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Meet, Eat, Game, Arcade! James from ItsMuchMore and Mark from Gaming Crazy created a mini meetup in 4 locations and 1 great city of Nottingham to chat and play some games. Here is a collection of videos and photos we all took on the day across the 4 venues. You can find more information about M.E.G.A Nottingham meetup using the following links Twitter –

[Music] hello everybody james here from it’s much more and we are going to take a look at the event called mega nottingham four locations one great city it took place on the 19th of february at one o’clock so the first stop was parallel universes where we decided to meet up everyone so in this shop there’s lots of gaming items memorabilia toys retro clothing there we go there’s a nes there box and there’s with a zapper and some boxed nest games here’s some trading cards from the pokemon eugeo world and many more here we have some badges some more toys and games and key rings some pins nice collection of gaming pins and tv pins there as well and some dice i also had the back to the future dice through time game with some box pokemon top trumps as well as other items there you can see on the shelves there are some indie dreamcast games in the cabinet and some gamecube games as well in the other cabinets they had other games for downstairs we have the gaming area which had an arcade cabinet which had a playstation 2 in it with time crisis it was a ps4 which had a collection of games on there and a wii u so here in the gaming area they also had a commodore 64 as well very homely in here very warm it’s like somebody’s front room there with the fireplace there is the commodore 64 there as well is mark from gaming crazy having a go on time crisis no pedal but still quite fun now moving on to some more arcades in fun station which is located in the corner house loads of arcade machines here we played that game we had also played tomb raider the arcade game as well which is a light gun game on the rounds so here is james he gives it a go on this stacker arcade machine let’s see how far he gets oh oh [Music] here we go move on to the grabber machine here goes mark same again couldn’t get it all right so me against mark on this superbikes free racing game that’s no super hang on but it looks pretty impressive doing turbos and racing around the track see then the background tomb raider 4 player as well that’s what we had to go on as mentioned earlier mark then finished first on this one he beat me okay mark has to go on a grab machine to try and get this taz let’s see if we can get it now let’s have a go on it myself then let’s see if i can do it being the king of grabbing machines only when i go to skegness or engle males i always win on the first go let’s see if we can do it this time no all right so did those two p pushers continue to try and win taz but somebody else got him and james had to go on that as well but no couldn’t get taz and we had time to take a selfie of all three of us as well so leaving the arcades at fun station at the corner house we moved on to cx store so there’s two of those in the nottingham city center one down exchange walk and one in the victoria center shopping center a collection of games there sega dreamcast system loads of dvds upstairs as well if you’ve got yourself a pound you can get yourself loads of dvds so next up we visit the ludorati cafe this was absolutely ram packed this day so we sat in the caf area chose some board games or one board game from the side as you will see in a moment which one we chose yeah loads of games there connect four and everything so we found ourselves a nice seating area and had ourselves a hot drink refreshments and some coca-cola there’s my hot chocolate there looking absolutely lovely get myself a cookie as well a smarty cookie as i sat down and watched the two boys go at it on battleships and once again enough time for a selfie next we’re moving on to the street food club in nottingham victoria center for some food so this is where you scan your qr code and you can purchase any food from any of those stores to make yourself a nice meal for the evening we chose the burgers with some dusted chips so there we are i’d like to thank james and mark for taking part in this event with me so we’ll see you soon [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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