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Nottingham Forest Weather News Called Off


Nottingham Forest News Doreontour Called Off Weather Match

good evening well first tonight real anger amongst reds fans who found out just four hours before kickoff that their game against bournemouth tonight was off too late for the hundreds of forest supporters who travelled through treacherous conditions to get there bournemouth said there’d been structural damage to the stadium but the big question is with severe weather warnings overnight who made the decision so late forest fan and youtuber daw on tour has been getting reaction on the south coast it’s very disappointing to be honest ben regarding this and uh we’re very supportive we’ve traveled down here this morning at 10 o’clock this morning very disappointed to find out at our past three the the game’s off it should have been done a lot soon enough but there’s lots of people travelled through the worst of it and to get here at this time now it’s just just ridiculous they’ve had the weather warning since what few days yeah so they could have could have preempted it and just rearranged it for tomorrow or something but it is what it is what’s going on with it here’s what it is i’m not happy but here it is the forest well forrest have offered free coach travel for those fans when the game is rearranged and let’s hope they have a safe journey home you

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