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all righty we are now here still in nottingham at oxford lane police station i haven’t seen any police vehicles around so i don’t know if it’s very busy station or not so they have the nottingham constabulary flag and the union flag and an empty flagpole already being watched by one person out of a window and that’s where we are oxford lane in nottingham oh nice to keep saying oxford sorry ox close ox close lane oh dear what a numpty so we’ve got uh people peering at us through that window over there i think he’s ducked out [Music] i can’t really see him on camera but yeah somebody peeking at me peeking at them so this is the front entrance here and it’s really neat to clean because i can barely read that due to ongoing review of police front counters across nottinghamshire there may be some disruption to opening hours at various stations where possible we will continue to offer counter service in line with our advertised opening hours however if the doors are locked please contact us using the yellow phone outside alternatively radford road front counter on radford road is open from 8 to 8 daily you can also contact us by dialing 101 blah blah we apologize for any inconvenience a 24 hour service is available at central police station north church street okay and meet your local beat that’s uh it’s just so bloody filthy but this is the yellow phone out the front they have all that information in braille but i think yeah the door’s locked knew it would be absolutely know it the royal mail they will come and pick it up when somebody when they uh pick up the yellow phone [Music] hmm since 2015 it’s been a while but yeah it’s been closed to the public but i see a police car park around this side so we’re gonna go have a little look at that see some marked vehicles there we go so got a mark vehicle there and a van down that way there’s not a lot of marked vehicles in here we’ve got another couple of the couple down that way we’ve got another van there a car parked next to it i do have a visitors car park this fan has just been left running it’s the price of fuel ain’t expensive or anything is it at the moment so this one’s interesting it doesn’t have any sirens on the top of it so i wonder if that’s a pcso vehicle i’m not sure you see that those ones there do you have the sirens on the top interesting what’s that little red sign say on there oh that’s interesting so i’ve uh i’ve seen stickers above the fuel cap to tell them what fuel goes in it before that red sticker there says uh tells you the psi for the or the bar depending on which one you want to use for the rear tires which is cool but other than that there’s still a lot of vehicles in the car park just not really any marked ones only those four that i can see all the others are unmarked perhaps personal perhaps undercover who knows so yeah i don’t know i don’t think we’re necessarily going to get any marked vehicles coming in or out of this one oh no sorry i tell a lie there’s five vehicles there’s another marked one down behind that trap either so that makes it five altogether yeah so i’m not impressed with that engine just sat there running i’m assuming it belongs to that chat down there is just yapping away but it’s not good it’s got no sign writing on the side of it so i’m not sure if it is a police vehicle or not yeah yeah i would say it’s it’s uh the sirens off on the top there is a reason the van’s running okay he says yeah there is interesting so yeah we’ll uh see if we can do a freedom of information request on whether or not the van needs to be idling in order to um i know charge any equipment or anything so my guess is the uh fans just sat running she’s just gone and got in it now fans just sat running because he didn’t want to turn it off so yeah hopefully we’ll get the uh van coming out or doing something at least turning the engine off oh no not for anybody i’m just waiting hold on what do you mean i can’t hear you if you want to talk to me you’ll have to come over well i can’t hear you well if you’re in a rush and carry on i don’t want i don’t want to hold you up if you’re in a rush i don’t you’re a police officer okay adam have you seen me before oh you don’t come here that often oh no me either uh yes yeah oh here we go perfect this is exactly what i wanted so yeah [Music] it’s polite oh [Music] yeah so it was a pc578 um he was polite enough you know he obviously wanted to know what i was doing but he wasn’t rude about it and uh this is the van that was just sat in a car park idling [Music] wasting our hard-earned taxes on just sat there burning fuel so yeah there we go anyway that was ox close station not oxford ox close lane i need to learn to read or actually pay attention to what i’m reading uh so we’ve got a couple of vehicles coming out one on blues which doesn’t happen all that often let me tell you uh yeah pc578 did guess that what i was doing was for youtube so i’m not gonna say anymore he was saying about somebody with autism who used to go to the headquarters here and film vehicles going in and out yeah all in all not bad not bad so i think um nobody poor is quite local to nottingham i think he does a lot of videos in nottingham and i think he’s visited all of the police stations so i don’t know what we’re going to get out of them hopefully a lot of good responses hopefully no drama oh yeah the plan is i’m going to do round robin of the police stations and that today and then tomorrow going to do the job centers and city center and so and we’ll see how that goes until the next one guys like comment and subscribe stay safe zara so we are now here still in longam and we’ve made our way over to radford road police station so as we saw at the ox close one it said on the board this one is open eight till eight you can see that the door is open interesting so they’ve uh in response to us i’ve put this up there’s a couple of people in there so i’ll wait