the Change of Attire…double jogging day was it?

The motives in the attack are unknown….and especially looking at the time it was carried out.., will leave many questions…

Maybe we can see who someone was subscribed to ……..and who anybody looked to ……for inspiration or encouragement.

I would assume and hope that investigating any suspect will go some way to reveal if on Facebook groups and whatsapp groups anyone may have frequented. there was any encouragement….in Nottingham by any groups someone was a member of…the Social Media Posts anyone watched that day… may all hold vital clues to the motives…to have a narrow but insightful look at a frame of mind and company nobody kept…. that lead to this merciless massacre.

Self defeating propaganda rendering the average public resident without any defence against these attacks in the future.

So this whole “unpredictable” nightmare all ended with multiple deaths and injuries to innocent members of the public, again!…. the alleged culprit even remembering to allegedly say “i want a doctor” “give me a doctor now!” , such an interesting unconfirmed report, let’s hope he gets the care he needs, soon! ####%%^%^^£$%””%£

The alleged suspect has been detained by Nottingham Police,

and for some reason, the Police Force Online Team decided to use a misleading stock photo image which allegedly was showing the confirmation of the suspect in cuffs, but the photograph was entirely inaccurate and false in it’s representation of the offender being in cuffs, which was not a surprise, but it was totally not reflecting the suspects description, which i believe, wasn’t because they had no other stock photos, which were more fitting, but because they are already blacking out the media coverage, Beware if you are on the streets of the UK and especially Nottingham, I have a feeling, there may be a lot more metal in pockets than the Nottingham Post would have you believe!

I do not encourage you to think as I do, I wish to hear your thoughts also!

Simply email me here

I am sure the use of the photograph is a perfectly normal inconsequential coincidence, which certainly created confusion and wonder about the Police Social Media Team’s inability to differentiate between the identity of human beings, which ironically,….is all they seem to care about nowadays!

Now we are being told not to hold any hatred in our hearts, towards any particular groups, which is true, also extremely….extreeeemely impressive emotional strength from a parent mourning just a couple days after the horrific MURDER of her child…..

The knife was thrust so many times into the victims that one person who arrived at the scene described it as “from head to toe”, the nature of the attack and the motivations have not been established, because for whatever reason, there MUST be some explanation that resolves of any guilt the established narratives we are fed, nothing about anyone’s intentions, reasoning, or lack of compassion, cold killing and determined assault upon innocent victims is mentioned or commented upon….”VICIOUS” is missing from every article i read!

You will not hear about the similarities in these types of cases, disenfranchised lunatics, media blackout.

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