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Alex Belfield Trial “agreed fact”, “non threatening” latest news


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Alex Belfield Celebrity Radio Presenter and Youtube Giant Journalist describes the facts regarding the court proceedings at Nottingham Crown Court
Radio Presenter Youtube Giant and Journalist Alex Belfield reports on the evidence disclosure by BBC Security

day 19 at nottingham crown court rv alex belfield 8 counts of stalking and this morning there was an agreed fact that is something that is accepted by the prosecution after the final witness has spoke it has been agreed that two documents by bbc security are admissible as an agreed fact these documents from bbc security talk of their own investigation in 2016-17 that found that they did not see at the bbc any value in continued monitoring of me they said that there was a disproportionate response to a high volume of inoffensive emails and the messages are non-threatening and pose no risk to bbc staff on the 3rd of october 2019 at 4 57 an email was sent from les ren at bbc security uh to stuart thomas the head of bbc midlands and aftab gulzar who was the head of bbc north northampton saying i think we need to discuss with bbc legal i don’t see anything which puts bernie or any other staff at bbcbbc northampton in any personal danger that document was received this morning by myself and read out in court this morning at 11o’clock as an agreed fact next the prosecution have closed their case i won’t be giving evidence but i’llbe making my final speech shortly at nottingham crown court where the case continues[Music]

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