for them to finish their business before i go in [Music] so yeah just a couple of chaps there at the front counter so we’ll wait for them to finish with their business at the counter go have a little look around and then we’ll head down around the back there i think and find the car park that’s interesting i’ve not seen that before at a police station uh old yeah exhaust tower thing okay so those traps are done there inside now so they have a toilet here at rockford bros it’s a very small counter area hmm vernon did that for the public hmm a nice map of nottingham oh you’re right licensed oh you gave it i’ll put it in it my bad yeah before all right this is interesting hmm sorry i’ll speed this bit up for you guys i’m just having a read there we go interesting so notice i’ve got uh that one up in here as well and they got cute little doggies well as the police dogs that’s interesting so i’ve got quite a few different police dogs based here lovely and yeah that’s everything really there we go it’s a radford road police station interesting so despite the numerous signs up saying that you know people recording will be asked to leave there were two people working behind the desk neither of whom asked me to leave didn’t even engage and interact so this is pretty much what i was expecting from nottingham police stations considering nobody nobody poor is very local and has done these a lot yeah so the way around there we go there’s an unmarked one i’ve got quite a few unmarked vehicles by the looks of it i wonder how many of those in the car park are unmarked and uh karen there is going to tell on me i think oh dear the passenger’s taking off his seatbelt so ah here we go all right mate not too bad yourself no good nothing to worry about it’s just basically i spoke with my colleague yeah i’m not saying you can’t record or anything sure yeah it’s just try not to get into the car park because that’s for these personnel i didn’t go in the car no i’m just saying try not to well that’s quite obvious isn’t it i know no offense but yeah you don’t need to tell me that i’ll see if it’s got it if it’s got a big gate i know they’re not to go in there like that’s quite obvious you know i don’t need to be rude no because i can be no no other than that but um 26 57 lovely thank you very soon yourself myself yes i am myself no no i said you’ve asked me like my name yes yeah no no well thank you i appreciate the fact that you’re one of the few that actually says uh informs you that they don’t have to so i appreciate that that’s right yeah no not not many people will inform you of that though they just ask and assume that you know that so i appreciate that at least oh you’re right yeah bad for yourself um just one thing we go did you turn your body camera on yeah do you know in your policies that you’re supposed to notify members of public when you start recording them not really yeah well okay so you don’t know that so i’ll inform you not really because we don’t know what kind of this weekend i’m going into no no okay if i’m understood here peacefully you know we’ve had a civil conversation for about probably four minutes now in those four minutes your policy states that the most practical first most practical opportunity you’re supposed to verbally announce that you have turned a body camera on to a member of the public you are about to walk away without informing me at all as a police officer we go into situations spontaneously yeah and understand in those situations that’s why it’s first most practical when i’ve come out yeah and my intelligence and speaking to my colleagues we didn’t know what i was going in sure sure yeah everything seems down yeah yeah there’s nothing to worry about exactly exactly so yeah you were about to leave yeah but you’re about to leave without telling me that i’ve been recorded well you saw it you just said you saw me no i asked if you did yeah i saw you touch your camera i don’t know what you did with it exactly see i see you’re assuming that i know what you’ve done with that camera and that’s the issue thank you okay the reason the reason you have to tell us right is because once you’ve filmed us we have the right to access that information it’s our data yeah okay i have the right to request that footage but if you haven’t told me that i’ve been recorded and i haven’t i don’t know that you’ve turned your camera on because you’ve assumed that i’ve seen you but advice here yeah got a clear view which you can clearly see yeah but i could just be on standby i don’t know that’s actively recording you understand one actor so you know how to do that call 101 and then what i do then you say pc sharma recorded me at this and this time i’ll take a note of this well i’ve spoken to you today at this time which is by my watch it’s quarter class 2. okay yeah lovely i was outside there but we’re of the rightful road police station he turned it by the war none yeah could have access to it why did he do that what’s the reason behind it yeah i don’t know the thing is i don’t i don’t need to know the reason behind why you turned it on because at the end of the day you have the same as i’m recording you have the right to record the difference is because you’re part of a government body and you process our data under gdpr you have to follow the gdpr guidelines which means we have to know that we’ve been recorded so that we can know that we can access that if you don’t tell us then that’s when it becomes an issue doesn’t it and other than that you have been great pc charmer but i just want to make sure that when in future again i understand coming into a situation you’ll be on another system for 28 days until yeah because i won’t be saving it because there isn’t any see this is the thing you clearly know the policies on it you know because you because you know how to inform somebody how to access it you know how long you hold it for you know when you need to hold it for longer so you