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#audit Nottingham HMP Prison Video Vlog

yes then guys so pttp is in nottingham for a couple of days and uh the first stop on the agenda is hmp in nottingham so of there we there so this is a publicly run prison it’s not one of the few that are privately run here in the uk this is uh public and uh run by her majesty’s prison service um so i’ve done some reading there on the uh recent prison inspector reports and it’s uh it’s not good not good at all so we’ve got um the most recent one was done in 2020 and it was in an improvement upon the previous ones but it doesn’t mean that it was good so the most recent one was just meant that the prison inspector raised it from poor to not sufficiently good and that was the improvement that was made pudding can’t hear you why not why not okay all right have fun so as i was saying before i was rudely interrupted then yeah so the 2020 inspection report went up to not sufficiently good from what it was as poor before and it wasn’t just poor on the previous one it was poor on three consecutive visits so the 2020 inspection was unannounced whereas the previous two in 2018 and 2016 were announced visits they were given notice in plenty of time they were given lots of notice on the upcoming inspection and the idea was that they gave them the notice to be able to work on the improvements that were recommended from the previous inspections so what when they came and they did the inspections and they found that the improvements were not made even with the notice i think out of the 13 recommendations only two were achieved and the rest were just not met in the slightest so yeah when i say that there was an improvement in the most recent one raising it from poor to not sufficiently good is technically an improvement but it’s still an embarrassment so a little bit about this prison it’s a local reef settlement prison and it houses i think the maximum capacity is 1000 but the most recent inspection they were holding 798 so they were a couple hundred under capacity at the time the level of prisoner safety was shockingly poor um yeah they’re the level of violence was very high a lot of the prisoners reported feeling unsafe in the prison um so yeah overall you know it’s not not great news to be reporting on unfortunately but i guess we’ve got the gate open so we’ve got geoamy is who they’re using here for their prisoner transport they’re not using circo and that is a rather large prisoner transport vehicle okay another bit of a view of inside the gate there making a little story about the president cyber so i’m asking you politely okay i appreciate that you’re asking me politely i appreciate that but i mean i don’t even know who you are i mean you’ve got a high vision and you’ve come out there but i don’t know who you are you could be there you could be the dinner man for all i know you know what even it was a dinner man i’d still whiskey not to phil well so you know but even even slightly because we’ve got stuff coming out and i appreciate that but as i said i’m here to cover a story what a story well it’s a story about the prison yeah for who well for the people that want to see it yeah who are you filming particularly who are you filming in particular nobody particularly no no person it’s about the prison as a whole that’s that’s all so i’m sure can you not go on films with us because filming we’re at the main gate movement can you not go and film somewhere else because you’ve got stuff coming in out of the gate i’m not i’m not really getting shots of what i need to get shots off you know if i’m dealing with somewhere else unfortunately i’m asking you to move on politely are you going to move on okay politely i’m going to decline your quest because i’m busy doing what i’m doing all right okay so yeah so first things first get uh asked not to uh not film that’s interesting you don’t see many mobile phones actually look like that anymore so there’s quite a lot of um things that are unauthorized articles here it’s interesting so you’re not allowed excess cash yeast darts they really cover it all chewing gum wow [Music] and yes not allowed a laser pointer yeah so they’ve got a uh grip box here which is very full but it’s got a random packet here that’s not a bin and then it’s a very small version of the sign compared to what i’ve seen in other places so so this is something i’ve started seeing quite a lot around prisons it’s packed and that’s usually who runs the visitor centers here at hm at the hmps we’ve got the union flag and the hm prison service flag flying up on the poles over this way is the visitors entrance and a departure lounge so i’m just gonna have a little mosey around uh see if i can find this visitor center so we’ve got quite a large car park now you cannot tell me that cannot be legal surely that’s weird i’ve not seen that before but i can’t see any uh bsau number on it or any um maker i don’t know if that’s just because the frame that they’ve put around it covers it so i would imagine that this down here is the visitor center of some sort so there’s more car parking down there so they do have the uav and drone sign here you don’t tend to see them at every prison you do see them around a lot of them so yeah this is the visitor center down on this building i’m not sure what this one is down here so down here is the maintenance department so these are good signs i like this rule one nothing is so important that we cannot take the time to do our work safely rule number two never overlook health and safety guidance and instruction so i like that they’ve got those big reminders up on the walls as you drive in obviously