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foreign I’ll tell you I’ll tell you when it’s time for you to speak no one is people oh yeah true we’ll be we’ll be slightly four a.m yeah within variation like wherever they are wake up British people stubby and sleepy heads there’s one person 10 am from London yeah Bam Bam being said wake up yeah what’s up guys good morning I got multiple people commenting but it’s saying only one person is oh there we go 34. okay I see some Americans why are y’all not sleeping why are you not asleep as if we don’t stay up till 4am hey Samo miss you bro God bless you love you brother you want to say hi to somebody so much love to you yes I love that time with you and we miss you miss you yeah we miss you and love you man all right God bless you guys in Europe in the UK I see someone from Germany do you want to say hello my mom is driving yeah so one thing for you guys to to notice before everyone starts freaking out because I remember the last time I was in Australia people were freaking out because they’re like watch the road but I’m not driving she is a passenger yeah it’s just everything is opposite and wrong here in the UK everything is backwards thing is left Woods yeah leftwards except things except the way that she’s sitting in the car is on the right all right guys so I wanted to tell you about what’s going to be happening today we’re going to be going to Nottingham in the UK famously called Nottingham for the you British people and I guess you do say it right because it is your city and you do speak British so there you go but us people in the U.S we say it differently don’t be a hater we will be there today we’re going to be meeting at the Old Market Square at Starbucks right outside of the square I think it’s one can you look at one PM no yeah 1pm but what is the the address look at your phone real quick okay it’s I I knew it and then I forgot it’s like one print Street or something like that okay but we’re gonna be meeting at Starbucks at 1pm and then we’re going to be meeting a second time today at 5 p.m just to keep you guys alert though for those who will be joining us today at 5 p.m we’re not going to be able to stay out for very late all right because uh we will be visiting some people in the evening and uh so maybe we’ll go until about seven o’clock and then something like that and then we have to leave all right so keep that in mind Please be aware Starbucks One South parade One South parade Street or Avenue or away or lane or whatever but it’s one South parade Starbucks meet us there at 1pm uh we’re on the road now from London it’s about a two hour and 10 minute drive and we’ve been on the road for about 45 minutes or so 30 minutes I don’t know um yeah so there’s a lot of history in the UK of Great Men of God who have preached all throughout this land so we’re very humbled and very excited to be able to uh I think it would be the defrost you’d want to do the defrost hold on I gotta help my mother-in-law real quick there you go yeah you don’t want it up very high yeah it’s too high but there you go see it cleared up um yeah there’s a lot of history throughout the United Kingdom with men of God Traveling Man all throughout the land and just multitudes and multitudes of people being saved and if we have any idea of what has happened in the UK over the last several years we would know that a lot of things have changed um a report came out recently in the last month or two where it said that the United Kingdom is no longer a Christian Nation it’s uh Christianity is a minority here in the UK and I spoke about this a couple days ago or maybe yesterday when was it yesterday today well I guess it was was that the day before though oh yeah yeah we travel so we arrived in the UK yesterday but the day before we were traveling to the airport we made a video and talked about this where um they’re trying to pass bills that make parts of the Bible hate speech and I think that’s really telling as to the state of uh Christianity here in this country not only that but you see so many Christian preachers out on the streets being arrested for uh evangelism and different things so yeah basically um well he’s mentioning is that a UK prosecutor said that some Bible passages are no longer appropriate to Modern to modern society so um I think this was from a case where a Street Preacher was convicted over some um simply for sharing that [Music] um just according to the Bible homosexuality is not um you know okay according to the Bible and they Twisted it completely and all of that so I’m going to tell you too I just saw a video recently what was it two weeks ago maybe three where a brother here in the UK sent me a video of a woman who was standing outside of an abortion clinic here in the UK like I said was it saying anything just standing there and she was it was in Birmingham and she was praying silently to herself outside of an abortion clinic and was arrested and they asked her what are you praying and she said yes silently to myself but because there are these Sanctuary laws or something and this was started I think it was