obviously know the policies so the issue is is you were about to walk away i understand what you’re saying coming into the situation you don’t know what’s going on so you want to assess the situation first i appreciate that okay but then once you were about to walk away after assessing the situation is of no threat to you you’re about to walk away without informing a member of the public they’ve been recorded so potentially what you’ve done is covertly recorded me right okay which is because by not announcing it you’ve again you’re assuming that i know that you’ve turned on water but no no let me finish please i’ve listened to you so please let me finish right so by covertly recording you could be breaking uh the regulation of investigatory powers act 2000. yeah okay and that is a very serious and indictable offense okay to do covert recording you have to have authorization from a senior officer yeah okay and so it is that’s why it is very important it’s not just gdpr and dpa you are potentially bringing an indictable offence against yourself i would get it but i would then pull your uniform you’ve seen me come up and come out there you’ve seen me have you you’ve confirmed that no i’ve seen you touch your camera but again i don’t know what you’ve done with that camera you could have been turning on standby you could have been turning it off because it was recording going in this is the thing you’re assuming that members of the public know what you’re doing with that camera when you touch it that’s not an assumption that you should be making that case like my apology though i appreciate that yeah but in that case outside you yeah you told me now yeah again only because you were prompted and i had to ask yeah you know and that is serious because if i had one i’ll try and sneak behind you no no no no it doesn’t matter cover means you you haven’t announced it okay and it does no it’s quite simple it’s it’s in so i don’t know if it’s in your specifically i know in the met um one it does state that not announcing is covert yeah okay um so i and that’s from the leading force of the country but the the one issued by the mpcc everything no but you know these might have different policies but i have looked up the nottingham one before i come here today and it does say that you’ll have to verbally announce yeah okay and it is sometimes you know you can’t be practical no again again and that’s what i said the first most practical opportunity and that’s fair enough you know but again you’re about to walk away without telling me yeah and that’s the issue is that you had a practical opportunity and you didn’t officers who’ve got their personal car they tried not to record that other than that i will record whatever i can see from public um i’m not here to get that if i happen to be in a shot that gets included in the footage because it’s in the background something i find interesting that just may happen but i’m not purposely here yeah i’m not purposely here to film that and then post online that’s not my intention here um it’s not what i’m here for if it’s in the background in the background and it is what it is all right look after yourself mate you too want to turn my camera off now thank you okay [Music] a bit of a mixed start there with uh pc sharma unfortunately [Music] quite warm so yeah there we go so we’ve managed to get a marked vehicle going in and parking up so i have noticed a sign on on this gate wait for it to close and be able to see it properly just come in there through there now so no private vehicles to be parked in the station car park which is obviously this car park so yeah i would assume that all of these are police vehicles although that one down there the uh underneath is damaged looks like it’s gone over a speed bump or something i’ve got quartz hanging off that could be dangerous pc sharma can i just report this broken vehicle to you there i don’t know if it’s been noticed um just on the front of this uh vauxhall the underneath on the front hanging off i’ll see if that falls off while somebody’s driving that could cause a hazard to somebody the underneath of that box on the front there’s hanging off yeah cause i’ll see if that falls off while driving i could call to hazard just to let you know cheers yeah other than that they’ve got some interesting vehicles they really do be quite cool covert with them although you would think for um an operational vehicle they wouldn’t be allowed personalized number plates like that so interesting whether or not that’s actually a operational unit unmarked or whether that is a personal car parked in the wrong car park that would be interesting to see move out of the way of this vehicle oh dear he’s doing a u-turn on a junction that’s a bit odd that’s pulling in [Music] cutting out a bit fine to the bollards yeah bit closer to the bollard almost got it it’s not target practice okay i’m just doing a lap and coming back out what is he doing can’t make his mind alright dude so somebody’s come and moved the voxel astra now moving it around to a more private area of the car park um i mean it’s a bit late for that i’ve already got it on camera so awkward which would uh lead me to believe that potentially as a personal vehicle or not no he’s driving it out of that other gate or sorry she had a hair up in a bun couldn’t tell but it’s interesting so we’ve got an unmarked white transit there we have it guys um yeah this has been radford road police station and uh yeah i think what i’m gonna do is leave that one there and head on to somewhere else came out of the green one down there i’m not out of this one there we go so guys until the next one stay safe remember your rights drop a comment like share and if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button and you’ll get notified when i drop a new video should be a lot to come over the next couple of weeks from nottingham and yeah

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