in the maintenance departments they do have people with working with power tools on that i guess everybody have electricians plumbers general handymen and such so it is good to see that up there i think that’s just another entrance in down that way off that main road there you can come in down uh up around here and you can drive up around this way now that definitely is not a legal number plate it’s not the right color not the right spacing and this one that’s not a legal number plate either no bsau number this is ridiculous okay that one i’m not sure what that is actually okay so that has got the sau number on it that’s at least two that are not legal which is not good for people that are working in a prison and quite typical you see on the audi and the bmw vanity plates on what amount to be vanity cars so you can see on the back of that one that’s a gel number plate on a very dark yellow background so for example that wouldn’t show up on the ampr camera system not good at all actually to be fair that could either be one of the maintenance cars or it could be a visitors car it might not be prison staff i think the staff car parking is actually up this direction so i don’t think there’s much more to see around here to be honest i think it is just car parks there are a lot of nice cars parked in these car parks here i think that just wraps around i’m not going to go down there do you see a lot of staff standing around in the car park sitting in their cars guessing they’re on break so that’s another dodgy number plate there no [Music] that’s weird that’s got the vw that’s got a vw badge on the left of the number plate but it’s got no bsau number on it there’s obviously a personalized plate so yeah who knows with that one oh dear we’ve had somebody’s vehicle here’s uh got a window smashed in i’m not really sure what’s happened there so you can see like the uh left hand panel there the doors ajar the left hand passenger side mirror is completely smashed in looks like a little bit of damage around the fuel tank cap that’s not good yeah somebody’s not just done a hit and run on you are they just been left there so the back’s all like hollowed out you can see the glass all in the passenger side seat there i’m just making i was just here to make a little video about the prison um but i just yeah just uh i know i’ve just seen this and just covering that in the story as well [Music] why you can’t just you can’t just you know but you are on for some property so yeah i don’t need permission permission thank you more impressive property yes that’s fine um yeah i’m right here but thank you i appreciate what you said wherever that goes okey-dokey behind me a number on it aren’t they well somebody’s just i know somebody they’ve seen something in there that they wanted and they just smashed through there we go okay you can take my picture no privacy and pub yeah absolutely no expectation or privacy in public you’re allowed to do it understand that i’m not even going to engage him in an argument just going to uh agree and to be like yeah i understand what you’ve asked me and just carry on going on about my business also is the uh the woman’s car oh blimey by the looks of it and she’s got the keys for it so yeah he’s also just noticed the um yeah it’s also just noticed the the window been smashed or maybe somebody had called her to report it because i think when i was down in the mainstream and i saw her run out and run to her vehicle so yes obviously that’s that’s what’s going on there it’s not good though it’s not what you expect to see in the parking lot of the prison so yeah they have a few disabled parking bays here so we’ve got a vehicle going in the gate the old lorry one there’s quite a lot of stuff just sort of dumped around in there see like those bags on the floor down there there’s some office chairs still in the plastic wrapping so there was the new replacements probably been delivered and just haven’t been gotten around to being moved yet [Music] huh okay so that sign there says on arrival please report to gate reception so when vehicles arrive they need to go into that white building there so those two just went in and flashed their badges and walked in they could have been smuggling absolutely anything in and then they’ve got like a separate entrance on this one here although it looks like so maybe that’s like a staff entrance and that’s the visitors entrance i’m not sure so so they do have a big version of the 1952 prison act but it’s very faded worn there’s the uh it’s in an old wooden frames no plastic protective covering on the front of it so it’s just been exposed to the elements and been weathered that’s the two chaps that were trying to tell me to move again it’s sort of uh flash a badge and walk in maybe they need to empty their pockets uh after that but who knows i doubt it yeah there we go guys so that’s been hmp nottingham not sure if they’ve called the police or what they’ve done but i’m not going to hang around and wait to find out not today nobody’s specifically told me that they’ve called the police so i’m not just going to wait around on the off chance other places to go as always guys give a like comment and if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button and then they’ve got around this side another gate this is gate two and saw a sign on the inside yeah there we go guys i’m gonna move on let me know what you think of that interaction i had near the beginning with the prison guard that said we’re going to have 20 officers come in or 20 guards whatever he called them come and jump on me until the next one guys stay safe

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