made uh sort of a standardized thing in Australia uh where they they create a barrier of protection around abortion clinics of like 500 meters or a thousand meters or something like that where people cannot go within that area and protest or speak freely or anything like that and the idea is yeah the public space act I don’t know a lot about it I’ve read a couple of articles but the idea is to allow mothers to have um you know peace and quiet when they’re going to to murder their child to not feel feel good that they’re doing but the idea behind Christians going to these abortion clinics is not to condemn women for getting an abortion it’s to help them and say look you’re going to regret this this is a really important decision you know don’t let a doctor decide for you this is a spiritual matter it’s not just a you know a matter of where you’re at in life it’s a very spiritual matter and and make sure that this is something you’re going to be able to live and be at peace with over a long period of time you know obviously being a man I have my own perspective but I do know that it hurts just as much from men as it does for women to lose a child and um you know I can’t I can’t speak for women I don’t know the situation that you guys are in but I do know the way that God sees it and um you know there is forgiveness if you’ve done something like that there is Grace and forgiveness and God is so faithful and and just to forgive sin and to bring restoration and healing and you know there’s a lot of com complexities and and I hopefully understand that people have made decisions even when they’re outside of the will of God not living for the Lord I understand that complete lately there is forgiveness and restoration but the idea is we as Christians want to go to these places and say there is a holy God who sees everything that you do there are consequences to your decisions it’s not just uh you know you can’t just pretend that the baby was never there right exactly just so that you can keep up a lifestyle that you currently have so many people will just um abort so that they can carry on going out so they can carry on drinking so they can carry on living their life like they always have and people just want to do things and then pretend that there was no consequence because it’s so easy now to just hide the consequences so that you don’t have to feel guilty and nowadays people always talk about feeling so oppressed when someone makes them feel bad for something like oh no you’re making me feel bad for killing a child how dare you make me feel bad for that and really I think we need to realize it’s not like yet it’s it’s a spiritual matter it’s a physical matter it’s also a matter of the Soul um if you do that even if you act like you’re okay and you brush it off and you carry on with your life it’s going to affect your soul in a way that you you don’t know yet you know the the way that you are able to have healthy relationships in your life like all of these issues just they manifest somehow and people always assume that we’re against them for disagreeing but it’s just because it’s such a complex matter of the soul of the spirit and of the body you know these public space Acts or whatever they’re called that are are designed to protect women uh it’s it’s all a facade I think not really to protect these women because if they want to protect these women they tell them the truth that this is something that most women are going to regret long term even as a non-Christian even as a non-believer even as someone who’s against the ways of God I think long term especially when you get older you begin to see the truth and there’s so many people out there who regret the decisions that they’ve made because they do understand that is a life form it is a baby inside of them it’s not just you know baby goop that hasn’t the underdeveloped or undeveloped or whatever it’s it’s really a child with a soul or heartbeat and everything else and this is a very serious decision so um with that said I don’t want to get too political but it is a spiritual matter and it’s something that everyone has to stand before God uh over but there is forgiveness and there is healing and there is restoration and God will forgive you if you’ve done something like that just cry out to God ask him and and he will be faithful and just with that said though this is something that we’re now seeing become more prevalent in the UK and not just in places like New Zealand Australia that were very um you know that were that have always been very uh secular and very liberal okay now we see it here in the UK where it there is a departure away from the ways of the Living God and um you know now there’s really matter of fact I mean this is the nation of Darwin but I wanna I want to clarify you know the United Kingdom is is in a state of War spiritually um you know I’ve been to different nations with different messages from God speaking different things and there’s always a feel of what God’s heart and and emotion is towards that nation and I I feel um you know in many ways we say that the United States has kind of reached