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Nottingham Radford Road – Safe Place to Live?


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I have decided to start writing opinion pieces on the Nottingham Local News and concerns,

due to being constantly censored by The Nottingham Post (aka .. IMHO … Nottingham Lies)

As this post is purely my personal opinion as a resident and frequent visitor to Radford and Hyson Green, we shall begin with my own summary of my experiences and people’s stories whom I have met along that street.

I regularly visit Radford and other crime-ridden areas, for an in-depth perspective on the ground, exactly what it’s like, not nice.

If you have any life experience, you can instantly observe the repetitive Shops on the high street, barely any of which seem to be doing any kind of business, except house small groups of men, usually in leather, discussing in foreign tongues, loudly. Of course, being British and having the audacity to enter one of these shops, leads to the next experience I frequently witness, the “stares”; that occur when entering these establishments, certainly isn’t a welcoming invitation, to say the least.

Often you will witness petty arguments and foreign illegal cigarettes exchanging hands in broad daylight, prostitution is rife, including “underage brothels are rumoured to be popping up also with the influx of eastern Europeans”… I’m told by one local resident…. I haven’t confirmed this…yet. (Police will be called if location discovered)

One person who didn’t wish to be named said: “illegal immigrant central, a safe haven for the world wanted criminals”

Drugs are openly pedalled metres from the police station, the poor shoppers at Asda are continually harassed for money or worse, not asked.

The most common comments I hear is, “litter everywhere”, “no respect for the elderly” and “dangerous for women at night”… the real story here, isn’t the obvious reasons and the incremental blind eye’s at a council level, that have led to this community being ignored, It’s the determined efforts by the local Newspaper to hide the true thoughts of local residents, or to squash, any public opinions, which don’t align politically with the blatantly Marxist orientated journalism it routinely regurgitates.

*** Notts.Online award winners for the most censored comment section in Nottingham History. (nottingham LIVE) lies****

If you dare to share your thoughts, and they don’t align with the Newspapers Narrative, you do not exist.

Luckily having anticipated this decline in social communication, I founded Notts.Online, my personal Blog… which is going to be very vocal on these issues, in the future. If you wish to discuss these issues for my podcast please call 07424844845 to arrange and schedule the show.. watch this space.

Let’s start off with this article by Jack Thurlow: “Plenty of shops, community feel and nice people – Inside one of Nottingham’s poorest areas”

notice the lack of comments? mine were removed as were others. Any stories? call 07424844845 Filipo Walker article author… Founder.

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