that point of a return I don’t know as far as the UK but I know that the UK is at that that Point of Departure we see so many Christians still in the U.S I don’t see a lot of Christians at all in the UK I mean it’s almost turned completely secular completely atheist there are Christians here obviously we meet up with them but it’s very very minority even the churches the church is a very trendy trying to like they’re more of like the Church of England or Catholic or very political really cool really right and um you see a lot of churches but not a lot of spiritual depth and substance so there’s a problem we’ve seen revivals break out in the United Kingdom over the last three four hundred years of spiritual Awakenings happening in these lands and you know Great Men of God getting out in the field and preaching and you know twenty thousand fifty thousand people uh crying out to God with one voice and and now you can’t even preach on a street corner without getting persecuted by the police so there is a departure away from the ways of God you see Islam overtaking politics uh you see so many uh Muslims taking office uh in the highest levels of office and and that is what happens when you open up your doors and you allow immigration to really overrun the country and that is hey that’s y’all’s decision I’m not British but there is consequences to to doing a lot of these things and of course we we love everyone uh but the the point is um the country is going to go the way of its leaders and uh you know is the United Kingdom one day going to become a Muslim Nation I don’t know but right now it’s very atheistic very secular it’s very uh non-Christian and so we’re here we’re going to raise up our voice we’re going to be bold we’re going to proclaim the ways of the Living God we’re going to do it as best as we can live streaming and driving a good idea see I I guess I guess it wouldn’t be a good idea but um I’m not driving so it’s okay as I’ve mentioned we’re in the United Kingdom and uh everything is see look she’s driving not me so you guys can breathe um yeah so what else so once again one 1pm here in Nottingham we’re gonna be uh meeting everyone at Starbucks at one uh parade Street or something like that at Starbucks at 1pm and then we’re meeting again at 5 00 pm uh somewhere in between that we’re gonna say what’s up to Robin Hood and uh I’m kidding but I think that is where the do what tomorrow Robin Hood doesn’t he’s not alive how are we gonna say what’s up to Robin it was an actual Robin Hood but it was a joke oh assume yeah right well I’m talking about actually going to but I didn’t but I wasn’t planning I was making a joke and you went a whole nother Direction with it it wasn’t a whole other direction what’s up Kim how are you doing good morning thank you for your prayers Dominique Vlogs hello good morning hey what’s up Jon Snow um will we come to Germany probably not anytime soon man um if if God tells us to go we will go but I’m not I don’t wake up in the morning and so man like we need to go to Germany uh it’s not at the top of my list brother to be honest with you sorry um good morning to you in Brazil good morning so it’s raining here in the UK um it’s really quite shocking because I know it doesn’t rain here much that was a joke yeah people well I don’t know if Americans know it’s a joke oh yeah Americans might not or Brazilians or many other nations I think the British people would know it’s a joke everybody else would not so it rains all the time in the UK for those of you good morning to you Joe in Mexico good morning Dion in Trinidad it rains all the time in the UK and it’s gonna raining today so when we’re out preaching pray for us I brought an umbrella but only one and there’s three of us so we’ll see how it goes I did bring my my uh rain jacket too so sunny Australia hello to you there in Australia the king is coming Maranatha hello Kim hello Bernardino Jose Larry hello to you there in Indonesia yeah Warrington Cheshire I don’t know how to say that I am not driving oh my goodness everybody’s like you’re driving and talking on the phone I’m not driving I’m not driving see there’s no steering wheel here no steering wheel she’s driving everybody can breathe and relax good morning to you there in South Africa good morning Sandra Larry I think I’ve said everything I want to say um yeah we’re driving on the interstate I am not driving can we can we stop talking about the driving ignore it let them be stressed too blessed Brazil Brazil sounds like he’s driving now you guys are just trolling me sounds like he’s driving it does sound like you’re driving now yeah you know what I’m gonna cover my eyes hope I don’t I’m just gonna trust in Jesus everybody how long can I drive without crashing and then Iris actually does scratch Ed oh see I want to go to Manchester I want to go Jesus Take the Wheel yeah exactly I want to go to Manchester we were actually planning on going at the beginning of 2020 and uh covet happened man and then they all of a sudden we we were leaving like two or three weeks after that and actually I was gonna be meeting up with Bia in that time and we were gonna do a an evangelism trip um because she was still here in the UK at that time we’re going to be doing a trip to Manchester and where was it Ireland and Scotland and gonna be preaching a lot of different places and then covid locked everything down and I couldn’t travel to the UK anymore so yeah it really messed up our plans I do want to go to Manchester one sometime though um you guys got to sort out your airport problem I think I know that’s been a while since I’ve read about that but y’all’s airport situation has been a mess hello to you there in Portugal love Portugal love you guys hello in Australia Rudy hello to you there in Australia hello Jorge and Los Angeles definitely want to go back to LA man um a lot a lot of work to do especially there in uh Skid Row I’ve been there before and there’s so much that we could do as far as Outreach goes hello to you there in India Cape Town love Cape Town have been to India and Cape Town want to go back to both kind of banned from India right now though as far as I know um miss you in the USA yeah well we in the USA all the time I mean we need to do some more trips in the U.S but we I mean that’s where we live hola and South Texas hello in Amsterdam God bless you guys God bless you guys can you speak about the church turning into Pub in Nottingham I have no idea about that I don’t know anything about it um but I do you know we have a some people meeting up with us and Nottingham I know at least one family is meeting us at 1 pm so I will talk to them about that I always try to get some some inside information as to the spiritual condition of the area so I’ll definitely try to uh to do that you’re going live and Nottingham after coffee probably won’t go live but we’ll be recording the videos coming to London brother one uh we’re actually in London Amar email me torchofchrist we’re staying in North London uh but I will be in London for the next two weeks we’re gonna be in Nottingham until Saturday and then after it’s on Saturday evening we’re coming back to London so we’re doing a lot please check Instagram check the community tab we have a schedule there the only difference is that Sunday uh we’re not meeting at 9am at the at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium anymore we’re gonna we’re gonna be meeting at 1500 or 3 P.M uh because of us getting the time wrong okay so it will be 3 P.M on Sunday at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium I don’t know what the Stadium’s called but something like that uh but Amar amarji just definitely emailed me man uh torchofchrist um somebody asked a good question wasn’t in London you had issues the last time you went in the news uh no I mean I had we’ve had some The Daily Mail has reported uh some of the stuff we’ve done in London but a lot of the problems I’ve had long term has been in Australia so I haven’t really had any problems in London um okay Anglican churches that became pubs I’ll let Bia speak on that in a second just give me a second just give me a second I’ll let you speak in a second um thank you for the welcome to the UK uh Rockstar if you live in Kazakhstan man email me torchofchrist put Kazakhstan in the in the in the subject I would love to go there I would love to visit you love to go there and preach especially if you’re willing to translate I would love to go there um I think I want to do a couple of missions you know after the baby is maybe three to six months old or something me and B has already talked about be a going and spending some time with her family then me going on some some more difficult missions during that time so if you guys can uh send some send some uh some invitations you know I’m thinking about going to a few different places send me some invitations especially if you’re willing to translate that’s always the most difficult thing is trying to figure out um how to get translation in places that don’t speak English on a wide scale level we will not be preaching in sackcloth in London not this time we’re not going to be talking about the death penalty or my opinion on it in this video sorry I definitely want to come to Romania as well send me an invitation like I said torture of [email protected] uh yeah hey John Henry Eaton I’m glad you caught the live video man God bless you thank you for loving the videos man I really appreciate the encouragement much love to you um Praveen Rajkumar uh brother I want to tell you um India man I can’t really go to India anymore I’m gonna say this and I’m gonna let Bia speak on the the situation in Nottingham basically some Hindu groups uh found a lot of our videos and and found all of our information and submitted a lot of information to the Indian government and you can find that online just look it up and it’s very officially done so it’s just way too dangerous and risky for me to even try to go to India at this point not until at least the government changes and it’s not such a radical Hindu government in charge it’s too risky for me to go there uh just because they they have all the information filed with uh the government so um I’ve been to India three times now I think we’ve done incredible things just starts torture of Christ India on YouTube you’ll be able to find everything uh it is I think illegal to proselytize publicly but I’ve done it many many times and we’ve gotten a big reaction and seen a lot of people safe so I think that’s why a lot of the Hindus are angry they say that we go there just to use money or food to you know to entice people to Salvation which is not the truth we go there to help people uh but uh it is what it is so God bless India uh I will visit Australia again one day I’m gonna let Bia speak on on the the other thing here you go oh well apparently someone brought it up that they turned an old church into a sort of Pub restaurant bar type of place um and it kind of it looks like um but um all I can say really we can preach on that today for sure all I can say is my like I think though that this church is probably spiritually dead for a long time if God is not in that church then that place is simply a building um it’s a shame and it reflects where the society has gone that the church isn’t relevant and that building is more valued in the community as a pub as a restaurant but I wonder if that church was open if that church were open how many people would actually be there in actually doing something spiritually fruitful there probably was nobody and it just reflects the priorities of the place so what can you do but anytime you have a church that is converted into a pub it really is a reflection of the larger spiritual condition of that area so it’s one church now but it’s going to be 50 churches late or uh it really is a sad State of Affairs when we see uh this happening so it is something that we will address in the preaching I’m going to talk to some of the local Christians there when we’re meeting them and get a you know an in-depth idea or just a understanding of what’s going on but we can’t talk about it when we’re preaching I think that’s definitely something that we always try to do is speak on you know social issues and and current events that are going on uh so that people can relate to what we’re doing I’m not driving please people stop asking me about the drive and we’re in the United Kingdom we don’t drive in the United Kingdom on the right side of the road okay we’re not going to invite Benny Hinn all right that’s no that’s not the type of Christianity that we run to um somebody said you should invite videos there’s a church converted into a bar in Charleston South Carolina yeah and Charleston’s a really beautiful area it’s just really sad but if you go to Charleston you can see it’s quite it’s become quite liberal um so I’m not surprised at all but I think that [Music] a tree that is in this when temples become defiled or when like temples are destroyed and they’re turned into something else it’s it’s always a reflection of you know the fact that the spirit of God has departed from the place the churches are not being used um as they should be and God is not present the people aren’t really seeking them him in their heart and so it just shows that people need to look Inward and actually question am I a temple unto the Lord am I really living as a temple um because whenever the the temple spaces are defiled it usually means that Christians have failed and Christians need to prioritize things again and think about who they want to be in a community and who they want to be in their families in their country and everywhere else yeah that’s all I got um it is what time in the morning right now it’s 10 40. is it says oh yeah it’s 10 42 A.M and um man I’m still asleep I’ve been awake since like 6 a.m I think and I’m still asleep four hours later how is this possible um yes I am going somebody said sorry I’m late do you come in nodding them today yes we will be in Nottingham today uh we’re meeting at 1 p.m 1300 at one parade street is that right one I keep forgetting one South parade the most important at Starbucks near Old Market Square yeah bongia so um I don’t really have anything else to talk about we’ve been on the chat for 30 minutes um see any other comments that I want to talk about please check this schedule guys if you’re in London or if you’re in the UK and you want to meet us while we’re here um you know we’re not going to be meeting up every day that we’re preaching but we will be meeting up on several of the days um there’s a lot of different areas we’re going to be covering please check the schedule the only thing that’s wrong right now and I’m repeating this just because people are coming and going is on Sunday morning we will not be at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium at 9am we will be there at 3 P.M in the evening um because the game starts I think at 4 30. so we’re going to be meeting at 3 so that we can preach to those coming into the to the stadium yes we are non-denominational um yeah but we do want to see while we’re here in London if you’re here if you want to meet up with us please check the schedule the meeting uh areas should be listed and we’ll see you while we’re here uh Mexico is as dangerous as the media wants you to believe yes it is uh it’s a very dangerous area in some places um yes all right guys so uh please pray for us all the information about the ministry that you want to find is in the video descriptions a lot of times on these live videos it won’t show any information in the video description so just go back to some of the older videos look in the video description you’ll be able to find all the information for our socials giving and uh so on and so forth uh let’s spend a minute in prayer and I will let you guys go about your day thank you guys for joining us I’m sorry if the video has been a little bit boring we’ve been rambling a bit but we’re having fun and um is there anything you want to say no you’re good did you get say everything you wanted to say yeah you sure okay all right let’s pray guys guys father God in the name of Jesus we lift you up we give you glory thank you so much for all that you do for us thank you for everyone watching Lord I pray that you would blessed to be with your families help them to know that you love them and that you’re there for them Lord I pray that you would just uh please cover Us in the shot of your wing God be with us as we Preach Today give us words since we got us to see an ears to hear help us to be there for the people and to be sensitive to their spiritual needs and their spiritual condition will to help us show compassion and mercy and love in all of our interactions Lord help us to not go there in Pride or in haughtiness or in self-righteousness but Lord to go there in loneliness and humility with the power of the Holy Spirit ready to demonstrate all of the attributes of Christ in in everything that we’re doing Lord help us God we love you so much um Lord I pray that you would be with our families keep our loved ones safe and Lord I pray that you would be with each and every uh brother and sister on the that sees this video be with their families bless them provide for them heal them deliver them cleanse them of all sin thank you Jesus for what you’re doing we love you so much amen all right guys that’s all I got um email me if you need information I know there’s a couple people that were telling me that they wanted information they wanted to invite us to different countries torture of Christ the gym torchofchrist hey man I Got Talent some people can just drive with their eyes closed and pray at the same time it’s just this amazing miraculous thing that you know pray in faith and ask of God and he will give you an amazing ability to do things that others can’t do um so for those who want information uh email me if you want to invite us somewhere email me even if you’re in the US and you want to have a Revival email me uh we definitely want to be doing more in the U.S in the coming year it will definitely be a lot easier to travel as a family inside of the US so definitely send us some uh some invitations we we want more invitations man we need invite us because when you don’t invite us we feel left out so invite us we will we will come to your Revival and just sit in the Pew and listen to your preaching okay we want to come to your revivals invite us uh yeah we would love to do an LA homeless Outreach and man I’ll commit ten thousand dollars uh from the ministry to to give jackets Bibles food whatever we need to do while we’re out there but we need some solid support from the locals um you know meet up with us and if we can organize something in in a way that’s done right um man we can help so many so we really I think would need local help to do something like that though all right guys uh love you guys beijos you guys didn’t even react to that I just said kisses in Portuguese yeah okay yeah just let me do my thing right so there’s this thing in Brazil where you just say kisses and and it just means like like one thing it means like it means like one Thin love or or like hugs you know so it sounds so weird to me to just say randomly to different people kisses but it’s a normal thing in Brazil so hey uh they don’t actually walk around just kissing everybody all the time but yeah it’s a thing all right I thought about very rural like Backwoods appellation Outreach no no I have not thought about that at all uh yeah just just walk through the woods of the Appalachian Mountains find all the Moonshiners and talk to the budget and most of them know about Jesus right you just got to get them living right you gotta unsave them so you can save them kind of thing um [Music] amen The Wine Press has started amen with this and all the main shiners yeah something else all right guys God bless you God bless you guys I’m gonna go now much love to you Australia is not too dangerous I’ve already been there Australians you guys you guys talk tough but you’re not that tough we’re gonna go back we’re gonna preach the Living God when we go back and it’s gonna be glorious but not right now we gotta wait for God to call us thank you for welcoming me to England God bless you Indonesia we love Indonesia God bless you I’m gonna go now much love I’ve rambled for too long bye bye pray for us today okay

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